Things to do in Queenstown in Winter

Tss Earnslaw Steamship Cruise Tour, Go Skiing at Cardrona, Explore Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound, Experience the Queenstown Winter Festival, Go Snowboarding at The Remarkables, Relax at Onsen Hot Pools and many more.

Rediscover your true self by trying out some of the best things to do in Queenstown in winter that will guarantee you thrill and excitement like never before. During winters, Queenstown gets wrapped in snow and is often called the winter wonderland. You can hit the slopes at Cardrona Alpine Resort for a memorable skiing experience on white, powdered snow during winters. If you want to stay stunned by the marvels of nature, you can explore the hidden coves of the Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound.

Cardrona Alpine Resort is considered one of the best queenstown attractions in winter as it has the best snowboarding and skiing terrains where you can try adventurous activities. You can also go snowboarding at The Remarkables that offers varied facilities and terrains to suit everyone from seasoned shredders to first-timers. So get ready to have the best winter vacation of your life by trying out these thrilling activities.

Here is the list of some best things to do in Queenstown in winter:


Tss Earnslaw Steamship Cruise Tour

Tss Earnslaw Steamship Cruise Tour
One of the best things to do in Queenstown in winter is taking a cruise tour of Lake Wakatipu on board the steamship TSS Earnslaw. You can view the splendid scenery from the deck of the wonderful vintage steamship. During winters, the entire area gets wrapped into the snow, giving you a picture-perfect look.

You can join a sing-along with the pianist or sit back and enjoy lip-smacking food and drinks from the Promenade Café. Catch the sight of stokers adding fuel to the firebox and listen to the puffing sound of the steam engines.

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Price: Rs 5090

Take the scenic Gondola Ride

Take the scenic Gondola Ride
Taking the scenic Gondola ride is considered one of the best things to do in Queenstown  in winter . As you ride the cable car lift 450 meters above Queenstown in the Southern Hemisphere, you'll be greeted with a spectacular 220-degree panorama and breathtaking views of Coronet Peak.

When you get to the top, you can have a drink from the Bar, enjoy rides, and refuel with a lip-smacking buffet dinner or lunch at Stratosfare Restaurant.

Location: Brecon Street, Central Queenstown, New Zealand.

Shotover Jet Boat Ride

Shotover Jet Boat Ride
The only way to experience the beauty of the Shotover Canyons and feel their power is to enjoy the world's most exciting jet boat ride. This action-filled three-hour ride authentically combines adrenaline, Ng?i Tahu culture, and pristine natural landscape into an unforgettable experience!

You'll speed over turquoise blue water as shallow as ten centimeters, experiencing 360-degree spins along the Shotover River and deep into the Shotover Canyons.

Location: 9371, South Island, Queenstown

Price: Rs 6970

Skydive Over Lake Wakatipu

Skydive Over Lake Wakatipu
Skydiving 9000 above Lake Wakatipu is considered to be one of the best things to do in Queenstown in winter. It has the best skydive dropzone and turns into a skydiving paradise in winters because of the thick carpet of snow that covers it.

Freefall for up to twenty-five seconds towards the ground at two hundred kilometers per hour. Your tandem skydiving session will be accompanied by an instructor at all times, ensuring limitless fun with minimal risk! It also hosts a fun two-day Snow Carnival in winters every year to promote winter sports.

Location: South Island, Queenstown

Price: Rs 16,325

Go Skiing at Cardrona

Go Skiing at Cardrona
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Hit the slopes at Cardrona Alpine Resort for a memorable skiing experience on white, powdered snow during winters. Cardrona Alpine Resort is a winter playground with the best snowboarding and skiing terrains.

It has gentle beginner slopes, half pipes & terrain parks, wide-open groomers, powder stashes, and terrain parks for the ultimate skiing experience. There are some of the best ski schools where your kids can learn the art of skiing.

Location: Wanaka, Cardrona 9382 New Zealand

Price: Rs 7200

Explore Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound

Explore Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound
If you're an adventure enthusiast, there can be nothing better than exploring the hidden coves of the Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound. Milford Sound is perched on the northern side of Fiordland and is the last fiord in the Fiordland national park.

Doubtful Sound, on the other hand, is situated much further south in the middle of Fiordland National Park. If you want to see fur seals, penguins, dolphins, and other wildlife species such as the albatross, whales, and penguins, you should definitely visit Doubtful Sound. During winters, you can also take kayak trips to marvel at the beauty of these fiords.

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Experience the Queenstown Winter Festival

Experience the Queenstown Winter Festival
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One of the best things to do in Queenstown in winter is attending the Queenstown Winter Festival that features many winter-themed activities. During this ten-day event, you can enjoy theatrical performances, arts and crafts exhibitions, DJ nights, and comedy shows.

This year the festival will be organized from 27 August to 5 September, and there will be various mega-events such as jingo, quiz night, boat party, the grille pride dinner, and karaoke night.

Location: Around Queenstown city, Queenstown, New Zealand

Timings: 27 August to 5 September

Go Snowboarding at The Remarkables

Go Snowboarding at The Remarkables
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One of the most adventurous things to do in Queenstown in winter is snowboarding at The Remarkables that offers facilities and terrains to suit everyone from seasoned shredders to first-timers. It is known for its high altitude, north-facing sunny slopes, and friendly atmosphere.

There's something for everyone –dedicated freestyle areas, big mountain possibilities, plenty of space for beginners, and the best alpine views in the world. You can hire a Sooner or a sled for fun on the snow, or you can get yourself to Shadow Basin's top for fantastic views of Queenstown!

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Price: Rs 727

Relax at Onsen Hot Pools

Relax at Onsen Hot Pools
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Get ready for an ultimate in water-fuelled relaxation by immersing yourself in Onsen Hot Pools that are the best Queenstown attractions in winter. These pools are perched in a breathtaking location on the cliffs overlooking the Shotover canyon.

You can gaze over the Shotover Canyon, towering mountain ranges, and natural flora while relaxing in the pool. Since the water in these pools is naturally heated, it's best to soak into these pools in winters for total rejuvenation.

Location: 160 Arthurs Point Road, Arthurs Point, Queenstown, 9371

Timings: 9 am- 11 pm

Price: Rs 3200

Hike to Queenstown Hill

Hike to Queenstown Hill
Get ready for a short hike to Queenstown Hill, a beautiful mountain with picture-perfect background and incredible sceneries. In the winter months, the view from the top of the summit is unbeatable, as you can witness the snow-capped peaks and valleys draped in snow.

The entire trail is covered by pine-forests, and during the way, you'll witness the 'Basket of Dreams' sculpture and six information plates that explain epochs of Lake Wakatipu.

Location: Belfast Street, South Island

Try Bungee Jumping

Try Bungee Jumping
If you're looking for one of the best things to do in Queenstown in winter, you can try bungee jumping at The Kawarau Bridge Bungy that allows both tandems as well as water-touches jumps. If you opt to take a water touch jump, you'll be peered down at the Kawarau River while being submerged up to your waist in water.

Jumpers can also watch the Bungy Movie on a sixteen-inch screen and view other jumpers taking turns from the viewing deck with piping hot coffee or an ice-cold beer.

Location: Rapid #1693 S.H.6 Gibbston Valley, Queenstown

Chill at Little Blackwood

Chill at Little Blackwood
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One of the best things to do in Queenstown in winter is chilling out at Little Blackwood, a hip cocktail bar perched within the Steamer Wharf, on the edge of Queenstown's Lake Wakatipu.

You can enjoy the breathtaking vistas while the sun sets on the decking, sip on a drink and grab locally made meat and cheese boards. On the weekends you can also enjoy comedy shows here.

Location: Steamer Wharf, 88 Beach Street, Queenstown

Timings: 10 am- 7 pm

Go Paragliding off a Mountain

Go Paragliding off a Mountain
Soar above the mountains, and feel the wind on your face as you go Paragliding at Coronet Peak. It is a beautiful ski field situated approximately seven kilometers towards Arrowtown.

The gorgeous snow terrains and vast peaks make Coronet Peak the most amusing destination for paragliding. While Paragliding here, you can enjoy the most scenic and tranquil views and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Location: South Island, Queenstown

Price: Rs 4100

Go Luging At the Skyline Queenstown Luge

Go Luging At the Skyline Queenstown Luge
Zoom down sixteen hundred meters of bright-colored tracks on gravity-fuelled Queenstown Luge. It is considered to be one of the best Queenstown attractions in winter as it has two thrilling tracks with alpine sceneries as the backdrop.

The tracks turn and twist through banks and tunnels for the exhilarating ride of a lifetime. Once you've conquered the course, you can hop on the chairlift and try this activity again and again. During winters, the track gets shrouded with snow giving you an even more thrilling ride.

Location: Brecon Street, Queenstown, 9300

Price: Rs 2565

Take A Stroll In Queenstown Gardens

Take A Stroll In Queenstown Gardens
Leisurely strolling through the Victorian-era Queenstown Gardens is considered one of the best things to do in Queenstown in winter. The landscaped gardens have plenty of places to relax, sit down, and admire the breathtaking beauty of nature.

It also features many significant memorials and disc golf with 18 holes, making it one of the best queenstown attractions in winter.

Location: 9300, South Island

Timings: 12 am- 11: 59 pm
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People Also Ask About New Zealand

  1. What can you do in Queenstown in the winter other than skiing?

    1. Go hiking: There are some of the best day hikes in Queenstown that can be easily done in the winter. You can hike through Tikki Trail, Lake Hayes Loop Track, Bob's Cove, and Moke Lake Loop Track that are shrouded with snow during winters.

    2. Visit Milford Sound: One of the best things to do in Queenstown in winter is visiting Milford Sound that has mountain peaks, superb forest-clad cliffs, and ink-dark waters. During winters, it remains much less busy, and you can truly appreciate its beauty.

    3. Cruise Lake Wakatipu: You can embark on a cruise in winters to admire the snow-capped mountain peaks from Lake Wakatipu. The crisp winter air blowing over your face will make your trip even more enthralling.

    4. Attend Queenstown Winter Festival: Your trip to Queenstown won't be complete if you don't attend the Winter Festival, during which the entire town comes alive with fireworks, live entertainment, treasure hunts, and music.
  2. What is there to do in Queenstown?

    1. Shotover Jet Boat Ride: Get ready for an unlimited thrill as you enjoy the Shotover River Jet Boat ride in Queenstown. The boat will take you down the Shotover River through narrow canyons, huge cliffs towering above you to get your heart pumping.

    2. Climb Queenstown Hill: Enjoy an epic hike to the breathtaking summit of Ben Lomond, which is considered to be one of the best Queenstown attractions in winter due to its well-maintained snowy tracks and splendid views! The Queenstown Hill Walk is a five hundred-meter climb through pine forests to the summit of Te Tapu-Nui.

    3. Go on a Helicopter Ride Over Milford Sound: Flying above the Milford Sound is one of the must-try activities in Queenstown to admire the stunning vistas and captivating scenery. The helicopter will take you through the fjords, valleys, and mountains, giving you a feel of a haven on Earth.
  3. What month does it snow in Queenstown?

    During August, it snows in Queenstown, offering you an unforgettable winter vacation. You can also enjoy jet-skiing and tread through winter hikes during this month.
  4. How long do you need in Queenstown?

    Two days are enough to explore Queenstown. On the first day, you can visit Queenstown Hill, Milford Sound, and Queenstown Gardens. On the second day, you can Skydive Over Lake Wakatipu, go snowboarding at The Remarkables and take TSS Earnslaw Steamship Cruise Tour.
  5. Is Queenstown better in summer or winter?

    Winter is the best time to visit Queenstown if you want to try winter sports activities like snowboarding and skiing. The Central Plateau and Queenstown are transformed into a winter wonderland during winters. You can also attend many festivities and events during winters.

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