Tuscany is a city in Italy known for art, architecture, galleries, beaches, islands, and olive groves. This is the city that gives a country side appeal that is flanked with mountains and seas. You can take a tour to the vineyards, poetic landscapes and farmer’s kitchen in Tuscany. There are many monumental structures, and art masterpieces in sculpture and painting. The churches, museums, and food is sensational. This is a fertile part of Tuscany and is a gourmet destination for foodies. The food and wine is sourced locally and this place is popular for its culinary delights.

You can visit the beautiful and historic churches of Florence, take a medieval pilgrimage route, and dabble into art. Visit chapels, monuments, and visit the old fashioned boutiques here. The landscapes in Tuscany are as timeless as their wines. There are hillside areas and villages that are good for taking hiking and walking tours. There are also island and forest areas that can be explored here. 

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  1. Travel Advice

    • Do not do anything to annoy the locals and take the off beaten path
    • Do not accept anything from the strangers or fall for tourist traps.
    • Always take care of your belongings.
    • When visiting church or any religious place, dress appropriately.
    • Places in Tuscany may or may not have internet and Wi-Fi available
    • Pack clothes according to weather conditions.
    • Learn a few local phrases.
    • Do try their local food and wine.
    • Enjoy the sight of the countryside.
    • ATMs might not be available here.
    • Do not wear shorts in public areas.
    • Do not talk about religion or mafia, or any of the controversial topics.
    • Do not loiter alone in the dark or visit secluded places alone.
    • Drive on the left and do not exceed the speeding limit of 100.
  2. Drinking Law

    16 years and above is the legal drinking age in Italy.

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    Monuments and museums

    Leaning tower of Pisa is a landmark that is closer to Tuscany. Uffizi Gallery has renaissance art collection. Museo Galileo has a collection of 5000 scientific items like then apparatus and scientific instruments.    Leonardo Da Vinci Museum has collections of his works and a library.

    Parks and scenic spots

    The National Park of the Tusco-Emilian Apennines has valleys and mountains which are picturesque and scenic. The National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago has waterfalls and sea. The National Park of the Foreste Casentinesi is flanked by mountains and forest areas. The Maremma Regional Park has a coastal area and a scenic view. The Park of Migliarino covers Pisa, Massarossa, and other places in between. There are lakes and sea surrounding the border of this park.

    The Montioni nature park has an artistic territory, is a cultural heritage, and is an ancient archaeological site. The Livorno Hills Park is nicknamed “The Lost Island” and has splendid beauty.

    The Archaeological Park of Poggibonsi is an archaeological site. The Parks of the Val di Cornia has natural scenic spots, coastal lines, and hilly areas. The Pinocchio's Park has exotic collections of houses flanked by hills.

    Activities and tours

      In Tuscany, you can take glass bead making classes and lampworking techniques. Wine tours in Tuscany are a must. Biking tours are something Tuscany is famous for. 

  4. What you will like there?

    Things of interest and sightseeing

    Florence is a city for art, painting, and scenic views. Siena is a hilly city known for horse riding and walking tours. Pisa has many iconic sites and monuments. Lucca Charming is a lively city that is great for taking biking and walking trails. Volterra has hilly areas which are scenic and have the Etruscan history. This is a great town for sightseeing. Montepulciano is a countryside town that is great for wine tasting.  San Gimignano is a hilly town with a scenic view and medieval towers. Montalcino has 14th century castles and is great for wine tasting. Cortona is a hilly town that has museums and churches. 

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  6. Books

    Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany 2016 by Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw

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