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01 March 2016
Though Indrahar Pass trek is a short one, the challenges and terrains involved in it are really amazing. There are greater heights involved in the Indrahar Pass trek; make sure you are not scared of heights or try not to get prone to altitude sickness. I think, the trek guides can help you in this.
19 January 2016
We started the trek from McLeodganj at around a height of 1750m and on the first day started trekking to Triund. From there on the second day, we were really blown away with the beauty of the surrounding. Lahesh Caves was an awesome site and so was Ilaqa Got. On the third day, we were on our way to complete our Indrahar Pass route. Climbed up to 4300m and after reaching the pass, we got to witness the opulent beauty of the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas. Fourth day was about trekking back to Mc Leod Ganj and conclude the trek. I must mention the trek guides as they really never hesitated to come forward and help us in every possible ways. Their great team of guides and instructors made the trek easy for us; thanks a bunch guys...would love to join another challenging trek with you soon!
06 February 2014
Kudos to the entire team for such awesome customer support service and our tour operators who made sure all last minute arrangements meet satisfactory level. A big Cheers!! to all the group members who made this more like a family outing than just random people in a group. Great place, one of the best trekking experience.
16 August 2015
For me, the third day was the most exciting part of the Indrahar Pass trek. From around 3,500m, we trekked to 4,300m to reach the pass. The entire trek was a bit tiring but once you make it to the pass, all your efforts prove to be fruitful. Throughout the trek, there were lots of option to marvel at the natural beauty and enjoy the views.
28 July 2014
Had awesome times while completing the Indrahar Pass trek last year. Joined it during the winter and got to witness the magical beauty of the snow. Hiking through the snow blanket was so fun and exciting. Terrains were pretty much challenging but with the way our trek guides assisted us, we were all set to grab all the thrills on the way.
11 October 2018
I went for Indrahar Pass this september with Thrillophilia. The experience was more than wonderful. I was so motivated, and Abhishek from Thrillophilia helped me a lot from starting and till the end of the trek. Indrahar Pass is my second trek with Thrillophilia and the trek experience was so great, I think I am going to go for next trek soon. From Triund, I was literally above the clouds, then from snowline cafe, I felt so mesmerising, to wait to get hailstorm and then Snow Fall was visible on the peaks. It was like heaven brought on earth. Everybody should add this trek in their bucket list. And quality of sleeping bags and camps provided to us was very good. Thanks to Abhishek and Thrillophilia for making me experience this beauty.
"It was me and my friend, both amateurs who just saw this listed on Thrillophilia decided to go for it. Our trek started from Mcleodganj towards Triund on 7th July 2018. Regardless to say the first day 9 km climb wore us down and upon reaching the forest officials did not make it easy for us. There is an order from the Supreme Court to shut down camping activities, due to which the guides and cafe owners on the trail are suffering. Next day we started for Ilaka which is another 4 km trek, comparatively easier than the previous day. We started at 9 am and reached destination at 11:20 am where the forest officials followed us and had a drama with our host and guide. After the drama, they left and our host set up a tent for us. On the 3rd day, we left for Lahesh Caves which is a trek through unstable rocky terrain and some steep climb. This really tested our endurance and upon reaching my friend had a swollen knee while I discovered I had phobia of heights. We decided not to go any further to Indrahar pass. Maybe one day we will come back more prepared with better training and experience. Our guide from Triund to Lahesh caves and back to Mcleodganj was Vikrant. This guy was with us for three days and is one of the nicest person I have met. 5 people backed out from Triund and it was only me and my female friend with him. I never had a single reason to worry about our safety. He understood our pace and motivated us to go further as much as we can. He never patronized or criticized us. Always polite and well spoken. He does not speak unless spoken to but is friendly and great to have a conversation with. Very professional. Our host at Ilaka, Gagan from LAKA Cafe was another gem. He cooked great food, that tasted like home - dal chawal, aloo paratha, fritters and Maggi for snacks. He can play flute (bonus). Entertained us with some local as well as mythological stories. Do's: Enjoy the silence, meditate, sing, keep yourself clean, help clean up surroundings by picking up litter, drink from the stream, pet the calves, have a stroll around the mountain, breath clean air, take pictures, observe, help your host with cooking, sleep, carry massage oil or balm, be ready for impromptu rain, stay hydrated. Don't: Litter, speak in loud voice, play loud music on your Bluetooth speaker, Abuse, drink alcohol (you know you can't handle it and will 100% fall on a rock), smoke weed or get high by any means (I am not against smoking weed but food is limited and you will fall and injure yourself), speak rudely to your guide or host, disturb other trekkers at night by talking loud inside the tent, fight with fellow travelers, jump or try to do any sort of stunt for photography or adventure (no medical facility within 14 km radius), carry weapons, harm animals or insects who live there, be scared of bees (they're the reason behind beautiful fauna), go anywhere without informing your guide, steal from your host, insult your guide or host.\n\nNote: Do not go if you plan to drink or get high on top of the mountain or inside your camp. For the locals it's a sacred land. They don't abuse or spit on that land. They don't even urinate while standing. Drinking, creating ruckus, abusing, dirtying or defacing environment in anyway is an insult to them, their beliefs and their holy land. This is a serene place not your local bar. Thank you Parul Mewara from Thrillophilia for all the assistance. "
07 November 2013
Indrahar Pass Trek is a nice and a fun trek. It was well managed with a trek leader, a co-leader, and a safety guide for the trekkers to feel comfortable and safe. We had amazing time in the evening when we used to sing and dance around bonfire at the campsites. This trek gave me lot of new friends. One thing may be quality of food can be improved.
23 November 2015
Indrahar is a damn beautiful place, its just that you need to put little efforts on maintaining your stamina throughout the trek. Also, acclimatization with the weather might take a little time but then that what adventure is for...right.
18 March 2015
Indrahar Pass trek is a must for everyone; I mean for those who wants to explore the magical beauty of the Himalayas and are also ready to overcome all the challenges on the way. Short and really challenging, the Indrahar Pass route will take you through some of the true marvels of nature.

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