Tourist Places to Visit in Haridwar

Mansa Devi Temple, Crystal World, Har Ki Pauri, Chandi Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple, Sapt Rishi Ashram, Bara Bazar, Local Markets, Rajaji National Park, Pawan Dham and many more.

The city of Haridwar welcomes its visitors with chimes of the temple bells and religious chanting of the priests. Famous for being one of the seven holiest places of India, the name of the city Haridwar (Hari ka Dwar) means Gateway to God. The city is also known for the “Panch Tirth (five pilgrimages)” which includes Gangadwara(Har Ki Pauri), Kushwart (Ghat), Kankhal, Biswas Tirtha( Mansa Devi) and Neel Parvat (Chandi Devi). Other places to visit in Haridwar are religious attractions such as Maya Devi Temple, Darsha Mahadev Temple, and Pavan Dham.

The city also has a replica of the Vaishno Devi temple at Jammu for those who have not been able to visit the temple at Jammu. Adding to the list of places to see in Haridwar is an 8 storey temple dedicated to Bharat Mata. The beauty of this city lies in its blend of being a holy place with a beautiful natural environment. Visitors are awed when they watch the Ganga Aarti in progress especially during the evening. 

Other Tourist places in Haridwar include Crystal World with its museums for the kids, Patanjali Yogpeeth for people looking for health improvements. For nature lovers, the city is a paradise, watching exotic migratory birds at Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar or a jungle safari at Chilla Sanctuary and Rajaji Sanctuary or even enjoying the tranquil beauty of the Ganges from one of the ghats.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Haridwar:

Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Temple, also known as Bilwa Tirth is one of the Panch Tirth (Five Pilgrimages) is within Haridwar. It is a Tourist attraction in Haridwar which is a Hindu temple dedicated to Mansa Devi, goddess of Snake.

The temple is located at the top of Biswas Parvat on the Shivalik Hills which is a part of the southernmost range of Himalaya. Visitors can reach the temple either by 3km steep trek or by cable car which is also known as Mansa Devi Udankhatola. The temple has two statues of Mansa Devi - one with three mouths and five arms and another with eight arms.

Location - Haridwar

Timing - The temple remains open from 7 am to 7 pm with a lunch closing from 12 pm to 2 pm. Cable car services can be availed from as early as 6:30 am to 5 pm (April-October) and from 8:30 am to 5 pm during the other months.

Best Time to Visit- May to September in summer and December & January in winter

Entry Fee - Temple has no entry fee but the ropeway to the temple is chargeable at Rs.100 per person.

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Har Ki Pauri

One of the Tourist places in Haridwar is Har ki Pauri which basically means footsteps of the Lord. It is the holy ghat where river Ganges touches the plains after winding its ways through the Himalayan ranges. Visitors flock along this pious ghat around dawn to take a holy dip. during the Ganga Aarati.

It is mesmerising to watch the whole ghat getting illuminated by the shimmering lights of the three-tiered lamps of fire in the hands of the priests . Additionally, devotees float thousands of diyas on the surface of the water giving the river Ganges an ethereal aura of beauty. A prime attraction during the day time is a footprint imprinted on a wall which is believed to belong to Lord Vishnu.

Location - harkipodi, near Krishna Dham, Kharkhari

Timing - Open at all times

Best Time to Visit - Can be visited every month of the year although summer can be hot during day time.

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Ganga Aarti

According to Hindu traditions and culture, the river Ganga is not a mere river; instead, it is the Divine Mother who gifts life in the form of water. Ganga Aarti is the worship of river Ganga. Thousands of visitors gather to watch the aarti both in the morning as well as in the evening when priests hold three-tier diyas and fire bowls in their hands and chant the Ganga mantras.

The bells of the temples at the ghat start ringing at the same time making the atmosphere enchanting. People float diyas on the river to show their respect. Although early morning aartis are also beautiful in the wake of the dawn, it is the evening aartis with vibrant lights from the candles and diyas, which draws more attraction.

Location - harkipodi, near Krishna Dham, Kharkhari, Haridwar

Timing - Aarti timings: 5:30 AM - 6:30 and 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM. 

Best Time to Visit - Aarti is done every day. Those preferring to be a part of a large crowd that is bustling with activity should visit the river in May or June. Those who prefer a quiet atmosphere should visit the river in July and August. 

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Explore All (35)
Maya Devi Temple

One of the Places to visit in Haridwar is Maya Devi Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Maya Devi, who is the incarnation of Goddess Shakti. One of the Shakti Peethas of Haridwar, the temple is believed to have been built over the place where the heart and navel of Sati had fallen as per mythology.

The temple premises have the idols of Goddess Maya, Goddess Kamakhya and Goddess kali. Apart from being a holy place of worship, the temple is well known for its ancient architectural beauty. The temple is known for its elaborate decoration and celebration during the festivals of Navaratri & also during Kumbh Mela.

Location - Upper Road, Birla Ghat, Haridwar

Timing - 6 AM to 12 PM & 4 PM to 8 PM

Best Time to Visit - February, March, August, September & October.

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Sapt Rishi Ashram

Saptarishi( the Seven Sages) Ashram derived its name from the Hindu mythology as per which seven great sages Vashishth, Kashyap, Atri, Vishwamitra, Gautam, Bharadwaja, and Jamadagni met in this place to meditate. Located on the bank of river Ganges, the place is also the point from which river Ganges splits into seven different streams, known as sapto sarovars.

There are 5 statues on the banks of the river for the Pandavas. The place is an abode for Hindu saints and sages who reside, mediate and also research worldly and divine dynamics and practice religious rituals. Apart from being one of the Tourist places in Haridwar, the ashram also is a place for students who reside and learn from the saints.

Location - Bhupatwala, Haridwar

Timing - Daily 6 AM to 7 PM

Best Time to Visit - Except January and July

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Bara Bazar

For visitors wishing to indulge in shopping for what Haridwar is famous for, Bara Bazar is one of the Tourist places in Haridwar. This colorful Bazar is the main marketplace of the city. The traditional Bazar which meanders through narrow lanes is full of shops selling religious paraphernalia like Rudraksha seeds, to ayurvedic products and medicines to Churans and digestive powders to handcrafted materials and ornaments.

For sweet lovers, sweet shops are selling various sweets. A special mention is “Pedas” , the local specialty made from milk. For visitors wishing to fulfill a pang of hunger, there are food vendors and small restaurants.

Location - Subhash Ghat, Haridwar

Timing - Daily 9 am to 10 pm

Best Time to Visit - Except for January & July

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Explore All (15)
Chandi Devi Temple

One of the shaktipeeth at the top of Neel Parvat is Chandi Devi Temple, dedicated to Chandika Devi, who was born out of the energy of Devi Durga to kill the demon king's Shumbha-Nishumbha.  

Worshippers visiting this place can opt for a 3km adventurous trek to the hilltop while experiencing beautiful sights punctuated by monkeys around the place. The other, more comfortable, way of traveling is by the Udankhatola, the ropeway service. Few worshippers can also take trolley service which plies along the way. 

There is a pond beside the temple which has medicinal values for which it attracts the visitors who take a dip. There are several vendors around the temple selling Prasad, Diya, agarbatti, etc for those who want to offer puja.

Location - Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Timing - Daily 6 AM - 12 PM & 3 PM - 6 PM

Best Time to Visit - February to October.

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Local Markets

Haridwar is famous for lots of items that are sold in the local bazaars such as Intricately carved stone idols, puja utensils made of brass and copper, beads, cane baskets, glass bangles, and other ornaments. People visit Jwalapur Market for souvenirs,fruits and vegetables and also sweets for which it is famous. 

Moti Bazar, the main bazaar of the city, is for Pooja items like Diya, sandalwood paste, etc. and also famous for bangles and ornaments. For holy materials like Rudraksha males, pendants, motifs, etc, visitors must visit the Kankhal market.    

Location - Jwalapur Market at Jwalapur, Moti Bazar at Moti Bazar Road, Kankhal Market at Kankhal, Chowk Bazar, Haridwar

Timing - 9 am to 10 pm daily

Best Time to Visit - Any time of the month

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Pawan Dham

Amongst the places to visit in Haridwar, is Pavan Dham, one of the oldest temples in India. The temple is famous for its remarkable architecture with its intrinsic glasswork on the designed walls. The idols of this temple have been adorned with precious stones and gems adding to the beauty.

 The beauty of the place enhances when the sun rays reflect on the idols and the walls of the place. So, to enjoy its beauty, visitors should visit the place in daylight. The temple is a part of a non-profit organization that believes in rendering free service to significant social causes. 

Location -Sapt Sarovar Road, Haridwar

Timing - 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily

Best Time to Visit - May-June and August to October. Also, peak winter around December and January.

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Birla Ghat
Image Credit :
Birla Ghat is one of the oldest riverside ghats at Haridwar. It is a leisurely stretch that will charm visitors with the solitude that makes for the very air here. The ghat has provision for the visitors to take a holy dip in the early hours of dawn. Security barriers in the place have been given to ensure no one slips into the water of Ganges.

The ghat has a lot of eateries where visitors can go for breakfast and snacks after taking the holy dip.

Location - Birla Ghat, Haridwar

Timing - 24 hours 

Best Time to Visit - February to June; August to December
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Crystal World

One of the Places to visit in Haridwar Crystal world is Uttarakhand’s largest Entertainment Destination having an amusement park with a Water World Park and two museums. The amusement park has 39 water and thrill rides (22 rides & 17 slides) which the young visitors enjoy most.

The two museums, India’s Celebrity museum with 14 silicon statues and Interactive Art Museum with 25 3D paintings adds to the fun. The place also has its highway food court where visitors can enjoy food for 3 generations under one roof.

Location - Delhi Rd, Batedi

Timing - Amusement Park - 10:30 am to 8:00 pm, Water Park - 10:30 am to 6:00 pm

Best Time to Visit - All months of the year. Not very comfortable during monsoon season.

Entry Fee

Adult : ₹700 (M-Fri) / ₹800 (Sat & Sun)

Children : ₹600(M-Fri) / ₹700 (Sat & Sun)

Sr. Citizens : ₹600(M-Fri) / ₹700 (Sat & Sun)

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Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar is a paradise for bird watchers. The famous bird watching point is situated at the Bhimgoda Barrage of Haridwar and has been blessed with abundant wildlife, flora, and fauna adding to the beauty of the place.

The place becomes breathtakingly beautiful in winters when colorful birds of various species migrate to this place. Special mention would be Siberian Cranes from Rajliwala. Being very close to many trekking routes in Haridwar, the place is also a favorite amongst the trekkers and nature lovers. Adding to the beauty of the place is the glorious views of the snow-covered Shivalik Hills which makes it to the top list of tourist attractions in Haridwar.

Location - Bhimgoda Barrage

Timing - 07:00 am - 07:00 pm daily

Best Time to Visit - Daily 07:00 am - 02:00 pm. The best time to visit is during winters.

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Daksha Mahadev Temple
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Daksha Mahadev Temple, which is also known as Daksheswara Mahadev Temple, is one of the oldest temples Located in Kankhal in Haridwar and is one of the Places to see in Haridwar.Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati, the temple was named after Goddess Swati’s father, King  Daksha Prajapati.

The temple houses a Yajna Kund and also has a thousand year old Banyan tree. The Daksha ghat on the left of the main temple allows devotees to take a dip in the holy Ganga River. The temple becomes exceptionally beautiful with elaborate decorations during the Maha Shivaratri. 

Location - MK Gandhi Road, Ahead of Chowk Bazaar, Kankhal, Haridwar

Timing - 4 AM - 7 PM Daily

Best Time to Visit - During the months of Sawan as per Hindu Calendar when the temple is decorated.
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Bharat Mata Mandir

Among all the famous shrines and temples that make Haridwar a hub for those seeking God, Bharat Mata Mandir is the most unique one. What makes this temple so special is that the country, India, is worshipped here as a goddess. The temple complex is eight-storeyed and is located near the river Ganges. 

The architecture of the temple is quite different from any other temple you will see in Haridwar. The temple was inaugurated in 1983 by Late Mrs Indira Gandhi. Apart from being a place of worship, the complex also houses an allopathic dispensary, diagnostic camps, cow shelter, an old age home, and a ved shala. 

Undoubtedly, Bharat Mata Mandir is among the interesting places to visit in Haridwar.

Location: Motichur, Haridwar

Timing: 7:30 am to 5 pm

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Vaishno Devi Temple
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The Vaishno Devi Temple in Haridwar is a replica of the original temple situated in Katra, Jammu. The temple is dedicated to Maa Vaishno Devi, an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. To maintain the beauty of the original temple, this temple also has man-made caves through which visitors have to crawl to reach the heart of the temple.

Apart from the idol of Maa Vaishno Devi, the temple also has the idols of Goddess Kali and Goddess Saraswati along with 12 Jyotirlingas which are replicas of Lord Shiva.     

Location - Jagdish Nagar, Jwalapur, Uttarakhand

Timing - 5 am to 12 pm and again from 4 pm to 9 pm daily

Best Time to Visit - Between October to March
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Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are under the impression that Haridwar holds nothing for tourists other than religion and culture, this place is like a breath of fresh air to make things all the more exciting for you. A treat for all wildlife lovers in Haridwar, Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary is home to an impressive range of animals and birds. 

Among the major wildlife species you can expect to witness here are elephant, tiger, leopard, and bear. Located on the banks of river Ganges, this wildlife zone sprawls across an area of 249 sq. km, and was established in 1977. So, if you are looking to taste some thrill on your Haridwar trip, Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary offers ample opportunities.

Location: 6 km from Haridwar

Timing: 6 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 6 pm

Entry Fee: INR 150 per person
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Patanjali Yoga Peeth

A must amongst Places to visit in Haridwar is Patanjali Yogpeeth which aims to achieve peace, good health, and happiness by freeing people across the world from diseases without the use of allopathy medicine with its side effects. This is achieved with the help of yoga therapy mainly.

The institute has regular classes on yoga and gives training on various yoga forms. There is also a hospital that gives ayurvedic treatment to visitors traveling from all over the world. The place also has an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit. For visitors wishing to stay in this place, there is an accommodation facility as well. 

Location - Maharshi Dayanand Gram, Delhi-Haridwar National Highway Near Bahadarbad

Timing - Ayurveda OPD is open from 9 am to 5 pm. Hospital is open 24 hours

Best Time to Visit - Can be visited in all months of the year.

Entry Fee - Nil. OPD Consultation with Doctors is also free.

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Vishnu Ghat
Vishnu Ghat is one of the tranquil treats of Haridwar where Visitors can soak themselves in the spirituality of this town. Provisions have been kept for a holy dip in the revered Ganges River in the early morning. During the evening, visitors can enjoy the divine aura of the place which also surrounds this city in its very spirit.

The legend says that Lord Vishnu had taken a dip in the heavenly River Ganges at this ghat giving it its name. Many devotees believe that going for a holy dip takes away one’s sins here. The ghat has been wonderfully designed with safety cautions and cleanliness keeping in mind the health and safety of the visitors.

Location - Haridwar Village, Haridwar

Timing - Open on all days 24 hours except Wednesday

Best Time to Visit - Around winters or springtime
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Swami Vivekanand Park
One of the Places to see in Haridwar is Swami Vivekanand Park located near Har ki Pauri. This  beautiful triangular shaped  park  boasts of lush green lawns and flowering beds. The park has two enormous statues - one of Swami Vivekanada, famous for his teaching on Indian culture and the other of Lord Shiva, which is visible even from a long distance.

The park is an ideal place for those who like to go for morning jogging. Due to its proximity to Har Ki Pauri, visitors can enjoy the view of the ghat while having a relaxing day out in the park.

Location - NH 58 Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar

Timing - Daily 7 AM to 6 PM

Best Time to Visit - During winter and spring seasons.
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Newly Added Haridwar Experience

Haridwar Travel Guides

13 April 2019
The stay at kund was a very pleasant one. It had wonderfull golden views of Kedardome. Sound of mountain river just below the campsite was like a soothing lullaby. The fully blooming rhododendron gave the perfect reddish look of the season FALL. Now as we come to the part of the trek to deorital, the day started with a double puncture of one of our car which was to take us to SARI. But to our joy it provided us the perfect excuse to start our trek right from kund. The opportunity gave us time to photograph the kedar dome from a height and on the way we also came by a hilly waterfall which gave us plenty to take home some mesmerizing photographs. By the time our car was ready to take us to Sari. On reaching Sari we started our climb to Deorital Lake . On the way we filled up our water bottles from a mountain spring and wow the most refreshing drink i had in my life off cousre accompanied by chewing of rhododendron petals. On reaching deorital we were greeted with patches of snow and a mesmerizing view of snow clad-en peaks of Chaukhamba. We could even capture the reflection of the cliffs in the clear water of the lake. After having a packed lunch we descended down to sari by taking a visit to hilly temple. On the way back we went to Ukhimath, the winter home of BABA Kedarnath. The secondays climb was from Chopta. There was snow right from Chopta. We claded our shoes with the mandatory spikes and started our climb throw the snow laden valley and mountain sides of chopta taking occassional breaks. The temple of Tungnath was almost under snow. After taking a break at tungnath we further ascended to Chandrasila peak making new path through the fresh snows. And like we were on the top of the world with 360 degree view of Nanda Devi, Trishul and Chaukhamba. The weather had by then started getting little naughty with patches of black clouds hovering around. After taking a quick packed lunch we started our descend, which was packed with thrills and surprises courtesy our guide Monu Rana. We went back to our childhood days by sliding and rolling through the snows like 3 year old toddlers and just yelling in excitement. On reaching chopta we boarded our cars to be back to kund. A heavy downpour welcomed us to Kund and let us have a unique experience of heavy mountain lashes. Next day we were back to Haridwar after having a tastefull lunch at Jayalgarh. A wow experience of lifetime in my sixth trek.
06 September 2018
All the arrangements, food, logistics, and support was superb. Both our trek guides especially Mr. Narendra supported and took very good care, continuously motivating and helping throughout the journey. This trek requires good fitness and endurance, it would have been good if we were given a heads up about the steep trails and low oxygen. Other than that I loved and enjoyed the experience. Happy with Thrillophillia team. Devashish was also very patient and helpful.
"This is one of the finest treks I have ever been to. The food was too good. Love the team and how they talk is a treat to watch. Overall, it was a relaxing and mind-blowing."
20 March 2020
Reading lots of thrillophilia reviews I decided to go through them for my trek. Amazing trek & experience ! Have been to few other treks but this one will be right at top. So beautiful 360 degree views, along with perfect snowfall! Deoriatal, Chopta, Tungnath & Chandrashila makes it a complete package. One can also combine Haridwar/Rishikesh, either way of the trip. It all starts from beautiful Sari Village. Then we reach Deoriatal camping. Its surreal site and great views around. One can easily get lost with the 360 degree views all around. Next is Chopta. Again a swanky place to stay in Swiss tents , with snow surroundings. Next day, one starts for Tungnath & Summit. That greed to chase, reaching the top & feeling so liberated, is totally worth it. All-in-all, a must go trek.
20 September 2018
Thrillophilia Team(The Booking Platform) : *****(5 Stars) The Valley Of Flowers(The Destination) : *****(5 Stars) Trip date: 8th Sep 2018 So I decided to heed "The Mountain Calling" I have had from last year by gifting myself a trek on my birthday. The main obstacle at that moment was where and how do I start zeroing in on a location and planning. With little effort as a word of mouth I came to know about Thrillophilia platform and half of the job was done in no time. It was very easy and convenient to browse through the trekking locations sorted based on different parameters, packages with detailed information, itinerary and user reviews to make up my mind and choose from. Whatever doubts I had Devashish from the Thrillophilia team was very patient and thorough in helping me through my booking. So Thank you Thrillophilia team for providing people seeking adventure a one-stop solution to book. Happy and proud to say: The Valley of Flowers - Been There Done That! Next, my experience was riding on the logistics and the operator took me by surprise as they swiftly eased me through my apprehensions(i had many being my first solo trip in many many years) right from the time they were assigned as the tour operator for my trek. I found them prompt and precise in sending welcome mail and briefing about the trek and the decorum we needed to maintain in mountains, quick and responsive in every query I had regarding the trek and preparation. I liked their approach of keeping shorter groups and making one to one connection with the whole group to be able to cater to everybody's need to the max of their capacity. A personalised call from trek leader is what I don't expect in this digital age having all the information in the mail or some form but since it was about ensuring that we followed every instruction and didn't miss on anything it felt like a special treatment. We were accompanied by Mr. Narendra Baharwan(Trek Leader) and Samiksha Khanduri (Trek Guide) from the team. I found them very professional yet friendly. After a point, it looked like it wasn't their job but their passion and that's what helped to take their services to next level. I was impressed with their regional associations and tie-ups which helped us to get an essence of the Pahadi culture throughout our trip. I found Mr. Narender as cool, calm and composed leader exactly the kind of person who can get us through challenging and panic situations in mountains. And I could almost call our guide Samiksha "The Trekkipedia" and at times I thought she knew too much (maybe I was jealous ;D). The hotel stays were comfy exactly what you need to rest and recharge yourself for another day challenge. Being a fitness freak I'm very particular about food that I eat. And I was surprised with the food we were served and especially the quality. It was very close to what I eat at home. Also, I would like to use the opportunity to thank the team for a kind and surprise gesture on my birthday improvising on the cake and a flaunting gift. One of the highlights of the trip was responsible and eco-tourism. It felt good to do our bit in maintaining the ecology of mountains. It was equally inspiring to see our host's and Pahadi people's conscious effort to preserve and conserve the nature. And not to forget mentioning meeting some very like-minded and dynamic people in the group was a life fulfilling experience and icing on the cake. And by the end of the tour, everybody appeared almost like long lost friends and it became a party for us. Trek Leader: Mr Narendra Baharwan Trek Guide: Samiksha Khanduri Pilot for the Rides: Mr. Mukesh Auli Lodge Manager: Mr. Bhuvan Ghangaria Home(accommodation) and Food minister: Mr. Shamsher Thank you operator team for your exceptional services!! :) The Valley of Flowers Trek: Being a nature lover I always feel attracted towards nature's wonders. And while browsing on Thrillophilia it didn't take me too long to select the destination as it mentions a blanket of flowers covering a valley in a few km stretches. What a sight would that be was my question to which I had to find an answer. Although there's a peak season catch to be able to see full blossom. Since I visited the valley almost end of the season I saw fewer flowers but I wouldn't say I was disappointed as the mountains standing tall and the waterfalls were mesmerising enough and we could enjoy them totally to ourself as the valley was less crowded at this time. So that's a tradeoff which a person has to decide from but it worked well for me. Sitting beside a waterfall in the lap of nature and drinking mineral right from the source was like unfolding nature's secret. So I do list the location as must visit for whoever seeking nature's blessing and adventure and it's both challenging and soul soothing.
03 November 2020
The arrangement and beautiful places is something one need ro relax. Good job thrillophilia
04 December 2019
Amatra By The Ganges is a great place for a getaway with family and friends. The rooms, grounds and restaurant facilities are all clean and hygenic. The staff were exceptionally warm and embracing. Thanks to Thrillophilia for giving us the best price with so many activities and an additional discount. It was value for money and looking forward to more such amazing experiences.
20 January 2020
Highly recommended! Visited here with my family. Amatra By The Ganges, Haridwar is situated by the banks of the Ganges. The staff was very helpful. The spa facility was outstanding. Looking forward to visiting again!
the street food of Haridwar will definitely bring me back to the city for sure... the trip was very well planned and we were right on time to enjoy the Ganga arti.. a must thing to experience in a life time. and a road trip to Mussoorie was a cherry on the cake.
We recently went for the Chardham yatra and it was a very amazing experience. The trip was well organised, we did not have to worry about anything. The hotel arrangement was very good, the meals were tasty and hygienic, the cab driver was also very good he had good knowledge of the routes and temples. The entire journey was so mesmerizing, beautiful mountains, holy rivers, falls all were so captivating. The Kedarnath and Badrinath temple is amazing. The positivity one feels after going there is incredible. Also we took a bath in the holy river Ganga and attended the Ganga Aarti.

People Also Ask About Haridwar

  1. What are the best places to visit in Haridwar for the family?

    Have the best time of your life at these fascinating places in Haridwar for the family.

    1. Fun Valley Water Park: 
    Nestled in the breathtaking valleys of Haridwar, this water park is an ideal retreat to enjoy a plethora of thrilling activities with your family. You can enjoy aqua dancing, water-based rides and roller coasters. 
    2. Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar: Stay in awe as you witness the rich flora and fauna at this bird sanctuary that is a scenic gem for the visitors. You can also enjoy the panoramic views of Shivalik ranges that are located in the backdrop of this sanctuary.
    3. Crystal World: Spread across eighteen acres of land this water park is the ideal place for your family to enjoy thrilling water rides along with various fun games.
    4. Prem Nagar Ashram: Give your family some time to introspect and find their inner strength at this ashram, where you’re taught various meditation techniques.
  2. What are the best places to visit in Haridwar in 1 day?

    These are the best places to visit in Haridwar in 1 day.
    1. Mansa Devi Temple: This is a popular sidhpeeth sitting atop the Parvat Bilwa and is considered to be an ideal religious spot for the Hindu devotees.
    2. Shanti Kunj: Learn the art of living at this ashram that offers important teachings and values of life to help you achieve mental satisfaction. 
    3. Gau Gath: This sits at the bank of the Ganga river and is known to be the spot where the ashes of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi were immersed.
    4. Rajaji Tiger Reserve: This wildlife reserve spans in around a thousand square kilometers protected region and is home to Asian Elephants as well as Bengal Tiger.

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