Costa Rica

Welcome to the most visited land of the Central American region for tourism purposes. The land that pioneered the concept of Ecotourism for rest of the world, a landscape full of floral and faunal variety and a fun republic where an organized force of more than one hundred thousand travel and tourism professionals is waiting for you. Here we are presenting the best tourist places of Costa Rica. It is an award-winning destination and it has become a fun republic of a different kind.

The national parks of the Costa Rica offer you a new perspective of wild. Come out of these protected areas and step into the party zone where the wild party animal in you will feel enlightened in this buffer zone of natural and manmade attractions. In the terms of rates and prices, Costa Rica can be considered as an economic destination moving on the virtues of the economy of the scale.

You can get all sorts of accommodations as per your needs; you can also plan long trips while moving in the marked areas of the country that are economic. The economy of this country is very stable and tourism plays a crucial role in the economy. In the other words, they are designing a tourist friendly country and investing heavily in the development of Tourism infrastructure. This new infrastructure is adding a new repeat value into the destination and making it the first choice for repeat travelers.

The diverse culture of Costa Rica encompasses of the glimpses of Spanish culture and Mexican culture. This place offers a different type of culinary delights that are distinct in many ways when we compare them with rest of the world. The local people are very friendly and well versed in greeting the guests, just take a stroll in the local market and you will end up with making many new friends within no time. So, explore the best tourist places in Costa Rica.

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People Also Ask About Costa Rica

  1. When is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

    Broadly, the season of the Costa Rica can be divided into two parts, dry season and the rainy season. Both the seasons offer a different type of fun when you are in Costa Rica. The months of May and June can be avoided because sunrays become unpleasant in this part of the world.


    Dry Season: The period between November and April can be considered as the dry season of Costa Rica, this is the time when you can enjoy this place to the fullest because the weather is no bar, and sunshine becomes pleasant during this phase.


    Rainy Season: Costa Rica has an amazing rainy season, it rains, but it never disrupts life for long. This is why during the period of rains you can enjoy this place considerably. The most important part of the deal is the fact that during the rainy season you can get services at economical rates.

  2. How to reach Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica enjoys a great connectivity with the rest of the world, you can reach here via plane, bus, and cars based on your root destination.

    • By air: Juan Santamaría Airport, Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport and Tobías Bolaños International Airport are three airports where you can land if you are an international traveler. These airports are connected with all the nine regions of Costa Rica.


    • By Road: Pan-American Highway connects Costa Rica with the rest of the neighboring land mass. This highway connects Nicaragua with Costa Rica. A road trip to Costa Rica is a journey in itself when you move on this highway.


    • By Boat: Panama and Nicaragua are connected with Costa Rica with the help of water transportation. Nicaragua is connected with boats and Panama is connected with Cruise ships.
  3. Do I need a visa for Costa Rica? How does one get a Costa Rica visa?

    In most of the cases, the Visa Formalities in Costa Rica are easy going. If you belong to their favorable list of countries then you can get a visa on arrival. However, if you are not belonging to one of these countries then you are required to have a Visa. The duration of Visa is Ninety days in both the cases.

    • Citizens of USA, Canada, Japan, and EU can get a visa on arrival or we can also say that they do not need a prior Visa.
    • Indian Citizens are required to carry a Visa when they arrive in Costa Rica. The maximum duration of this Visa can be of 90 days.
  4. What is the currency of Costa Rica and where can I get my money exchanged?

    Costa Rica Colon is the main currency of Costa Rica; this country also accepts US dollars. This name Colon is a tribute to the great traveler Christopher Colon Columbus. There are three places where you can exchange currency in Costa Rica.

    • Local Banks: Local Banks are the best place where you can exchange currency, make sure that you are getting the best price, for this, you can take the support of the local newspapers.


    • Airports: Most of the airports offer you currency exchange points However, these places should be avoided because the rates of currency exchange are not impressive here.


    • Hotels: Hotels are the second best options after local banks, they charge slightly on the higher side; still they are a better bet because of the convenience attached to the operations.
  5. Which are the major tourist attractions in Costa Rica?

    Volcano, National Parks, and beaches, Costa Rica offers many types of tourist attractions where an individual can find himself close to the diversity of the natural structures, flora, and fauna.


    • Arenal Volcano National Park: A silent volcano and rich flora and fauna are at your disposal they you pay a visit to this park.
    • Playa Grande: A beach town that offers an equal dose of entertainment to all, your family members will love it, under the capacity of a couple you will feel the sparks of honeymoon running all over in you.
    • Manuel Antonio National Park: The biggest strength of this national park is its small size. This national park contains a rich flora and fauna in a very small area. An ideal place for an excursion where you can witness a variety of the things.
    • Monteverde cloud forest Reserves: This set of deep rainforests has more than 3000 species habituating in this area.
  6. What are the things to do in Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica is a destination that allows you to capture the wild side of everything. Here you can get a taste of regular activities laced with wild flavors.


    • Spa Tours: Try to cool your heels off at the hot springs near the volcano sites, you can also go for combo tours where you can get regular spa facilities and have a complete relaxation.
    • Visit Theme Gardens: How about visiting a butterfly garden where butterflies form the backdrop for the perfect selfie. You can also repeat the same fun with orchids in the Orchid gardens.
    • Zoos and Aquariums: You can find a frog aquarium in Costa Rica, if you are a bird watcher this is the best place to be at.
  7. What is the local food of Costa Rica? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Welcome to the land of Spotted Rooster, Costa Rica offers a great variety of seafood, Mosta Costa Rican Desserts and Casado for lunches specifically. You can have these exotic dishes at various types of eating joints in Costa Rica.

    • Sodas: Open-air restaurants, mainly offers soda and beverages along with the local dishes.
    • Fine Dining Restaurants: Add a spark of romance and fine culture in evenings; many fine dining restaurants are available.
    • Street Stalls: Looking for some inexpensive options then street stalls can become your best bet for that.
  8. What is the best public transport to commute around Costa Rica?

    Local transport in Costa Rica is a very friendly option. Things are well-organized and since this country is promoting the concept of eco-tourism. The concepts of hitchhiking and sharing are always on the cards.

    • Taxis: Taxi stands are in plenty; you can hire a cab and pay in accordance with the meter. However, do not forget to take the support of the apps that help you in finding the shortest possible routes.
    • Taxis for Remote Areas: Taxis for remote areas are a viable option if you want to save time. You can also go for various package deals if you want.
    • Buses: They are introducing the latest racks in the business and upgrading a traditional system of Bus services, which connects the urban areas of Costa Rica with suburban and remote parts of the country.
  9. Do I need to have any vaccinations before the trip to Costa Rica?

    Various sources providing health information to the travelers in Costa Rica recommends following vaccines and other preventive measures to be taken care of prior to a visit.

    • Vaccination for Zika Virus
    • Malaria
    • Routine Vaccines
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • Rabies
    • Yellow Fever
    • Thyroids
  10. What is the local language in Costa Rica and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    A derivative of Spanish language known as Costa Rican Spanish is prevalent in Costa Rica. They also understand English and international tourist can save their life by speaking US English or Queen’s English in the country.


    • The word for Hello: Hola is the local word for hello in Costa Rican Language.
    • Word For Good Morning: Buenos Dias is the local word for Good Morning.
    • Word for Good Afternoon: Buenas Tardes is the local word for Good afternoon
    • The word for appreciating the services: Speaking Tuanis is the expression of saying "too nice" through the literary meaning of this word is something else. The new meaning is popular among the masses as a part of their slang.
  11. Which are the best shopping places in Costa Rica and what are they famous for?

    Shopping places in Costa Rica can also be considered as the places designed for the tourists as well. Most of them offer great exteriors and interiors; if you are a “dollar tourist” then most of the places might look cheaper to you.


    • Avenida Escaz’u: A nice and rich place to purchase souvenirs during your stay in Costa Rica
    • Mercado Nacional de Artesania: A tastefully designed outlet to satiate your history and culture related needs. The overtone of Spanish architecture gives it a princely charm.
    • La Casona: Seek for jewelry, fashion, and other options when you are in La Casona, this place carries the best of the local designs and trends loaded with Spanish blend with modern culture of Costa Rica.
  12. What are famous destinations for adventure activities in Costa Rica.?

    The definition of the word ‘Trekking’ changes once you visit Costa Rica, here a simple trip can be compared with a trekking. If you are seeking for equipment-based adventure activities, then again this place can offer you many activities.


    • Adventure Cruise: Plan a trip to neighboring country Panama and make yourself comfortable on a cruise trip. Many exciting packages are available.
    • Stay in the Eco Lodges of Costa Rica: Staying close to nature and feeling a different kind of life where you can experience a life of nomads. It is a different kind of an adventure that you can enjoy with your family.
    • Enjoy the Pacific region with the true spirit of adventure: You can enjoy the hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and white water rafting in a single package in various regions of Costa Rica.
  13. Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Costa Rica?

    National Parks and wildlife reserves can be considered as the USP of Costa Rica. This place hosts many such reserves and offers a variety that you can find nowhere else in the world.


    • Arenal Volcano National Park: One of the prime tourist attractions in Costa Rica, this park is unique because it is situated across a volcano and the colors of nature are completely different here.
    • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: This forest reserve is a boon for every tourist who wants to feel the pulse of a rainforest from inside the deep ranges of the forest.
    • Tortuguero National Park: Leave your connections with the world behind and jump into this nature’s oasis. This place is only connected through air services and boats. The pristine nature of this national park keeps it in a different range of wildlife adventures.
  14. Which are the best islands to visit in Costa Rica?

    Feel like the protagonist of a Hollywood film lost on an island, if you are seeking for this experience then the islands of Costa Rica are your dream destination. Every island is a world in itself and it is ready to engulf you as the part of its habitat.


    • Tortuga Island: There are three parts of this island and each part is different from each other.
    • Isla De Cabuya: Wait for the low tide to hit and be captured when high tide is in the flow. It will remind you the "Cul De Sac” experience if you are familiar with that.
    • Cocos Island National Park: It is a journey, which is worth it, meet some fishes of rare sea species and witness the underwater world from a blue transparent screen while moving towards this island and national park.
  15. What are the famous Surfing destinations in Costa Rica?

    Great surf spots and consistent waves to challenge the surfer in you, Costa Rica fills both the conditions that a regular surfer wants from the sea.


    • Spots at Playa Beach: The Caribbean side of the sea is the best way to explore surfing opportunity; Playa beach offers many exciting spots where a person can enjoy surfing throughout the year.
    • Playa Guiones: It is a destination that offers 300 free days when you can surf without any hindrance, if surfing is your singular goal during your travel then this is the right place for that.
  16. What are the best beaches in Costa Rica?

    Instead of the best, stunning is the correct word to describe these beaches. They will give you a feeling that you are standing on the other end of the world and living in a kingdom designed to celebrate the life on the edge.


    • Playa Conchal: Plan a stay in a luxurious resort and come out of your habitat to enjoy this natural beach during the day parts.
    • Manuel Antonio: We can also term it as a beach on the rocks. The wildlife intervenes your stay in all positive fashions and makes it a “friendship with wild” kind of tour.
  17. Which are the famous volcanoes to visit in Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica is a volcanic fun tourism destination; the connotations of this term volcanic fun can be deciphered only when you visit the national parks where these volcanoes are located.


    • PoAis Volcano: Located on the central island, this volcano offers you an unmatched scenic beauty that you can capture through lenses.
    • Irazu Volcano: The tallest Volcano in the country, it is also famous for a rich mineral lake that changes colors with the arrival of clouds and sunshine.
    • Tenorio Volcano: Located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, this Volcano offers a ride full of cliffhangers, explore this place from different angles and feel the magic of changing perspectives.
  18. Which are the most adventurous hiking trails in Costa Rica?

    Difficulties levels of hiking trails add a distinct feel of adventure in the trails of Costa Rica. You can capture this charm easily and pick from a range of options:

    • Cerro Chato: A part of the Arenal Volcano area, this trek offers the best difficulty level that you can expect from a trek.
    • Chirripo: One of the most popular treks in the area, make sure that you have done all the reservation related formalities done prior to plan a visit.
  19. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a different type of destination that has the power to bring out the nomadic best in you. Here are few tips that can help you in capturing the essence of this place a little better. Here are few tips that can help you in exploring this place better.


    • Ditch your guide while you are inside a national park
    • Avoid guided tours and package tours to have real nomadic fun
    • Choose off-peak times because weather supports the tourism-related activities
    • Carry your own booze because alcohol is very expensive in Costa Rica

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