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Arunachal Pradesh is a botanically rich paradise, a feast to the trekkers ambition and natures enthusiast. If you thought the extreme part of north east had nothing much to offer, well be surprised. Being one of the most beautiful places in the north east.

There are many species of flora and fauna found in Arunachal Pradesh, which you may not find anywhere else on this planet. Thanks to the semi tropical and tropical weather conditions hovering over Arunachal Pradesh, the plantations have spurred in variety.

If there is a Garden of Eden in the Himalayan kingdom hidden from the world and to be discovered, it would be Arunachal Pradesh. The weather is favorable for trekking in Arunachal Pradesh and those of you who love nature in its raw form, beauty untouched, Arunachal Pradesh welcomes you with an open heart.

Adventure and arduous features in Arunachal Pradesh trekking experiences lay ahead of you. The terrains are challenging and breath taking, especially when the botanical flora and fauna greet you face to face on the rafting in Arunachal or the trekking trails. It is in its own way an experience rich and unique when you embark on trekking or other adventure sports such as rafting in Arunachal Pradesh. The best times to trek in Arunachal Pradesh would be early October to February end.

The major trekking zones:

1) Take a breath and save it when you embark on the enchanting Tribal Villages Trek. You would have the chance to trek at the Indo Tibetan border. And in this trek you would also get to meet, mingle and learn about the tribals way of life at various villages. Important villages that would be covered here are Monpa, Jiogan and even Shergoan. The trek is for those who are very fit and active since you would be travelling at high altitudes.

2) The Thembang Trek is rated as a moderate expedition and runs for around a week and a half. If you would like to embark on this expedition, the best time would be between October and April.

3) You could also check with the Sela Pass Trek expedition, which runs for a week and a half as well. Rated as a moderate, the trekking expedition is best taken from October to April as well.

4) One can even think of joining the Ani Gompa Trek, which runs for a week and a half. The trek here too has been rated as moderate and the best time to be on it would be early October to end of April.

Arunachal Pradesh also excels in rappelling as an adventure sport. While trekking in Arunachal Pradesh, dont forget to check on how best you could enjoy other adventures as well, such as kayaking in Arunachal.

For those who have more than a fortnight in hand, here are your options:

1) The Gorichen Base Camp Trek is an amazing experience, spanning the highs and lows of Arunachal Pradesh. This expedition runs for two and a half weeks and the best time to enjoy it would be from early September to April end. Remember, you need to be very active for this trekking expedition, since it is rated as strenuous.

2) The Mechuka Trek is for those who love to spend more time trekking and exploring, around twenty one days in hand would do. The trek is for the brave and strong, it can be quite strenuous to tough and hence physical fitness needs to be a priority. The best time for this expedition would be September to October and even in February to March.

We are always there to help you decide on your plans, therefore we have made a list of best tour packages for Arunachal Pradesh for you.

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People Also Ask About Arunachal Pradesh

  1. What are the best treks in Arunachal Pradesh to do in winter?

    Arunachal Pradesh is known for its offbeat treks which are still not spoiled by the crowds and adventure junkies. Some of the best treks to do here in winters are:

    1. Gorichen Base Camp Trek:
    Running through the many ascents and descents to the Gorichen Peak, this two to three-week trek is one of the best treks to do in winters. The peak is considered to be very sacred amongst the locals, which adds to the significance of this strenuous trek. 

    2. Thembang Trek:
    This trek takes travelers to the historical village of Thembang, through the rich culture and exotic flora and fauna of the region. You pass through various Himalayan villages and hamlets to reach this historical village, one of the few untouched regions in the state. 

    3. ZIRO Trek: 
    Also known as the Talley Valley Trek, this trek is extremely beautiful, and takes you through trails which are surrounded by nature all around. You also get to see some native tribes during the trek, along with the diverse vegetation of the region. 
  2. What is the best time for trekking in Arunachal Pradesh?

    The best time for trekking in Arunachal Pradesh is during the summer months, between May and July when the weather is cool, bearable and the treks clear. Moreover, while trekking, you will not have to worry about extra layers of clothing or essentials required for monsoon or winter.
  3. Is trekking in Arunachal Pradesh safe?

    Yes, trekking in Arunachal Pradesh is very safe, since the trails here are quite untouched and unspoiled by tourism. Moreover, the locals here are quite friendly and warm, and they help you when you trek across the different trails in the region.

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