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Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh - The famous Brahmaputra, the Subansari and the Lohit beckon rafters from across the globe. The north eastern state of India Arunachal Pradesh is a haven for river rafting. And the best time to go for such an adventure would be right after the monsoons are over, which is from early November to end of March. Dont forget to carry along your trekking and river rafting gear.

Famous spots for rafting in Arunachal Pradesh:

It is no secret that most prefer to river raft in Arunachal Pradesh because it is remote and virgin in its nature. Home to one of the mightiest rivers on the planet, the Brahmaputra commands a lot of attention from rafters and those who come trekking in Arunachal. On either side of the river one would experience and witness thick dense jungles, breathtaking views and landscapes, tribal habitation and the blessed white waters.

Difficulty Level: Grade 4 and above

One of the biggest tributaries of the Brahmaputra is river Subansari. Those who wish to go kayaking in Arunachals white waters of this untamed river which houses deep gorges are in for a thrill of their lives. The river is known to pass through the most remote of areas in Arunachal Pradesh.

Difficulty Level: Grade 4 and above

Why Arunachal Pradesh is the most sought after river rafting destination?

  1. To engage in total excitement and thrill on White Water River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh has rivers which are snow fed throughout the year.
  2. The raging speeds of the rivers in Arunachal Pradesh are unparalleled and wild to say the least. Only experienced rafters who have attained grades four and above are advised to tread these waters for fun and excitement.

Popular destinations in Arunachal Pradesh for river rafting

  1. Kameng also known as the Seppa-Bhalukpung route
  2. Subansiri also known as route Taliha to North of Daporijo
  3. The entire Siang course
  4. The Dibang which would be the Anini to Assam Border

What are your options with the two main rivers?

The Brahmaputra is regarded as the best to engage in river rafting activities. You start at Dibrugarh until the Pashighat plains. The river than goes onto the remotest of places which has tribal habitation amongst the dense flora and fauna of thick rainforests, and over here you would chance upon exotic species of plants, such as orchids, ferns and palms.

It is a one hundred and eighty kilometer run which starts from Tuting all the way to the plains of Pashighat. The region is very remote and completely out of reach. No wonder this experience of river rafting makes it all the more thrilling and the most sought after river rafting expeditions till date.

What you would face on the Brahmaputra expedition

  1. Big drops while you river raft the mighty Brahmaputra
  2. Riffles and rapids
  3. At places such as Pulsating Palsi and Ningguing, there would be scary entry points, that turn into mighty rapids at the blink of an eye
  4. The next stop would have you sucked into the Zebra Rock and the Roaring Rikor, right until you reach the rapids at Toothfairy, Cherring
  5. Past the Cherring rapids you would then encounter then Karko Rapids and finally drop yourself at the well known Pongging Punch.

What you could expect with the Subansari expedition

Also known as the Gold River by local inhabitants of the place, the Subansari River is the biggest tributary for the Brahmaputra. This river in Arunachal Pradesh has a loud descent, powerful enough to uproot a forest, say the locals. It runs through the dense thick forests of the tribal settlements in Arunachal Pradesh, and the amount of water it consumes right from the Tsonga Dzong and unto the mighty Great Loop of the Tsangpo in Tibet, until it reaches the forefront of Arunachal Pradesh, the Subansari River is demanding and a challenging river.

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