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Gemini Pothuvaal


Thrillophilia offered the best booking services. Had no problem in booking and the operators were very supportive. The mega zipline Singapore with mega...


Suryakanta Marar


Thrillophilia offered the best booking services. Had no problem in booking and the operators were very supportive. The mega zipline Singapore with mega...

Zipline Singapore Overview

Are you an adventure junkie? Then this is your place to be!

 From the alluring Gardens By the Bay to the exciting adventure hub Mega Adventure Park, Singapore is packed with everything a vacationer needs! if you are looking for an offbeat adventure, then try Mega Singapore Zipline with Megajump and tick it off from your bucket list. The Mega Adventure Park is no wrong termed a s a hotspot for an abundance of tempting activities, ranging from Zipline to Mega jump, here you can witness all of them and the best part is all of them are performed under peculiar supervision of the trained professionals.

Your pockets will overflow with joy as this place never falls short of galvanising activities. With Megazip you can fly high in the azure sky as you are harnessed by the three-wire zipline which takes you from the jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill to the golden sands of Siloso beach. While you move across from one point to another you can feel the cool breeze tingling your hair and also you can take a glance at the city from atop. Apart from this, you can also enjoy MegaJump with which you can delve in a state of euphoria, as with this activity you can take a glimpse of the picturesque vistas of the ocean contrasting with lush green environs of the jungle. As you take a jump from 15 m high above the ground you can experience a perfect blend of fun and amusement. This is a perfect tour to satiate your thirst of thrill.

Timings: 11:00am-7:00pm, daily

How to Reach:
By Car/Taxi: Drive across the Sentosa gantry. Follow signs to Siloso Point, then proceed to and alight at the bus stop at Siloso Point. Take a 5 minute walk along Siloso beach walkway. The counter for Mega Adventure Park is on the right
MRT train: Take the North East line MRT train to Harbour Front Station. Proceed to the 3rd floor of Vivo City, then take the Sentosa Express to Beach Station. From Beach Station, hop on the free tram towards Siloso Beach and alight at the 3rd stop. The counter for Mega Adventure Park is on the left

Minimum 2 pax. are required to book this activity.
Minimum height: 90cm must be accompanied by an adult
Persons measuring 120cm and above can be unaccompanied
Minimum weight: 30kg, Maximum weight: 140kg


  • Zip-lining
  • 7
  • Mega-Jump

Other Inclusions

  • Helmet
  • 7
  • Activity equipment
  • 7
  • Instructor

Things To Carry

  • Sunscreen
  • 7
  • Sunglasses
  • 7
  • Identity Card
  • 7
  • Camera


  • We recommend wearing long shorts or pants and shoes that wont fly off when you're zip lining
  • 7
  • Minimum height: 90cm must be accompanied by an adult
  • 7
  • Persons measuring 120cm and above can be unaccompanied
  • 7
  • Minimum weight: 30kg, Maximum weight: 140kg
  • 7
  • Participants can store their personal belongings in a bag before riding the MegaZip. Staff will move the bag to the arrival area
  • 7
  • The customer needs to submit the details within 48 working hours of the bookings. In case he/she fails to submit the details, the bookings will be canceled without any refund.

Tour Type

  • This is a group tour

Zipline Singapore: Cancellation Policy

  • No Cancellation

Zipline Singapore: Refund Policy

  • Non-refundable

Zipline Singapore: Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
  • 7
  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.
  • 7
  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking before confirmation and a full refund will be processed.

Tickets Only


  • MegaZip Tickets
  • Mega Jump
  • Helmet
  • Activity equipment
  • Instructor

Private Tour


  • MegaZip Tickets
  • Mega Jump
  • Helmet
  • Activity equipment
  • Instructor
  • Private Transfers

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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Gemini Pothuvaal

     Rated : 4.0


    Thrillophilia offered the best booking services. Had no problem in booking and the operators were very supportive. The mega zipline Singapore with mega jump is an extremely thrilling activity. I didn't know anything about this activity until I read it from thrillophilia reviews and decided to do it. Great service on the part of thrillophilia. All the probable issues are nicely tackled by the tour operators. Will definitely recommend it.

    Story by Suryakanta Marar

     Rated : 4.0


    Thrillophilia offered the best booking services. Had no problem in booking and the operators were very supportive. The mega zipline Singapore with mega jump is an extremely thrilling activity. Great service on the part of thrillophilia. All the probable issues are nicely tackled by the tour operators. Will definitely recommend it

    Story by Hiranmaya Shah

     Rated : 4.0


    It was indeed a lifetime experience. Thrillophilia made things easier. Each and every service that was mentioned, were provided amazingly well. Extremely decent tour operator. All the equipment including helmet and safety devices were provided. This is completely safe and the operators of thrillophilia made it even safer


    People Also Ask About Zipline Singapore

    1. What are the timings for Mega Zipline Singapore with Megajump?

      The general timing followed in Mega Adventure Singapore is from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm. The timing for specific activities varies from one another. Here, tourists are requested to reach the destination at least 30 minutes before the starting time. It allows the staffs to do necessary formalities like giving safety instructions and tips before getting your hands into the ride.
      There are also team-building events apart from the regular attractions. Visitors can contact the staffs about exclusive booking. The timings for team building activities will be fixed as per your convenience.

    2. If my child is under 30 kgs can they go tandem on the Megazip?

      For security reasons the minimum weight required for Megazip is 25 kgs & for MegaJump 30ks and people weighing under that cannot enjoy it. But if the child weighs under the required weight then if he is accompanied by another child or adult who has well-suited height and weight then even the children can enjoy it.

    3. Are there requirements for age, weight, and height in Mega Zipline Singapore ?

      Yes, there are specific requirements of weight, height, and age. If you wish to enjoy Mega Singapore Zipline with Megajump then your weight must fall in the range of 30 kgs to a maximum of 140 kgs for Zipline and 25 kgs to 120 kgs for Mega Jump. Also, your height must be at least 90 cm for the zip line and 120 cm for Mega Jump. Another thing to keep in mind is for children there must be a companion, fitting in the requirements as here there are only height and weight requirements but no age barrier.

    4. If I am pregnant can I do any of the activities in Mega Zipline Singapore?

      No. If you are pregnant then you are advised not to try any of the sports as it can be harmful to you. Apart from this, you can take a glance at others enjoying the sports while you sit back and relax on the bench.

    5. Can I try each attraction more than once in Zipline Singapore?

      No, the attractions can be tried only once with one ticket but if you wish to enjoy it again then you will have to purchase the ticket again. You can buy the ticket online as well as offline.

    6. What happens in the event of bad weather ?

      In cases like these bad weather, the park ceases the operations and you cannot enjoy any of them. But for them, bad weather is not the rainy season or so but it is the time of electrical storms when they stop operating and issue a visit again voucher valid for three months

    7. What sort of clothing/footwear do I need to wear at Mega Zipline Singapore?

      You must wear proper sports attire to enjoy the adventures to the fullest and there are no slippers. Make sure your clothes and footwear are very comfortable so that you can enjoy the adventure to the fullest.

    8. How long each activity will take in Mega Zipline Singapore?

      Timing is dependant on the sport you take if you talk about MegaZip it takes around 20 to 30 minutes whereas the Mega jump is another short-time sports which last for around 5 minutes only.

    9. Can you provide us with a food option at Mega Zipline Singapore ? If so. What?

      They have their own kiosk on the beach where one can grab light snacks but if you wish to have something other than light snacks then you can make a visit to Trapizza, Wavehouse or several others in its vicinity.

    10. Can we get photos of our Mega Adventure in Mega Zipline Singapore?

      Yes, you can get pictures of the Mega adventures as they have their own photographer who keeps capturing images and you can get hard as well as soft copies from them. But the best option is to buy a pouch for your phone so that you can capture the moments on your own.

    11. How do you accommodate people that are scared of heights in Mega Zipline Singapore?

      All of the activities are taken up by choice and in case someone is scared then all they do is keep encouraging them at their level. Here one can also abandon the sport if you think you are not able to be a part of it.

    12. Are your activities too adventurous/physical for older/less fit people?

      Most of the activities have specific requirements of height and weight and if you fit in the category then all you need is the courage to witness the sport. Though the sports give you a thrill, they can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

    13. Is it safe to do this activity at Mega Zipline Singapore?

      • Without any doubt, all the attractions are safe in Mega Adventure Park. Right from the first ride, you will be constantly guided by our professional instructors.
      He will make sure that you are riding comfortably without facing any difficulty. With the best infrastructure and maintaining world-class safety standards, we deliver a completely safe riding experience to all kinds of travellers.
      Before getting into the ride, you will be briefed about the activity, hand signals, and safety lessons that are needed to be followed all the time. If you have any doubts, you can ask the instructor and get clarified instantly. And if any safety gadget is not working, it will be replaced with a new one.

    14. Can I purchase my tickets on the spot for Mega Zipline Singapore?

      Yes, if you wish to buy a ticket on the spot then you can buy it but it is recommended to buy it online as here you can get heavy discounts and with increasing technology one can always book the ticket anywhere anytime.

    15. Will there be any professionals present at the Mega Zipline Singapore with Megajump?

      Yes, of course. You will be accompanied and guided by our professionals throughout the journey. Our professionals are experienced riders, who give you necessary safety lessons before the ride and ensure you are riding comfortably. If you find any discomfort with the equipment or ride, you can report to your instructor immediately and get it fixed. As we know, safety gets more attention than other factors. We have not only highly-trained instructors but also safety gears like safe roller, carabiners, zip stop, and so on. It gives you a hassle-free ride without compromising the safety.

    16. How to reach Mega Zipline Singapore with megajump?

      There is more than one way to reach Mega Adventure Park on Sentosa, irrespective of your place of stay. By Cable Car – Once you get down from the cable car station, you need to turn right and walk towards Imbiah Hill Road. After crossing 4D AdventureLand and the bus stop/roundabout, you need to take left, and within 100 meters you can reach the destination. By Monorail – From VivoCity or HarbourFront Centre/MRT, you can take the Sentosa Express Monorail, and move towards Beach Station (last stop). From there, you can get into a free tram towards Siloso Beach and alight at the 3rd stop. There you can see the ticket counter of Mega Adventure Park on the left. By Car – For self-drivers, you need to drive across the Sentosa gantry, park the vehicle at the Beach Station and hop on the free tram towards Siloso Beach. On your left, the Mega Adventure Park awaits you.

    17. What are the different ticket options for Mega Zipline Singapore?

      The tickets are split into three different categories, namely, packages, single activity, and partner attraction packages. Packages – It includes any two attractions, such as zip climb jump, zip & bounce, and jump & climb. Single Activity – Here, the rider can enjoy any one of the activities. Partner Attraction Packages – In this ticket, tourists can also Adventure Park activities along with Segway Tour Eco Adventure, 4D One Day Adventure Pass or Haunted Mine Ride, and many more. Based on time availability, tourists can buy the tickets accordingly and explore the given attractions. However, if you’d like to get the best adventure feeling, you must go for the packages that include the most exciting rides and activities

    18. Are there any weight restrictions in Mega Zipline Singapore?

      Yes. There are certain height and weight restrictions given as follows: For Mega Zipline, the participant should be a minimum height of 90 cm, a minimum weight of 30 kg (without accompanying anyone), whereas the maximum weight is 140 kg. If your kid is below 30 kg, he/she can join the ride accompanied by an adult. Likewise, for Mega Jump, the minimum weight is 30 kg, and the maximum weight is 120 kg. Please note that all guests should meet the given physical requirements, to fit into our harnesses and to indulge the activities safely.

    19. What will be the height of my jump at Mega Zipline Singapore?

      In Megajump ride, you will be dropped from a height of 15 meters above sea level. To keep the whole ride safe, tailor-made safety wire and harness is deployed to the participants. It can be controlled with clockwork efficiency by our professional trainers. At the Mega Jump leap point, one can get the best panoramic views, surrounded by mesmerizing nature. Many adventure-seekers flock together to this place and experience the best adrenaline rush feeling.

    20. Does Mega Zipline Singapore operate on weekends?

      Yes. This adventure-filled place operates on 365 days a year, including both weekdays and weekends. You can plan your visit anytime in a year with your family/friends and experience the Mega Zipline Singapore with Megajump activities at ease. Even during the rainy season, the place still operates with adequate facilities. However, only during extreme weather condition or an electrical storm, the rides will be closed temporarily. A separate voucher will be issued to the tourists, and they can come back on a different date.

    21. What is the nearest metro station of Mega Zipline Singapore?

      Beach Station is the nearest metro station to this adventure park. One can take the North East line MRT train to Harbour Front Station, move to the 3rd floor of VivoCity, and then take the Sentosa Express. Once you reach the Beach Station, you can use the free tram service and go to Siloso Beach and alight at the 3rd stop. From there, you can find the Mega Adventure Park’s ticket counter on your left.

    22. What are the inclusions in Mega zipline Singapore package?

      Mega zipline Singapore with Mega Jump is one of the most enjoyable and popular trip packages of thrillophilia. Mega adventure hub of Singapore offers many recreational activities out of which zipline and mega jump are perhaps the most thrilling.

      Thrillophilia has a fully organized tour package dedicated to Mega Zipline and Mega jump. Other than the activity cost, Fully supervised activity along with all the essentials like helmet, necessary equipment of the activity are the inclusions of this package.

      A full-time expert instructor will monitor your activity. There are sparse chances of accidents. Thrillophilia will help you out in regards to strict safety measures, hence these activities are cent percent safe.

    23. Are children allowed on Mega zipline Singapore tour?

      Yes, children are allowed on the tour, but there are specifications regarding the weight. To participate in this activity, an individual must be at least 25 kilograms (for mega zip) and 30 kg (for mega jump). The height of an individual must fall in the range of 90 cm for mega zip and 120 cm for mega jump.

      If all these specifications are met then any child can participate in the activities. Any individual who is less than 90 cm in height must be accompanied by an adult mandatorily There are no restrictions on age. However, it is always recommended that nay adult, who fulfills these criteria must accompany the kid.

    24. Do I have to carry anything along with me at Mega zipline Singapore?

      Yes. You need to carry a couple of things. Though all the safety equipment is provided by us, yet a few personal essentials must be carried by you. these include:

      - Camera to capture the beautiful views, as it is going to be a lifetime experience.
      - Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the scorching sun rays. At times it becomes difficult to see the horizon owing to the extreme glare.Do carry a sunglass to avoid such conditions.
      - Sunscreen is more than an essential in Singapore. If you want to protect your skin from the undesirable tanning and sun damage, you have to apply a good sunscreen
      - Identity proof you may be asked for it anywhere, so keep it handy.

    25. What are the things to keep in mind while experiencing ziplining in Singapore?

      - The very first thing you should follow is the dress code. You need to wear proper activewear which must include long track pants or trousers and tightly fitting shoes for this activity. In case you miss any of these there is high probability that you may face unfavorable circumstances such as wardrobe malfunctioning and flying away of shoes while performing the activities especially ziplining

      - Also do not participate in these adventure activities if you are suffering any kind of ailment or undergoing treatments that do not permit sports activities. Avoiding the sport in case of pregnancy is also recommended

      - Always remember the activities are completely safe and highly supervised. No need to get afraid unnecessarily.

    26. What is the best time for experiencing Mega zipline Singapore?

      You can indulge in both these activities – mega zip line and mega jump during any time of the year. The general timings are from 11. 00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., every day.

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