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COVID-19 : ABU DHABI is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to ABU DHABI?

Leisure travel is allowed with some restrictions. Flights are functional from India, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Switzerland, Serbia, Japan, United States, Maldives, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, South Korea, France, Philippines, Oman, Kuwait, Indonesia.

  • Groups of more than 5 people are not allowed in public places
  • Only 3 people are allowed in one car
  • Wearing masks and following social distancing in public areas is mandatory for all travellers
  • Capacity of malls and restaurants are limited to 30%
  • Reopened beaches and museums are allowing 40% of the previous capacity
  • Seating allowance in restaurants is limited to 2-4 customers per table and the tables are separated by 2 metres
  • Individual outdoor sports like cycling, cricket, golf, etc are allowed for people aged 12-60 years
  • Travellers arriving at Abu Dhabi are advised to self-qurantine themselves at home for 14 days
  • Travellers must not allow any visitors to visit them during this period
  • Travellers self-quarantining are advised to follow all safety measures, practice personal hygiene and monitor their symptoms and report to a medical facility if feeling unwellRead more.

Flights to Abu Dhabi are available from England, India, Thailand, Germany and 50+ other destinations.

Local Transport
  • Public transport including taxis, buses and metro are running with reduced capacity and enhanced safety measures
  • Public bus services are available from 6 am to 8 pm
  • Wearing masks and maintaining social distance is mandatory for all passengers on public transport
  • In taxis, more than 2 passengers are not allowed

Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all guidelines issued by the government in Abu Dhabi to stay safe. If you're travelling to Abu Dhabi, make sure you have a recent COVID-negative certificate. We also recommend you to practice personal hygiene to ensure your safety.

Indian Citizens with “Any Valid UAE Visa” Can Now Travel to the Arab Nation Updated: 14 Aug 2020

Indian citizens holding any type of UAE visa will now be able to take a flight to the country from India. Read more.

Malls in Abu Dhabi reopen with limited capacity allowed Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several malls in Abu Dhabi have been reopened to the public with 30% of the capacity allowed to enable visitors to follow social distancing.

Food & beverage outlets in Abu Dhabi reopen Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several food & beverage outlets in Abu Dhabi have been reopened with various safety measures in place. The outlets will operate at a 30% capacity, a maximum of 4 people allowed per table and a minimum distance of 2.5 m between each table.

COVID-negative certificate mandatory for arriving travellers in Abu Dhabi Updated: 13 Aug 2020

All travellers arriving in Abu Dhabi need to present a COVID-negative certificate from a government-authorized lab, issued not more than 96 hours before departure

Travellers to submit a health declaration form & register on the ALHOSN app Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Travellers arriving at Abu Dhabi need to fill a health declaration form at immigration counter and also need to download and register at the ALHOSN app

Parks & Beaches in Abu Dhabi reopen with limited capacity allowed Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several parks & beaches in Abu Dhabi including Bani Yas Ladies Park, Shahama Park 2 and 3, and Al Bahia Park have been reopened with various safety measures in place. It is mandatory for visitors to wear masks and follow social distancing as they enter in the premises. Read more.

Various luxury hotels & resorts reopen in Abu Dhabi with safety measures in place Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Various hotels & resorts including Fairmont, InterContinental, Le Méridien, etc, have reopened for travellers visiting Abu Dhabi with enhanced sanitizations and safety protocols to keep their guests safe. Read more.

From traditional markets that have preserved the essence of Abu Dhabi to newly developed markets that feature state of the art facilities – markets in Abu Dhabi are of all kinds. With a variety of markets bearing an air of liveliness and brimming with fascinating stuff that will tempt the shopper in you, you do not want to limit your Abu Dhabi venture to just sightseeing and adventure sports.

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Carpets with intricate designs, an impressive variety of dates, the finest Arab and Western gold jewellery, and latest collections of international clothing brands – whatever you are planning to buy, you will find it at these markets.

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Make the most of your evening in Abu Dhabi by visiting the bustling Souk Al Bawadi & Souk Al Qaws which are best known to make available a wide range of low-priced souvenirs. If you want to go on a shopping spree and stuff your bag without burning a hole in your pocket, Al Ain Souq is the best choice for an authentic Arab style market experience.

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Or you can walk across streets while the aroma of hundreds of spices teases your nostrils at Souk Al Zafarana. Besides, Gold Souk Abu Dhabi is, of course, the best choice if you are planning to buy some gold.

Here are some of the best markets in Abu Dhabi:


Abu Dhabi Dates Market

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Abu Dhabi Dates Market

Since dates are iconic to the Arab culture, there is an entire market in Abu Dhabi dedicated to the fruit. Locally known as Mina Dates Market, Abu Dhabi Dates Market is also gaining popularity among tourists who would like to buy this luscious and nutritious fruit at reasonable rates.

The variety of dates here is wide and impressive, featuring dates of various shades, textures, and tastes. If you are looking for some cheaper options, locally grown date varieties such as Khlas and Lulu are recommended as they can be bought at a rate as low as AED 20 per kg. Besides, dates imported from Palestine, Oman, and KSA are also available here, most of which are a little on the expensive side.

Timings: 7 am to 12 am

Location: Al Mina Vegetable Market, Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi

What to Shop: Locally grown and imported dates can be purchased at reasonable rates.

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Gold Souk Abu Dhabi

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Gold Souk Abu Dhabi

If you are hunting for precious jewellery with latest designs, Gold Souk Abu Dhabi is definitely one of the most recommended places in Abu Dhabi for shopping. Located within Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Gold Souk Abu Dhabi is a jewellery market with rows of outlets selling amazing collections of gold jewels in traditional Arabic and classic Western styles.

From the biggest jewellers in the Gulf like Damas and Rivoli to some not so known but excellent jewellers have their outlets here. As you step inside the souk, your eyes will be blinded by the glitter of the gold ornaments that exhibit lavishness and great craftsmanship.

Whether you want to purchase gold for the purpose of investment or you want to buy it for personal use, once you start exploring the collections, you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Timings: 9 am to 10 pm

Location: Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre & Gold Centre, off Sheikh Zayed the 1st Road, Abu Dhabi

What to shop: Gold ingots and jewellery available in 18, 21, 22, and 24 carats.

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Souk Al Zafarana

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Souk Al Zafarana

Souk Al Zafarana is where the Old Souk of Al Ain found its new home, so it is naturally a significant marketplace in the region. Owing to the large spectrum of regional products available here, Souk Al Zafarana is one of the best markets in Abu Dhabi to get some insights into the culture of Dubai.

That is probably why no culture vulture visiting Abu Dhabi ever skips this bustling marketplace. From fruits and vegetables to traditional garment and souvenirs, this market has everything to offer. If you are planning to take a tour of this market, be ready for an assault on your senses with the vibrant colours, shimmering articles, and exotic fragrances that create a mesmerizing aura here.

Take back home some original Arab spices from here, buy incense to fill your home with the fragrances from Arabia, or purchase authentic handicrafts to keep the memory of your days in Abu Dhabi alive.

Timings: 10 am to Midnight

Location: Zayed Al Awwal Street, Al Ain

What to Shop: Local spices and traditional handicraft items.

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Al Ain Souk

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Al Ain Souk

If you have some time on your hands to spare on cultural exploration, Al Ain Souq is strongly recommended. This is one of the few markets in Abu Dhabi that have managed to preserve the original vibes of a typical outdoor Arab marketplace.

Since items of daily use and eatables are sold here, you will always find Al Ain Souk bustling with throngs of locals. However, you can also spot a lot of foreigners here, soaking up the delightful atmosphere of this market which is in stark contrast to the air-conditioned, high-end shopping complexes in the city.

If you are good at bargaining, a visit to this market is an ultimate chance to enrich yourself with loads of beautifully crafted souvenirs. And If you are a photography enthusiast, you are advised to bring your camera along because this souk offers an opportunity to capture the spirit of the original Abu Dhabi.

Timings: 10 am to 7 pm

Location: Off Zayed Bin Sultan Street, Abu Dhabi

What to Shop: Atmosphere of an old traditional Arab bazaar.

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Carpet Souk

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Carpet Souk

Counted among the finest Abu Dhabi markets, Carpet Souk is a must-visit marketplace in the city regardless of whether you want to buy something, or you just want to bless your eyes with the sight of brilliant craftsmanship.

Located in the busy locality of Mina Road, this market serves as a great attraction for tourists. The market has several shops where carpets from different countries of the continent are available for sale.

Whether you fancy the intricate Persian patterns or your preference is an old tribal piece from Pakistan and Afghanistan, it is rare to find the kind of variety that can be enjoyed in this market. So if you are looking for carpets, prayer rugs, or mattresses in Abu Dhabi, this is certainly one of the recommended places for shopping in Abu Dhabi.

Timings: 9 am to 11 pm

Location: Mina Road, near Abu Dhabi Port Area

What to shop: Handmade and machine-made rugs, carpets, and kilims with exquisite designs.

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Abu Dhabi Farmers' Market

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Abu Dhabi Farmers' Market

Located in the city’s heart, Abu Dhabi Farmers' Market is one of the best places for shopping Abu Dhabi if you are looking for fresh produce. A large variety of organic fruits and vegetables are available here at reasonable rates which makes it a popular spot for locals.

However, the market is also becoming increasingly popular among tourists who are interested in observing the life in Abu Dhabi from a closer distance as well as those who do not mind indulging their taste buds in an English breakfast.

In addition to fresh produce straight out of farms, this market also has several food options where one could relish delicious snacks and refreshing beverages.

Timings: 4 pm to 10 pm

Location: bay Avenue Market, Near Business Bay, Abu Dhabi

What to Shop:
 Among the best Abu Dhabi markets to buy organic food items.

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Central Market

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Central Market

Erected on the ground where once thrived the iconic traditional souk – the earliest major spot for trade and commerce in Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi Central Park is one of the most visited markets in Abu Dhabi. Looking at the wide range of regional and international products that are displayed here, any shopaholic is bound to rejoice and forget about the budget restraints.

Attar perfumes, antiques, branded clothes, and fashion accessories – a wide selection of everything can be found here. Also, with a range of food outlets located inside the complex, this place is a treat not only for shoppers but for gastronomes as well.

The building is elegantly designed and exhibits an unusual merger of the modern and classic Arab architecture. However, due attention has been given to restore the atmosphere and functioning of the old souk.

Timings: 9 am to 2 am

Location: Zone 1, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi

Highlight of the Market: A wide range of shopping outlets and diners.

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Souk Al Bawadi & Souk Al Qaws

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Souk Al Bawadi & Souk Al Qaws are two popular Abu Dhabi markets in Al Ain, bustling with a mix of locals and outsiders. These outdoor markets come together to offer everything from regional items to services.

Souk Al Bawadi is a popular goods market bearing the atmosphere of a heritage market, best known for its nearly 50 outlets where traditional articles and souvenirs are available at a cheap price.

So, if you are bored and your luggage has a lot of unoccupied space, a visit to this market will help you fill the void with the right items. Souk Al Qaws, on the other hand, is a service hub where you can find banks, travel agencies, money exchanges, etc.

These twin markets have an energetic ambience along with pretty architecture, and these two factors also make it an excellent place for photography.

Timings: 9 am to 12 am

Location: Meyzad Road, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

What to Shop: Heritage market with dozens of stores selling good quality regional goods.

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Khalifa City A Market

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One of those markets in Abu Dhabi that can be relied upon to create a wonderful evening for you and your family, Khalifa City A Market is a popular choice among the locals.

Located in the middle of the upscale residential area of Khalifa City A, this market features several restaurants, cafes, saloons, and supermarkets to take care of all your requirements.

The quiet atmosphere of the market makes it a highly recommended option if you are looking for someplace nice without having to deal with a crowd of tourists. Enjoy your dinner at one of the restaurants here, and hit Al Raha Beach which is located in close proximity – Khalifa City A Market deserves to be on your Abu Dhabi Itinerary.

Timings: 6 am to 12 am

Location: SW 2, Abu Dhabi

What to Shop
: La Brioche and Jones the Grocer are popular eateries in the market.

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Newly Added Abu Dhabi Experience

Abu Dhabi Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi
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People Also Ask About Abu Dhabi

  1. What should I shop in Abu Dhabi?

    You can shop for different things in markets in Abu Dhabi like
    Carpets: You can buy carpets or Presian rugs on your trip to Abu Dhabi. There are different beautiful carpets and rugs in Abu Dhabi exported throughout the world. You can decorate your house with these beautiful carpets. Carpet souk is a place in Abu Dhabi market from where you can purchase beautiful carpets.
    Dates: You cannot fly back home without dates as these are the traditional treats offered to the guests in Abu Dhabi. These are famous and easy to carry back home.
  2. Is Abu Dhabi expensive to shop?

    Abu Dhabi is quite expensive in terms of shopping but you can still bargain at some vendors. There are a lot of malls and markets in Abu Dhabi which have similar stores and you can shop for clothes, accessories, makeup and a lot more at the malls. Shopping is amazing in Abu Dhabi and it is also tax free so this is a plus point for shopping.
  3. What is famous in Abu Dhabi?

    There are different things famous in Abu Dhabi which you can buy from the markets in Abu Dhabi such as, dates which you can buy it from dates market, gold from Gold souk, carpets from carpet souk, local handmade items, camel milk chocolate, Arabian perfumes, coffee pots, aromatic wood chips and oils, spices and branded things such as clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup are the famous things in Dubai which you can shop.
  4. Is Gold cheap in Abu Dhabi?

    Yes, gold is cheaper in Abu Dhabi and you can buy gold from different stores at Abu Dhabi Malls. It is cheaper as compared to India and is a good option to buy gold. Hamdaan Street and Gold Souk are some famous Abu Dhabi Markets from where you can get cheap gold.
  5. What can I bring home from Abu Dhabi?

    You can bring some amazing things from Abu Dhabi markets which are famous there like handmade items, camel milk chocolates which is a homegrown elegance and is a perfect gift for your friends and family, handmade rugs and carpets perfect for decorating your home, trendy pashmina shawls, dates, gold which is comparatively cheaper than India, some spices, fragrant perfumes, handmade coffee pots, aromatic wood chips and oils and branded products for the fashion enthusiasts such as clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup.
  6. Is food expensive in Abu Dhabi?

    Abu Dhabi is quite expensive for tourists but there are some restaurants which offer good food at reasonable prices. Meal prices can vary in Abu Dhabi and it can cost you AED 60 for a one day meal.

    However, you can get breakfast at a comparably lesser price than lunch or dinner. You can also find some good restaurants at an affordable price. There are some good restaurants offering alcohol and amazing food for a great evening as well.
  7. How much money should I take to Dubai for a week?

    You should carry at least AED 7445 for a week per person as the average amount spent for a day in Dubai is AED 1064 including travelling, food, accommodation and other expenses.

    A couple trip will cost AED 29740 including everything. If you are travelling with children, their price will be reduced as tickets for children are cheaper and your rooms would be shared with them.
  8. Are electronics cheaper in Abu Dhabi?

    Electronics are cheaper in Abu Dhabi as compared to India. You can buy phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and games from Supermarkets in Abu Dhabi or at the Airport.

    You will get the latest models of electronics at a cheaper price in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. You cannot take a TV to India because the customs are heavy duty on imported TV sets and it would be difficult to carry as well.
  9. What is the cheapest month to travel to Abu Dhabi?

    The cheapest month to travel to Abu Dhabi is September because June, July and August is considered to be the peak time to visit Abu Dhabi and in September, you can get everything comparatively cheaper.

    The products at the Supermarkets in Abu Dhabi would be cheaper, you can get the shopping items at a lower price and best deals at the flights to Abu Dhabi. You can also visit Dubai at this time as the peak time to visit Dubai is October, November and December so you can find Dubai cheaper as well.
  10. Is Abu Dhabi cheaper than Dubai?

    No, Abu Dhabi is not cheaper than Dubai. In terms of living, Abu Dhabi rates are 30% higher than Dubai. Abu Dhabi is a traditional and calm city as compared to Dubai, there are a lot of shopping spots in Dubai from where you can get a huge variety of products as Dubai is called a shoppers paradise. You can get similar products from Abu Dhabi markets in Dubai as well.

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