Trekking in Sikkim

Treks in Sikkim allows you to explore some of the unknown parts of the region with the distant valleys, scenic meadows and the snow-capped mountains. Bordered by Nepal, Bhutan and China and is regarded as the Himalayan Shangri La, Sikkim is celebrated as one of the lavishly kept secrets in the range of Himalayas.

The freshness in breeze and silence in the wilderness which the trekker experiences while trekking in Sikkim is worth cherishing. Not just its natural beauty but the scenic views of the region make the travellers stare at it for long. Whether you are a nature lover or adventure seeker you will have the best of experience here.  There are numerous best treks in Sikkim that one can take each offering some of the exciting surprises ever. With a plethora of scenic places and natural mountains, this destination is considered the seventh heaven on earth.

As you take one of these treks, you will get some hair rising view of the surrounding which will make you want to stay in this region forever. Restore your soul in the old sod of Himalayas as you take the secret trails to the summit. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and the witness the distant flickering light at the small hamlets. As you keep continuing you will come across the enchanting waterfalls cascading down from the bosom of the mountains and luring you away.

Not just this, also get a chance to witness the rich flora and fauna of this region. With the rare and exotic birds and plants, you will love to take some shots in your lenses. This time, get ready to experience the fun while you head out for best treks in Sikkim.

Here are some of the best treks in Sikkim:


Goecha La Trek

Goecha La Trek
Image Credit : juicyrai - Flickr

Known as one of the beautiful treks in Sikkim, Goecha La trek is a must do the trek for you while you visit this exotic destination.  Blessed with natural beauty and legendary chronicles this trek is a must do the trek for you. Trekking in this region of India allows you to explore some of the unknown parts of the region. As you take a walk through the rhododendron, pine forest and the oak trees you will be amazed by the wilderness of nature. Offering the majestic view of the mountains and the beckoning valleys you will remain awestruck with the beauty of the region.

As you keep moving further on your trek you will come across the magnificent view of famous Kanchenjunga which is among the imperial vista of the other Himalayan Mountains. The menacing existence of Kanchenjunga and Pandim and the frosty track; all make Goechala trek one of the most romantic treks of the Himalayan range. Get ready to explore the vivid wildlife of this region with the rare flora and fauna as you keep continuing your trek. 

During your trek, get a chance to camp under the billions of sky as you enjoy a small bonfire along with your friends. Pass through the small lakes and the witness the waterfalls during this amazing trek. Goecha La is one of the beautiful places in Sikkim that you must visit.

Altitude: 16,200 ft

 11 days

Best season-
Month of May

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult


Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

This is one of the most thrilling as well as amazing trek route in Sikkim. The trail of this trek passes through the luxuriant forests of rhododendrons, spruces, giant magnolias and pines, then merges into the lush green meadows and mystic pastures.

While trekking through this trek one reaches the western region of Sikkim which is quite close to the border of Nepal. The Kanchenjunga trek is wrapped with Kabru, Rathong and Talung ranges towards its south and Pyramid and Kirat Chuli peak towards its north.

Altitude: 17,000 ft

 8 days

Best season:
The months of April and May

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

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Sikkim Dzongri Trek

Sikkim Dzongri Trek
Image Credit : Damien Roué - Flickr

For those of you who are looking for some thrilling trekking expedition, the Sikkim Dzongri Trek is another best trek for you. With the verdant beauty of the snow-capped mountains, deep valleys and the stunning hamlets, this trek is just the perfect for the nature lovers and the adventure seekers. This trek takes you through some of the unknown places of the region. 

Also, popular among the people as a short altitude trek in Sikkim, this trek offers you with the spectacular view of the Mt. Pandim 6691m, Mt. Kabur north 7338m, Mt. Kabur south 7317m, Mt. Kumbhakarna. As you keep continuing your trek you will come across the deep gorges and the hundreds of Rhododendrons. Pass through the distant valleys covered with lichen and moss as you keep continuing your trek. The scenic landscape of the region will make you wonder about the places which you will come across there. 

While you are heading out for this trek, you can also do some birding as this region is home to some of the rare and exotic birds. For the shutterbugs, they can click some of their best pictures here during the trek. Another best part about the treks is that you will come across the Bharal or Blue mountain sheep which is very famous here.

Altitude: 16,404 ft

11 Days

Best Season:
March - October

Difficulty Level: 
Moderate to Difficult


Singalila Trek from Utteray Side

Singalila Trek from Utteray Side
Image Credit : Suplab Debnath - Flickr

The Singalila trek is the rarest of the spots of the country from where one can view the four summits which include Everest, Makalu, Kangchenjunga and Lhotse.

One can also take a view at the peaks which are located in the region of Tibet and Bhutan. The rhododendron and oak forests are a common occurrence on this trek. The trails of this trek are not much steep and one can also visit the Singalila National Park.

Altitude: 12,140 ft

17 days

Best Season:
June - September

Difficulty Level: Moderate


Tholung Trek

Tholung Trek
Image Credit : buddhatripper - Flickr

The Tholung trek is located in the Northern region of Sikkim. The Tholung trek starts from the region of Bagdora and extends till Lingsha. It ascends through the beautiful valley of flora and fauna. The alpine trees and yak can be commonly seen in this region. While one treks through this trek, the Ring Pi Chi River acts as an ally. The majestic hamlets and hills make the visitors feel captivated.

Altitude: 7,999 ft

10 days

Best season:

Difficulty Level: Difficult


Dzongri Trek

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Dzongri Trek
Image Credit : Damien Roué - Flickr

The Dzongri trek stretches from Yuksom till Dzongri and even leads to Goecha La. This trekking route provides an opportunity to take a breathtaking view of the Mt. Pandim and Kanchenjunga. Once the trail of this trekking route reaches Phedang, it drops down steeply in the Thangsing River.

This Sikkim trekking route is considered as the traditional one which passes through the breathtaking mountains, wonderful landscapes and lush green cover of greenery. The Dzongri trek is often tagged as the paradise of trekkers. Being easy in terms of trekking, this trek offers the true joy of trekking in limited time duration so Dzongri trek must be included in your Sikkim tour package

Altitude: 13,189 ft

9 days

Best season:
From March till June and From August till November

 Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

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Versay Trek

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Versay Trek

The Versay trek is also called the soft trek and is located near the border of India and Nepal. This route is often considered as an abode to rhododendron. While trekking in Sikkim through the Versay trek one can indulge in the joy of bird watching and discovering the various aspects of the wilderness.

The facility of camping is also available on this trekking route. On the trekking route, there is the presence of a number of monasteries which can add a charm to the trekking experience. The beautiful orchids are definitely the striking feature of this trek.

Altitude: 10039 ft
Duration: 9 nights and 10 days
Best season: Month of December till the middle of March

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Tosar Lake Trek

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Tosar Lake Trek

The Tosar lake trek is located in the middle of the Chola range and Mangan range. A giant peak of mountain is situated towards the south east direction of this lake. The trek possess cow and yaks in the forest cover.

The trek passes through the temperate forest cover which include the trees of Conifer, bamboos, rhododendron and alpine. If one desires of witnessing the pristine floral cover of the northern Sikkim, then the Tosar Lake is the best route for trekking in Sikkim.

Altitude: 13,123 ft
Duration: 16 days
Best Season: March - June and September - December

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Green Lake Trek

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Green Lake Trek

The Green Lake trek is considered as the perfect blend of the pristine beauty and breathtaking views of the peaks which are high in altitude. The trail of this trek passes through a thick cover of forests, varieties of the rhododendrons, flowers which fill the trail with various colours, waterfalls and various species of birds.

The Green Lake is considered as a restricted area, so not many individuals are allowed to explore the region. One needs to take a prior permission in case one desire of exploring the region beyond Green Lake. The most amazing aspect of the Green Lake trekking route is that the view of the various nearby peaks seems to be crystal clear when viewed from here. It is no doubt one of must-see sight in Northeast India.

Altitude: 16,191 ft

Duration: 11 days

Best season: Months of November till March

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

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Lhaba Tarum Tsachu Trek

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Lhaba Tarum Tsachu Trek
The Lhaba Tarum Tsachu trek is celebrated for being among the best high altitude treks located in the region of Sikkim. The trek provides the tourists with a lush green wilderness, a great quantumm of thrill and enticement. The Lhabha Tarum Tsachu trek is perfect if one desires of exploring a place which is blend of pleasure, adventure, wildlife, romance and spiritualism.

The amazing peak of Kanchendzonga is just 16 km away when one treks through this route. The joy of enjoying the mountains is just brilliant when one treks through this route. This trek is also called a paradise of forested slopes of mountains.

Altitude: 8,694 ft

Duration: 6 days

Best season: March-May

Difficulty Level: Moderate

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North Sikkim High Altitude Trek

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North Sikkim High Altitude Trek
Image Credit : Alankar Joshi - Flickr

The peaks which are located towards the northern region of Sikkim offer a great opportunity in terms of trekking. The mountaineers experience their adrenaline flying high when they undertake the North Sikkim high altitude trek.

A large number of scenic sights and a bunch of hamlets can be easily seen on this trekking route. However, each of these places is not open to the visitors; therefore prior to the start of trekking, one is required to take permission from the Indian Government.

Altitude: 14,239 ft
Duration: 15 days
Best season: May - October

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Sandakphu Trek, 2020 | Upto 25% off
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About the Sandakphu Trek:

Known as another of the beautiful Himalayan trek Sandakphu Trek is a must do the trek for the adventure seekers and nature lovers. This trek takes after the well known Singalila Ridge, an eye-catching goad of high ground that lies at the southern end of a long peak, which keeps running down from the Kanchendzongha massif and structures the outskirt between Sikkim and Nepal. You will start this fascinating trek from New Jalpaiguri and then reach Manebhanjan from where you will start your trek. 

You will start trekking towards Tumling, on your second day which is one of the spectacular peaks of the Singalila Range. On your third day, you will trek to Kalipokhri covering a distance of around 9 km in 5 hours and the pass the Singalila National Park. On your fourth day, you will come across the amazing sight of the Sandakphu Peak, Mt Khanchendzonga, and Mt Everest. Standing tall these peaks will beckon you to stare at it for long. Get a chance to witness the majestic sunrise while during your trek.

On your fifth day, you will start your descending trek from Sandakphu to Srikhola. Keep admiring the beauty of the whole place as you continue trekking. You will also come across the spectacular panoramic views of Nepal Himalayas including Kanchendzongha range, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Janu, Chamlang, Baruntse and a host of Sikkim peaks all seen in one stretch. The awesome stroll along the edge is perfect for the learners/beginners, who need to investigate Darjeeling/Sikkim Himalayas. Your trek to Sandakphu will indeed be a lifetime experience.

About Sandakphu:

Located at an altitude of 11,941ft in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, Sandakphu trek is popularly known as a ‘Trekkers Wonderland’. It is the highest region of West Bengal. This 6-day long trek takes you through the journey of Sandakphu through different picturesque locations which are untamed until now. Not just this during your trek catch the glimpse of the Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu along with a diverse range of flora and fauna, contrasting views of snow-clad peaks and evergreen forests.  

This trek is considered as the highest trek in West Bengal. The trek route to Sandakphu goes all along the Singalila range and therefore this is also known as Singalila trek. During the trek, you will not only see the famous peaks but also Three Sisters and few other peaks of Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet and Bhutan in one single stretch of snow. Soak in the beauty of the region as you continue your trek and watch the towering peaks touching the sky. The cluster of Kanchenjunga forms the upper body and is popular among the people as The Sleeping Buddha.  

Your trek route lies along the border of India and Nepal. There is also the Singalila National Park where one can find a rare species like Red Panda and is a birder’s paradise. You will also find blooming Rhododendrons and Magnolia which will turn the forest with red, pink and white shades during spring and foliage hue during fall. The Sandakphu Trek is definitely the best trek you should try this season.

Sandakphu Trek Highlights:

- Sandakphu Trek is one of the most beautiful treks which will take you through some of the most unknown and unexplored parts of Sikkim and Nepal.

- During the trek, you will come across the Mt Everest the snow peak which is said to bears bequest of the mythical stairway to heaven.

- You will also have the chance to camp under the brilliant night sky and that too with a bonfire.

- Pass through the small streams and witness the beauty of the whole region.

- Stop for a while and meet the friendly locals of villages and learn about their day to day life.

- Get a chance to witness the majestic sunrise on your fourth day.

- You will also find blooming Rhododendrons and Magnolia which will turn the forest with red, pink and white shades during spring and foliage hue during fall.

Quick Facts:

Sandakphu Temperature: Day: 8°C to 15°C and Night: -5°C to 5°C

Sandakphu Trek Trekking Distance:  47km

Sandakphu Trek Altitude: 11,941ft

Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate 

Railway Station: New Jalpaiguri (NJP) is the nearest railway station 

Airport: Bagdogra Airport

ATM: You can withdraw money at New Jalpaiguri (NJP).

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Everest Singalila Trek

Everest Singalila Trek

The Everest Singalila trek starts from the Yambong region and offers a natural walk near the border of India and Nepal. The trek offers a number of stupendous views of both the Kanchendzonga range as well as of the Mt. Everest. The trail of this trek passes through a large number of strenuous passes which test the true trekking skills of the mountaineers.

Altitude: 15,000 ft

 9 days

Best Season:
June - October

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium

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Trekking in Sikkim

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Explore All (12)

Sikkim Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Sikkim
20 November 2018
About the operators: Thrillophilia ties up with trek operators for this amazing trek. The team that carries the group is well trained, well versed and allows the trekkers to focus on their trekking. To provide service at such altitude with smile on face is bliss. They also have some hidden gems planned during the trek for people to be pleasantly surprised. Our trek guide Premtuk is an old hand and lives in Yaksum region. His ability to guide the team as well as captain the support staff was fantastic. He also made sure that trekkers were absolutely taken care off. He had excellent support staff and 12 horses to make sure that we had a glitch-free day’s and nights. Tenzing, vijay and others who worked tirelessly and with laughter all the time made the time memorable. About the trek: this trek offers variety for a serious trekker. The trails and paths are not the same throughout or even different times of the year. It has varied degree of difficulty and hence one needs to be physically and mentally prepared to harness the strength. One connects to self and nature throughout and comes back rejuvenated. It’s not just the moments of seeing sunrise or the summit from various points or watching Mt Pantim alone that takes your breath away but also the journey. It’s a pilgrimage to your own inner self that one ends up discovering. Finally few words of suggestions: for city dwellers who come for this trek, it’s a great idea to come and stay In yuksam few days in advance and do some of other amazing treks. Not only it helps in acclimatisation but also allows you to soak in local culture and food.
"The beauty of this trek is all about the landscape. You start of the trek from dense forest with fresh streams and then to Rhododendron trees when you gain altitude , later which you would come across a beautiful valley overlooking Mt Kanchenjunga. Try out the local cuisine in Yuksom. Thukpa and Chang are two things you need to try out. Although the trek is not recommended for first time trekkers you can still give it a shot provided you are fit and have taken all the items in checklist. "
23 November 2019
This was my first trip with Thrillophilia as well as with complete strangers. I must say that Thrillophilia did not disappoint me ( nobody is perfect, so be flexible to accept minute glitches) . The whole trip went so smooth , starting from the pick up from airport, the hotels we got, arrangement of permits, site seeing and drop at the airport. Special thanks to Deep ( trip coordinator from tour angle) and Ammu ( my cab driver) . P. S. : if you want to see the flower calf yumthang valley and the frozen Tsomgo and Gurudongmar lake , then the ideal time to visit north Sikkim is March-April. November is the ideal time to witness the pleasant winter of sikkim along with its untouched beauty. Looking forward to travel more with Thrillophilia. P.S: the only problem which we faced was two co- passengers who used to get late for everything and because of them we had to rush from each location because of time constraint ( I totally understand that this things isn’t in the hand of Thrillophilia)
16 October 2015
Trekking in the state of Sikkim is very different and a unique experience that you would not gain from trekking in any other part of India. The Indian Himalayas trek in Sikkim is awesome and a must take. What we enjoyed the most were the mountains, the trek trails, the people and their unique culture. This was a sharp contrast to our habits and culture. The trek is not that difficult and it is in fact very much feasible to be taken even by a first timer as well. The trekking was very nicely planned and organized with perfect budget. Do try this trek.
01 July 2015
Suryakanta Patil Goechala Trek, Sikkim, 2020
Located in the state of Sikkim, this Goecha La trek is my dream and desire come true. This trek is a treat to all the adventure lovers who are in our country or visit our country. This place is nestled midst colourful, unique, and vibrant flora and fauna. This trek also paves way to the astounding Kanchenjunga National Park that can be visited in a day. This trek is an opulent beauty as it opens doors to murky valleys, snow clad mountain peaks, astonishing lakes, and lovely rivers in Sikkim. I was just marvelled at the spectacular beauty of this place.
20 February 2020
I booked Magpie The Chestnut Retreat from Thrillophilia at a very decent price along with the activities. The check in and check out process was also done easily with just the e-voucher of Thrillophilia. The stay was comfortable and the food served was very delicious. There we experienced activities like yak ride and ATV ride. Everything was taken care of in the beautiful resort.
21 November 2019
The resort is pretty along with the amazing views of the place. The room were so clean along with a comfortable bed and good facilities. The staffs were professional. No doubt we would be back. Highly recommended if you are visiting Pelling.
I was planning for a trip to Sikkim and booked this tour. It was one of the best trips ever. Everything was very well arranged for the trip. The pickup was on time and I was joined by another group for the tour. We had the most amazing guide with us. He was very informative and was giving us detailed information about each of the places.
I was planning a trip with my gang and was searching over the internet for something interesting when I saw this package. I will have to admit that this was the best trip for us. We were 6 people who went on this amazing Sikkim Tour
I had a very nice experience with thrillophilia. They provided al the facilities as promised ion the tour.

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People Also Ask About Sikkim

  1. Which are the best treks in Sikkim?

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek: One of the most thrilling routes for trekking in Sikkim, the Kanchenjunga Base Camp is an absolute must do for all seasoned trekkers coming here. The scenic route takes you through luxurious forests of rhododendrons, spruces, and pines, emerging into fairy-tale like meadows and pastures. 

    Singalila Trek: Travelling through dense oak forests, this scenic Sikkim trek promises some ravishing views of the surrounding mountains. The route travels through the Singalila National Park, offering an insight into the local flora and fauna here. The route is also popular for offering the rare sight of four different summits from the same spot- the Kanchenjunga, Everest, Makalu and Lhotse.

    Dzongri Trek: Often regarded as paradise on earth, this easy route takes its trekkers through ravishing landscapes dotted with swift-flowing rivers and breathtaking meadows.

    Goecha La Trek: A trek designed for seasoned trekkers; this 11-day long trek takes you through some of the most scenic routes in the Himalayas. From magnificent views of the majestic Kanchenjunga, to the steady frosty tracks at Pandim, the Goecha La will reward you with some of the best sights you’ll ever come across.
  2. Which are the best short treks in Sikkim?

    Lhaba Tarum Tsachu Trek: Regarded as one of the best high-altitude Sikkim treks, the Lhaba Tarum Tsachu route takes its trekkers through forested slopes brimming with beautiful wild flowers. Pristine lakes and lavish green meadows add to the charm of this 6-day trek.

    Sandakphu Trek: One of the most beautiful treks in the Himalayan region, this 6-day trek takes its trekkers through vibrant forests of rhododendrons and magnolia. The route also passes through the Singalila National Park, brimming with birds and local flower species. Unobstructed views of Everest and Kanchenjunga are an added attraction of the route.

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek: Taking its trekkers through rich alpine forests, viburnum gardens and swift-flowing waterfalls, the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek is among the most scenic short treks in Sikkim. 

    Dzongri Trek: One of the shortest high-altitude treks in Sikkim, the unique beauty of Dzongri derives from its ravishing views of snow-clad mountains, clear rivers, and mystic meadows.
  3. What are the best winter treks in Sikkim?

    1. Goecha La Trek: The chilling breeze and the quite complicated trails make the Goecha La Trek one of the most difficult yet coveted treks in Sikkim. The view of the 14 summits and the Himalayan ranges is enticing enough to attract a high number of mountaineers. 

    2. Sandakphu Trek: With a moderately easy trail, the Sandakphu trek offers the view of the glorious Rhododendrons and the snow-clad mountain tops. Its vicinity to the Indo-Nepal border gives some interesting cultural insights. 

    3. Kanchenjunga Trek: With a mind-boggling height of 5086 meters and considerable efforts, the sight of Mt. Kanchenjunga makes all the endeavors worth it, making it one of the most popular treks in Sikkim. 

    4. Kasturi Orar Round Trek: Unexplored trails surrounding the Kanchenjunga National Park, quaint villages, and tricky glacial make this trek a little more than difficult. With an altitude of 5002 meters and magnificent background, trekking here is a dream. 
  4. What is the best time for trekking in Sikkim?

    The best time for trekking in the lofty and enigmatic mountains in Sikkim is between the months of March to June. The mild weather and the picturesque beauty of the blooming nature make the journey beautiful and memorable. The monsoon and the winter season may pose critical difficulties for trekking.
  5. Which is the highest peak for trekking in Sikkim?

    The highest peak for trekking in Sikkim is the Goecha La. It is quite difficult with a maximum altitude of 15,100 feet, taking 11 days to complete it. It offers spectacular sights of 14 summits. The Kanchenjunga, Samiti Lake, and the rhododendrons bloomed in all its glory makes trekking addictive.
  6. Which are the easy treks in Sikkim?

    Versay Trek: Also known as the ‘soft trek’, this scenic route for trekking in Sikkim takes you through stunning rhododendron forests. Charming monasteries, a host of beautiful birds and wild orchids that grow along the valley offer an added charm to the route. 

    Tholung Trek: Travelling through majestic alpine forests across snow-clad valleys, the bewitching beauty of Tholung Trek promises to leave you enthralled. Wild thickets of rhododendron bushes, crystal clear rivers and majestic views of the surrounding mountains make the route twice as attractive. 

    Dzongri Trek: One of the easiest treks in Sikkim, the Dzongri route is perfect for first time trekkers who want a taste of the sport. The scenic route travels through ravishing forests of rhododendron and magnolia, and is known for its unobstructed views of the surrounding summits.

    Rhododendron Trek: As the name suggests, the rhododendron trek boasts of vibrant rhododendron blossoms across its stretch. This easy trek is best suited for beginners who desire a taste of Sikkim’s natural beauty through the sport.
  7. Is it safe to trek in Sikkim?

    It is quite safe to trek in Sikkim. Safety is a relative term and mostly depends on an individual’s decisions. It is best to abide by all the rules and regulations suggested before starting the trek. People going in groups must maintain close distance with the other members for safety.

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