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Snorkeling and Boating at Elephant Beach, Andaman
Snorkeling and Boating at Elephant Beach, Andaman

Havelock Island

About the Activity:Make your underwater adventures a thrilling one with this Snorkelling and Boat ride trip at Elephant beach.Start your tour at around 9:30 AM from the Havelock Dock and the board your boat for the trip.You will be provided with your safety jackets during the boat ride and make way to the Elephant beach.Soak in the amazing sights of the distant lighthouse at Havelock and if luck offers you may also see the landing of a seaplane. Upon reaching change your clothes and get briefed by the about the activity by the instructors.Enjoy snorkelling in the crystal clear waters and swim with the colourful fishes.Conclude this activity after 30 minutes and then spend some leisure time at the beach.

185 Ratings


185 Ratings

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INR 1,200

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23 June 2015
Great experience and unforgettable memories! Everything was well planned. We did whole lot activities in Andaman specially Scuba Diving was the best of all. Sound and Light Show at jail was very good and we came to know about some historic facts about the place. Stay was very comfortable and in decent hotels. Totally an amazing experience.
"wonderful trip"
03 March 2015
A complete package to cover the best parts of such a beautiful island at a reasonable price. Ours was a honeymoon trip and both of us had a great time. The guide with us was really helpful and we did not have to face any problems during the whole trip. There are good hotels also at all places where you can have good food from. The stay arranged by them was also good.
What can be a better holiday destination in India othan Andaman? Not only an island packed with countless things to do but also a place for visiting places of tourist attraction and learning about the bygone times. Thanks to Thrillophilia for planning the trip for us.
This sightseeing trip to Andaman is the most memorable and enjoyable trip for me. To escape from the busy corporate life, I chose to travel solo to a place far off and spend some time in tranquility. With good accommodation and itinerary, everything about the trip was so amazingly planned and executed. Thank you so much for making my days memorable.
08 January 2020
String at the beach for like 4 days straight, what an amazing experience. Everything about the tour was great and one thing, in particular, was that the privacy was in place which we loved. The view from the beach where we stayed was breathtaking and one which we will not forget for a long time. The manager there was also well informed and very helpful. We got to indulge in a lot of activities and had a fun time overall.
05 February 2020
The guide was really good and the string location was just breathtaking. Food was good, just a few options were a little spicy. The 7 days just went by and I still am not over the entire trip.
20 January 2020
Pros: Comfortable stay options are provided, a really amazing view from the place where I was staying. The tour was professionally handled and all kinds of safety measures were in a place that I really liked about the trip. The tour guide took us to some truly amazing spots I feel like although the trip was a budget one nothing felt like it. Having a Complimentary scooter was great. Cons: The timings are spot on, you really need to follow those. All in all, a great experience.
Thinking about romancing in the turquoise sea waters? There is no better place in India other than the Andaman Islands. If you ask us the best way to get there, then we would share with you our experience. Booking tour packages from Thrilophilia we landed up in this dreamy destination to double up our love. And to our surprise, everything went on smoothly as we had thought. We would thank each one of the team members for making our days blissful.
Exploring the sandy beaches and witnessing the light and sound show was a once in a lifetime experience. The trip was very cost-effective and covered almost everything. We would surely recommend thrillophilia to our friends.

People Also Ask About Snorkeling in Andaman and Nicobar

  1. Can one do Snorkeling on the Andaman?

    You can pursue this interest at many beaches in the Andaman. These places include Havelock Island, Jolly Buoy Island and North Bay Island. These places provide the best experience of snorkeling in not only the Andaman, but also in India. The most appealing part of this adventure activity in Andaman is that it is easily accessible in the region and has many supervisors to help you out with it and supervise you during the activity.
  2. Which are the best places to do Snorkeling in the Andaman?

    Havelock Island- Beauty in itself, Havelock is the largest of the islands of Andaman. With some enormous beaches, Havelock Islands serve as ground for most of the watersports possible, including snorkeling. Along with a sea walk, one can go snorkeling in the shallow waters down the coast of the Elephant Beach. This beach has its own trek known for the beauty. You can reach the trek by taking a bus to Radhanagar. Other ways to reach this beach are ferries and high-speed motorboats from Havelock.

    Jolly Buoy Island- Things to keep in mind before we dig deep into the details of snorkeling in this no man’s land: since the island is protected for its coral reefs and oceanic grandeur, it is not open to public throughout the year. And there is rarely any population residing in this region. This though has become a pro for the snorkelers who can quietly seep the serenity of the place in and capture the spectacular view of the island as well as the corals whole snorkeling. Also, the return journey from the Jolly Buoy Island starts at around 2 in the afternoon which makes you time bound to be in this haven.

    North Bay Island- North Bay Island is one of the most profound destinations in Port Blair. The beach and therefore the snorkel diving opportunities in its fringing coral reefs are the nighest ones you may realize at Port Blair. A ferry can take you across Aberdeen Jetty and convey you back. The corals at North Bay are rather impressive and cover massive space. you're quite probably to identify several fish, a lobster, or perhaps clams on the reef. Snacks and basic meals are obtainable in some shacks on the beach.
  3. When is the best time to do Snorkeling in the Andaman?

    Having a trip to Andaman is always an adventure. The tourist season at the Andaman begins in October. This goes on until June before the mighty monsoon arrives. The best time to go snorkeling is between February and March since the weather is at its best during that time and you get to see the most pleasant of the marine views in the waters having a mild reflection of the sun. Discover tourist attractions in Andaman and be a water baby.
  4. Is Snorkeling safe on the Andaman?

    Safety is one thing you can be assured of while your trip to the Andamans. For snorkeling in particular, safety measures are taken for the security of the people. Every person who is going to snorkel is provided with a proper equipment and life rings in order to guarantee their safety. Also, instructors accompany the folks indulging in this activity of snorkeling which keeps them supervised all the time.
  5. Is there any age limit or restrictions to do Snorkeling in the Andaman?

    You do need to be at least ten years old to indulge in activities like snorkeling in the Andamans. Apart from the age, there are other restrictions bound on the adventurers in the islands. It is advisable not to gratify oneself with snorkeling if they are suffering from asthma, heart condition or are pregnant.
  6. What do I need as prerequisite in order to snorkel in the Andaman?

    There is no such prerequisite in order to snorkel in the Andaman. You get the equipment from the agency you have booked your snorkeling. Though there are a few things you can keep in mind while you select your equipment. So do make sure that you get a dry snorkel and fins that perfect fit you.
    For more information related to Andaman, Visit :-
  7. Can a non-swimmer snorkel in the Andaman?

    Absolutely. You are provided with a vest to keep you afloat and a ring that assures your presence even on the surface of the ocean. An instructor would be there to guide you through the process and will be there for supervision while you enjoy snorkeling.
  8. Are there any training centers for snorkeling?

    You don’t require a proper training to go snorkeling. Just proper guiding and the perfect equipment is enough for one to be all set for this sport. There are many companies you can approach for the same though ‘diveindia’ stands out with its facilities across five islands in the Andaman.
  9. Are there any equipment I need to carry to snorkel in the Andaman?

    No. You are not required to carry any equipment to snorkel in the Andaman. In fact, you will be provided with a mask, snorkel, a life jacket and a ring by the company with whom you have booked this service. All you need to have is a calm mind with an open approach so that you can revel and take in all the beauty of nature you will get to see during this activity.
  10. Will the equipment be provided by the Snorkeling center in the Andaman?

    Yes. The equipment will be provided by the Snorkeling center in the Andaman, whichever you have booked. Do make sure that you don’t opt for the cheapest equipment but keep in mind the quality of the equipment as well. After all, you don’t want to save your money at an expense of your safety or your view which is the prime purpose of this activity. Yes, a low-quality mask can get foggy easily and restrain your vision. Also, your fins should fit you so that you end up drained more than happy by the end of this activity.
  11. What modes of payment will be accepted by the Snorkeling centers?

    If you book online through travel websites then you can pay your expenses with a card. It's better to carry enough cash to pay the bills in the Andaman as there aren't many ATMs and the cash in them gets depleted soon. Only larger resorts accept the card.
  12. Can someone snorkel who hasn’t done it before in the Andaman?

    Realistically, you don’t need to be an expert in swimming to snorkel. Even without past experience in snorkeling, you can learn the basics in half a day or less at whichever snorkeling center you go.
  13. Should I go for group/individual Snorkeling in the Andaman?

    It is always advised to go in a group rather than individually because it helps to have company with you in case of any emergency. There may be some situation where you might need a known person’s help. There are several tour packages that will make your visit more exciting.
  14. How much money does it costs to do Snorkeling in the Andaman?

    People get charged approximately 350 to 400 rupees for 30 minutes which is a session. Some places charge 800 rupees as they take pictures also.
  15. Do I need to make any advance booking for Snorkeling in the Andaman?

    It’s always good to research before travelling to a new place and book in advance to avail discounts and information on when to visit. It isn’t necessary but it is economical.
  16. Can you go underwater to get closer to things with a snorkel in the Andaman?

    Yes, it is a great chance to explore the various varieties of aquatic life and corals of the Bay of Bengal. It is not advised to touch the corals as you might damage their growth cycle for many years.
  17. Can I wear contact lenses/spectacles while snorkeling in the Andaman?

    You don’t need spectacles as prescription masks are available, which should properly fit around your ears and nose. Waterproof glasses, if available, should be carried with. Contact lens can be worn with masks after anti-fog gels are applied on the mask.
  18. What will happen in the case of an emergency during Snorkeling?

    Emergency cases are uncommon because Snorkeling is done mostly near the shore. Just in case, there are Primary Health Centers (PHCs) available. Also, community health centers (CHCs) are available and are better than PHCs. You may also find big hospitals like G B Pant hospital in Port Blair.
  19. What things should be avoided before Snorkeling?

    It is a safe practice to avoid consuming alcohol before snorkeling or swimming. This should be done so as to prevent loss of brain and muscle coordination during the activity. Also, the tap water in Andaman is said to be carrying water-borne diseases so one should not drink the tap water there.
  20. What are some safe Snorkeling practices to be taken care of?

    You shouldn’t touch anything underwater because it might be deadly. You should carry water to stay hydrated and cover your head to protect yourself from heat. Wear a swimsuit and practice with your equipment beforehand.
  21. Are there any accommodation facility available near the Snorkeling centers?

    Yes, there are plenty of hotels and resorts available as Andaman is a tourist spot. Places like Havelock and Elephant beach are the go-to-places for snorkeling and you will get transportation to reach there easily in case you don’t find hotels there, which is a worst case scenario. A few good resorts such as Barefoot in Havelock, Coral Reef Resort and Dolphin Resort are worth checking into.
  22. Should I bring money for souvenirs and photographs while Snorkeling in the Andaman?

    It’s a good option to bring money for photographs as you would want to capture the scenic beauty of the islands and candid moments you spend in the Andaman’s to keep with yourself.