Sakleshpur Waterfalls

Manjehalli waterfalls, Hadlu waterfalls, Mookanamane Waterfall.

Who knew that the beauty of the grand cataracts such as the majestic 
waterfalls in Sakleshpur could captivate your soul and transport you to a whole new world of a pristine landscape? The spectacular Sakleshpur waterfalls such as Magajahalli Waterfalls; the 20ft tall waterfall is as beautiful as an elegant woman draped in white, Mookana Mane waterfalls.

The beautiful forests and the wilderness around makes this locale a biodiversity hotspot, Hadlu Waterfalls; a mesmerizing multi-layered waterfall is nothing less than an enchantress that lures the attention of the curious crowd with its beauty and grace, are home to abundant flora and fauna. These stunners certainly add to the charms of Sakleshpur as a whole.

This place is a perfect summer getaway as it is situated amidst the greenery of the mighty Western Ghats which helps it to remain cool and serene even during the hot & humid months. Make your trip a memorable one by visiting this paradise on earth; get bewitched by its glamorous and mystical aura.

Here is a list of waterfalls in Sakleshpur:

Manjehalli Waterfalls

Bask in the serenity of nature at Manjehalli Waterfalls with your family and friends on an unforgettable retreat. Also known as Abbi Falls, Manjehalli Waterfalls is one of the most gorgeous Sakleshpur tourist places. 

A cool bathe beneath the gurgling stream is a refreshing activity and one can look forward to see the beauty of monsoons in India at Manjehalli Waterfalls. 

Enjoying standing beneath the waterfall is an activity of sheer joy and excitement for everyone. However, one needs to be careful of the slippery rocks and heed with caution when going under the waterfalls. 

It offers a wonderful landscape for the shutterbugs and also serves as a rejuvenating picnic spot for the tourists in Sakleshpur.

Location: Manjehalli Waterfalls, Karnataka

Best Time to visit: The monsoon months are the best season to visit this waterfall as the water dries up during the summers and winters.

Timings: The waterfall can be visited from the morning up to 5:30 pm in the evening.

Distance from Bus Stand: The distance between the two places is approximately 6 kilometres.

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Hadlu Waterfall

Plan your summer retreat to Hadlu Waterfalls when you are thinking of visiting the town of Sakleshpur on your next vacation as it is the best places to see in Sakleshpur.  

This place is a postcard-perfect landscape that offers the most wonderful sight of nature at its best. Hadlu Waterfalls is a famous trekking destination and offers a great opportunity for those who are looking to get their pulse racing at this exciting location.

The icy waterfalls is reached after a memorable trek through the verdant coffee plantations and forests that decorate the trail. Hadlu waterfalls cascades through six stages and for the tourists the most fun activity is taking a bath in the chilly waters. 

A trip to Hadlu waterfalls is a total rejuvenating experience where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Visiting Hadlu Waterfall is a great recreational experience for everyone who comes along with their friends and families among places to visit in Sakleshpur.

Location: Hadlu Waterfall, Karnataka

Best Time to visit: The best time to visit Hadlu waterfall is during the season of rains when you can see the landscape at its best.

Timings: It is advisable to visit Hadlu Waterfall in Sakleshpur during the day time

Distance from Bus Stand: N/A

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Mookana Mane Waterfalls

Mookana Mane Waterfalls

This hidden gem nestles inside the gorgeous forests of Karnataka, namely: Bisle and Kaginahare. If you love to discover offbeat locations then this slice of heaven is for you. A forest trekking trail will lead you to this mind-boggling waterfall where you can vivify your mind, body and soul by taking an intoxicating dip into the waters of this awe-inspiring cataract.

This is one of the most magnificent
waterfalls in Sakleshpur which gets more interesting during monsoon. You can laze around by just sitting on a boulder near this stunning waterfall, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the tranquility.

Location: Mookana Mane Waterfalls, Karnataka.

Distance from Sakleshpur: The distance is 41 km and a drive of 1hr 2min from Sakleshpur will bring you to this place.

Best time to visit: To make the most out of your trip, visit this place during monsoon or the fag end of the monsoon months.

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06 May 2019
Absolutely love this day out!!! Can’t wait to visit again. My 3 cousins who were here to Bangalore from Chennai for their summer holidays are still talking about it! I cannot forget the tremendous time that we all spent together at the outdoor activities. The day camp at Rd nature resort allowed us to get a really thrilling and adrenaline rush effect. The spirit of the activities shines of goodness, laughter, and delight! Food was also of excellent taste, actually, it tingles your non-veg taste buds to the highest order. Biryani to naan and gravy, everything was tasty of course. I am confident to refer this wonderful thrilling and fun place to others who are looking for an absolute day fun as this place nurtures the values of environmental stewardship, fun and play in the outdoors! Thank you for all the wonderful memories and experiences that have followed us back home. See you again!
30 December 2015
The home stay was truly blissful and serene and we enjoyed this place a lot.
The place is so beautiful... Met a lot a nice people.. Staff was very helpful
"Awesome but short trip. Homestay service was superb. The guide ramees was cool & friendly. Loved the trek to Agni gudda"
Very nice experience... Met a lot of nice people
25 February 2020
Beautiful location.. enjoyed all the activities, especially the trekking trip was awesome. Food was also good and room was cleaned. Overall great experience.
"nice place to stay and enjoy the nature"
04 January 2019
It was one of the best Christmas celebrations that I had with m office colleagues. We were total 9 folks and were given 5 camps. We had a lot of fun seriously. at the time of bonfire, we played music and danced till late night which was the best part. it was all fun. other people were so friendly and even the camp staff was very humble. It was one of the best parties I have ever had. Thanks thrillophilia for such amazing arrangements.
What an unforgettable New year party it was. Last year was amazing a perfect combo of Christmas and New year filled with full energy and made my last day of 2018 a memorable one. Also, the location, adventurous new year activities, and bonfire have added more fun to the party. Thank you Thrillophilia and team for this thrilling New Year Party.
It was one of my best new year celebration in Sakleshpur 2018, Wonderful place, felt at one with Nature. We did camping in Sakleshpur and it was my best experience.They arranged the new year party very well.

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People Also Ask About Sakleshpur

  1. What are the best areas for trekking in Sakleshpur with waterfalls around?

    There are several Sakleshpur Waterfalls which allow you to go on an enthralling trekking spree such as:

    1. Railway Trek: This is also called the “Green Route Trek” which will take you through some solitary railway stations, rustic railway tracks, ancient railway bridges, and some amazing waterfalls. The scenic beauty will take away your breath.
    2. Mookana Mane Falls: This trek is tourists’ delight; you will get to explore the wilderness as a forest downhill trekking trail will take you through the heart of the jungle. People who love boulder climbing will find love here because one must be very careful while climbing the boulders, especially during monsoon months because the rocks are too slippery. The final reward is, witnessing and taking relaxing dips into the waters of the magical Mookana Mane Waterfalls.
    3. Murkannu Gudda and Hadlu Waterfalls Trek: This is a 3900ft trek that will take you through some of the most spectacular landscapes comprising of waterfalls (Hadlu Waterfall), biodiversity hotspots, beautiful tea estates, forests, valleys, meadows and much more.
    4. Manjehalli Waterfalls Trek: A journey through the picturesque village of Manjehalli and lovely coffee plantation will take you to this enchanting cascade.
  2. How do I get to Hadlu Waterfalls?

    Hadlu Waterfalls is around 2km from Sakleshpur and 250km from Bangalore. You can easily drive up to this place in your car or a tempo traveler.
  3. What is the best time to visit Sakleshpur waterfalls?

    The waterfalls will brighten up your day during the monsoon months or right after monsoons because during monsoon months the water level in these waterfalls rises and enhances the beauty.

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