Dharamshala Resorts

The Exotica Resort, Indraprastha Spa Resort, Dharamshala -The Sanctuary Resort, Royal Palace Resort, Karnika Resort Dharamshala, Leisure Vacations Karnika Resort and many more.

Dharamshala, a popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh is full of natural sights and finding resorts in Dharamshala is not a challenge thanks to the immense options available. McLeod Ganj has many popular resorts such as the Spring Valley Resort which offers excellent amenities. 

Being a popular tourist spot and also a spiritual destination for many people, Dharamshala offers multiple features. The boost in the number of tourists of late has further increased the number of resorts at the place.

Many of these resorts will offer you enough adventure sports and amusement activities which will make your vacation a memorable one. 
With plenty of natural sights, spiritual locations, and peaceful environment, Dharamshala has enough to offer.

The time between March to November is considered to be a good time to visit the place and booking in advance is highly recommended during this time because of the immense number of tourists visiting in this time.

Here are some of the best resorts in Dharamshala:


The Exotica Resort

The Exotica Resort
Most of the tourists want to stay at a place with all the facilities and amenities, The exotica is the best resort hotel in Dharamshala that you can find at an affordable price.

Gaggal airport is around 18 KM for foreign or high-class travelers. For those who want to reach through roadways have the Dharamshala bus station only at 3 KM.

The major highlight of the resort is the outdoor swimming pool. It is something quite unique and not offered by other hotels. The rooms are well maintained and you will find these at good prices. You will also be getting free Wi-Fi facilities at the resort. There is a rooftop restaurant which gives a stunning view of the nearby localities.

: The price per night is around Rs. 6000 which varies as per the season. However, looking at the facilities provided by the resort, the price is quite affordable.


Indraprastha Spa Resort

Indraprastha Spa Resort
Indraprastha spa resort is an excellent place to stay and enjoy your visit to Dharamshala. It is situated in the Strawberry hills region which has a great natural atmosphere which you will love. The customer reviews for the resort is great so you can trust your money for a stay here making it one of the best resorts in Dharamshala.

The spa resort is located near Dal Lake, which is one of the most famous places in the vicinity. Even the transportation facilities are proper so you don’t have to worry about that too.

Everything from the rooms to food and service keeps the customer satisfied. You will also have the facility of free Wi-Fi connection and an outdoor pool that people tend to love.

The price of the rooms varies as per the facilities and services provided. They are charged from Rs. 6000-10,000 per night which is obviously a little on the expensive side.

The Sanctuary Resort

The Sanctuary Resort
This hotel is in the Kangra Valley and provides you with the best atmosphere and ambience to stay at. The views from the balcony are stunning with Baner river and Dhauladhar mountains in sight.

Location: Location is one of the advantages of the hotel but it is 8 KM from the city of Dharamshala so if you want to tour the city, you would have to travel a little more. However, the hill station resort in Dharamshala is just 9 KM and Dal Lake is at a distance of 13 KM from the resort.

Highlights: There is no extra charge for Parking as well as breakfast, they are complimentary. The view is something people love at the hotel. Some of the most famous places can be seen right from the hotel.

Price: The price is quite affordable at the range of Rs. 4000-5000 per night. Considering the complimentary services and the comfortable accommodation you get, the price is rightly set and is not much expensive.

Royal Palace Resort

Royal Palace Resort
If you are looking for a hotel which is close to all the places you want to visit in Dharamshala, Royal Palace Resort is a place you must check out for rooms at affordable pricing.

Location: The location is quite central and you will find most of the tourist attraction places in the nearby vicinity. It is just 2.1 km from the Tibet Museum and 4.5 KM from the famous Dal Lake.

Highlights: The hotel is set against a mountain backdrop which gives you a stunning view of the nature. Bike rentals are available if you want to explore the city. There is also a separate gaming room which has billiards as well as video games to play.
Price: The price for per night is around Rs. 3000-4000 which is quite affordable if you are a small family and want a comfortable stay. Besides that, the amenities available are worth the price.

Karnika Resort

Karnika Resort
If you are on a visit to Dharamshala or nearby places, you would need a good hotel to stay and Karnika Resort in Dharamshala provides a great stay along with the best facilities you can get. You will find a lot of rave reviews on all the hotel booking portals which give you a testimony of how good the hotel is. 

The resort is situated at Darnoo Khanyara road in Dharamshala which is in Kangra district. You will find all the amenities in the nearby region and transportation at this place is not a hassle at all.

 The resort is backed by Campion hotels which are quite reputed for its facilities. The service is something most people love and the whole stay is made comfortable by the friendly staff. 

The price for one night is around Rs. 5000 which is quite affordable for most of the tourists.

Leisure Vacations Karnika Resort

If you are looking for a comfortable stay while you visit Dharamshala, Leisure Vacations Karnika Resort has an amazing resort in Dharamshala for you.

Location: The resort is located in the Darnoo region of Dharamshala. Most of the transportation facilities are at close proximity of the hotel so travelling and reaching the place is not a hassle. Also, the location is quite close to some of the interesting places around the city so you will save your time too.

Highlights: The balcony view for most of the rooms has a stunning valley on sight. The view is quite extraordinary and it is a major highlight of the resort.

Price: Just like most of the hotels and resorts, you will have to pay for every night. The price per night is around Rs. 3000 - 5000 which is affordable for all the tourists as well as visitors. Considering the facilities available, this is the best price you will get.

Nature Bloom Hotel and Resorts

Nature Bloom Hotel and Resorts
Nature Bloom Hotel and Resorts is one of the best hotels you will find in the Palampur region of Dharamshala. It is one of the most luxurious hotels and usually is included in the tour packages of the city. There are nice deluxe rooms as well as cottages that ensure you the best comfortable stay.

Location: The hotel is located in the Palampur area.

Highlights: The resort also accepts offers for stay of corporate tours so if you are planning a tour with a lots of people, they will give you discounted rate for the hotel rooms. Also, one of the major highlights about the hotels is the natural surroundings in which it is situated.

Price: The price point of the hotel is around Rs. 2000-4000 which is surprisingly very low for a hotel providing such great facilities and service. Even if you are running a low budget, this should be a great option for you.

Snow Hermitage Resort

Snow Hermitage Resort
If you are a tourist on a visit to Dharamshala and want a hotel to stay with the closest proximity to all the best places in Dharamshala worth visiting, Snow Hermitage Resort is the best place to can check in to. It has all the amenities of a modern hotel and has a good friendly staff that makes your stay even more pleasant.

Location: Location is the asset of this resort. It is just 6 km from the Tibet Museum, 9 km from Bharmours ancient temples and just 10 KM from Dal Lake. It is located in the Kand village in Dharamshala.

Highlights: The scenic views from the restaurant are something people love about this resort.

Price: It is also lower on the price side and for a single night it costs you around Rs. 3000 for a basic room. You will have to pay more for the deluxe rooms but it is totally worth it. 

Anupam Resorts

Finding a good resort at an affordable price is quite a task when you are visiting a place for the first time. If you are around Dharamshala and looking for a good hotel, you can trust your money with Anupam Resort.

Location: The resort is located at Upper Dharamshala and is very close to the famous Dal Lake in Himachal Pradesh. Being at such close proximity with the tourist spots makes it the right choice for people who are here to visit.

Highlights: People have loved the great food this hotel provides along with nice and comfortable rooms. When you enter the city of Naddi, this is the first resort which you see so most of the visitors choose this place because it is easy to locate.

Price: The price of the hotel for per night stay is very low. For a single night, the charge is around Rs. 2000. For people who are on a tight budget, this is one of the most affordable facilities to stay with decent facilities.

Himgiri Resorts

Himgiri Resorts
Himgiri resorts is known for its affordable rooms and a beautiful scenic view. The beautiful view is due to its location which is at a good height. If you are looking to stay at a decent place with the necessary facilities and services, Himgiri resort is a good place for you.

Location: The location of the hotel is quite appropriate as you can find anything you need in close proximity. It is located at upper Dharamshala and thus provides a great view.

Highlights: The food is something that the people who have stayed here have praised. Although the hotel has decent rooms to stay in, at the current price point it is one of the most affordable options in Dharamshala.

Price: Just like all the resorts in the nearby region, it is priced very cheap. For a single night, you have to pay around Rs. 2000 for a stay in the hotel.

Imperial Heights Resorts

Imperial Heights Resorts
If you are looking for a hotel with all the amenities, great food, and a comfortable stay, you can check out what Imperial Heights Resorts have to offer. You will find various room types at affordable per night prices and excellent service.

Location: It is located in the Kangra district where you will find a lot of tourist attraction spots to visit. If you are here on a traveling and tour purpose, the location of the hotel is just right.

Highlights: The service is something which wins over the customers in all the aspects. Be it food, accommodation, room service or anything in general, the hotel staff makes you feel good. There is a nearby stream with cool water flowing which makes you feel in touch with nature and rejuvenated.

The price is median at Rs. 5000-6000 for every night. Considering the good food and accommodation facilities, the price seems perfect.

Spring Valley Resort

It is a 3 star hotel located on a forested mountainside and is quite near to the major attractions of the place. If you are looking for a plush, luxurious resort in Dharamshala, Spring Valley Resort is the best hotel you will find.

Location: The resort is located at the Bhagsu nag area where you will find the famous temple as well as the Tsuglagkhang complex within just a distance of 1.5 KM.

Highlights: You will find all kinds of rooms available at the hotel here, some rooms have a terrace access while others are big separate cottages which have all the facilities. There is a garden with barbeque facilities and it is an experience you will really enjoy.

Price: As this is a 3 star hotel, the price is a little high at Rs. 5000-6000 but be assured of the quality of rooms as well as service since they are all excellent.

Nishaad Resorts

Nishaad Resorts
Nishaad resorts are the perfect choice for people who want to stay in natural surroundings. You will see that the hotel is made keeping the presence of nature in mind. Another thing you will love about the resorts is that the price is fairly very cheap than the other hotels.

Location: It is located at the place Naddi in Dharamshala, when you enter into the city, you will find this resort without much effort so the location is quite good as well.

Highlights: There are 6 deluxe cottages in the resort and if you love staying in such accommodation, nothing can be better. The price is good, the stay is comfortable and the people who manage the hotel are quite friendly as well.

Price: The price of the hotel is something which lures people into staying at the hotel. The per night price is around Rs. 2000 which is very affordable and cheaper than most of the other hotels.

Asia Health Resorts & Spa

Asia Health Resorts & Spa
Asia health resorts and spa is a 2-star resort with all the major amenities and facilities you could wish for in a hotel. The resort is situated right in the foothills of the famous Dhauladhar mountains. Location and atmosphere are the two best things because of which people choose to stay in this resort in Dharamshala tour.

The location is a great advantage for the resort since it is located at just 1.4 KM away from Dal Lake and 3.2 KM away from Bhagsunag falls.

You will just love the ambience and atmosphere of the hotel. It makes you feel tranquil and the spa offers the best facilities to relax. Another major highlight is the location which is very near to famous places like Dal Lake, Bhagsunag falls and much more.

The price range is around Rs. 6000-7000 and is quite affordable for most of the people visiting the place.

Prakriti Aalay Resort

Prakriti Aalay Resort
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Prakriti Aalay is an aesthetically pleasing resort that offers a pleasant stay experience to the visitors with its scenic surroundings and top-notch services. The architecture and luxurious setting of this beautiful resort make it one of the best resorts in Dharamshala.

Located in the foothills of the scenic hill station of Dharamshala, this resort is one of the finest places to stay as it offers warm hospitality and spacious rooms. Known to be one of the most famed Dharamshala resorts, it organizes barbeque and bonfire and has a restaurant where you can have lip-smacking delicacies.

Location: Sukkar Khas Adjoining Rivulet Manooni, 176057 Dharamshala, India.

Amenities: Swimming pool, 24/7 help desk, laundry, parking lot, WiFi, air conditioning, toiletries and essential.
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We can not forget how much we enjoyed visiting the temple through beautiful trees and lush green trails. The guide with us let us see the places while explaining the plantation and all. It was so much fun to climb to the top and enjoy everything there.
It was an amazing service and we got an instant booking for our cabs. The cab came to our hotel to pick it up. It was a value for money deal and it saved our time. Thanks for the wonderful services. I would like to recommend this service
Camping with adventure activities is so much fun and during our stay there we had the best fun in Dharamshala.
The campsite is surrounded by lush greenery from every side and thus provides the best views to enjoy and refreshing air there is the best.
The best way to enjoy the drive was to take this private transfer service in a comfortable car and sit back and enjoy the views.
17 November 2019
At first I would appreciate Thrillophilia for taking our bookings on last moment at such pocket friendly price. Awesome location and wonderful hospitality at the resort. Would have loved to see kids play zone as we were traveling with our kids. Thank you Nibaana staff for the memorable and wonderful stay. We really enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of the city and bonfire with music at night our kids loved it. Overall a great experience everyone is happy in my family.
17 February 2020
I went to Nibaana with my family. It was recommended by my sister. The location of the hotel is amazing, the views from the room are stunning. We have enjoyed the nature walk as my guide was very supportive and full of knowledge. His sense of humour have kept us laughing all the time. Really a great time at the resort. Thank you to their super friendly staff.
There are no words to describe how we felt at this place, Big thanks to Thrillophilia for this well-organized trip
Fantastic camping site with full facilities and amazing games. The caretaker of the place is very genuine and this is easily reachable place, we feel very good ere because of the vibe . must visit.
The transfers were very easy to book from Thrillophilia and they even disclose the car options which we will get. The driver cum guide let us enjoy our own music throughout the drive as well. Thank you Thrillophilia for an easy booking procedure.

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People Also Ask About Dharamshala

  1. Which are the luxury resorts in Dharamshala?

    Some luxury resorts in Dharamshala are:

    1. The Exotica: Providing all major facilities and amenities, this resort is known for its huge open air swimming pool, where you can chill and marvel at the beauty that nature holds. From well maintained rooms at good prices to free wifi, anything can be found here.

    2. Indraprastha Spa Resort: Surrounded by strawberry fields and located near Dal lake, visiting any famous destination is easy from this resort. From cozy rooms to 24 hours room service, all luxurious amenities can be found here.

    3. Dharamshala: The Sanctuary: Providing a sanctuary to your mind, body and eyes, as soon as you open the gates of tour balconies here, you will be mesmerised by the beautiful views of gushing Baner river and snow capped Dhauladhar mountains.

    4. Royal Palace Resort: Located in the center of the city, a stay here will be luxurious as well as fun. Do not forget to click some stunning pictures in your rooms having high mountains as a backdrop.
  2. Which are the best 5 star resorts in Dharamshala?

    1. Snow Hermitage Resort: This modern hotel is known for its best hospitality services and provides the best and coziest stay.

    2. Imperial Heights Resort: From great rooms to comfortable stays and from beautiful sceneries to in house restaurants, every lavish thing is found here and a stay here is surely worth the price.

    3. Spring Valley Resort: Having rooms with personal terrace and even some separate cottages, a stay here will let you enjoy all the luxuries at a reasonable cost.

    4. Asia Health Resorts and Spa: Located in the close proximity of Bhagsunag falls and Dal lake, enjoy the views of Dhauladhar mountains while resting in its luxurious suites.The resort also offers an additional spa facility.
  3. Which are the best resorts in Dharamshala with swimming pools?

    Best resorts in Dharamshala with swimming pools are:

    1. Treebo Trend GK Conifer: Residing against the Dhauladhar Mountain Range, the views from the balcony of its rooms are truly mesmerizing. Cool off in its pool and spend a day admiring the surroundings.

    2. D’Polo Club & Spa Resort: Known for its hospitality, this resort provides a beautiful outdoor swimming pool where you can enjoy for a while and marvel at the scenic views.

    3. Asia Health Resorts and Spa: Enjoy a fun bath in a heated swimming pool while enjoying the views of snow capped mountains. From luxury suits to single rooms, every kind of stay can be found here.

    4. Hotel Anuj Regency: From in house restaurants to a water park and from a huge swimming pool to an open terrace, here you will enjoy the best of your holiday while enjoying a place having all basic amenities.
  4. Which is the best area to stay in Mcleodganj?

    1. Dharamkot Road: Connecting Mcleodganj to Dharamkot, this area is the best if you want to spend some time away from the crowd. Resorts like the Greenwoods iInn can be found here which offer the best budget stays.

    2. Upper Dharamshala: This hilly area will offer you the best views of snowy mountains while resting in the cozy rooms of resorts like the Pink house.

    3. Temple Road: Having the best resorts offering hot pools and barbeque facilities, a stay around this area will be fun as well as light on your pockets.

    4. Around Bhagsu Nag: This area is the favourite of those travellers who want to enjoy a cozy stay within some serene surroundings. Places like Hotel Triund heights and The Green Hotel offer a pocket friendly stay at this prime location.
  5. Which are the best resorts in Dharamshala for kids?

    Best resorts in Dharamshala for kids are:

    1. Hotel Anuj Regency: The major highlight of this resort is its in house water park which attracts many families as a perfect stay.

    2. Leisure Vacations Karnika Resort: Located in the close proximity of all major tourist destinations, a stay here will let you enjoy your vacation without wasting a minute.

    3. Nature Bloom Hotels and Resorts: A perfect place for family stay, here you can easily find the stay be it a luxury room or a 3 bedroom family room.

    4. The Exotica: Providing many luxurious amenities like a rooftop restaurant and open-air swimming pool, if travelling with kids, this is the place where you must stay to enjoy a hassle free vacation.

    5. Himgiri Resorts: Providing all the best amenities and facilities like a play area in a huge garden and open terrace, a stay here will surely add some extra stars to your family trip.
  6. What are the basic amenities that are provided in Dharamshala resorts?

    Being situated on a hill station, the resorts of Dharamshala still manage to provide the best amenities and facilities to its guests. Some basic amenities provided here are:

    - 24 hours Hot water supply
    - In house restaurants
    - Designated smoking areas
    - Swimming pools
    - Basic toiletries
    - Pick and drop services
    - Tour packages
    - Lush and Manicured lawns.
  7. Which are the best couple-friendly Dharamshala resorts?

    Here are some of the best couple friendly resorts in Dharamshala.

    1. Fortune Park Moksha: Let your romance bloom by planning your next romantic staycation with your partner at this resort that has clean rooms and a hygienic environment.

    2. Nibbana Resort: Get some private time with your partner at this resort that is located amidst the tranquil hills and pine trees and offers a peaceful environment with the best luxuries.

    3. The Divine Hima: This is among the very few Dharamshala resorts that are couple friendly and provide a serene and romantic view from the rooms.

    4. Nature Bloom Hotel and Resorts: Couples should definitely consider this resort among other resorts in Dharamshala as it offers the utmost privacy to its guests and spacious rooms that are equipped with all the basic amenities.
  8. What are the best Dharamshala resorts for family?

    Listed below are the best resorts in Dharamshala for a family getaway.

    1. The Exotica Resort: 
    The Exotica is one of the best resorts in Dharamshala, offering numerous amenities and services to its guests like a garden, spa center and fitness center.

    2. Prakriti Aalay: 
    This is a beautiful resort that has aesthetically pleasing décor and lush green surroundings to ensure that your stay is memorable. It also has spacious rooms that are equipped with air-conditioner, king-size bed and WiFi.

    3. Indraprastha Resorts: 
    This is one of the most popular Dharamshala resorts that offer the perfect blend of splendid views and breathtaking amenities to the visitors.
  9. What are the budget resorts in Dharamshala?

    When visiting Dharamshala, there are many budget resorts you can stay in, some of which are:
    1. Dharamshala- The Sanctuary: Located in Kangra Valley, this resort offers stunning views of the Baner River as well as the Dhauladhar Mountain ranges. The rooms here are comfortable and are equipped with all the basic amenities you would need. 
    2. Leisure Vacations Karnika Resort: Boasting of a comfortable stay, lip-smacking local food, and hospitable staff, this resort is great if you are looking to stay in a budget resort. The best part about this resort is its balconies, which open up to a stunning valley and beautiful views of nature. 
    3. Nature Bloom Hotel & Resorts: One of the best budget resorts in the region, this resort is known for its deluxe rooms and cottages for a cozy stay. Located amidst the majestic mountains and verdant landscapes, the views from this resort are an added bonus. 

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