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Bhoj Chopra


Lost Chambers is such a beautiful place to see! The package I booked covered everything, travel facilities, tickets, scuba diving, a tour of the aquari...


Dakshayani Naik


Travelling in Dubai can get really dig a hole in your pocket if you don’t follow proper ways. But credit goes to Thrillophilia for offering exciting of...

Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Tickets Overview

Don't miss out the chance, with the Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Ticket, of experiencing the thrill over a set of record-breaking rides. You get to relax on 700 meters of private beach as well as getting your control over the fun rides that are available in the location.

What to Expect:

Ride a collection of record-breaking rides:
The Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Ticket brings you the opportunity of taking the pleasure of riding over a set of great adventurous and fun-filled rides that have a record-breaking history.

See up to 65,000 marine creatures:
You are entitled to witness over 65,000 marine creatures which are colorful, vibrant and are well-acquainted to hold you mesmerized and astonished. You are sure to love the small tiny creatures moving in groups in water.

Relax on 700 meters of private beach:
Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets also provide you with the chance of taking the delight of some soothing moments and unbounded relaxation in an 700 meters of private beach. As such you can soothe your mind to the fullest.

Open dated ticket:
The lost chambers aquarium ticket price is inclusive of open dated tickets and as such you are not required to worry about missing the opportunity for not getting time and availability of booking.

Know before you go:

Opening Hours:
Atlantis Aquaventure Park
10:00am-sunset, daily
Opening hours may vary depending on the time of year.

Lost Chambers Aquarium
10:00am-10:00pm, daily
Please note: Operating hours of both the attractions i.e. Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers are subject to change without prior notice.

Reaching there:
Address: Atlantis, Crescent Road, The Palm Jumeira, Dubai, UAE.
How To Get There:
You can now book shared transfers from your hotel to the attraction
By public transport: Take the Dubai Tram towards the Al Sufouh Metro Station. Get off at Palm Jumeirah. At Palm Jumeirah, take the monorail that will take you directly to Aquaventure Water Park
By taxi: Aquaventure Water Park is a 25-minute drive from Deira (city center of Dubai). The trip will cost approximately AED110

-Children aged 0-12 may only enter the water park if accompanied by an adult
-Infants aged 0-2 can enter the park for free


  • Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Ticket

Other Inclusions

  • Open Dated Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Ticket

Things To Carry

  • Sunglasses
  • 7
  • Sunscreen Lotion
  • 7
  • Thrillophilia Voucher
  • 7
  • ID Proof


  • For safety reasons, you have to be at least 120cm to gain access to rides in Tower of Neptune
  • 7
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times
  • 7
  • Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the park when you book the Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Ticket

Tour Type

  • This is a group tour

Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Tickets: Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellations, refunds, or changes can be made

Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Tickets: Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
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  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.
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  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking before confirmation and a full refund will be processed.
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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Bhoj Chopra

     Rated : 5.0


    Lost Chambers is such a beautiful place to see! The package I booked covered everything, travel facilities, tickets, scuba diving, a tour of the aquarium, and many things. My family really enjoyed and clicked so many photos too. This trip to Dubai was really memorable and all credit goes to Thrillophilia!

    Story by Dakshayani Naik

     Rated : 5.0


    Travelling in Dubai can get really dig a hole in your pocket if you don’t follow proper ways. But credit goes to Thrillophilia for offering exciting offers. They took care of my trip to Lost Chambers even if it ended. They had amazingg deals which were affordable and really convenient. From scuba diving to the amazing tours, I didn’t have to worry about expenses.

    Story by Shreya Bhat

     Rated : 5.0


    Perhaps one of the most unique fish excursions I’ve ever been to. The organisers were super helpful and kind. Lost Chambers has so many attractions to see and visit but the planned excursion by Thrillophilia was clear, concise, and super fun. I went to the theatre and hospital and also fed the fishes. It’s once in a lifetime kinda experience!!!

    Story by Gati Singh

     Rated : 5.0


    Lost Chambers is all about sea life. I had no idea about scuba diving and snorkelling activities and how easily it gets booked. But thanks to Thrillophilia, I booked the package quickly and saved my spot. It was really really awesome to swim with the sharks and other fishes at the aquarium.

    Story by Rageshwari Chopra

     Rated : 4.0


    I am really interested in the sea world and had to look out for an informative tour conducted at The Lost Chambers. But it was a hassle less booking experience because of Thrillophilia. My tickets were booked online and I didn’t have to worry about the long queues, it perfectly suited my schedule, and I learnt a lot about the fishes. In this informative tour, we got to learn about different fishes and what they and how they live and everything


    People Also Ask About Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Tickets

    1. What is Lost Chambers in Dubai?

      UAE’s largest aquarium, the Lost Chambers Aquarium is a replica of the lost city of Atlantis situated in Dubai. It houses almost 21 aquariums and a whopping range of 65,000 marine creatures amidst the Ambassador Lagoon. The idea behind developing the aquarium traces back to the Lost World of Atlantis.

      Also, Lost Chambers offer a profound knowledgeable experience apart from the marine wonders. Here, you can get a deep knowledge of the Lost World Atlantis. To get acquainted with the hard work behind the Lost Chambers Aquarium, participate in the Fish Tale Tour.

    2. How long does it take to explore Lost Chambers Aquarium?

      It usually takes 3-4 hours to explore Lost Chambers Aquarium. With so much to see and do, a couple of hours won’t be enough to know about the aquarium and various species. Start your excursion by booking Lost Chamber Dubai ticket and head to the wonders of marine life.

      Here, you can participate in an amazing snorkelling experience at the Ambassador Lagoon. If thrilling adventures aren’t your cup of tea then you can dive into the Fish Tales Tour. This tour takes you to an informative and educational spree about marine life. Or, head to the Aqua Theatre Shows to interact with comic divers. All these activities and of course some photography sessions in between will consume 3 to 4 hours.

    3. Are pets allowed in Lost Chambers Aquarium?

      No, pets aren’t allowed inside the premises of Lost Chambers Aquarium. The rules of the Aquarium strictly adhere to get acquainted with the unique wonders of marine life. The entry of a pet would most probably act as a hindrance in exploring the aquarium.

      The animals usually pose a threat to the safety of visitors and the marine life. Also, Lost Chambers doesn’t even provide permittance if the pets are leashed. The unpredicted behaviour of the pet at a foreign place might lead to inconvenience to the aquarium’s environment. Such mishaps aren’t entertained at the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

    4. Can you buy a day pass to the Lost Chambers Aquarium?

      The availability of the Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets is best found at the ticket counter or its website. It would be better if you book the tickets in advance for a convenient visit to the aquarium. The day pass would take you into a full day experience of fun, frolic, and informative tours. In this tour, explore the staggering range of marine species while understanding the biological features of them.

      In this full-day trip, take a tour of the aquarium and know about the backend work to run the aquarium. Also, at Lost Chambers, you can indulge in watersports, informative tours, etc.

    5. What are opening times for The Lost Chambers Aquarium?

      The Lost Chambers Aquarium opens around 10 am and closes by until 10 pm. The aquarium remains open during weekends too, also, the influx of tourists is high during this time. Take the Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets from the ticket centre.

      Here, you can explore the niceties of the aquarium for 3 to 4 hours. Although, the timing might vary during festivities like Eid and Ramadan.

    6. How to reach the Lost Chamber Aquarium?

      By Road – To reach Lost Chamber Aquarium, the most convenient way is to take a cab or drive by yourself. Dubai taxis are quite cheap and easily available. Also, the facility of booking online cabs are available which are also convenient.You can pay in cash or submit the payment via online transactions.

      By Monorail – If you want to explore the local life of Dubai closely then taking a monorail would be perfect. To reach Lost Chamber Aquarium, the nearest station drop would be at Palm Atlantis. The station is 466 m away and it’ll take almost 7-8 minutes to reach the aquarium.

    7. What is there to see in Lost Chamber Aquarium?

      Touch Tank – At Touch Tank, you will get the chance to touch and feel the exotic marine creatures. This activity will take place in the presence of marine educators and instructors. They will guide you thoroughly and provide an insight into the marine world.

      Interactive Aquatheater Show – In this informative session, you will get to educate yourself about the marine species. Also, interact with expert scuba divers at Interactive Aquatheater Show to understand the basic skills required during scuba diving.

      Fish Hospital and Nursery – If you wish to learn about marine health and safety tips, head to the Fish Hospital and Nursery. At a gigantic world of marine life, injuries become quite common. To treat them with care and medications, this place was established.

    8. Can I take outside food in Lost Chambers Aquarium?

      No, outside food and drinks aren’t allowed inside the premises of the Lost Chambers Aquarium. The aquarium strictly follows this rule and makes sure that it is followed too. The premises are sensitive to marine life and any disturbance or littering caused by outside food and drinks won’t be appreciated.

      Although, you can visit nearby restaurants and enjoy a meal with your family and friends. The prime location of Lost Chambers Aquarium serves as a tourist hotspot.

    9. What is the best time to visit Lost Chambers in Dubai?

      You can visit Lost Chambers at any time in 365 days of the year. The Aquarium opens at 10 am and closes by 10 pm. The influx of tourists is high during the evening and the place becomes more vibrant. If you want to avoid the crowd and have the place by yourself then visit during morning or afternoon.

      However, the activities and other niceties keep on going and you can participate at any time. Don’t forget to take the Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets from the ticket booth. To explore the aquarium entirely, you must spend 3-4 hours and participate in available informative and fun activities.

    10. What will I get to do in Lost Chambers in Dubai?

      Ambassador Lagoon – The Ambassador Lagoon is the tank which holds 11 million litres of water to house almost 150 species of fishes. Here, know about these species and don’t forget to click some photos too!

      Snorkelling – Get the amazing chance to witness the marine species in their natural habitat. The activity takes place at the Ambassador Lagoon. Book the Lost Chambers Dubai tickets in advance to enjoy the activity conveniently.

      Scuba Diving – At Lost Chambers, you will get the opportunity to swim with the sharks, napoleon wrasse, and other unique sea creatures.

      Visit Touch Tank – Yet another amazing experience at Lost Chambers, Touch Tank provides an opportunity to touch and hold the marvels of marine life like starfish and sea-urchins etc.

    11. What are the things I should carry to the Lost Chambers in Dubai?

      - Carry your identity proofs and some amount of money with you while visiting the Lost Chambers Aquarium. These things would be required while buying Lost Chambers Dubai tickets.
      - Bring a filled water bottle and keep yourself hydrated during your trip to the aquarium.
      - Don’t forget to bring your camera! Photographs are going to be an important part of your trip.
      - If you’re willing to participate in scuba diving or snorkelling then bring an extra pair of clothing. Other swimming gears will be provided at the aquarium.
      - Carry comfortable shoes with you as exploring the Lost Chambers Aquarium sure involve a bit of walking.
      - If you are sensitive to the aquarium’s water then don’t forget to carry necessary ointments or medications.

    12. Where is Lost Chambers located in Dubai?

      The Lost Chambers Aquarium is situated in Atlantis, The Palm Hotel on the Crescent Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The aquarium is at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah Islands and opens wide onto the Arabian Gulf. It is at the curve of the Crescent Road and is 7 minutes away from Atlantis, The Palm.

      At this portion of Dubai, you’ll come across several attractions around the Lost Chambers Aquarium like Dolphin Bay, Aquaventure Park, Helicopter Tour Dubai, and the majestic Dukes The Palm, Royal Hideaway Hotel.

    13. How big is Lost Chambers Aquarium?

      The Lost Chambers Aquarium holds 11 million litres of over 21 aquariums. Adhering to the concept of the lost city of Atlantis, Lost Chambers has built underwater halls to house 65,000 marine creatures. The aquarium’s enormous structure has led to construct a Touch Tank for touching and interacting with sea creatures, an Interactive Aquatheater show to learn about scuba diving, and a Fish Hospital and Nursery to take care of the fishes.

      Also, Lost Chambers has developed a separate zone for scuba diving and snorkelling experiences too. This underwater observatory is home to fish, sharks, lobsters, jellyfish, seahorses, and albino alligators. To enter into these attractions, don’t forget to buy Lost Chambers Dubai tickets from the ticket booth.

    14. Is there any age limit of visiting Lost Chambers?

      There is no certain age limit to visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium. The aquarium follows the idea of a fun and informative way of learning about marine life. However, the factor of age limit has been applied to the various activities taking place at the aquarium which can be clarified while buying Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets-

      Atlantis Aquatrek – In this activity, you’ll dive 3 m deep to walk amongst stingrays, fish, and some sharks. Children above the age of 8 can participate in this activity.

      Snorkelling – In snorkelling, you will get the opportunity to snorkel amidst the natural habitat of marine creatures. The age limit follows that children above the age of 6 can participate.

      Atlantis Dive Discovery – Participate in scuba diving and swim under the guidance of certified scuba experts. Children above the age of 10 can participate.

    15. How much does it cost to visit Lost Chambers?

      You can buy the Lost Chambers Dubai tickets from the ticket booth present at the entrance or book from their website.

      The Lost Chambers tickets price is as follows 
      General Tickets – Adults – INR 1045
      Full day pass + Lost Chambers - Adults- INR 5050
      Children aged 0-12 may only enter the water park if accompanied by an adult
      Infants aged 0-2 can enter the park for free

    16. What are the parking facilities near Lost Chambers?

      The valet parking is available near Lost Chambers at The Avenues in Atlantis. But the allotment of parking is based on the availability. The high influx of visitors might lead to high occupancy of the parking space.

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