Uttarkashi is a valley town in the state of Uttarakhand. Uttarkashi is famous for its stunning mountain ranges, meadows and the serene beauty of the valleys. Also, the town is well-known for its adventure activities that set the place apart from other hill stations. With the best adventure tours in Uttarkashi, you can embark on camping and trekking trips, go hiking and on nature walks etc. Most of the treks that take place from Uttarkashi are of five days or more, lasting up to a fortnight because of the amount of distance you cover and the activities you do. The thrilling Gaumukh trek, for instance, takes up to nine days because of the very challenging route you will cover. The route consists of a rough terrain, bridges, streams and dense wood that you will be covering as well as camping at the end of the day. The road paves higher, taking you to a high altitude zone and you will be trekking through a glacier while you have stunningly gorgeous views of many Himalayan peaks such as Mount Meru, Mount Shivling etc.

There are also other expeditions that you can embark on, such as the Mount Thelu expedition, which lasts over sixteen days and fifteen nights. Trekking at the Rupin Pass takes up to eight days and seven nights and is one of the most popular expeditions that adventure seekers love to go for while in Uttarkashi. Some of the other treks and adventures that you can go on are the Mount Satopanth trekking, Vasuki Tal trek, Gangotri Tapovan trek, Dodital Darwa Pass trek, Winter Kuari Pass trek, Meru glacier trek, Dayara Bugyal trek, Pangarchulla Peak trek, Alaknanda river rafting and skiing and trekking in Auli etc. Come to Uttarkashi for a complete experience of the mountains and the lifestyle here. Go for the best adventure tours in Uttarkashi, the way you have never done before and discover a traveller in you.

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Village Visit, Uttarkashi
Village Visit, Uttarkashi



Beauty Of Himalayan Treks, A large part of Uttaranchal is situated below the range of Himalayas in the northern part of India with dense forests, rivers, peaks, mountains that enhances its beauty. Uttaranchal is a major tourist attraction. It is a perfect place to discover the nature at its best and explore it too. When one walks through the un-explored settings and observes the nature around, its the part of Uttarakhand left behind. Seku village (5500 ft / 1700 mts), 2 hrs walk from Kuflon, an alternate trek route to Dodital, is one of the very few villages in the region to have been unscathed by the regular visits from the outsiders. Mainly an agro-dependent economy, it has started moving towards greener pastures. The settings of the village offer a mix of the past and the encroaching modern influence. A village named Kuflon, is a well known eco-Friendly nature camp that is about 12 kms from Uttarkashi. It is located about 2 kms from a place called Sangamchatti at an altitude of 5000 ft. Its the part of Uttarakhand. Kuflon must be explored by outdoor activities of camping, bird watching, trout angling that gives a unique experience of thrill and adventure. The narrow stream called Assi Ganga flows through the hills that abounds in Brown trout and is favourable for the adventurous sports for tourists visiting Kuflon. The best season to visit this place is from September till July ending. This is the time for nature sports and time to enjoy incomparable hospitability from the villagers.

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27 Ratings

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27 April 2017
Excellent trek for those who want to see the giants os Garwhal Himalayas up and close, we also get to visit the source of Ganga river at the snout of Gangotri glacier and the beautiful and pristine lake known as Vasuki Tal
03 September 2016
One of the must do treks in the Himalayas. Enjoyed each moment of the trek to the core. The video below will summarize all I have to say about the trek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1TbEhaq12k
We recently booked the Gaumukh to Tapovan trek with Thrillophilia and I must say, it was one of the best decisions that we made. All the arrangements were flawlessly made and the trek guide was super friendly. We had ultimate fun with this adventure trip. Kudos to the team for their excellent involvement in ensuring all the arrangements are done with precision.
All in all was amazing, really the place and the expereince we get from this tour were very special and memorable.
Actually I love long tour, this Vasuki Tal trek was the most adventure trek, we had a special and a wonderful moment there, comfortable stay, amazing foods, lovely views and sightseeing of the place. Worth every penny on this tour
I and my friends always wanted to do the Gomukh Tapovan Trek and we were looking for some reliable company to book this activity. I got to know of Thrillophilia through my friend and the rates for this trek with Thrillophilia is the best we found on the web. Moreover,the rates with Thrillophilia are comprehensive and we didn’t have to spend a penny a penny all through the six days of the trek apart from the booking amount! Kudos guys!
15 November 2018
Very Good
The trek is very scenic and I had 4 very nice days. However, it is not recommended for people with low physical conditions as it is not an easy trek. The first 2 days includes an ascent of 2000ft which is quite challenging due to the high altitude, even for trained people. Therefore, from our group of 8 people, only 3 made it to the top of Kuari pass. The nights are extremely cold and required several (wool) layers of cloth, so prepare well! The sleeping bag we got was very warm and suitable for cold conditions, however, our dining tent was very thin and had holes so that wind came in. So the time between sunset and sleeping was quite uncomfortable due to the cold. The management of the operator beforehand was not that good. We were told to bring many documents, which in the end were not needed. This was quite annoying because it consumed time. Also, the guest house we stayed in was a quite low budget and the communication was a bit slow. The company was not prepared properly for snow at this early time of the year, so we had to ask several times for proper snow gaiters or even a second guide. The guides that we had were all friendly, but very young (19-24 years). I wish there would have been at least one guide that would have been more experienced. Overall I enjoyed the trek due to the beauty of the mountains