With so much of best things to do in Greece, the country has become one of the popular tourist destinations for people all across the globe. Tourism in Greece has been a key component of the economic activities in the nation and is one of the nation's most imperative sectors. The country which is known for its rich culture and history has been a popular tourist destination in Europe since antiquity.  This is reflected by the fact that it is having eighteen numbers of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is the most in Europe as well as in the whole world and for its long coastline, numerous islands, and shorelines.

 Some first-time guests land in Greece because of particular images in their mind and are astounded to find a nation with such provincial and architectural diversity. The well known whitewashed homes and beguiling blue-domed churches just portray a particular region of the nation. The Architecture shifts extraordinarily starting with one district then onto the next relying upon the local history. Guests will discover Neo-classical design in the urban communities of Ermoupolis and Nafplion, Ottoman-influenced structures in Kozáni and Grevená, whitewashed Cycladic homes which are on the island of Páros, and pastel-shaded extravagant houses and churches on Corfu. The country's terrain is similarly as wide-ranging as its architectural heritage: wine-creating valleys, tremendous extent of olive plantations in the south and lavish woodlands in the north. Country’s historical sights are similarly as differed; the nation is covered with similarly the same number of medieval churches and castles along with classical ruins and temples.

 There is everything in the country which takes care of every basic need of a visitor. From excellent accommodation facilities to delicious eateries and also the pleasure of some wonderful sightseeing amidst idyllic island beaches, mountainous mainland and much more. Shopping is another one of the best things to do in Greece which makes the trip truly a wonderful one.

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10 Day Greece Tour For Women Featured
10 Day Greece Tour For Women



About the Activity:Fixed Departure: 21st September 2016Exclusively for women, embark on a trip to the beautiful country of Greece on a 10 day 9 night tour.The tour starts on arrival at Athens airport from where you will have to make your own way to the hotel.This tour is engineered in a way to provide you the utmost comfort while you have a gala time exploring Greece.During the course of the tour, you will visit Athens, Delphi, Mykonos, Rhenia, Santorini, Akrotiri and Chania among other places.The tour includes accommodation, transport, meals and a lot of sightseeing.
Very Good

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

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INR 99,877

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8 Day Tour of Greece Featured
8 Day Tour of Greece



About the ActivityEmbark on a breathtaking tour of the beautiful country of Greece for 8 days.The tour starts on arrival at Athens airport where a tour representative will guide you to your hotel.Over the course of 5 days, you will explore the best of this country and explore its culture and history.During the tour, visit Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Delos island among others.The tour includes accommodation, transport, meals and a lot of sightseeing and activities.
Very Good

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

Starting from

INR 57,883

Ios Island Experience - 4 Days Sightseeing Tour Featured
Ios Island Experience - 4 Days Sightseeing Tour


Ios Island

About the Activity:Fixed Departures between June 2016 to September 2016Embark on a fun tour of Ios Island in Greece. Ios is a popular island for backpackers, with its amazing sandy beaches such as Mylopotas and Manganari Beach.This 4 day 3 night tour is a great way to unwind and relax while exploring this beautiful island.Explore the beaches and relax along the coast as you view the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.The tour includes stays in up to 3 star hotels, breakfast and transportation throughout the tour.

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

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INR 49,602

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7 Days Ios Island Sightseeing Tour Featured
7 Days Ios Island Sightseeing Tour


Ios Island

About the Activity:Fixed Departures between June 2016 to September 2016Embark on a fun tour of Ios Island in Greece.Ios is one of the most popular islands for backpackers, with its amazing, sandy beaches such as Mylopotas and Manganari Beach.This 7 day 6 night tour is ideal to relax and explore this beautiful Island on a relaxing vacation.Explore the beaches and relax along the coast as you view the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.The tour includes stays in up to 3 star hotels, breakfast and transportation throughout the tour.

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

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INR 83,826

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Mykonos, Santorini & Ios Tour Featured
Mykonos, Santorini & Ios Tour


About the Activity:The tour can be availed from June to SeptemberGo on an amazing Greek island hopping adventure and visit some of the most popular Greek islands; Mykonos, Ios and Santorini. Be amazed by stunning sunsets and charming villages, and go out to discover amazing scenery, beautiful sunsets, sandy beaches, incredible food, and amazing nightlife.The tour starts at Athens.This package includes accommodation. Breakfast and ferry transfer depends on the package selected.

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

Starting from

INR 75,933

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Greek Island Hopping Adventure Featured
Greek Island Hopping Adventure


About the Activity:Fixed Departures betweenJune 2016 to September 2016Embark on a fun island hopping holiday to the cradle of western civilization, Greece and travel to some of the best Greek islands over the course of 11 days 10 nights. The tour starts from Exarchion Hotel in Athens and will cover Athens, Santorini, Ios, Paros and Mykonos. and will help you explore the best of Greek culture, their scenic beaches and party in their epic nightlife.This tour includes accommodation, transportation, meals, and activities as mentioned in the itinerary. 

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

Starting from

INR 58,039

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Women Only Tour of Greece
Women Only Tour of Greece



About the ActivityFixed Departure: 5th November 2016Exclusively for women, embark on a trip through the stunning country of Greece on a 8 day 7 night tour.Begin the tour on arrival at Athens from where you will need to make your own way to the hotel.During the course of the tour, explore the best of Delphi, Meteora, Santorini and Athens.The tour is designed to provide the utmost comfort while experiencing the Greek way of life.The tour includes accommodation, transport, meals and a lot of sightseeing and activities.
Very Good

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

Starting from

INR 141,762

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Tour of Santorini in Athens
Tour of Santorini in Athens



About the Activity:Fixed departure: EverydayVisit to Santorini in Athens unveils a number of activities and sightseeing options and this package for 4 days can be one of the best tours of the city for you.Santorini possesses a variety of white-washed house and blue domed churches which are considered as the major attractive features of the island.Join and explore the island as you wish; go for a boat trip to the volcano, explore the Caldera by boat, visit local villages such as Pyrgos, Karterados or Vothonas.Stroll through the black sand beaches, enjoy a magnificent sunset from Skaros along with an exploration of the ancient Thira and the mesmerising village of Oia on your own.The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the tour.

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

Starting from

INR 28,713

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21 September 2017
Just couldn’t stop talking about my honeymoon trip. It was one of the best with all the arrangements done so well. Food was awesome and so was our accommodation. A good package I would say for the honeymooners.
21 September 2017
I and my wife went on this amazing trip to Greece on our honeymoon in August 2017 and it was the best. Very well organized tour and you will find everything like they have mentioned. Great service and very well managed. We were escorted from the Athens airport with garlands and then transferred to our hotel. The beach at Mykonos was really beautiful. We did some ATV ride on the island and then went on a quiet dinner at Little Venice, just the two of us which was really perfect. We also did some adventure activities like snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving at Frangias beach. But the best part of the whole trip was our cable car ride up the mountain. It was so much fun when we went for wine tasting and went to Red beach to do some photo shoot. Food was exotic, the greek salad and the grilled chicken. Just wow. Thanks to these guys, they have really done some good work. I love it.
This was an excellent experience for the both of us. The crew did a good job for our stay and the food was amazing. Perfectly done everything and nice arrangements made for our romantic dinner by Paradise Beach.
21 September 2017
Loved it, good staff, good food and nice places to explore. Although everything was there with the package, I think the price is a bit high for just 6 days.

People Also Ask About Greece Things To Do

  1. What are the various activities that can be done in Greece?

    There are so many things to do in Greece for a visitor. There are numerous activities like hiking, trailing, trekking and other adventurous activities. Sightseeing is of diverse nature in this part of the world and thus needless to mention that this is one of the best activities to do here. Some of the other popular activity enjoyed by the visitors here are:

    •       Exploring Speciality Museums like Acropolis Museum
    •       Exploring Ancient Ruins like Acropolis
    •       Biking Trails in Kastraki
    •       Walking Tour in Rhodes Town
    •       Full Day Land Rover Safari

    In simple words, there are lots of activities to do and enjoy and one should do intensive research to choose the best.

  2. What are some adventure things to do in Greece?

    Adventure is like one the main things to do and enjoy in Greece. There are numerous activities which one can enjoy here like trekking, hiking and more. But, this is just not the thing. There are many tours offered here by various agents. Amongst them some of the popular adventure tours one may look forward to are as follows:

    Land Rover Safari
    Off-Road Buggy Adventure
    Crete White Mountain Safari
    Rethymno Quad Safari
    Horse Riding
    Rock Climbing

    Professionals will guide you throughout your journey ensuring your safety and all other aspects which matters when it comes to enjoying the thrill to the maximum.
  3. What all romantic things can be done in Greece during honeymoon?

    A honeymoon is one of the best things which a couple will enjoy to the maximum in this wonderful part of the world. Amidst peace and serenity along with some true beauty of nature, your honeymoon here is bound to be an unforgettable one.There are many best places to visit on honeymoon to Greece. Some of the romantic activities which a couple can look forward to being:

    •       Candlelight dinner in VIP villas with volcanic view
    •       Spending quality time on Greek Island
    •       Visit places like Corfu where you get full privacy
    •       Tour different places like Santorini, Athens and more

    Undoubtedly, your honeymoon here will be the best memories of your life.

  4. What are all watersports must do in Greece?

    There are lots of adventures which can be performed in Greece. Among such adventures, water sports are something which a traveler enjoys the most here. The facilities for all such sporting activities are excellent. Some of the popular water-related activities which you can look for are:

    •       Jet Boats & Speed Boats
    •       Kayaking & Canoeing
    •       Scuba Diving
    •       Snorkeling
    •       Stand Up Paddleboarding
    •       White Water Rafting

    Apart from this, you will also get few other such sporting activities. You will be assisted by professionals ensuring your safety and also that your whole fun is not spoiled.

  5. Where Can I go to Island Hopping in Greece?

    Island Hopping is another such activity which most the visitors love to go ahead with when they travel this beautiful country. There are multiple locations where a traveler likes to spend a day or two and then they travel to another one. Some of the popular destinations in this regard are:

    •       Athens
    •       Mykonos
    •       Santorini
    •       Los

    You may do extensive research on the net to plan our best itinerary for the purpose. A professional agent is although the best option, but still, you are the one who needs to decide on which place you want to go as per your taste and other suitability.

  6. Why Santorini Island is famous? What all things can be done in Santorini?

    If you want to explore the remaining left after disruptive Volcanic Eruption, Santorini is the correct place for you to visit. Thus, because of the place has become the popular tourist destination. There are so many things which you can do in this wonderful place. Some of them are:

    •       A walk along Volcano of Nea Kameni
    •       Spa and jacuzzi in the Aegean Sea
    •       Enjoy Summertime
    •       Getting your feet on higher ground

    With the above-said things, you can now easily figure out on what things you are going to enjoy in this awesome place. Truly, a visit to such of the place adds a lot to the tour.

  7. Which places for best for Yacht trip in Greece

    Yacht trip is another fun activity which everyone loves to enjoy in Greece. There are numerous points here which give you the pleasure of Yacht. The feeling of joy in between the water bodies all around itself is a different sort of experience.  Some of the places where you can have the fun of Yachting are:

    •       Santorini
    •       Sifnos
    •       Amorgos
    •       Kos & Nisyros
    •       Symi
    •       Hydra
    •       Tinos & Andros
    •       Patmos, Arki, Agathonisi
    •       Astypalaia
    •       Ithaca

    These are such destinations which are known for such sort of fun activities. So, if you are a watersport fun enthusiast, there is no reason for you to not to visit this wonderful place.

  8. Where Can I go for cruise trips in Greece?

    Cruising is another fun which almost every traveler loves to go ahead within this part of the world. There are numbers of cruise tours in Greece which you can definitely look forward to when you visit the nation. Following are some of the cruise tours which are popular here:

    •       Sea Dream cruise to Piraeus from Dubrovnik
    •       Greek Islands
    •       Royal Caribbean International cruise to the Mykonos
    •       Seabourne voyage to Katakolon
    •       Swan Hellenic cruise to Nauplia from Athens

    These are just some of them which are famous in the region. You will find more them and can go ahead with any of them as per your itinerary.

  9. Which are the best spa and massage treatment places in Greece?

    Spa and massage is something which gives relaxes all your stress and refreshes you again. Thus, if you get an amazingly refreshing experience during your holidays, who will not like to have it? For this, there are numerous spa and massage centers spread all across the country. Some of the popular locations of the same are:

    •       Massage Therapists, Athens
    •       Caldera Massages Studio, Oia
    •       Athens Fish Spa Massage and Hammam, Athina
    •       Anazoe Spa, Costa Navarino
    •       Thermes Gers Hot Springs, Lesvos

    Truly, this experience will not only refresh you but also gives a different sort of energy to explore more and do daring adventure activities in this lively nation.

  10. Is it worth going for Athens food tour in Greece? What's so special about it?

    There is no question to say that one should not go for food tours in Greece or it is not of worth. There are numbers of food tours which you can go ahead with and you will surely find them awesome.

    The specialty of the tours is obviously the tasty and lips smacking delicacies and the varieties which you come across. You can club them with your cruise tour or enjoy in the streets. Some of the popular food tours of the nation are:

    •    Athens food tours
    •    Culinary Backstreets Athens
    •    Santorini Food and Wine Tours
    •    Vintage Routes Crate
    •    Thessaloniki Food Tour
  11. Which are must historical sites in Greece?

    Sightseeing is definitely a key aspect of every holiday. The country has several tourist spots where they can enjoy some alluring sights of nature and some amazing architecture from the ancient. There are numbers of ancient or historical sites which a tourist shall explore during their journey to this part of the world. Some of them are as follows:

    •       Acropolis of Athens
    •       Minoan Palace of Knossos
    •       Ancient Delphi
    •       Ancient Olympia
    •       Ancient Epidaurus
    •       Mystras
    •       Medieval Fortress of Nafplion.
    •       Mycenae

    These are just to name a few. All across the country you will find so many historical places to explore

  12. Where Can I go for wine tour in Greece? Which are famous wines of Greece?

         With food tour, a wine tour is also an important aspect to explore in Greece. There are a number of wine tours which you will come across here. Some of them are:

    •       Santorini Wine Adventure Tours
    •       Manousakis Winery
    •       Kefalonia Wine Tour
    •       Mykonos Wine and Culture Tour
    •       Winery- Oia Sunset Tour

    Now if you are eager to know which are famous wines you can taste in this amazing destination, then again the answer is same. You have lots of options for it. Some of them are as follows:

    •       Agiorgitiko
    •       Moscofilero
    •       Xinomavro
    •       Malagousia
    •       Assyrtiko

    So if you are a food and wine lover, rest assured you are in correct place.

  13. Where can I go for Greek Dinner Show in Greece? Why it's famous?

    What can be more excellent, if you get the pleasure of dining as well as some theatre or dance show both at the same time? Yes in Athens, Greece you will get this awesome experience. You will be enjoying some truly delicious meals and also enjoying the sight of an amazing show going on.

    Tavern Kalokerinos, Athens is the place you should head for if you are willing to get such sort of experience. Although you will find many restaurants which also offers some dance shows along with dinner, they can't match the charm of Tavern Kalokerinos.

  14. Which are some sailing tours in Greece?

    Sailing is another activity which no one says that they have not enjoyed it. There is plenty of sailing tour options available for a person in this region of the globe.  Some of the best options for the same are:

    •       Flotilla sailing from Athens
    •       Sailing tour of Aegean Sailing School
    •       Sailing tour of the Cyclades
    •       Sailing and diving from Syros
    •       Bareback sailing in Ionian Islands

    Again, needless to say, that during your whole trip you will be assisted by professionals and your full security will be ensured. Greece is known for its adventure and daring activities and you should always go ahead with it.

  15. Which are best destinations for catamaran cruise in Greece?

    Catamaran cruise is another thing for which the country of Greece is a perfect destination. It is for sure that a true cruise lover will definitely opt for a catamaran cruise if they visit this country. The nation is amongst very few which caters such sort of experience. Some of the popular places from where you can explore this cruise are:

    •       The Cyclades
    •       The Dodecanese
    •       The Sporades
    •       The Peloponnese

    You can cruise with your catamaran at any of the islands in the country during any time of the day. The beautiful places, awesome hospitality and delicious foods will add a lot to your cruise for sure.

  16. Which are some famous places for scuba diving in Greece and how much will it cost me?

    Scuba diving is a water sport which most of the travelers love to do when they tour to this nation.  There are numerous locations here where you can enjoy some amazing scuba diving experience. Some of such places are:

    •       Chios Island
    •       Aegean Divers Santorini
    •       Blue Island Divers, Cyclades
    •       Mykonos Diving Center, Mykonos
    •       Chania Diving Center, Chania

    The prices of the same vary from €50 to €80 depending on the number of dives you take and the kind of equipment you take. In such places you can ensure your safety and also lots of fun because of the amazing assistance you will get from the professionals available.

  17. Which are some famous places for snorkeling in Greece and how much does it cost?

    Snorkeling is one of such water sport which people like to enjoy in every aspect. There are so many places where you can go ahead with. Some of the popular destinations for the same are:

    •    Sounio Cape, Athens
    •    Blue Lagoon, Chania
    •    Mykonos Diving Center
    •    Chania
    •    Platanias

    Prices for the same vary from €50 and €800 depending upon the place and facilities offered. Facilities for the same are world-class and there shall be no reason for you to return with any sort of disappointment. Safety and fun are ensured and the prices which you will pay for it will be of worth.

  18. Where can I go for trekking and hiking in Greece?

     Trekking and hiking is an adventure which almost every adventure enthusiast look forward to going ahead with. In Greece, there are several destinations where you can take some true fun and experience of the sport. Some of the popular destinations to look for the same are as follows:

    •    Mount Olympus
    •    Crete White Mountains
    •    Lousios Gorge
    •    Vikos Gorge Crossing
    •    Active Cyclades Tour

    By the name itself, you must have understood the level of challenge and fun you will have while commencing this daring sports activity. Be prepared in every aspect to march ahead to gain some amazing thrilling memories of the lifetime amidst this beautiful nature.

  19. Which are the famous art museums in Greece?

    With so many things to explore in Greece, art gallery cannot be left behind in any manner. If you are an art lover then there are so many places here which you would love to explore for sure. Different types of arts with the finest quality are being shown here. Some of the popular  art galleries of the country are:

    •    Museum of Cycladic Art
    •    National Museum of Contemporary Art
    •    Benaki Museum
    •    Municipal Gallery of Athens
    •    Art Museum of Jewellery Elias Lalaounis

    There is no doubt that you will spend a quality time in such places. You will find more such places in the region apart from the above-mentioned ones.

  20. How is nightlife in Greece? What all activities can be enjoyed in Greece during night?

    Nightlife in Greece is very enthralling and energetic. You have lots of fun and activities to do during the night. There are numerous places in various towns of the countries where there are perfect places to enjoy the nightlife to the maximum. Some of the activities which common visitors enjoy here:

    •    Musical DJ
    •    Dance of various genre
    •    Drinking liquors
    •    Cocktails
    •    Tasting absolute delicious items

    These are the common activities mentioned above, but what is not mentioned is the atmosphere which you will experience in the nightlife spots of the country. All these will surely give you amazing and memorable moments of the lifetime.