Places to visit in Nandi Hills includes Skandagiri, Bhoga Nandeeswara Temple, Tipu Sultan's Fort, Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Brahmashram, Amruth Sarovar, Grover's Zampa Vineyard, Muddena Halli Museum and many other tourist attractions.

One of the popular hill stations in Karnataka is Nandi Hills and there are so many amazing places
 that the visitors are often left spoilt for choice! The region is the perfect weekend getaway for visitors in Bengaluru and the location’s proximity to the international airport makes it even more convenient for the tourists. 

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There are many attractions to explore including remnants of royal forts, ancient temples, and other important edifices. Possibly the biggest attraction is the sunrise which is cherished by the nature loving lot and photography lovers.

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The majority of Tourist Places in Nandi Hills are well maintained and they are deemed as important heritage sites. Most of these sightseeing are located close to each other and so you can cover them all in a day, without issues. You can plan your trip to Nandi Hills anytime of the year, thanks to the pleasant climate.

The transport options have also improved in recent years-boosting tourism prospects. The place has attractions for alluring nearly all types of visitors.

Here are the best places to visit in Nandi Hills:

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Day Out at the Foothills of Nandi Hills @ Flat 28% off
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Nandi Hills is a set of beautiful small hillocks located at a small distance of 60 km from Bangalore, Acquiring their name from the tall statue dedicated to the Lord Nandi built on the top of the hills, the place is a favourite of the visitors coming from almost all the nearby region, especially Bangalore.

About the Activity:
Be it for a corporate day out, a get together with family and loved ones, or just a group of friends, head to the Nandi hills and enjoy at the base of the hills with some of the most amazing views of the entire region. Surrounded by lush green hills and grounds, the location offers a lot of facilities, entertainment, and adventures so that your journey becomes the most memorable one.

The package is inclusive of delicious meals that are served in the form of Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Hi-tea

Check-in time: 10.00 AM

Check out time: 6.30 PM

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1487 Ratings Ratings
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About Property & Nature:
Enjoy camping with beautiful hill views with lush greenery in this camping spot, based in the foothills of the Nandi hills. Undergo a fun-filled camping experience in the scenic spot with comfortable accommodation in tents that are surrounded by the scenic landscapes and soothing environs of hills. You get to enjoy the perfect blend of natural beauty along with the opportunity of thrilling sports, that collectively makes the spot a perfect one of an ideal escape!

About Location & Accessibility:
The property is located at foothills of Nandi hills, travel for around 60 km from Bangalore and as such, you can easily reach the spot by private vehicles.

About Stay:
Enjoy this fun-filled camping session with great comfort and security in the campsite. Sleep in warmth in the comfort of convenient tents that are perfectly placed in the campsite. You would be provided with accommodation on double and triple sharing basis, accompanied by foam beds, pillows, and blankets. The camping session also provides the facility of 8 washrooms that are available inside the campsite premise for your convenience.

About Common Areas:
The campsite provides you with a 24-hour restaurant facility so that you can enjoy the meals with fun chit chat sessions. You shall also be provided with the facility of secured parking area within the campsite so that you can comfortably bring your private vehicle with you.

About Meals:
Enjoy staying in the campsite
 along with delicious meals in breakfast, dinner and high-tea. Other meals and BBQ can also be availed or special arrangements can be made on additional charges.

About Activities:
You get to enjoy the following activities during your camping session:

Indoor-Outdoor Activities: Get indulged in indoor-outdoor activities & admire the fun at the campsite.
Bonfire: Sit by the bonfire in the evening and chat with your fellow wanderers.
Short Trek: Go for a short trekking session to grasp the unbounded beauty of the location.

About Safety:
We care for your utmost safety in this pandemic situation. As such, the campsite shall be sanitised properly before your arrival and hygenic conditions will be managed during your stay. Enjoy a carefree stay in an isolated location with less crowds and any possibilities of contamination.

About Host:
Enjoy staying in the campsite with the service of of professional hosts for any requirements and queries. You can reach out to the help desk for any assistance or help.

Packages offered:
Click on 'Book Now' to find the following options:

Tent stay: Enjoy camping with tent stay accommodation on 2/3 sharing with washrooms. Also includes Breakfast, Dinner, Hi teal along with activities.
Check-in: 04:00 PM
Check Out: 11:00 AM
Opening hours for activities: 4:00 PM- 8:30 PM

The minimum number of people required to book is 2.
Children below 5 years can join for free.
Children from 6 to 10 years can book the child package.
The activities, as mentioned in the itinerary and above, are needed to be executed by yourself or your group, in order to eliminate any possibilities of contamination.
The itinerary is subject to changes in timings, as you can mould the timings and carry on with the activities according to your desired schedule.

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Those seeking Places to Visit in Nandi Hills with an added thrill of trekking should look no further than the Skandagiri hills. Also called Kalavara Durga, this is a hilltop fortress with amazing natural beauty and view. The hill is located approx 3 km from chikballapur , off NH7.

The peak is 1450 meters high and you have to trek through Kalavara village.Basically, the hill has ruins of a fort with 18th century origin. The ruins are in dilapidated condition now and same can be said about a temple located nearby. However, the trekking experience is absolutely enjoyable and it is best taken in winter months.

There are buses connecting Bengaluru with Chikballapur from which you can reach the base of the hills either by walking or after taking an auto. The place is ideal for the shutterbugs.

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Bhoga Nandeeswara Temple

Bhoga Nandeeswara Temple

Karnataka has some of the most impressive temples with royal heritage that leaves historians spellbound. The stunning Bhoga Nandeeswara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is situated at base of the Nandi Hills. The temple is now under maintenance of ASI. The large temple complex houses 3 temples actually- Arunachaleshwara temple, Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple and Uma Maheshwara Temple.

The temple bears stamp of ancient Dravidian architecture and the artworks and sculptures inside leave the visitors mesmerized. The 9th century origin temple, reportedly built by Bana queen Ratnabali, went a number of modifications under subsequent 5 dynasties that ruled Karnataka. So, you can spot mix of different architectural styles in the temple.

 There is a statue of Chola monarch Rajendra in the temple complex. Even now, weddings are organized in the temple premises and Shivratri is the right time for visiting if you are religiously inclined.


Tipu Sultan's Fort

Tipu Sultan's Fort

Known as one of the mightiest warriors of southern India who fought valiantly against the British invaders to protect sovereignty of his motherland, Tipu Sultan has a special place in pages of history as well as heritage of Karnataka. The mighty ruler and freedom fighter built some edifices and forts in his regime which still stand and serve as major tourist draws.

The fort named Tashk-e-Jannat(Heaven’s Envy) is one of the top Tourist Places in Nandi Hills. The fort was made by Tipu’s father, Haider ali but Tipu completed the construction.Located on hilltop, the fort features five magnificent arches laden with minarets, showcasing ancient architectural style in its glory.

Even the walls and ceilings of this historic fort are engraved with amazing paintings and artwork. The Monarch used the fort as his summer residence. There are quite a few trekking trails around the citadel with amazing scenic surroundings.

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Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

The concept of setting up twin temples for the same deity is quiet popular and prevalent in Karnataka and Nandi Hills bears testimony to this religious belief too. At the base of Nandi Hills, stands the Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple and at top of the hills there is the counterpart- Yoga nandeeshwara Temple.

The hilltop temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva but it represents the later stage of the deity-the state of renunciation. The hilltop shiva temple has beautiful architecture and its origins can be traced to the days of the Chola dynasty. From the temple premises you get stunning view of the adjoining valley.

 Unlike its counterpart located at foothills, this temple is not used for wedding ceremonies or many festivities. The temple is located in a serene spot and scenic beauty makes it one of the popular top Tourist Places in Nandi Hills.

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The Nandi Hills region is known for its mountainous terrains and there are several caves in these mountains. The cave named Brahmashram is visited by the spiritually inclined visitors all over the year. The cave is sounded by lush greenery and the tranquil settings soothe your mind. In fact, it can be the best way to relax after you explore the other sightseeing at Nandi Hills which often remain crowded! The noteworthy fact about this cave is that eminent Sage Ramakrishna Paramhansa spent a few days here and meditated in his spiritual quest.

The place is calm and has a blissful setting. Of late, the cave has been revamped with masonry work though. The inside of this cave remains quite cool even in scorching summer days. The cave is surrounded by patches of greenery and a lot of trees.


Amruth Sarovar

 Amruth Sarovar

There are some really amazing Places to Visit in Nandi Hills and one of these is amrita or amruth Sarobar. Also known as the Lake of nectar, Amriat sarobar is formed by a number of perennial springs. The serene and pretty water body serves as a prime source for water supply in this area.

It is an amazing experience to see the lake at night when the moonlight sparkles in the still water. It stays filled with water all over the year and the place is so serene and tranquil that you feel relaxed. The sides of the lake are carved in stone and the place is well maintained. A nearby attraction is chabootara where Tipu sultan used for praying.

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Grover's Zampa Vineyard

Grover's Zampa Vineyard

The areas around Nandi Hills are ideal for those who love savoring fine quality wine while enjoying amazing natural splendor and serenity. The 410 acre spanning vineyards is perfect for soothing your eyes and mind. The winery has been active over last 2 decades and produces some of the best wines in Karnataka and southern India.

They hand pick the grapes and use global standard equipments for storage as well as processing.
There is a guided tour that introduces you with all nuances of wine making. You can also savor some of the popular wine variants made with French grapes and the tour is inclusive of lunch.

Additionally you can enjoy watching the exotic species of birds in the vineyard. The commonly seen avian species are Thrushes, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Eagles and bulbuls etc. The time spent at the vineyard is totally worth it.


Muddena Halli Museum

Muddena Halli Museum

While visiting the Nandi Hills region, you may want to pay a visit to the Muddena Halli Museum, located in the village of Muddenahalli. It is only 7 kms from Chikballapur. This museum is noteworthy for exhibits covering images and writings of Sir. M. Vishveshwarayya.

He used to be a noted architect of former Mysore state. His ancestral house is also located nearby.  The museum was renovated in 2010 on his 150th birth anniversary. He was conferred Bharat Ratna award as well for his exemplary achievements. It is worth inclusion in your list of Places to Visit in Nandi Hills.


Nehru Nilaya

Nehru Nilaya

There are oodles of Places to Visit in Nandi Hills and not all of them are ruins of ancient forts and temples with heritage tags, as it is. You can also find a few buildings made in the British era that are maintained in a good manner. One of these bygone era edifices is Nehru Nilaya. The white Victorian architecture building has an impressive past and it used to be the summer retreat of former Commissioner of Mysore- Sir Mark Cubbon.

The sprawling bungalow with great landscaping was later converted by the Horticulture Department of India into guest house. It has become a tourist magnet over the years. Built in 1834, this building was used for hosting the 1986 Saarc summit. The luxury suites can be booked and there are cottages too. The Horticulture Department of Karnataka website can be used for booking it.

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Tipu's Summer Residence

Tipu's Summer Residence

Tipu's summer residence-The construction of the summer palace was initiated by Haidar Ali but his son and successor Tipu Sultan completed it. The work is made of wood and the stone base pillars are amazing to say the least. The summer palace is a nice specimen of Indo-Islamic architecture.

 After demise of Tipu Sultan in the 4th Anglo-Mysore War, the palace was seized by the British Administration. It has magnificent arches, ornamental frescoes.Exploring the palace may take a couple of hours and the interior is marked for intricate paintings. The palace also has great landscaping replete with flowering shrubs, sparkling fountains and lush green gardens.

A section of the fort in which the palace is located has been made a museum. Inside the palace, you can feel a sense of timelessness and serenity. The museum is small but has important historic items as exhibits including knight armors, weapons, coins, crowns. The Horticulture Department of Karnataka now maintains the historic edifice.


Channapura Falls

Channapura Falls

For all the adventure lovers, if you happen to visit the Nandi Hills on your vacay, then do not miss out on the Channapura Falls. The cascading waterfalls are nestled amidst the grace of nature and if you are visiting Channapura during the monsoon then the breathtaking beauty of the mighty waterfall will awe you.

The trekking trail to reach the falls is incredibly scenic and will offer you with the vistas of verdant valleys. Though the climb can be a bit difficult, the tranquil settings will surely bewitch every city dweller. On your way back, wait to watch the spectacular sunset. Gear up, pack the right trekking shoes and head towards a memorable excursion.

Newly Added Nandi Hills Experience
18 October 2019
Awesome place to hangout, and enjoy with your team. We loved our tent stay and adventure activity. Thanks to Mr. Santu and Tejas and all other staff for their kind cooperation. Special thanks to Thrillophilia for providing wonderful experience.
"firstly i took 3 days after coming back from here to make a time to write this because the experience that made me to give much importance for this. 1) the amount i paid for this is 2500 rs for 2 people for basic plan of 2 days but in the google it is showing 5500 rs something so i recommend to book from here itself. 2) nothing to worry about forgetting to carry your stuff because you will find peace without taking anything only thing you dont need to miss is camera, clothes. 3) once i took muddy road from main road i was scared about place untill once i reached and had a conversation with manager but there is no need worry about anything it is very safe and clean too. 4) one more thing i need to share is the very scary thing is we 2 are the only guest they had on that date, we felt very richness in their treating. 5) the manager was so friendly and humble that he explained about plans about the stay and we met a boy tejas he took care about us. 5) after finishing swimming we went to snackes with coffee and tea both and one more thing is i suggest to try egg bonda there because it was awesome to me. and with music we eat snackes the feeling was very cool 6) at 6:30 tejas took us near pool for fire with a music and we spent upto 9:30 near fire camp and we went to dinner and because the only guest is we, they asked for preparing dinner. the food was very nice while having food we meat a one more manager and he made us to stay in room which is not allowed in our plan it wad awesome and we spent some time by playing carom and others and we slept in the beautifully room. 7) morning we woke up at 8 and the coffee was ready with a beautiful view of nandhi hills we said no for treaking because we went unprepared but i recommend others to go for treaking at morning 5 to 6 . 8) after having breakfast we went for activity area for riding and some climbing activity but the bike was good i just continued at bike itself. 9) after we spent some time at top of the hills and we went back to room and got ready go leave . 10) this is nothing but to say everyone must feel the place and nature over there .??"
02 December 2018
Nice place for corporate outing. Staff were very supportive & flexible to our requests. The team building & rope activities were fun, the food was tasty. There is no kids play area, which is a letdown.
"amazing place. worth of every single penny. won't regret visiting the place.. "
It was one of my best visiting places
Best place to hangout with friend ... hospitality is too good team is very supportive ... trekking was really awesome.... adventurous games... food was very tasty ... perfect for weekends ....
"wonderful staffs, hospitality!!!!was a great experience.Would suggest my friends for a weekend outing.Would like to go again soon"
24 February 2020
Very Good
Went there based on the reviews here. Pros: -Easy access to the place from main road towards Nandi hills (few had mentioned about muddy road to the parking..but thats just 100meters and not 2km like how someone told here) -Common areas are maintained well with ample lighting and seating -Badminton,Cricket,Football options and many indoor games -Majority of the staff was friendly -Tent facility was a good experience, got comfortable options -Music,campfire etc was taken care Cons: -Restrooms were pathetic, had to close the nose to enter (cant imagine how they can maintain it like that with all other facilities maintained well) -There was no water on 2nd day morning and none bothered to fix even after complaining multiple times. We were directed to a tap to brush and wash face. -Food was average. For breakfast though we had informed in advance that we can make it only by 8:30, (many people joined only by then) most of the items were already over, and we had to fill with the items left. I couldn't believe that even Jam for bread was also over. -You cannot get a peaceful sleep in the tent in the cold if you have singing/screaming/chatting neighbors even at 2 am With bit more care they can make this place awesome!! I don't know if it was just us who had to face these as I saw majority rating 5 for this place. Anyway this was what we faced.
Hi, We recently completed our experience through this package and overall it was nice 1st camping experience away from city’s hustle and bustle. But I observed that these reviews are mix of multiple places since this particular place doesn’t have swimming pool or many amenities or setup which other people calling out in their reviews. It’s mostly an evening & night stay option to experience camping , bonfire, a few indoor and outdoor games in quite good maintained premises. Staff has been supportive and food was nice as well, recommended to try once but confirm about amenities or expectations by calling before placing the booking.
"It is the first time for me camping and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The staff is polite and helped us if case we need anything."

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  4. What is the best time to visit Nandi Hills?

    Throughout all seasons, tourists from far and wide flock to the picturesque tourist places in Nandi Hills. Pleasant weather conditions prevail throughout the year, thus making it one of the popular retreats in Karnataka.

    However, it is advisable to avoid a visit during the rainy seasons as the roads get slippery and trekking or biking becomes difficult. If your trip is scheduled during the warmer months ( March-May) then opt for an early visit as the sweltering heat during the afternoons can mar your enjoyment.Thus, the ideal time to visit Nandi Hills is surely during the cooler months (September-February). You can look forward to a comfortable journey and even plan for a picnic in the grace of nature.
  5. Is Nandi Hills worth visiting?

    Nandi Hills is the befitting getaway for all urban dwellers who seek some peace and solace. Replete with stunning views, this scenic hill station will surely create cherishing memories for all. There are several beautiful places to visit in Nandi Hills like Tipu Sultan’s residence, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Brahmashram and several other intriguing caves and cliffs that await your exploration. The place also attracts adventure enthusiasts also with its scenic biking and hiking trails. 

    The breathtaking beauty of this idyllic place will show you as to why Tipu Sultan had chosen this place for his summer retreat. Thus, a visit to Nandi Hills will indeed be a lifetime’s experience for you, blended well with adventure and relaxation.

  6. Can we go to Nandi Hills in the evening?

    If you are planning a visit to Nandi Hills during the evening, keep in mind that you will not be allowed to enter the check post situated atop the hill after 6 pm. However, the entry gets permitted for those wanting to spend the night in the guest house and have their bookings done from Lalbagh.

    Yet, tourists are often recommended not to stroll around during late evenings for ensuring their safety. Visibility gets reduced as darkness descends upon the mountain and thus makes one prone to any kind of danger on the mountain roads.

  7. How far is Nandi Hills from Bangalore?

    If you happen to be in Bangalore and seeking for a weekend getaway from your monotonous routine, then Nandi Hills is the ideal place to visit. Situated at a distance of about 61 km, it will take you around one and a half hours to reach the picturesque hill station. Enroute to the hill fortress, there lies some other popular scenic destinations like the Devanahalli Fort, the Grover vineyards and the town of Doddaballapur famous for its silk weaving.

    Pack your bags, carry some refreshments and set off for one of the fascinating hill stations. A memorable journey from Banglore to Nandi Hills awaits you.

  8. What should I wear to Nandi Hills?

    While planning your itinerary and searching for the popular tourist places to visit in Nandi Hills, keep in mind to carry the necessary set of attire depending on the weather conditions. During the warm months, light clothes are often preferable. Pack in some shorts, breezy dresses, khaki pants, tank tops, and thin short sleeve shirts to stay comfortable during your excursion.

    Though the temperature remains pleasant throughout the year, carry some warm clothes during the cooler months. Never forget your shades, sunscreen, and umbrella. Waterproof hiking shoes are a must on such trips.

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