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A rich natural and cultural heritage make Austria one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe. There are many fantastic things to do and places to visit in Austria from breathtaking natural landscapes to majestic man-made creations, Austria offers its visitors a wonderful variety of adventures to enjoy. 

No moment can be dull in Austria- the joyous vibrancy that envelopes even its most uninhabited areas makes sure of that. The alpine winds blow magic into the atmosphere, a cheery vibe greets you no matter where you step. This is the country of geniuses- the land which gave birth to legendary thinkers and artists like Mozart, Sigmund Freud, Franz Schubert, and Ludwig Wittgenstein among many others. Its contributions to the global scene have been limitless, and still, continue to inspire people all over the globe. 

From enjoying the architecture to marvelling at the stupendous artworks to enjoying the beauty of the mountains and valleys to relaxing near the spellbinding lakes, there is a lot to enjoy in Austria. The range of places you can visit in Austria makes it rather daunting to get started on your planning. We have therefore put together a comprehensive list of the best of Austria, making it easier for you to get started on your planning, so as to have a wonderful trip to the country. 

Here are some of the best places to visit in Austria: 


Places to Visit in Vienna

Places to Visit in Vienna
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1. Schönbrunn Palace- Gasp in amazement at the awe-inspiring aspect of the grand imperial palace, tour its embellished halls, enjoy the beauty of its perfectly landscaped gardens and partake of the various entertainment options available there- visiting Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most amazing things to do in Vienna.

2. Hofburg Imperial Palace - Marvel at the sheer majesty of the seat of the government as you gaze at the imposing Hofburg Imperial Palace, the literal and figurative heart of Vienna.

3. The Belvedere Palace - The two Belvedere palaces, along with the museums and stables housed within, are exemplary Baroque structures that will delight you with their scale and intricate grandeur. Roam the grounds and enjoy their serenity for a breathtaking experience. 

4. St. Stephen's Cathedral - Over 700 hundred years old, but still in full possession of its immortal grace and beauty, St Stephen’s Cathedral will delight you with its architectural elegance and sooth you with its quiet serenity.
5. Prater Amusement Park -  Don’t miss the chance of enjoying the attractions at Vienna’s world-famous amusement park which include the century-old Giant Ferris Wheel along with thrilling roller coasters, ghost trains and 5D cinemas.
6. Tiergarten Schönbrunn - Pay a visit to the age-old Vienna Zoo while you’re touring the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace. Interacting with the diverse animals living here will be a memorable experience.
7. The Spanish Riding School - Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the renowned Lipizzan horses as they prance and dance before you in an elegant display in the globally acclaimed Spanish Riding School. This quintessential Viennese experience should not be missed at any cost.  

8. The Vienna State Opera House - Let the music carry you away from yourself into a world of beauty as you enjoy a musical production at the Vienna State Opera House, reckoned to be one of the best opera houses in the world. 

9. The Austrian Parliament Building - Take a guided tour of the Austrian Parliament Building and understand not only its socio-political relevance but also it's intricate and grand artistic displays and its window views. 

10.  Wiener Rathaus- Vienna City Hall - Gasp in amazement and awe at the grand neo-Gothic structure that is the seat of the local government of Vienna and dines in the Baroque halls of the ancient Wiener Rathauskeller housed within for an experience that will stay on in your memory for long. 

11. Karlskirche - Sit quietly inside this beautiful church and soak in the peace which seems to flow endlessly from its baroque walls and then stroll around the grounds admiring the scale of the building and its well-persevered surroundings. 

12. The National Theatre (Burgtheater) - Enjoy a dramatic performance or two at one of the most important German language theatres’ in the world and take back some marvellous memories when you leave. 

13. Maria-Theresien- Platz and Memorial - Spend an afternoon roaming around the Maria-Theresien-Platz square and enjoying the sights and sounds that hit the senses. Grand buildings, milling crowds, enjoyable stores and delicious Viennese delicacies- all make for a Viennese outing par excellence. 

14. Demel Café - Sip a cup of steaming coffee and munch upon delicious cream cakes, scones, and strudels as you relax on the shaded terrace of this ancient salon-café in Vienna. 

Places to Visit in Vorarlberg

Places to Visit in Vorarlberg
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15. Lake Constance - Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the third largest lake in Central Europe. Sail swim or windsurf to your heart’s content as the blue waters sparkle temptingly and the snow-capped Alps smile benignly down on you. 

16. Kunsthaus Bregenz - Marvel at the scope of human imagination as you stroll through the international exhibits of contemporary art displayed in Kunsthaus Bregenz, whose building is itself a marvellous example of modern architecture.

17. Vorarlberg museum - Understand the culture and traditions of Vorarlberg by taking a couple of hours out to tour the state’s central museum which displays a vast variety of cultural and historical artefacts relating to Vorarlberg. 

18. Pfänder Mountain - Hike to the top of the Pfänder Mountain, which lies close to Lake Constance, and let yourself be carried away by the immense beauty of the views that burst upon you. Lake Constance lies down in the distance; with the Alps towering all around it and the town of Bregenz nestled peacefully in the valley.  

19. Pfänderbahn: Cable Car at Pfänder Mountain - If you’re not in the mood for a hike, take the cable car to the top of Pfänder, enjoying not just the gorgeous destination but also the scenic journey. 

20. Rolls-Royce Museum in Dornbirn - Stroll through the vast collection of the luxurious Rolls-Royce cars, admiring their artistry and understanding the mechanics that have made these cars some of the most desirable automobiles for over a century. 

21. Rappenloch Gorge in Dornbirn - Reserve a day to hike through the impressive Rappenloch Gorge, the largest gorge in Central Europe, and one where you can see some of the most fantastic rock formations and enjoy the still silence that characterises the depths of nature. 

22. Schattenburg at Feldkirch - Enjoy the architectural elegance of the castle, explore its halls and imperial rooms, understand its historic significance in the in-house museum, and enjoy its ambience along with a plate of food at the restaurant- visiting Schattenburg at Feldkirch is a lovely experience in Vorarlberg. 

23. Bürserschlucht Gorge - Hike through the beautiful, naturally rich Bürserschlucht Gorge, enjoying the whispering of the wind and the gurgling of the brook in the unbroken silence of nature. This is a very memorable experience to enjoy in Vorarlberg. 

Places to Visit in Tirol

Places to Visit in Tirol
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24. Zugspitze - Hike to the summit of the Zugspitze Mountain at the Germany-Austria border or take the cable car to the top, and marvel at the gorgeous landscape spread out all around you. 

25. Goldenes Dachl - A landmark structure in Innsbruck, the Goldenes Dachl is renowned for its fiery copper-tiled ceiling that glows fiercely in the sun and attracts the eye from far off. Its mural covered interiors are just as lovely to experience as its exteriors 

26. Ambras Castle - enjoy a visit to this classical Renaissance structure that is especially known for its Spanish Hall- an exemplar of Renaissance architecture, and its extensive armouries and portrait gallery. 

27. Hofburg, Innsbruck - Revel in the glory of the Hofburg Palace, considered to be the third most important structure in Austria, rich in imperial history and artistic elegance. 

28. Ehrenberg Castle - Explore the ins and outs of this 700-year-old castle and walk across the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge here for an interesting, fun-filled and unforgettable experience in Tirol. 

29. Tyrolean State Museum - Historical exhibits, art displays, rooms dedicated to musical artefacts, and an extensive library dedicated to Tirol make the Tyrolean State Museum a very interesting place to visit in the region. 

30. Tyrol Panorama Museum - History comes alive when visiting the Tyrol Panorama Museum, renowned for its Giant Panorama Painting which visually depicts historical events central to Tyrol, building up to the Tyrolean rebellion against Napoleon, and is remarkable in its intricacy and striking in its portrayal. 

31. Kufstein Fortress - Explore the secret passages and hidden nooks of the fortress, gaze at ancient canons up close, gasp at the view from the towers, and enjoy the festivities that take place there on a regular basis- Kufstein Fortress is a Tirolean landmark not to be missed
32. Alpenzoo - Interact with the over 2000 animals and birds as spending a leisurely afternoon enjoying the highest zoo in Europe and taking in the picturesque views to be seen from its heights. 

33. Bergiselschanze - If you’re heading to Austria in the winter months, you should absolutely try the ski jump and ski lift that make Bergiselschanze one of the most famous skiing destinations in Austria. 

34. Zillertal Arena - With over 50 lifts and 163 kilometres of pistes, this ski arena is the largest in the Zillertal valley and offers some of the most breathtaking ski trails in Austria. Skiing here is one of the best things to do in Austria in the winters. 

35. SkiWelt - 280 kilometres of ski pistes, 90 cable cars, and 77 ski huts- SkiWelt is Austria’s largest interconnected ski area, so if you want to indulge in some exquisite long-distance skiing in Austria, this is the place for you.  

36. Triumphal Arch, Innsbruck - A landmark structure that dominates the landscape of southern Innsbruck, the Triumphal Arch is at once the symbol of joy and tragedy, a legacy of Austria’s imperial history, and a monument of great artistic output. 

37. AREA 47 - Tirol - Looking for adventure in Tirol? AREA 47 gives you a chance to experience it with its rafting, canoeing, caving, wakeboarding, rock climbing, and flying fox along with the chance to enjoy sundry concerts as the night falls. 
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Explore All (17)

Places to Visit in Salzburger Land

Places to Visit in Salzburger Land
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38. Hohensalzburg Castle - Feel the thrill of exploration as you wander through the ancient halls and alleys of the largest medieval castle in Europe and enjoy the breathtaking views of Salzburg from its windows and terraces. 

39. Hellbrunn Palace - Featuring Baroque architecture at its best, the Hellbrunn Palace is a large villa with stunning landscaped gardens, theatrical fountains and delightful Christmas markets, making it a must-visit when in Salzburg. 

40. Schloss Leopoldskron - The shooting location for 10 of the outdoor scenes in the iconic The Sound of Music movie, Schloss Leopoldskron is a gorgeous Late Baroque palace located on the shores of Leopoldskroner Weiher, and the destination of Salzburg Global Seminar. 

41. Nonnberg Abbey - The monastery where Maria from The Sound of Music lived, Nonnberg Monastery is a Benedictine monastery whose nunnery is the oldest nunnery in the German-speaking world. It is a beautiful and iconic place to visit for a few hours of peace and serenity. 

42. Hangar-7 - Home to some historical Flying Bull aircraft and a large collection of Formula 1 race cars, alongside other historical aeroplanes and helicopters, Hangar-7 is a touristic delight in Salzburg. Tour the Hangar and then head over to the Michelin grade restaurant for a delicious repast to close the fun-filled outing. 

43. Salzburg Zoo - Enjoy the playful activities of the many animals that reside here- from gigantic chimps to thundering rhinos to glossy black bears to royal lions among others. An afternoon in the zoo is a wonderful way to enjoy Salzburg. 

44. House of nature - Practically everything about nature is on exhibit at this fantastic museum in Salzburg. From dinosaurs to humans, from the earth’s inner crust to the furthest corners of the universe, from the depths of the sea to the heights of the sky- everything pertaining to nature, science and animal life is on display at this mind-bending museum, making visiting it one of the best things to do in Austria. 

45. Residenzgalerie - Home to a vast collection of paintings from the best artists of Europe including Rembrandt, Carel Fabritius, Carlo Saraceni, Friedrich Karl and Hieronymus Francken II, this is a must-visit for any art enthusiast. 

46. Salzburg Museum - Understand the cultural aspect of Salzburg with the numerous artefacts and art objects that are displayed in the Salzburg Museum, speaking volubly of the history of Salzburg and its imperial legacies. 

47. Schloss Klessheim - Stepping on to the grounds of Schloss Klessheim is like stepping into a fairytale- a stunning avenue leads up to the breathtaking Rocco palace, glimmering proudly against a clear sky. A guided tour is the best way to experience it thoroughly though you can also try a hand at the casino housed within.  

48. Salzburg Cathedral - Enjoy the soothing spirituality that encircles the stunning Baroque aisles of the central Roman cathedral of Salzburg. This cathedral is a worthy exemplar of the grandiose visions the human mind can envision and bring into existence.

49. Mirabell Palace - Gorgeous fountains, vibrant gardens, hedge theatres, marble halls that have hosted the greatest musical geniuses of Austria, a staircase of angels and a lot more- Mirabell Palace is a must visit in Salzburg. 

50. Residenzplatz - Spend a lovely time enjoying the cheery ambience of the grand central square of Salzburg. Roam the streets admiring the architectural marvels, shop in the diverse stores, and dine on exquisite dishes in the many restaurants around. 
51. Mozartplatz - Pay a tribute to Salzburg’s musical genius by visiting the Mozart square. A large, honoured statue of Mozart stands in the middle, with several important buildings nearby. Sundry cafes make enjoying the square over a cup of coffee a memorable experience.  

52. Stiegl-Brauwelt - Chug on a few mugs of beer, learn about the history and processes of beer making, and enjoy a hearty Austrian meal at Stiegl-Brauwelt- Austria’s biggest private brewery. 

53. Red Bull Arena Salzburg - Enjoy some footballing action with a visit to the Red Bull Arena, the home ground of FC Red Bull Salzburg. 

Places to Visit in Carinthia

Places to Visit in Carinthia
Image Credit :
54. Wörthersee - Go for a swim in the Wörthersee Lake, a popular bathing destination in Carinthia in the summers, enjoying the cool waters surrounded by dense forests and snow-capped Alpine peaks. 

55. Minimundus - Enjoy the sight of the world’s best monuments, in miniature, as you stroll through Minimundus- the miniature park of Carinthia. 

56. Pyramidenkogel Tower - Seated atop a mountain is a startling structure of steel and wood- an observation tower a 100 metres high. Stunning views of the Carinthia landscape greet the eye from its observation deck. When its time to return, fly down the slide to the bottom of the mountain and head over to the nearby restaurant for refreshments. 

57. Weissensee - Take a dip in the highest bathing lake of Carinthia- it’s a luxury of nature that will leave behind unforgettable memories. 

58. Affenberg Landskron - Be a part of the monkey world up close with a visit to Affenberg Landskron- the Monkey Mountain where more than 160 Japanese macaques live and play around barrier-free.  

59. Casino Velden - Let your hair down and enjoy some extravagant nightlife experiences in Austria with the casino tables, slot machines and poker tables in Casino Velden on Lake Wörthersee. 

60. Hochosterwitz Castle - A medieval castle on the top of a 172-metre-high Dolomite rock, Hochosterwitz Castle is one of Carinthia’s most famous castles, renowned for its impressive aspect and interesting interiors. 

61. Grossglockner National Park - Trek, cycle, or motor through the gorgeous natural landscape that makes up the breathtaking Grossglockner National Park. Waterfalls, snow-fields, and striking views amidst luxuriant forests- that is what this national park is all about. 

62. Church of Maria Saal - When two great architectural styles come together, the results can be stunning. Built containing both Gothic and Baroque elements, Maria Saal Church is a place that will leave you spellbound. 

63. Dragon Fountain - Don’t forget to take a selfie with the symbolic dragon fountain modelled on the mythical Lindwurm dragons- this fountain represents the emblem of Klagenfurt and shouldn’t be missed. 

64. Klagenfurt Cathedral - Enjoy a mass at this impressive Roman Catholic cathedral in Klagenfurt- its grand aisles and beautiful altar are alone worth the visit. 

Places to Visit in Styria

Places to Visit in Styria
65. Schlossberg - Walk up to the summit of the Schlossberg hill, relax in its landscaped gardens, play some games, and enjoy the panoramic view of the sunset over the city of Graz for a memorable experience. 

66. Kunsthaus Graz - Not only does the Graz Art Museum house a delightful variety of iconic artworks, it’s building itself is also a work of art. Architectural elegance meets artistic creativity in every part of this structure, making it a memorable place to visit. 

67. Eggenberg Palace, Graz - Marvel endlessly at the fascinating Baroque structure that dominated this palace complex situated impressively in the middle of extensive scenic gardens. Visiting the Eggenberg Palace, one of Austria’s treasured cultural legacy’s, is an absolutely wonderful thing to do in Austria. 

68. Hauser Kaibling - Enjoy the outdoor sports at this magnificent year-round destination. If you’re visiting in the winters, ski here. But if its summer when you’re here, go hiking, cycling, or mountain climbing for a memorable experience. 

69. Herberstein Zoo - Interact with a variety of exotic animals from all over the world, from fallow deer to lions. Over 3000 rosebushes blossom here, making Herberstein Zoo a very interesting and romantic place to visit. 

70. Altstadt von Graz - Enjoy roaming around the cobbled alleyways and narrow streets of the Old Town of Graz as you marvel at the architectural elegance of the city and delight your palate in the quaint cafes around. 

71. Uhrturm - Spend a few hours roaming around the premises of the Graz Clock Tower. Not only does the medieval clock tower make for some astonishingly beautiful city views, it also features delightful gardens where you can admire the landscaping and soak in the sun. 

72. Basilika Mariatrost - Standing on top of the Purberg hill, this breathtaking Baroque structure is a fascinating pilgrimage site to visit, both for its grandiose architecture and marvellous frescoes as well as it's religious importance in Styria. 

73. Hochwurzen - If you’re in Styria for the winter, don’t miss the opportunity of exploring the glorious trails that make skiing in Hochwurzen an experience unlike any other. 

74. Hauptplatz - Enjoying the lively activities taking place on the vibrant Hauptplatz square is a great thing to do in Austria. From exploring the medieval buildings to roaming to sampling the street food to taking endless pictures, Hauptplatz is a place not to be missed in Styria. 

75. Gesäuse National Park - Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, river rafting, mountain climbing, rock climbing- a chance to do all this and more amidst some of Austria’s most stunning landscapes- that is what visiting this national park is all about. 

76. Treppe ins Nichts - Standing on the high-altitude glass deck and gazing out at the awe-inspiring alpine landscape is a must do when in Austria, so do pay a visit to the Treppe ins Nichts on the Dachstein glacier! 

77. Styrassic Park - Step into the Mesozoic Era with a visit to the Styrassic Park and take a selfie with the dinos there for an offbeat experience in Styria.
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Explore All (9)

Places to Visit in Upper Austria

Places to Visit in Upper Austria
78. Hallstätter See - Enjoy the perfection of Lake Hallstatt on a boat or by taking a dip in its refreshing waters, and while you’re here, don’t miss out on the chance to explore the tiny Hallstatt village on its shores. 

79. 5 Fingers - Renowned as the “most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps”, 5 fingers on Mount Krippenstein will fascinate you with its beautiful Alpine views and make you want to gaze on and on forever. 

80. Ars Electronica Center - Listen to music with a twist with the musicBottles or play table tennis on the virtual water with Pingpongplus or enjoy the secrets of our world with the exhibits in the Hidden World among others as you stroll through the interesting world of Ars Electronica in Linz.

81. Kaiservilla - Tour the imperial Kaiservilla and enjoy its delightful summer gardens for a beautiful experience in the little town of Bad Ischl in Austria.
82. Mauthausen Memorial - Pay a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and understand its impact in depth as you tour the memorial and museum situated on this former Nazi concentration camp. 

83. New Cathedral, Linz - Marvel at the magnificence of the largest church in Austria as you gaze upon the spellbinding imperial structure of the New Cathedral of Linz, and enjoy its iconic stained-glass windows.

84. Schmiding Zoo - Housed within Schloss Schmiding, this beautiful zoo features the largest walk-through aviary in the world and is a must-visit in Upper Austria. 

Places to Visit in Lower Austria

Places to Visit in Lower Austria
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85. Melk Abbey - Gorgeous architecture combined with breathtaking views, visiting Melk Abbey will allow you to enjoy a quiet afternoon in Austria with a sweeping panorama of a company. 

86. Seegrotte - Have an underground boating adventure with a visit to these underwater mines which were flooded over a hundred years ago. Boating on the underground lake is a popular attraction. 

87. Schloss Hof - One of the most popular Baroque structures in Austria, Schloss Hof is an awe-inspiring example of Austria’s architectural legacy, and is a must visit when you’re touring Lower Austria. 

88. Göttweig Abbey - Located on the shores of the Danube River, Göttweig Abbey is a beautiful meditative place with a library filled with ancient books that are its centre of attraction. 

89. Carnuntum - Step into a unique historical world as you explore the Roman artefacts in this stalwart Roman Legionary Fortress, several interesting exhibitions are held here year-round, giving tourists plenty of entertainment opportunities. 

90. Burg Kreuzenstein - Enjoy the views from this picturesque medieval castle surrounded by densely wooded growth as it sits imperially atop the hill overlooking the village of Leobendor. 

91. Liechtenstein Castle - Standing on the edge of the Wienerwald woods in Vienna, this grand castle is truly a sight to behold. If you’re in Austria for the summer, do enjoy a play or two at the Nestroy Theatre Festival held in its grounds. 

92. Artstetten Castle - A place that holds a significant place in world history, this castle was the residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, the first casualties of World War I. Their graves are to be found here. 

93. Danube-Auen National Park - Camping on the largest floodplains in Middle Europe is a memorable experience and should certainly be enjoyed in the Danube-Auen National Park. 

94. Aggstein Castle - Situated on the banks of the Danube, the ruins of the legendary Aggstein Castle are a popular tourist destination in Wachau. Enjoying a picnic here is a lovely way to experience it. 

95. Laxenburg Castles - Touring the Laxenburg castles, a series of imperial castles outside Vienna, and learning all about their cultural significance, is a great way to spend a royally-inspired day in Vienna. 

Places to Visit in Burgenland

Places to Visit in Burgenland
Image Credit :
96. Schloss Esterházy - Spend a day immersed in Baroque art and architecture as you tour the marvellous halls and sweeping grounds of the grand Schloss Esterházy, a 13th-century structure which also features an extensive wine shop and a delightful gift shop. 

97. Familypark Neusiedlersee - Have an adventurous time as you enjoy adrenaline rushes the rides of Familypark Neusiedlersee are bound to give you. 

98. Forchtenstein Castle- Step into another world as you roam the sombre halls of the Forchtenstein Castle, a relic of the Middle Ages and a popular tourist attraction in Burgenland. 

99. Dorfmuseum Mönchhof - A visit to this lovely open-air village museum is a fantastic experience to have in Burgenland, and will give you a fun-filled insight into the past of the region. 

100. Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park - Immerse yourself in natural beauty with a visit to this beautiful national park with its meadows and salt ponds, birds and lush forests.  

101. Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg - Have fun on the water slides, lounge beside the pools, relax in the saunas and steam baths, and have a soothing massage session as you enjoy yourself in the thermal environment of Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg. 
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