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Palace Hotel, Kali ka Tibba, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Gurudwara Sahib, Sadhupul Lake, Siddh Baba Ka Mandir, Chail Cricket Ground, Himalayan Nature Park and many more.

Tucked cozily in the arms of nature, Chail is packed with a plethora of spellbinding tourist destinations. Offering the travelers an escape from their monotonous city life, the alluring places to visit in Chail make for the best hubs for rejuvenation, relaxation, and tranquilization. 

Receiving a heavy influx of national and international tourists throughout the year, the spectacular places to see in Chail present everything a heart can desire, including serene lakes, magnificently engineered palaces, ancient temples, beautiful wildlife parks, and stunning campsites. No matter you are seeking romance, solitude, serenity, or spirituality, the enthralling Chail attractions will never disappoint you.

Sadhupul Lake can offer you lush surroundings and pristine water, the Chail Palace can offer you a rustic yet unique charm. While the Chail Sanctuary can offer you an encounter with beautiful wildlife species, Kali ka Tibba can let you get closer to spirituality.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Chail:


Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary
Image Credit : flowcomm-Flickr

Previously a hunting ground for the Maharaja of Patiala, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is amongst the lesser known wildlife sanctuaries in the country. Situated 63 km from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, it’s unmistakingly one of the most well conserved wildlife sanctuaries and is home to a opulent collection of flora and fauna and it is one of the best places to visit in Chail.

Situated in the Himalayan ranges at a height of 7152 feet, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary boasts a pleasant climate, magnificent views and a rich abundance of greenery. The sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers.

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of fauna and flora. Some of the most popular animal species of the park includes European red deer, wild boar, goral, spotted deer, sambar, common langur, Himalayan black bear, flying squirrel, Indian porcupine, etc. The flora it hosts include the native Pine and Deodar trees.

Best time to Visit: March to October.

Location: Sadhupul, Himachal Pradesh

Timings: 7 AM to 6 PM

Entry Fees: INR 800/- Per Person


Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel

Built and previously owned by Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala in 1891 and later purchased by heritage hotels, The Palace Hotel, Chail claims to be one of the finest Heritage Hotels and rose to fame with it’s sprawling landscape of around 75 acres of land standing at an epitome of old-time elegance and beauty and it is one of the best place to visit in Chail.

Indulge in antique charm at this stunning destination set amidst abundant greenery and panoramic views of beautiful landscapes surrounding it along with a serene atmosphere.

Stay at The Palace Hotel in Chail or definitely squeeze in a visit to this destination while it takes you back in time. Each guest room has antique furniture, period interior, wall-to-wall carpeting and a charming fireplace to keep you warm. Don’t be fooled by the quaint antiqueness of the palace as this hotel is equipped with every modern amenity that can come to your mind catering to all your whims and fancies.

Facilities: Facilities include an amazing open air cafe; Cafe Palace, Kings Dining a multi cuisine restaurants with ornate decor, an all purpose gift shop, a sprawling lawn tennis court, Billiards room, Badminton court and a charming children's park.

Approximate Price: Pricing per room ranges from 2400 INR onwards. 


Cricket Ground

Cricket Ground
Built by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, who had made the city his summer getaway, Chail Cricket Ground happens to be one of the most historical places to visit in Chail. The king used to be a cricket freak and loved to play here during his summer visits to Chail.

Perched at a lofty elevation of around 2,444 meters, this cricket ground was constructed by levelling a huge hilltop. At the present day, this pitch is under the Indian Army as it is situated in the Cantonment region. Although civilians cannot access the ground, they can stroll around this area and marvel at the spectacular hill-top cricket ground.  

Location: Chail, Himachal Pradesh 173217

Timings: Anytime during the day

Kali ka Tibba

Kali ka Tibba

Effortlessly beautiful, Kali Ka Tibba in Chail is perched atop mountain Blossom making for a very pretty picture. Dedicated to the goddess Kali this secluded destination is the perfect getaway to attain that peace and quiet away from the throngs of tourists and it is one of the best places to visit in Chail.

Trekking up to this serene location is a fun activity and you can encounter various species of animals on your way up. Angling and horse riding is also very popular in near Kali ka Tibba.

Stunning views and beautiful scenery of the Shivalik Range and the Choor Chandni peak are breathtaking from Kali ka Tibba.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit this place is in monsoons between August and November.

Location: Top of blossom hill

Timings: 7 AM to 7 PM


Shopping In Chail

Shopping In Chail
Image Credit : Utsav Verma-Flickr

Shopping in Chail is famous for picking up woollen garments and jams/jellies, prepared from hand-picked, farm fresh fruits.

Chail hardly has any shopping destinations. There are local markets the most famous and probably the only one being Chail Bazaar, where rows and rows of small shops feature woollen garments, artifacts, pickles, squashes, juices and jams all sold at cheap prices and open to relentless bargaining.

Tourists can buy Kinnauri mufflers, Himachali caps, scarves, sweaters, gloves, socks, handmade shoes, and Pashmina shawls. Apart from woollen garments, there are authentic rugs and carpets, ideal for home décor to add that unique touch.

Chail is also famous for it’s pretty silver, stone-studded or metal jewelery.


Sidh Baba Ka Mandir

Sidh Baba Ka Mandir

A popular religious landmark in Chail, Sidh Baba Ka Mandir, dedicated to the Hindu saint named Sidh Baba, is a revered religious site in Chail. This shrine is located atop a hill, between Rajgarh and Pandhawa.

There are many legends associated with the construction of this temple. According to one of these, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, the former king of Patiala planned and commenced the construction of a palace at this spot. One day, Sidh Baba came in the king's dreams and informed the king that this pot was where he used to meditate and was eventually cremated, apparently stressing on the fact that this hill is pious and can’t be used for residential purposes. Overcome by his dream, the king built Sidh Baba Ka Mandir to honour of the saint.

A large number of devotees visit the shrine that boasts a peaceful and tranquil ambience along with stunning scenic surroundings, which is characterised by towering hills and lush green forests.

Location: Kandaghat-Chail-Kufri Rd, Chail, Himachal Pradesh 173217

Timings: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Himalayan Nature Park

Himalayan Nature Park
Established in the year 1992, the Himalayan Nature Park makes for one of the most famous tourist places to see in Chail. Spread across a vast area of about 90 hectares, this wildlife park is home to around 140 species of rich fauna and flora.

Some of the common wildlife species that can be easily spotted here include Snow Leopard, Ghoral, Black Bear, Sambar, Yak, Brown Bear, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Tibetan Wolf, and Himalayan Thar. Apart from watching the various animals in the zoo, the visitors coming to the Himalayan Nature Park can also experience horse riding inside the premises of the park.

Location: Kandaghat-Chail-Kufri Road, Kufri, Himachal Pradesh 171012

Timings: From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, on all days of the week

Gurudwara Sahib

Gurudwara Sahib
Image Credit : wikipedia

Built by the Maharaj of Patiala, this holy place of worship emits a peaceful and sere vibe, surrounded by beautiful greenery. Built in a church like structure showing the confluence of various religions. Due to the meager Sikh population in the area an non patronization by The Military School Chail, the condition of the gurudwara has deteriorated over the years.

Situated atop the Pandhawa Hills, this stunning structure is yellow in colour and has a sprawling green lawn out front giving off a quaint country vibe and portrays British occupancy during that time.

Location: Kandaghat-Chail-Kufri Rd, Chail, Himachal Pradesh 173217

Timings: 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Sadhupul Lake

Sadhupul Lake
Image Credit : generalising-Flickr

If you’re looking for something out of the blue to indulge in then head to Sadhupul Lake. This beautiful lake is the perfect destination to spend your evening at for a romantic getaway or a family outing. The cool breeze and sound of trickling water provides a very calm ambience.

The Sadhupul Lake is famous for it’s restaurant on the lake where wooden tables and chairs are spaced across the water body. You can dangle your legs in the water when it’s low and enjoy a great meal. The chairs and tables are pulled back however when flow of the river is  high.

Best time to Visit: The best time to visit Sadhupul Lake is in the monsoon seasons of July-August. 

Aasan River, Near Kandaghat-Chail-Kufri Road, Sadhupul, Himachal Pradesh 173215, India

Timing: Any time during the day

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A good place to visit with safe and enjoyable environment, we were 4 girls and we enjoyed here. The food was fine so do the camp. The view we get from the campsite is very relaxing and calming. Can go there without worries.
Amazing tour at Chail, Our driver pick-up us on time from our hotel, the transport was very clean and spacious, the journey was full of fun and excitement. The sightseeing was nice, we even purchased souvenirs from the local market.
21 October 2015
Very beautiful place with a breathtaking view. The cottages are very warm and cozy. The resort has some of the best facilities like gym, spa and the wonderful hot water swimming pool which is exactly what you need when it gets very cold. There are a lot of facilities for indoor and outdoor games. You can enjoy video games or play pool indoors. The location of the resort is ideal to go for trekking, horse riding and other adventure activities with a team of trained people always around. The glass dome structures make the place very appealing and give it a unique touch. Coming to the food, it was decent but the service was very good. The buffet was good too and the snacks bar was available 24/7.

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People Also Ask About Chail

  1. Is Chail worth visiting?

    Yes, Chail is absolutely worth visiting for a number of pleasing aspects. The city’s pleasant weather, majestic palaces, breathtaking wildlife parks, and beautiful temples, make for great reasons to visit the place at least once in your lifetime.
  2. What is Chail famous for?

    Chail is famous for a plethora of amazing things including its unparalleled camping options and magnificent architecture.
  3. Which is better, Kasauli or Chail?

    Chail can be a better pick if you want to enjoy camping, participate in adventure activities, and witness excellent ancient architectures. However, Kasauli can be your pick if you are looking for good viewpoints and religious sites.
  4. When can I expect the snowfall in Chail?

    In general, snowfall is experienced in Chail during the chilly winter months of December, January, and February. The thick snow usually remains until the first week of March, offering the travelers excellent panoramic views of the vistas.
  5. What is the best time to visit Chail?

    Although Chail can be visited all through the year, the most ideal time to plan a trip to this place is in the summer months of April to June. During this period, the weather of the destination remains pleasant and calm, which favours outdoor activities.

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