This transcontinental country is the largest island country in the world with some territories situated between Indian and Pacific Oceans, making it a diverse place with so many sightseeing opportunities that it is unfathomable to see it all in a short span of time. But whatever your duration of stay these tour packages ensure that you get the maximum benefit of the trip and take away the most memories from these beautiful Islands. The best way then to travel here is through cycling tours in Indonesia. That way you get to explore not only the Island’s main tourist areas but the more untrodden and undiscovered pathways through their rustic villages and their lush green fields. You can enjoy a lovely tour in Bali riding through its many villages like Kuta, Baisakih and some other famous landmarks. You can take a cycling tour at Ubud to the heartland of Bali and enjoy the ride along the countryside with canals and backwaters passing you by, while stopping to soak in the scenery. Do remember to pack light airy clothes since the weather will be temperate and you will be getting a lot of exercise there.


You can enjoy cycling tour at South Kuta, exploring the volcano mountain or the villages with salak plantations, cacao fields and paddy fields to witness nature in all its glory while hiking and trekking through these beautiful backroads. You can also do mountain cycling through Nusa Penida and enjoy the hilly terrain with the cool air against your face and the green verdant nature on your side. There are many options to also combine a cycling tour in Indonesia with adventure and enjoy some ocean soaking while riding through the villages of Indonesia and discovering the local vibe.

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The bike was in good condition, My guide was a gem and the lunch was also good. I feel cycling is the best way to explore a city like Ubud
Bali is indeed a great vacation destination! I went over here along with my husband on our honeymoon, initially I was bit afraid to take up a cycling tour as you need lot of energy to cycle in and around Bali, but the organizers gave us lot of rest time so that we could refresh. Well speaking about the trip – great and fabulous. Cycling to the terraced rice fields and visiting the adjacent landmarks and villages were more than memorable. Jatiluwih is known for its famous rice paddies and I am happy that I saw that for real, well speaking about the real fun – the water rides, the sporting activities and the bonfire were charming. Food was good and we were offered plenty of activities to indulge in. The guides were supportive and had good communication skill. Suggestions – Carry comfy footwear, sunglasses and a good camera (Guys you have loads to capture at Bali). It was an amazing and pleasant stay at the Pacung mountain resort (nice resort experience – I ll write about this a review separately) Well guys if you are planning to take this trip I advise you to take few days of stretching exercise in prior so that you can enjoy to the core!
Well that now I am back from my Bali 6D/5N cycling tour, I have only two words to say – enchantment incarnate! Even though this trip can be a great trip for couples or friends, I feel it is ideal for family vacation too. I took up this trip with my wife and we got that full-to-full enjoyment. The itinerary and the procedures were explained to us well in advance to us by our team and so it was easy for us to stick to it. The whole way cycling to Volcano at Batur and then cycling to Pacung - Mengwi – Ubud was a bit tiresome (but if you have stamina you can very well manage it). Still the night halt at the hotels and the resorts gave us the needed break and took off the tiredness’. My wife loved the cycling to the rice fields and the nearby village. The folk dancers danced well to the local music and we should admit that we got an exhilarating experience, well all that being said, the trip was above average with prices being at par with the services. Lastly I would like to wind this review by saying that I recommend this trip for sure.
What matters from any trip is not only the enjoyment that we get throughout the trip, but upon the aftermath of the trip and yes our trip to Bali for six days and five nights was indeed a memorable one. I wanted a trip that will not start and finish in hurry-burry, and I am glad this one trip was not one such, I was relaxed whole way and enjoyed each minute relaxingly, we went over here last month as a gang of eight friends, we had planned and booked the trip online from our travel agents and everything was as perfect as it ought to be. As said before it was a 6D/5N trip and the day one as soon as we landed in the airport we headed off to our hotel at Kuta, we were given ample time to relax, swim and explore the adjacent places. Our actual enjoyment started when we were given the bicycles to ride till the Volcano Batur which was around 35 kms, we were allowed to stop then and there for refreshment ( though I managed to use this time to take lot of selfies of the nearby places like the rice fields, Uluwatu temple, tropical plantations and so on). The itinerary covered almost many places including the rustic Balinese villages, Mengwi, Pacung, Jatiluwih, Kitmani and more. One of my friends was curious to know more about the culture and history of Bali and so we headed on the last day to some of the historical monuments and temples, this bit was amazing as we were lucky enough to witness the dance performance of the Balinese. And even though we were eight in number the accommodation sharing was only two in a room and this was even more comforting for us. Overall a great experience!