Indonesia is an adventure paradise and a hot destination for the seasoned and amateur trekkers. It is divided into five geographic regions- Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia that includes places like Lombok, Komodo, Nusa Tengarru, Maluku and Papua; each contributing to a diverse range of the best mountains and trekking tours in Indonesia. People who have an immense love for climbing a mountain or trekking through the cliffs to watch the ethereal sunrise or the unreal landscapes, they are in for a treat in Indonesia. The island country is festooned with dramatic landscapes of the volcanic mountains and glittering white sand beaches that can fill your camera memory. The sunrise trek on Mount Batur in Ubud where you are actually walking on an active lava mountain trail or trekking expedition to the summit of Batur Caldera where you can take a dip in the hot springs are some of the highlights which are as impressive as they sound.


Berastagi in Sumatra is another region that houses two active volcanoes, Mount Sinabung and Mount Sibayak, the latter of which last erupted in 2013. Swim in the volcanic water of Lake Toba, the caldera lake has the power to totally stun you by its appearance. You can also pedal around the island and beyond, cherish the warm Batik hospitality of the locals. The island of Borneo houses one of the oldest rainforests in the world and is home to several endemic species of wildlife, including the prehistoric species of birds, Bornean orangutan and leopards. The hike in these jungles is full of surprise but it is to be noted that these jungles have been there even before humans so these are equally dangerous. There is more to Bali and trekking in Indonesia will introduce to the raw wilderness of this land.

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A must-visit place. There was no reason I could find not to fall in love with Bali. From its culture, to the history to its present condition, everything will make us surprised. Jaw-dropping natural attractions, unending sightseeing options, along with water sports had given us the best time of our lives. It was a honeymoon trip and we liked it to the core. The hotel we stayed provided us with the best amenities and the greatest food. The guide supported us very well. One of the most unforgettable experience was the Uluwatu temple visit and the sunset views from there. Great trip. Thanks guys.
As it was so crowded, we had to wait for a long time to check-in to our hotel-room and then every activity we planned was delayed on the first day. From second day onwards, things were happening on time. The guide was the designated driver too. He took us to all the places as per the itinerary and it was on-time too. Amazing package guys. Thanks a lot.
All the temples, beaches, rice terraces, shopping places, water sports, etc. were showcasing a different world altogether. Our guide has explained about each landmark very well. I fell in love with the place then and there. I went to Bali with my wife. We enjoyed the trip from start to end. I felt the price could have been reduced. Otherwise, it was a fine trip.
For those who love adventure, water sports, and natural elements, this is the finest package. 7 days of complete fun and entertainment. Loved every bit of it. Convenient and safe place to be at.
13 February 2020
This was our first day in Bali & it became more mesmerising with the Mount Batur Trek !! with a well coordinated itinerary, We enjoyed this trek to much extent. Special thanks to our tour guide Ulawa, she was obedient and helpful enough, she took us to the top with utmost care & i will recommend her name to anyone who plans to have this trek ! Thanks Thrilophila For becoming a medium to connect us with this wonderful location !!
Wonderful trekking experience to Mount Batur with our well-informed guide. Captured some really beautiful shots.
the guide was good,everything was on time highly recomended
7 days in Bali with the best people. Couldn’t ask for more. Wonderful experience at a great price. Great work Thrillophilia. I would like to thank the team for such a great service. I only have a complaint about the food I got there. It was not good as I imagined. But accommodation, travel, sightseeing, water sports, and the other inclusions were overwhelming. I had gone to Bali with a bunch of my close friends. Since it was a group booking, the amount was not that high. But Bali is worth your time and money. Places were beautifully maintained regardless the number of people. Temperature was moderate and nights were chilly. I am satisfied completely.
Such an excellent trip. Bali is a haven for nature lovers as well as adventure lovers. The Jet Ski and Parasailing activities were incredible. We got a guidance class before the activity and the instructors accompanied us also. Safe and secure. We visited many places which are the best tourist spots in Bali. I understood why people go crazy about Bali so much. The temples, the clifftops, the beaches, the sunset views, the cultural shows, the dinner cruise, the spa, the activities, the entertainment shows, and what not- everything contributes enough to get Bali the beauty it possess now. Nice trip. Fellas, experience this island once and you will be in bliss.