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Activities to do in South Goa 

Canyoning, Winch Boat Parasailing, Water Skiing, Ringo Ride Mania, Beach Camping, Rachol Village Walk Tour, Jungle Walk, Paradise Island Trip, Hot Air Balloon Flight and many other amazing things.

Comparatively astonishing is South Goa, the more pristine tourist destination in Goa which displays way more than Calangute Beach, Baga Beach etc. Here is a list of activities to do in South Goa that will help you go through the various colourful items and places at the sizzling spot of Goa.

Arrive in South Goa, to be a part of the slow moving crowd and the not so famed spots of attraction. Water sports and activities are not a new member in South Goa as well. You will come across some of the most selling water sports, so get ready to experience the best while you visit this destination.

Rappelling and rock climbing in Netravali, dolphin spotting on different islands and many more are there to promise you the best time ever in Goa. South Goa is brimming with activities which are rare and uncommon in North Goa.

Listed below are some of the best things to do in South Goa:

Sightseeing Explore All (14)
Explore All (14)
24 Ratings
Superb 24 Ratings
24 Ratings Ratings
Upper Sauri Canyoning in Goa
  • 7H
  • South Goa
  • 7H
About the Activity:
  • Start your tour after boarding the a shared vehicle at 9:30 from Palolem.
  • Feel the thrill as you use variety of techniques like walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and swimming to traverse through the breath-taking Upper Sauri Canyon.
  • The narrow gorges with numerous drops, while surrounded by sculpted walls and spectacular waterfalls form an aesthetic backdrop for canyoning.
  • The Upper Sauri Canyon is replete with 6 main waterfalls to descend through!
  • A 40-minute jungle walk to access the canyon with 2 and 8-metre abseils, and 7 jumps.
  • The easy canyon unravels its beauty during descent, and can be enjoyed by most age groups with varying skill levels.
  • Conclude this exciting tour at around 5:30 PM and head back home with lots of memories after a 30-minute jungle walk.
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37 Ratings
Superb 37 Ratings
37 Ratings Ratings
Water Skiing at Majorda Beach
  • South Goa

About the Activity:

  • Feel the adrenaline rush as you enroll in this 10-15 minutes water skiing at Majorda beach and experience the ultimate fun and adventure.
  • If you are a beginner then get accompanied by professionals and enjoy water skiing with professionals.
  • Water skiing is a surface water sport in which an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation over a body of water, skimming the surface on two skis or one ski.
  • You will be provided with the state of the art safety equipment and professional guides for your safety.
  • Enjoy the enchanting scenery and lose yourself admiring its beauty.
  • This activity can be availed at any time between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM
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421 Ratings
Excellent 421 Ratings
421 Ratings Ratings
Winch Boat Parasailing At Mobor Beach In Goa - Flat 20% Off
  • South Goa
₹2,249 ₹1,799

About the Activity:

  • Experience another side of Goa as you winch- parasail at Mobor Beach
  • Commence your tour at around 9:00 AM in the morning after reaching the tour locality which is the perfect time to do parasailing in Goa.
  • Winch-boat parasailing is usually done alone and it takes you high in the air. In winch-parasailing, you have to take off and land on the winch boat. 
  • The ride lasts for 10 minutes and enables you to get a spectacular view of the turquoise expanse of the Arabian Sea.
  • The activity is accompanied by professional operators and adequate safety equipment.
  • End this exciting activity and head back home with lots of memories.
  • This tour is a customized tour and can be availed at any time from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.
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29 Ratings
Superb 29 Ratings
29 Ratings Ratings
Ringo Ride Mania at Mobor Beach, Goa
  • South Goa
₹700 ₹590

About the Activity:

  • Ringo ride at Mobor Beach in Goa is fun filled ride through the calm water along the Goan shoreline. 
  • Get yourself comforted in the seat that is harnessed with the back of a powerful vehicle. 
  • Ringo rides are mega fun and give participants the chance to tear up and down the sea, feeling every bump and splash along the way for a full duration of 10 minutes!
  • After the ride, it will be the time to float in the air with a session of parasailing.
  • See the stunning shores from up above and marvel their pristine beauty!
  • Note: The activity can be availed between 9 am to 6 pm.

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40 Ratings
Very Good 40 Ratings
40 Ratings Ratings
Beach Camping in South Goa from Bangalore
  • 3D/2N
  • South Goa
  • 3D/2N
₹4,400 ₹4,100
First of its kind, this tour is made up of a chance at camping on the beach, a trek in the jungles of South Goa's coast, serene views of the shore from the waters along with the feeling of tranquility in one of the offbeat and isolated beaches of Goa. 
After boarding the transfer vehicle on Day 0, you will drive towards South Goa's Palolem beach. On the way, you stop and freshen up at Karwar, and have your breakfast.
Upon arrival at Palolem, exploration of the coast begins from trekking along the Kanika islands and wading across a small stream in crystal clear waters. Few cliffs after,  you will bear witness to the crystal clear beaches from an aerial perspective. In the afternoon you would head back to Palolem beach and relax in one of the beach cafes where you would also be served your lunch. Just as the sun starts becoming pleasant, you will make your way to the Butterfly Beach by boats and witness the beach from the waters. This is also where you will set up camp and put up a fire by the beach right before the night sets in 

After a good night's sleep, you wake up to witness a cool morning by the beach and be welcomed by the warm waters, like a natural Jacuzzi. You will then pack up and head towards Palolem beach; half - walk in the jungles of the coast and the other half - go by bus via the MDR 49. Post breakfast, head back towards Bangalore and have lunch on the way.  
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35 Ratings
Superb 35 Ratings
35 Ratings Ratings
Rachol Village Walk Tour
  • 3H
  • South Goa
  • 3H
₹550 ₹450

Rachol in Salcete Goa, also renowned as the Raitura village that includes the famous Portuguese colonial fort of Rachol, completely erased but still revealing the stories of the past. Explore the cultural and heritage structures and learn the history of the composition of Salcete. The Church of Our Lady of Snows at Rachol, the first church of Salcete is another attraction in the location that you must visit to understand the richness of the spot.

About the Activity:
The Rachol tour in Goa lets you experience a beautiful journey in the village of Rachol and take glimpses of the lush green fields and the magnificent monuments that reveal the stories of the past. Grab the chance to view a fortress and visit the Rachol Seminary and taste the freshly baked bread. Also, learn the process of cooking fresh bread when you visit a local bakery and chant the stories about Our Lady Of Snows which is the oldest church of South Goa.

The walk tour in Rachol, Goa lets you experience a delightful tour along with the assistance of a highly trained and friendly storyteller who can speak English & Hindi and render recommendations to save money and to explore the best of the city. You also get access to hidden lanes and places and learn great conversations and interesting stories. You are also provided with snacks and goodies that would make your trip more joyous.

Places to Visit:
Rachol Fort Gate
Rachol Port
Rachol Seminary 
Our Lady Of Snows, Rachol 

 8:00AM -11:00AM

Starting Point: 
Rachol Fort Gate, Rachol, Goa, India

Note: The minimum number of persons required to book this package is 2 and the maximum number is 10.

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32 Ratings
Superb 32 Ratings
32 Ratings Ratings
Jungle Walk at Jungle Book in Goa
  • 3H
  • Dharbandora
  • 3H
₹750 ₹650

About the Activity:

  • Embark in this exciting jungle tour in Goa and get a chance to get close to the nature while inhaling the pure uncontaminated air.
  • Start your trip at around 9:00 AM in the morning after reaching the tour locality.
  • Indulge in three hours of guided jungle walk starting from Kulem and proceed to a visit to the most ancient temple in Goa. 
  • Witness the diversified wildlufe of this region with the flora and fauna.
  • End this tour after 3 hours and head back home with lots of memories.
  • This tour is a customized tour and can be availed in between the time of 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
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216 Ratings
Excellent 216 Ratings
216 Ratings Ratings
Bat Island Scuba Diving, Goa | Book Online & Save 20%
  • 10H
  • South Goa
  • 10H
₹2,000 ₹1,600
Send Enquiry

Activity Location: Bat Island, South Goa

Activity Timings: 7:30 AM -6:00 PM

Pick Up/Drop off Points: Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Panjim and Arpora.

Bat Island is the most popular place for underwater adventure activities like scuba diving and snorkelling experience because it offers rick underwater corals, aquatic life and reefs. Your trip to bat island is fun-filled with a boat ride with music on board if you're lucky you may spot dolphins during your ride to the island.

Bat Island Scuba Diving is for all the adventurous souls out there who are willing to go out of their comfort zone to experience the magnificence that the world has to offer, scuba diving is for you. Experience scuba dive in up to 25 feet depth with trained local experts and get a chance to capture underwater scuba dive photos and videos to make it a once in a lifetime experience. Also indulge in a number of water-sport activities once you finish the scuba diving that includes Parasailing, Banana ride, Jet Ski, Bumper ride and Boat ride. 

These water-sports will be conducted at the nearest beach from Bat Island followed by delicious goan lunch, soft drinks and beers. 

Variants offered:

1. Scuba Diving with transportation
2. Scuba Diving with 5-in-1 water-sports combo with transportation

There is an activity briefing session before conducting any water sport which is about (8-10 minutes), followed by a wait time of about 5-7 minutes before the start of the next activity. 

*Note: The activity package is allowed for 12+ Yr age group only. Strictly not recommended for pregnant women and old citizens. 
- Scuba Dive time is 15-20 minutes underwater (dependent on affecting factors like weather, the pressure of water and any similar operational constraints)
- Timing for each water-sport is about 2-5 minutes, apart from the briefing time and the wait time.

How to reach: The trip starts from North Goa, you join us at the given pickup points, alternatively, if you are staying in South Goa, you can join the group from Hansa Beach or Vasco beach in South Goa.
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34 Ratings
Excellent 34 Ratings
34 Ratings Ratings
Monsoon Sightseeing Trip in Goa
  • 1D
  • South Goa
  • 1D
₹2,000 ₹1,800
About the Activity:
  • Embark in this exciting monsoon trip in Goa and get a chance to explore the different places along with your friends or family.
  • Get picked up at 8:00 AM in an air-conditioned shared vehicle from the mentioned location and head out for the day.
  • Visit the famous Harvalem Waterfall and Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple which is one of the most famous temple.
  • Reach the Spice Plantation farm and explore the varieties of spices in this farm.
  • Enjoy a delicious Goan lunch buffet lunch at the Spice Plantation.
  • Get a chance to bathe the elephants and enjoy explore the places while riding on the elephants.
  • Visit the Old Goa Churches or the Balaji temples which is one of the famous places here.
  • Marvel at the sight of the temples and the enjoy the serenity of the region.
  • Conclude your tour at 6:30 PM and head back home with lots of memories.
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72 Ratings
Excellent 72 Ratings
72 Ratings Ratings
Paradise Island Goa Trip | Book & Get 3000 Cashback!
  • 5H
  • South Goa
  • 5H
₹18,750 ₹15,000
Location: Majorda Beach, Goa

Timings: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Grand Island or Paradise Island is about the largest marine island. Far out into the Arabian Sea, the island is said to be breathtakingly serene. With a number of activities available at the island to keep you engaged, count yourself in for a rejuvenating and blissful experience. Bask in the rays of the sun and get the views of the enchanting panorama of the sea shining in the sun rays. It is one such activity that will leave you with a lot of memories to cherish for years to come.

This Paradise Island Goa trip enables you to enjoy the wild natural beauty of this region. Explore through beautiful tiny hamlets lush-greenery in this amazing experience that provides you with ample natural beauty. Enjoy the delicious seafood barbecue on the island with some cold beer to make the most of the experience. This is a great opportunity for naturalist and wildlife lovers as this provides you with frequent spotting of rare aquatic mammals.

Suitable For: Groups

How To Reach the Paradise Island Goa :
You can easily reach the destination on public or private transport.
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487 Ratings
Excellent 487 Ratings
487 Ratings Ratings
Hot Air Balloon Goa | Book @ 20% off & Get Cashback 2000
  • 2H
  • South Goa
  • 2H
₹11,874 ₹9,499

Activity Location: South Goa 

Activity Timings: 2.5 Hours (Open from 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM)

About Hot Air Balloon, Goa:

Enjoy this enthralling hot air balloon ride in South Goa and witness the views of several balloons flying incredibly at the launch site in Goa. After a hectic day and exploring the coastal line along with the busy local markets, grab this relaxing offbeat Hot Air Balloon adventure.

Reach the launch site at Assolda Ground, South Goa and start your balloon ride with the inflation of the balloon and then you’re ready to relax like a floating bird. Fly high upto the height of 900ft and enjoy the beautiful bird eye view of Goa 

Throughout your flight, your balloon shall be taken care by the ground crew staffs so as to assure a safe landing. Besides, you enjoy comfortable and hassle-free transfer to the launch site for minimizing any possible difficulties. Conclude your splendid experience and head back with everlasting memories. 

Suitable for: People with 11-50 years of age.

How to reach:  
Assolda is a football ground in Quepem Taluk in South Goa District of Goa State, India. It is located 13 KM towards East from District head quarters Margao. The location is accessible from both North and South Goa.

A single balloon can accommodate upto 10 people per flight.
Participants, if children, must be accompanied by an adult.

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South Goa Heritage Tour

South Goa Heritage Tour
Image Credit :

Goa is home to some of India’s best heritage sites owing to the wonderful architecture on display as well as the local culture which appeals to a wide section of people. A Goa Heritage Tour is the perfect way to explore the various historically significant locations on offer. The cathedrals stand out as architectural marvels (Basilica of Bon Jesus and Se Cathedral). There are a few museums which showcase the local culture of the place.

The best way to undertake a heritage tour in South Goa is by walking to some of these destinations. There are usually guides that are well-informed about the places. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Wax World Museum and Shri Manguesh Temple are just some of the heritage sites which are form part of the tour itinerary and are also regarded as some of the most interesting tourist places to visit in South Goa.

When embarking on these tours, it is advised to dress comfortably, wear sneakers to support long walks and carry water for replenishment.

Water Sports Explore All (18)
Explore All (18)

Adventure Jungle Treks

Adventure Jungle Treks

One of the ways to appreciate the flora and fauna of Goa is to undertake a trek. Unravelling uncharted territories, they are usually designed to provide a wholesome experience to the group members. 

The Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place which provides the setting for a fun and adventurous trek and should be on the list of places to visit in South Goa.

The path undertaken in the sanctuary can be quite difficult in parts with the trail becoming muddy. Expect to catch a glimpse of some wild animals as well as some rare bird species and flora. Group members are instructed by the guides to dress comfortably to enjoy the trekking in Goa. Usually, enough pit stops are given to rest before starting again.


Overnight Houseboat Cruise

Overnight Houseboat Cruise

Romance the backwaters of South Goa and discover the place in a unique way. These boats are usually well-furnished and equipped with modern amenities and luxuries. The view provided will keep you gripped throughout the entire journey – one of the definite things to do in South Goa. Cruise in Goa is quite popular among the people who visit to Goa.

One would find these boat house packages available at the Palolem and Cola beaches. While on the all – night journey, catch a glimpse of some heritage sites and old churches in Goa. Also, individuals on board the marvel at the range of flora and fauna that is visible.

When on the boat house, be careful not to get to close to the railings especially when inebriated. For individuals prone to sea sickness, ensure that the appropriate medicine is carried on board. Make sure to carry warm clothes because the nights could get a little chilly especially during the winter months.


Experience Dolphin Spotting

Experience Dolphin Spotting
Image Credit :

Dolphin spotting tours is considered as a delightful activity in Goa. A boat will usually transport the group members to a particular point where they can catch a glimpse of the dolphins as well as the tricks they perform. This activity has now gained popularity for its appeal. Most people prefer to go in a group.

The best time to undertake one of these tours would be during the winter months spanning November – February. 

Parents are asked to ensure that their children do not get to close to the water to avoid any incidents. Also, all group members are asked to wear life jackets to be cautious.

Scuba Diving packages in Goa are also available at this time to make the place more attractive to tourists.


Spice Plantation and Temples Tour

Spice Plantation and Temples Tour
Image Credit : kevinstandagephotography

Among the best places to visit in South Goa, spice plantation is becoming popular because of the history involved. The price trade in Goa began with the entry of the Portugese in India.

 Spices were even used as a system of barter and were valued more than gold or any other form of currency.

These are used today to add flavor to some authentic Goan dishes. A spice plantation tour will allow you to truly understand how these seasonings are grown, harvested and processed before being sold to the markets for purchase.


Enjoy Ayurveda Massage

Enjoy Ayurveda Massage

Nothing is more relaxing and liberating that an ayurvedic massage while being surrounded by the peace and quiet that South Goa provides. Special medicinal oils are used which are heated at times to provide relief to the muscles, making it one of the best things to do in South Goa. The massages will not only help in relieving pain but will also increase blood circulation to revitalize the body.

Margao, Palolem, Vasco Da Gama and Agonda are just some of the places that provide these ayurvedic massages. Other places include Vendankur Ayurvedic, Yoga and Panchakarma Clinic and Sathgiri Ashram in Vasco Da Gama.

These ayurvedic massages of India are designed to relieve body pain but they also help in healing certain ailments which can be caused as a result of stress. Most of these centres usually provide the Marmas in Ayurvedic Massage where the forefinger is used to increase circulation and release toxins around the forehead area.

There are beauty massages also given by these ayurvedic experts. There are also ayurvedic massage houseboats which provide these massages to a lot of people at a time. These treatments are beneficial throughout the year and you can opt for a specific one depending upon the climate.

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Shopping in Covered Market Margao

Shopping in Covered Market Margao

If you ever decide to visit the small town of Margao in South Goa, you must visit the main tourist attraction there – the covered markets, among the best places to visit in South Goa. The entire bazaar is loud and comprises of a fish and produce market. The varieties of fish and other seafood available for sale are worth the buy.

They are sold fresh and are great when making an authentic Goan dish. The best time to visit the market is during the early parts of the morning when the produce is fresh – and when the aroma is pretty awesome too.


Full Moon Party at Colva Beach

Full Moon Party at Colva Beach

Nothing really embodies the spirit of Goa like a good full moon party on the beach. Full-moon parties are just as their name implies – an all-night party which is held just before, on or after a full moon. 

They are usually bursting with energy and filled with people of different nationalities from around the world. Food and drinks flow freely and music blares all night. There are bars that come together to host a combined party, thereby catering to a large audience.

Colva is known for its churches and its vibrant nightlife, which is replete with parties, discos and other night spots. Some of the other beaches which host these parties include Arossim Beach, Cavelossim and Dona Paula. 

However, one should note that these full-moon parties can get quite suffocating because of the huge crowds of people that come to visit. The winter months are perfect for these full-moon parties as the weather is conducive to such an event.

Guests at these parties are advised to keep their valuables at home because of the amount of people that attend these events. Despite the rush, Colva Beach is among the best places to visit in South Goa.

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Try Goan Seafood

Try Goan Seafood

Apart from its beaches, Goa is also famously known for the wide range of seafood on offer. One can buy a variety which includes pomfret, shark, tuna, mackerel, prawns, squid, mussels and lobsters, among others. Popular delicacies which one should taste in Goa are the Goan fish curry, Prawn Balchow and Prawn and Lady Finger Curry, among a host of other dishes which are available locally.

Some of the best places to dig in some sumptuous seafood in South Goa include Gaffinos in Cavelossim Beach and Johncy’s in Benaulim Beach, a few of the beach shacks serve authentic Goan food as well. One of the best things to do in South Goa is to find a shack that serves these delicacies and enjoy a good meal.


Beach Football at Varca Beach

Beach Football at Varca Beach
Image Credit : toufeeq hussain

For sports enthusiast, playing beach football on Varca Beach is a riveting experience. The beauty of the beach lies in its white sands and the sense of privacy that it provides. The wide, unhindered expanse makes it perfect for a game of football on the shore. 

There is no obstruction in the form of people – this is a hidden gem which many people do not know much about.

However, it should be noted that people wanting to engage in a game of football should play farther from the sea to avoid the waves disrupting the game. Do carry a first-aid kit in case there are any individuals from the group who might get cut as a result of contact with the sometimes coarse sand.

Newly Added South Goa Experience

Resorts in South Goa

Explore All (32)
Explore All (32)

Sightseeing in South Goa

Explore All (14)
Explore All (14)

Attractions in South Goa

Explore All (11)
Explore All (11)

Water Sports in South Goa

Explore All (18)
Explore All (18)

South Goa Top Attractions

Places To Visit In South Goa
"pocket friendly, well managed, good service and very friendly Co operative guide. some people joined the dolphin safari without paying for the tickets, despite of that, Vijay Bhai(guide) did not lose his cool and managed all with a smile. then due to some issue in bus, the AC broke down but Vijay Bhai managed another Bigger better bus in just 15 mins.\nwill definitely book it again."
"We booked south Goa sight seeing tour for 3 people. They guided us really well. Specially Pooja the girl working there, who is been polite and helpful. She gaves every bit of information. She picks calls at any time and provides details.\n\nThen the trip drivers picks us around 8:50am. \nWe visited every place as mentioned in the trip. \nAnd they park around good restaurants too. \n\nHighlight of this package is boat cruise which we need to pay 300 per head. It's good in boat. Everyone enjoys themselves. "
20 December 2019
Whole the tour was amazing at very cheap price. Miramar beach boat riding and dolfin seeing was amazing and adventurous . Lord mangesh temple and shopping around the place was very good. Guide in the bus was a very nice person .He arranged everything during the tour for convenience of tourist with him. Cruise ride in mandavi river was so amazing.
10 February 2019
Amazing Experience. Value for money package. I would like to give additional points to the supportive and very co-operative crew on the boat and the diving instructors. Although the start of the journey was late on schedule the crew picked up on the time later. The quality of underwater cams used for clicking pics and shooting video is fantastic.
20 March 2020
One from the bucket list !! Scuba was always in my bucket list and finally, the wish came true! I am so glad that I got connected with Team Thrillophia. I was visiting Goa for the first time and so does this coordination for Scuba Diving. The whole journey was made so comfortable by the team, it is truly applaudable. Be it the pick-n-drop or providing guidelines or having fun with the crea and other riders, everything was impeccable!! Thrillophia is quintessential for those who love adventures !!
"it's awesome experience with thrillophilia"
10 January 2021
One of the best experiences ever. We were a group of 5 people, and honestly after reading a few negative reviews, I was really confused whether or not, I should book the activity but I am so happy I booked it. The trip started with a light breakfast and we were soon taken to the Island, where we could swim, have fun until our turn arrives for the activity. The scuba instructor was amazing. I am also an amateur in swimming but they made sure it is a seamless experience for me. There was an amazing lunch with unlimited beers(if you are a fan). I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would highly recommend it. Now, I am considering to keep booking my trips through Thrillophilia.
08 January 2021
Fun experience, exciting and thrilled. Just one drawback... No Jain food was provided and contacting the relevant persons is not easy.
05 January 2021
Positives- 1. Great Day with all water sports and Scuba dive activities... 2. Safe for kids and adults 3. Super boat ride to Grande Island and Scuba experience was awesome. Drawbacks - 1. Scuba timing was limited to nearly 5-7 mins so that's the major setback 2. We got delayed lunch at 5pm 3. We had to wait for additional 30mins for getting scuba video But overall had a good experience with good snacks, quality lunch and other activities
03 January 2021
Hands down, an adventure to remember! If you come to goa, this package is something you should definitely consider. It was such a phenomenal experience, our hearts were full after witnessing the underwater! Also, it was so heartwarming thing to see, the trainers being so patient with the people, they'll teach you and give you time to practice breathing from your mouth underwater. They'll guide you throughout the time even when in underwater. So from safety perspective, you're stress free. And, the scene underwater is a TREAT! PS: They also give you your underwater video, and a lunch in the boat by the breathtaking sunset!

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People Also Ask About South Goa

  1. Which are the best adventure activities to do in Goa?

  2. What are the best things to do in South Goa with friends?

    1. Canyoning through the Upper Sauri Canyon: This is a great adrenaline-fueled activity you can enjoy with your friends in Goa. You have to cross 6 waterfalls surrounded by walls and spectacular nature. People of all age groups can enjoy this activity.

    2. Water Skiing at Majorda Beach:
    This is a water sport you can enjoy with your friends in South Goa. It involves you being attached to a boat via a cable and when the boat moves forward, you are pulled across the surface of the water.

    3. Parasailing:
    This 10-minute high-octane activity is perfect for adrenaline junkies. You can witness the magnificent Arabian Sea from high up in the air. Professionals will assist you and provide you with safety equipment.

    4. Scuba Diving at Bat Island:
    You can explore the beautiful coral reefs and marvel at the diverse aquatic life of the Arabian Sea. You also get to click underwater photos and create wonderful memories.
  3. What are the romantic things to do in South Goa?

    1. Beach Camping: This can be a great way to spend a night with your partner at one of the beaches of Goa, listening to the sound of the waves and sitting by the fire. There are beach cafes where you can enjoy some delicious local food.

    2. Jungle Walk:
    This is your chance to get closer to nature while in South Goa with your partner. Here you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna while taking a romantic walk and visit one of the oldest temples in Goa.

    3. Hot Air Balloon Ride:
    Enjoy a hot air balloon ride with your partner as the two of you are taken 900 feet up in the air. From up above, you can a beautiful view of the sea. This ride can continue for 2.5 hours.

    4. Dolphin Spotting:
    This unique activity involves traveling via a boat to a point where you can see dolphins frolicking in the water. 
  4. Which are the best water sports in Goa?

  5. What are the things to do in South Goa at night?

    South Goa is the less crowded part of Goa but this quieter area also has many things worth experiencing. Here are the top five things to do in Goa at night. 

    1. Night cruises:
    Hop on a luxury cruise that sails on the Arabian Sea while offering astounding views of the sunset, the night sky and the scenery. Moreover, the unending supply of drinks, hot and tempting appetizers and an elaborate buffet dinner are part of the cruise along with performances from local Goan dancers and musicians.

    2. Attend the silent disco:
    A one of its kind party in Goa, the silent noise club in Palolem organizes a silent disco event for the guests. Here, each guest is given headphones which has a few channels playing different music. People can enjoy the tunes of their choice while also cancelling any noise pollution in the area.

    3. Explore the nightclubs:
    South Goa has some excellent clubs and events that would make your night memorable. From the silent noise club at Palolem to ziggy's club to the full-moon parties at Colva Beach, there is much to have a fun and tipsy night during the trip.

    4. Dine on a beach bar:
    There are many beach shacks, bars and restaurants that you must check out when in South Goa. Enjoy a lavish meal or quick-bites with the serene views of the sea and the sand. These eateries offer the guests a chance to experience authentic Goan cuisine, drinks and live music during a night-out.

    5. Stargaze at the beach:
    Head to Agonda beach in South Goa to see a stunning sunset and stay over till the late night hours absorbing the beauty of the twinkling night sky. Come here all by yourself for some relaxing and solace or as a romantic gesture bring your partner.
  6. Is South Goa good for family?

    Yes. South Goa as compared to North Goa is less crowded and quieter which makes it perfect for families to spend a holiday here. Moreover, this part of Goa has some of the most alluring beaches, many attractions and luxury resorts that you can checkout.
  7. Is South Goa better or North Goa?

    Both South and North Goa are prominent areas that have beaches, resorts, monuments, attractions, activities and much more. The better area depends on what you want to do during your Goa vacation. While North Goa is known for the happening nightlife, clubs and parties, South Goa is ideal for a secluded and tranquil holiday.

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