Are you a beach lover? Do you enjoy the sunny side of life? How many days can you spend sitting quietly by translucent waters? Are flip flops, sunglasses and breezy white t-shirts your favorite wardrobe element? If your answer is yes, then you have a great chance to fall in love with Maldives. Give a reason to rejuvenate and head to this independent archipelagic nation located in the Indian Ocean. You cannot fail to notice the pristine, white, super soft sand by the sea and the locals with shining faces. Tourism being the major aspect of this country’s economy, Maldives is here to bring you smiles and lots of sunshine. 1190 islands and sandbanks have been bestowed upon this land and are counted among the best tourist places in Maldives. Every island in Maldives looks like a piece of art. Irresistible natural attractions makes this country a much sought after tourist destination.

The abundance of underwater life will keep you shell shocked. A kind of global luxury garnished with clear shades of imagination and gut, lends Maldives a certain form of a ‘dreamy endeavor’. Maldives is a perfect vacation home for independent travelers, families and groups of like- minded individuals. It is an interesting mix of culture and heritage. South Indian, Arabic and Sinhalese community dominate this land. Maldives gives opportunity to both luxury and budget trips to end in the most charming manner. You can choose from the various categories of resorts and hotels as per your trip budget. You will find a lot about Maldives online and you could go bonkers with the list of activities this nation has to offer. Hold your senses and pick up the best of Maldives for your holiday. This recessed garden of nature promises to keep you thrilled, while you come across the secluded corners of the beach towns, its capital city of Male, and best tourist places in Maldives namely Sultan Park, Grand Friday Mosque, the presidential palace, National Museum and many more exciting sites, creating an atmosphere as positive as possible for your short break in Maldives.

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Absolutely loved every minute of our honeymoon at the You And Me Cocoon. The island itself is beautiful, and our villa was large, clean and well appointed.
Came for my honeymoon in October. WHAT A PLACE. Would recommend the water villa 100%. Food service everything was exceptional!
This place is exceptional. It is the most beautiful resort I have ever visited and the service just topped it off. We were left in total awe.
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It was our first memorable trip as partners and it was beautiful. Fully satisfied and happy from the services and our travel companions.
Great staff.. Excellent buffet.. The entire water villa is really spacious. The gym on water villa overlook the sunrise is amazing
Amazing resort, very friendly staff great selection of food.the only negative thing is the internet speed but that's understandable.The water villas are amazing.

People Also Ask About Maldives

  1. What are the Do's and Don'ts while travelling to Maldives?

    Do's in Maldives:
    - Avoid sunburns here. Do apply a sunscreen whenever you are on the beach. Carry sunglasses with you as well.
    - It is always a good idea to wear footwear when on the beach.
    - Waves can be really rough sometimes so it is good to read a weather forecast before you head to the beach.
    - Whenever you get involved in any adventure activity or water sport, make sure you have adequate practice on the same. Always hire a good and a qualified instructor who’ll guide you adequately during the drill.
    - Always carry with you a first aid kit as you never know when you may need it.
    - Learn a few words of the local language to avoid any communication barrier.

     in Maldives:
    - The customs here are strict and rigid. The bags are checked everywhere physically. So, make sure you do not carry anything that is dangerous or illegal.
    - Drinking is not allowed in Male so don’t even think of drinking there. Punishments here are very severe so make sure you don’t end up in any trouble.
    - Importing of pornographic material is strictly prohibited. So, make sure you do not break any rules.
    - Do not harm the environment here.
    - Do not carry cash with you more than what is required.
    - Avoid filming or shooting videos without permission.
  2. What are the laws for drinking in Maldives?

    Legally, if you are not a Muslim and over 18, you can purchase and drink alcohol. However, given the fact that Maldives is majorly an Islamic nation, alcohol here is effectively banned for the locals. However, the bars, resorts and clubs always stock alcohol.

  3. When is the best time to visit Maldives?

    The best months to indulge in a trip to Maldives is from November to March. Just for your information, you will find below the breakup for every season. Maldives has a sunny weather all year round, you can choose the best time as per your priority. Like any other tropical country, Maldives witnesses dry and wet season. The hot and humid weather is well complemented with soothing sea breezes and surprising drizzles.

    November to March: This is the peak time with many travelers travelling to this end of the world. These months are favorable with less humidity, little rain and cool clear sky.

    March to April: The temperature starts soaring from the mid of April. However, March to October is the finest time for surfers.

    May to November: This is the season to find resorts at their cheapest. Storms and rains are very likely this time of the year.

  4. How to reach Maldives?

    Male International Airport is the main junction for Maldives. There are many flights, direct and chartered, across the globe to Maldives.

  5. Do I need a visa for Maldives? How does one get a Maldives visa?

    Maldives is pretty liberal in this sense. The government issues a 30 day stamp to any landing visitor who holds a passport of their home nation. Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Nepalese citizens are allowed a 90- day stamp. If you wish to stick around for a longer period of time, you might as well extend the 30 day stamp or leave when the 30 days end and return after few days.

    Please be well versed about the country rules and remember the name of your resort/ hotel and produce your return ticket out of Maldives, if enquired by the immigration authorities. Visas are not required for travelers who plan to stay here for less than or equal to 30 days. Just a valid passport shall do.

  6. What is the currency of Maldives and where can I get my money exchanged?

    Official currency is Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) which is non-convertible. The US dollar is accepted across Maldives. You can exchange other international currencies on arrival, at the Bank of Maldives Foreign Exchange located in the arrival hall. This bank is the dedicated functioning body for currency exchange in Maldives. It is advised not to exchange your money in Male banks, as travelers commonly end up facing long queues at the counters.

    The exchange receipt is an important piece of document which can later support you at the time of departure, to change MVR back to your home currency. Please note the banks in Maldives take greater care about the condition of the notes under exchange. They generally refuse old style US$ and damaged notes.

  7. What are the things to do in Maldives?

    Maldives holiday can be as adventurous as you want it to be. You can pre decide the list of activities you want to be a part of when in Maldives. Few of which are named below for you to check:

    • Go group Scuba diving. There are many scuba diving packages available in Maldives. You can choose from the lot.
    • Boat rides and snorkeling.
    • Romantic cruising.
    • Island hopping.
    • Day fishing trips, dolphin tours and easy tube rides.
    • Try various watersports as per your understanding of exploration.
    • Local sight- seeing is of course a must. Go for a day trip to Hulhumale, Male town, check out the ideal islands like Guraidhoo, Villimale, Kuda Bandos and many other secret getaways for day picnics and soak some of the glittering magic of Maldives.
    • One can also attend few days of Yoga sessions.
    • You can cycle around the cities.
    • Maldives offers some world class hospitality. You need not worry about anything if you contact the right agents on the Maldivian vacation.
  8. What is the local food of Maldives? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Food in Maldives has become purely global with the advent of tourism in this country. The resorts/hotels/restaurants/bars serve some of the best alternatives in terms of gourmet food and casual eating. Many international cuisines sort your days out in Maldives. Fresh sea food is undoubtedly appetizing but vegetarians need not worry, as the island nation has food for all. The original cuisine of Maldives is primarily influenced by Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan and Oriental recipes. However, you will spot trendy restaurants and cafes serving the best of cuisines across the islands.

    You cannot miss their traditional Garudhiya, which is a plate of rice served with fish broth, lime, chilli and onions, the popular breakfast item called Mas Huni, which is made out of shredded smoked fish with crushed coconut and onions or try getting your hands on some Fihunu Mas, barbequed fish marinated with chili paste. Naming a few restaurants for you to check:

    • 5.8 Undersea Restaurant: This restaurant is a masterpiece in itself. Situated 5.8 meters below Huravalhi, it is the world’s largest all- glass underwater restaurant. It is a discovery in every sense. Satiate your taste buds and titillate your senses.
    • Bombai Darbaar: For some awesome Indian food head to Bombai Darbaar in Hulhumale. It serves enormous portions and offers high value for money. Fantastic service is their commitment.
    • Just Veg by Atmosphere: A Gastronomic haven for vegetarians in Kanifushi Island. This is a fine dining experience and the chefs have curated a combination menu of Indian and Asian food.
    • Muraka Restaurant: Located by the water at Mirihi, this restaurant has some spectacular seafood and Asian menu. This place is artsy, classy and contemporary and of course vegetarian friendly.
    • SeaSide Grill: Hulhumale is home to this budget restaurant serving great grilled fishes and meats. One must try their lobsters, juicy burgers and pastries. It is a prim and proper casual eating zone.
    • Edge: This waterfront restaurant in Niyama is surely to take your breath away with every serving of food cooked to perfection. They have specialized Vegan and Vegetarian menus. You must not overlook this option, if near or in Niyama.
  9. What is the best public transport to commute around Maldives?

    The best public transport in Maldives is definitely the boat/ ferry rides for obvious reasons. The transportation can be fast and expensive or slow and reasonably priced. Whatever the case may be, you will enjoy every bit of the ride in this region.

    Air: There are couple of internal flights which connect Male to 9 local airstrips almost every day. One expensive yet convenient and exclusive mode of transport is the seaplane run by Trans Maldivian Airways. You can book your seats in one of these seaplanes and get transported comfortably, saving on time, to your resort directly from the Male Airport.

    Boat: As mentioned earlier, due to obvious reasons, boat rides or ferry rides or cruises become a great way to enjoy the Maldivian shores. Speedboats are a fast medium and those who are looking around for a cheaper set of options, must hop onto one of the public ferries.

    Car: A lot of islands have kept themselves car free. You will find cars only in Male and other larger islands. Local taxis will take you around in smaller islands and of course in case you choose not to drive on your vacation, these cabs will take you places.

  10. What is the local language in Maldives and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    Local language of Maldives is Dhivehi. Following are the most commonly used greetings you can take note of:

    • Hello= Assalaamu Alaikum
    • Welcome= Maruhabaa
    • Thank You= Shukuriyaa
    • What is your name? = Kon nameh tha kiyanee?
    • My name is= Aharenge Namakee_______
    • Goodbye= Vakivelan/ Dhanee
    • Help= Salaamai Kure
    • Good Morning= Baajjaveri hendhuneh
    • Good Evening= Baajjaveri haveereh
    • Good Night= Baajjaveri Reygande
  11. Which are the best shopping places in Maldives and what are they famous for?

    Take back a bit of Maldives with you, for you to miss this land, when away from it. Some of the interesting shops and marketplaces you must pay visit to:

    • STO Trade Centre: This is the supermarket you might want to go to, for your daily essentials. Fresh fruits, vegetables and household items crowd this market. You can buy packets of food for your late night cravings from this market.
    • Male local market: This place is the hub of shopping. The market has many interesting souvenirs for the tourists like slippers made of palm leaves, miniature boats, mats and artistic household products, jewelry and decorative items made out of sea shells, wooden vases, & lots of coconut milk and oil to buy. You must try the street food in this area. Snacking here can be a delight. Local currency in hand is very essential while you are shopping in this market place. There are hardly any money exchange centers here.
    • Majeedhee Magu: If you love street shopping, you must rush to Majeedhee Magu. This prominent street shopping area in Maldives is a favorite amongst tourists. You will get everything here, right from clothes to fabrics to electronics to food to locally crafted accessories. This is a shopaholic’s dream trip.
    • Chaandhanee Magu: Street shopping is a great way to introduce yourself to the commercial culture of the land. Shopping areas like Channdhanee Magu are quite famous for the gift shops, miniatures of Maldivian sail boat called Dhonis, mats and handicrafts, locally manufactured clothes and local snacks. Natives of Maldives are ever smiling and helpful. In such street markets, you will find yourself amidst regional people and several tourists, exchanging greetings and notes and celebrating shopping as a festival. Shopping experiences of this sort are not less than an event.
  12. Which are some famous beaches in Maldives? Which are the bioluminescent beach in Maldives?

    Maldives is a secret garden of mesmerizing beaches. Most of the resorts have private beaches. This place has several atolls that are world famous and a tremendous marine life. Some of the popular names are:

    • Beaches of Northern Maldives like North Kaafu Atoll, North Ari Atoll and Haa Alif (the northernmost atall)
    • Beaches of Southern Maldives like South Ari Atoll, Seenu, South Kaafu Atoll, Nalaguraidhoo Beach, Banyan Island, Nika beach and beaches of Cocoa Island.
    • Reethi Beach, Baa Atoll of the Western side beaches of Maldives.
    • Gaafu Atoll is the world’s largest atoll.
    • Gnayivanu Atoll is the tiniest one in Maldives.
    • Other attractions like Raa Atoll, Vaavu Atoll, Faafu Atoll, Meemu Atoll and Dhaalu Atoll are also amongst the ‘must visit’ places in Maldives.
    • The islands to look at if you wish to spot bioluminescent beaches are Kuredu, Finalholi, Veligandu, Athuruga, Mirihi, Vilamendhoo, Komandoo, Kandolhu, Filitheyo, Kuramathi, Meedhupparu, Ellaidhoo, Angaga and the much talked about, ‘Vaadhoo Island’.
  13. How is nightlife in Maldives? Which are the best places to enjoy nightlife?

    Locals do not drink alcohol so the pubs will usually have tourists. The place loves to be peaceful without much happening in the night. You can retire in your resort lounge or go to some local bar. Clubbing is existent in Maldives but restricted to few islands and there are a set of really entertaining and fabulous names to check out in this category.

    • Sangu Beach Bar: Located in Velassaru Resort.
    • Nautilus Bar: Located in Vilu Reef Resort. You can attend their Bodu Bera (big drum) concerts which happen once every week.
    • Crab racing events take place in many bars. These are crazy events and turns your night into a fun activity.
    • Club Med Kani in Kuredu Resort puts up a great show every night.
    • Islands like Niyama, Huvafenfushi offer fabulous clubbing experiences. However, the clubs are only frequented by travelers mostly.
    • If you wish to visit a cozy ‘hang out bar’ in the evenings, you can certainly check with Reethi.
  14. Which are the best islands to visit in Maldives?

    The Maldivian islands are special with couple of them proud of their bioluminescent beaches and others of their glamorous and glorious beach resorts. Some islands are so tiny that the resort covers the entire land. Fascinating set of a little more than thousand islands, Maldives keeps its visitors by the edge of their seats, lending them surprises in every way possible. Some of the finest islands of Maldives are:

    • Hulhumale
    • Halaveli
    • Mirihi
    • Maafushi
    • Velassaru
    • Moofushi
    • Vilamendhoo
    • Thoddoo
    • Vaadhoo
    • Rangali
    • Randheli
    • Guraidhoo
    • Villimale
    • Kuda Bandos
  15. Which are the best cruise options available in Maldives?

    There are various reliable and famous names involved in this business. And the tourists are kept superbly entertained over the cruise journeys.

    • Four Seasons Explorer
    • Chartered boat tour to the South Atolls
    • Sunset cruises and Dolphin spotting
    • Lagoon tours in Maldives
    • Dive Master Cruise
    • Maldivian Luxury Dhoni Hariyana
    • 7 day cruise at Northern Atolls
    • Safari cruise with adventure activities for 7 days in Maldives
  16. What kind of water sports can be done in Maldives?

    Be less apprehensive about water sports in Maldives, as experienced trainers will support you through the entire process. You can fearlessly indulge in any of the following stories:

    • Snorkeling and Scuba diving
    • Witnessing the amusing marine life
    • Dolphin and sunset tours
    • Water tube rides
    • Fly board, Banana boat rides and sailing
    • Jet skiing
    • Fishing activities
    • Wake Boarding, Knee boarding and water skiing
  17. Which are some romantic places in Maldives for honeymoon?

    Your honeymoon is sorted if you are planning one to Maldives. The kind of luxury and comfort this country offers to the honeymooning couples is commendable. Few of the islands have been turned into five star resorts and the treatment that you dream of on a honeymoon, takes shape once you step into one of these properties in Maldives. You can get the detailed knowledge of most preferred honeymoon packages of Maldives from here.

    Some sought after places to romance in Maldives are mentioned for you to note:

    • Cocoa Island: Located in South Male Atoll
    • Faafu Atoll: Also known as Northern Nilande Atoll
    • Fulhadhoo: One of the islands in Baa Atoll
    • White Sandy Beach
    • The romantic quiet dinners at Reethi Rah, located in the North Male Atoll
    • Angsana Ihuru Island located in North Male Atoll
    • Huraa Island
    • A day tour to the Male city
    • Fuvahmulah city: located in Gnaviyani Atoll
    • Spend a day of relaxation at various spas like Veli Spa at Kurumba, Talise Spa at Bolifushi Islands, Banyan Tree spa at Vabbinfaru, Lime Spa, Niyama or spend half a day at the spa in your resort.
    • Must visit under sea restaurants to witness 180 degree picturesque views of extensive coral gardens and hues of marine life.
    • Stay in a water villa.
  18. Which are the best places for snorkeling tour in Maldives?

    If you enjoy sports over your vacation, snorkeling is a great sport to have fun with. Some of the best places to Snorkel in Maldives are as below:

    • Angaga
    • Fihalhohi
    • Biyadhoo
    • Ellaidhoo
    • Madoogali
    • Athuruga
    • Vilamendhoo
  19. Which are some best water villas in Maldives?

    Water Villas are outright romantic and gorgeous and expensive. There are many for the travelers to choose from. Some of the most prestigious ones are as follows:

    • Shangri-La Villingili Resort & Spa, Villingili Island, Addu City.
      Price for 2: 1 Lac (INR) onwards per night (1555 USD onwards per night)
    • Gili Lanjanfushi Resort, Lankanfushi Island, North Male Atoll.
      Price for 2: 1 Lac (INR) per night (1555 USD per night)
    • Reethi Rah, North Atoll.
      Price for 2: 1 Lac (INR) per night (1555 USD per night)
    • Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island.
      Price for 2: 1,20,000 (INR) onwards per night (1866 USD onwards per night)
    • Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, South Male Atoll.
      Price for 2: 55,000 (INR) per night (855 USD per night)
    • W Retreat and Spa, Fesdu Island, Himandhoo, North Ari Atoll.
      Price for 2: 80,000 (INR) onwards per night (1244 USD per night)
  20. Where can I get the best surfing experience in Maldives?

    Your trip to Maldives is incomplete without surfing and if you are a good swimmer then more so. The best months to surf are April to October. For your life’s best surfing experience, you got to check out the following in Maldives:

    • Surfing spots at Male Atolls: Cokes, Guru’s, Honky’s, Chickens, Jailbreaks, Lohi’s, Kate’s, Natives/Foxys, Pasta Point, Ninjas, Sultans.
    • Surfing spots at Central Atolls: Veyvah, Adonis, Finnimas, Malik’s, Muli, Mahibadhoo, Yin Yang.
    • Spots at South Atolls: Castaways, Five Islands/ Gani Point, Tiger Stripes or rockets, Gakuen Bridge, Two Ways/ Twin Peaks.
  21. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Maldives

    • Follow the rule book. There is a list of items you cannot afford to carry along with you to this country like alcohol, drugs, pornographic elements, pork, dogs, and idols of worship. You cannot carry more than one Bible for your personal use.
    • Alcohol is prohibited for locals in Maldives. This is an Islamic nation so Alcohol is taboo to the natives. Foreigners who are 18 and above are allowed to drink. You will find alcohol only in the bars/restaurants/hotels and resorts.
    • Sunscreen is a must have in this island nation.
    • Waves can be unpredictable at times. Read about the weather conditions before you head to the sea.
    • You must take assistance from experienced and qualified instructors before indulging in any kind of water sports.
    • Do not litter. Keep the environment clean.
    • Do carry a good pair of sandals or flip flops for the beach walks.
    • Wear light cotton clothes.
    • You cannot shoot videos in some areas without prior permission.
    • Carry a first aid kit.
    • Thrillophilia highly recommends visits to Fua Mulaku, Grand Friday Mosque, Mirihi Island, and National Museum of Maldives.
    • Maldives will strike the perfect note and rise you to a certain trance with a sweet hangover.

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