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Everyone should go to Dubai on their honeymoon. Such a nice place to celebrate love and I'm glad that we booked this tour, our guide went extra miles to give us the romantic vibes on the entire six-day tour. The highlight of our tour was a trip to the malls and the towering buildings like Burj Khalifa, a beautiful structure, then the Desert and Limo ride- both were fantastic and the Dhow cruise dinner. Loved the hotel stay, they created bed art and made our room so scented and neat.
The Dhow cruise dinner night was so romantic, I can’t explain it in words. Also received complimentary gifts on our honeymoon stay in Dubai.
I went all jittery when I first saw a Limo and then our guide asked to get in, Oh my god! What a car and what a day! I still cherish all those moments which made me feel really special on our honeymoon. I actually didn’t enjoy the desert safari ride, it was a bit bumpy and made me throw up but our guide called it off early and took us to the camp where this Arabian setting was made with Sheesha, BBQ and tanoura dance. I had an empty stomach so as soon as the dinner arrived I just went on hogging, Also, the Indian-Arabian buffet was undoubtedly mouth-watering. At the end of the trip, we both were happy and satisfied and so much more in love. I felt it was quite a pocket-friendly yet rewarding honeymoon tour to an international destination.
We had a three hour leisure time in one of the big malls in Dubai and I shopped like a shopaholic on my honeymoon trip. Felt like a pampered newly-wed wife. I still look at the pictures and keep uploading on social media to inspire some envy among friends. But I would highly recommend this tour, it has everything that you desire on your honeymoon, fun, shopping, adventure, delicious food, well-versed guide, and a romantic cruise dinner on the Marina deck.
I always wanted to see the skyline from the observation deck at the Burj Khalifa to know what the talk is all about. And on the last day of our tour, when we surged to the 124th floor of the building I couldn’t stop clicking pictures with the 360-degree view of the old and new Dubai in the background. What a view!
Dubai has a character that always attracted me when I was single and after my wedding I wanted to take my partner to this extravagant Gulf city so I contacted Thrillophilia for this tour. The itinerary kind of impressed me and the representative assured me with extra details. We are back from our honeymoon and I am fully satisfied with the tour. She looked at the towering building in awe and I couldn’t stop looking at her when we reached the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the city looks spectacular from the observation deck. Best in the market, definitely recommend to others!
Except for the desert camp stay, I liked the tour. The desert camp was beautiful with uncountable stars in the sky but I was sleep deprived in that setting otherwise the tour was commendable. It had almost everything which I expected. We saw Burj Khalifa, Marina deck, Dubai Dolphinarium etc
As soon as Amir greeted us with a bouquet at the airport, we had this feeling that our honeymoon will be awesome. We enjoyed so much, loved the dhow cruise dine out, the marina deck looked like a distant bokeh. Also, we went to the Dubai Dolphinarium and Burj Khalifa. Totally loved the experience
I am back from my honeymoon trip and we are so much more in love. What a well-curated 4-day tour program! It is a worth taking the deal.
Amazing honeymoon. I just can’t get over it. Thank you Thrillophilia, loved it!