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Experiential Stays In Shillong
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Experiences in and around Shillong

An abode of clouds, the rolling hills around the town and the hill station of one of the smallest states of India, Meghalaya. With the best places to visit in Shillong, it is a geography synonymous to heaven, is the painting hung on your drawing-room wall, a collage of memories yet to be lived.

This prepossessing land is a beauty that floats on high over vales and hills, where the tall pine trees are seen fluttering and dancing in the breeze, and the clouds find a space along the margins of a hill unfolding the enchanting blue sky. The mystique land perched on an escarpment is more than enough to leave your imagination spell-bound.

Capital city of the state Meghalaya - a perfect blend of old charm and fresh essence, this bliss of solitude carries a number of things like falls, parks, peaks, landscapes and museums to keep a traveler’s head tossing in sprightly dance.

With the best places to visit in Shillong, this surprising holiday destination will make you forget to stop the shutters of your cam. The god’s honest harvest is ready to find a space among the favorites in your travel diary.

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Newly Added Shillong Experience

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31 May 2015
This trek has a beautiful trek path. This can be done at any season. A couple of years back, my friend went to this trek in the month of March, and he said it was good. However, I read that going in the month of June-October is the best time to go. But I went in September because of holiday constraints and it was awesome. I totally loved it. It is completely worthy.
18 April 2017
Highly recommended. We were a large family of 10 members, including children & aged parents & who booked package for Meghalaya & Shillong experiences. The host & their team where real caring, be it food, guidance, knowledge of local must things to do & we felt very homely. The homestay was excellent for cleanliness, hospitability, being tucked away from the chaos of the city, yet easily accessible to all amenities. Everyone of family were highly indebted to this wonderful hospitality & experience.
We had a very caring and warm-hearted host who adjusted with us and accommodated us with our needs. Highly recommended.
The best experience in Meghalaya in 8 hours, Our driver cum guide was superb helps us with the places, and knew all the highlights places and took us to each with care. We tried traditional-foods. Everything went well and enjoyable.
Krang Suri waterfall is situated in the Jaintia Hills, as we were new to this place so we hire a taxi from Shillong and reach the campsite without hassle, the taxi fare was not expensive at all, The campsite is breathtaking with the amazing views of the place. Super nice host who takes care of us and the entire tour. Amazing stay with an interesting activity. Good facilities, well-maintained and well-arranged tour. It was indeed the best of the best.
It was an awesome experience in Shillong.A magnificent view of the valley from an altitude. Clear blue sky, golden sunshine and greenery all around, what more could one ask for.
Interesting trip, the driver was nice and well-behaved, we managed to visit all the tourist spots. Really a good experience
It was our first-time camping. In this camp, we met nice-people in which we are not only enjoyed the stay or activity but we get to know the culture and tradition of the place from the locals who visit the camp in was interesting to know about the Khasi people's traditions. Worth-traveling far for this experience. would visit Meghalaya again.
Interesting tour, Nice start from Shillong the journey went great as the transport was in good condition along with a professional-driver, Great meal they served us, awesome trekking and the fun activity at Dawki was really full of fun and excitement all happened with safety measured. This experience totally worth every single penny we paid for.
Right before the start of the tour our driver helps us with the perfect plan to complete the tour without missing any spots, we visited Shnongpdeng, and Mawlynnong both the places were absolutely amazing with plentiful of amazing sceneries. Truly unbelievable to imagine that very clean and well-maintained. Special thanks to our driver who made this tour succeded without hassle.

People Also Ask About Shillong

  1. Travel Advice

    • Always carry an umbrella while visiting Shillong. It receives heavy rainfall almost throughout the year.

    • Do not visit Shillong during the monsoons.

    • Shillong is not much known for crimes, but it’s always good to safeguard your belongings.

    • Shillong sleeps early. You will find all the shops and restaurants closing down by 9 at night. It’s better to feed yourself before that to avoid starving.

    • Choose the big and famous restaurants to dine in as the small ones are not trusted in the matter of cleanliness and hygine.

    • Carry a torch while going out at night. You might experience power cuts there in Shillong.

    • Keep a constant eye on the children. The hilly regions of Shillong might get slippery due to rainfall or dew.

  2. Drinking Laws

    The minimum age for consuming liquor in Meghalaya is 21 years. Don’t risk yourself if you are younger. Also, if you are eligible to drink, drink responsibly. Do not go out for sight-seeing in a drunken state.

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Ward’s Lake

    This is a manmade lake, constructed on the orders of Sir William Ward, giving it its name. On the either sides of the lake you will find beautiful lotus flowers. You can see a lot of colourful fishes in the lake and feed them biscuit pieces or breads pieces. You can also go for boating there or just sit in the beautiful garden beside the lake. There is a little café, serving snacks.

    Lady Hydari Park

    This is a beautiful park with colourful local flowers. It is a famous picnic spot for the locals. You will find a mini zoo too inside the park where you will see a lot of deer. Visit in October to see the colourful flowers bloom. There is a small playing area for the kids too with sea-saws and swings. Spend an hour there with your family.

    Cathedral Catholic Church

    This is a beautiful church in the heart of the city. The place is calm and serene. Visit the church to get a peaceful time.

    Don Bosco Centre of Indigenous Culture

    This is the largest cultural museum in entire Asia. It focuses in safeguarding the culture of the seven sister states, namely, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Manipur. The seven storied museum showcases rare photographs of north-east India. You will love to see the interesting attires of those states. Timing of the museum is 9 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Saturday. During the winters, it closes down early.

    Capt. Williamson Sangma State Museum

    This is a museum under the state government, showcasing the cultures of north-east sister states. It is inside a library, which gives you another option for visiting. You will love to see the pictures and sculptures depicting the lifestyle and culture of the states.

    Ever Living Museum

    This is mainly a botanical museum exhibiting beautiful local plantations. Besides this, you will also witness beautiful facts on the culture of north-east states.  

    Spread Eagle Falls

    As the name suggests, these falls look like an eagle with spread wings. It is situated inside the Shillong Cantonment. Locally, the falls are known as Umkaliar. You will love the entire location and the calmness of the place with the only sound of the falling water.

    Golf Course

    It is a beautiful natural golf course with 18 holes. The place is picturesque with pine trees all around. It is often compared with the Glen Eagle Course of America due to its beauty. Situated at an elevation of 5200 ft., the location is a treat for your eyes.  

    Sweet Falls

    This is a beautiful and picturesque fall in the Happy Valley. The fall is steep and like a pencil. This place is a famous picnic spot for the locals as well as the tourists. Additional caution is required at this place as there are no barricades. Keep the children away from the edges of the rocks.

    Elephant Falls

    You must be wondering why a waterfall is named elephant. The name Elephant Falls was suggested by the British because there was a big rock beside the falls which looked like an elephant. Unfortunately, the rock was destroyed by an earthquake. Elephant falls is a collection of many narrow falls. The location is pristine and breath-taking. Beyond the Elephant Falls, there are two other falls called Wei Laplam Falls and Wir Phang Falls. They are equally beautiful and picturesque. There is a well paved path that will take you to those waterfalls. The other waterfalls in Shillong that you can pay a visit are Bishop and Beadon Falls and Crinoline Falls near Lady Hydari Park.

    Shillong Peak

    This is the highest point of the state. At a height of 1965 m above the sea level, the peak offers a divine panoramic view of the entire Shillong. The lights down the city are a treat to watch from the peak at night, resembling stars all over. You are not allowed carry your camera there by the Indian Air Force authorities

    Chrysalis the Gallery

    If you love art and painting, you must visit this art gallery where you can see beautiful paintings, handmade sculptures, and beautiful handicrafts by the north-eastern artists. The gallery is run by a local artist named Jaya Kalra.

    Umiam Lake

    This is a beautiful artificial lake in the lap of nature resembling a lake of Scotland. The lake is popularly known as Barapani among the locals, which means big water. There is a water sport complex near the lake offering boating.

    Butterfly Museum

    If you love seeing butterflies, there is an entire museum for you in Shillong. You will see colourful butterflies of different species. You can even play with the butterflies without hurting them.

    The other museums that you can definitely pay a visit are –

    • Rhino Heritage Museum

    • Arunachal Museum

    • Air Force Museum

    • Forest Museum

    • Anthropological Museum

    To vsit these places and nearby getaways to Shillong in the state of Meghalaya, check out the most affordable tour packages to enjoy a pocket-friendly vacation.
  4. What will like you like there?

    Natural beauty

    The natural beauty of Shillong is breath-taking. Leaving the place after your tour is over won’t be easy. The hills with lush green pine trees will surely call you back.


    You will love the culture of the place. The local attire is really interesting. Also, the women hold a good position there, in spite of being a patriarchal society. The tourists are welcomed with open hearts and the locals are very friendly with the tourists as tourism industry in Meghalaya contributes a huge amount to the state’s revenue.


    The local cuisine of Shillong is delicious. Not many spices are used in the cooking process which gives out the real flavours of the ingredients used. Also, the food is mainly boiled or grilled, not fried, which makes it really healthy. You must try the Tibetan dumplings with cabbage and pork filling which are then steamed in bamboo steamers. These are called momos. They are so soft and melt-in-mouth flavourful mini bombs. You must also try the wild orange tea, which have a flavour of oranges. The Cherrapunjee orange peels are dried and mixed with the tea giving it a divine flavour.


    There are a lot of museums in Shillong which clearly depicts that the people of Shillong are proud of their culture and heritage. You will fall in love with the north-eastern sister states after visiting the museums and seeing the beautiful photographs, sculptures and many more things related to these north-east states.


    Last but not the least; you will simply love the locals of Shillong. They are very friendly and always happy to help. One thing you will like a lot about the locals of Meghalaya is that, the mother’s surname is given to the children, which is generally the opposite of the traditions followed in rest of the world.

  5. Reads for destination

  6. When is the best time to visit Shillong?

    Have the best of your time in Shillong in the months of summer.

    March-June: The most pleasant weather with a temperature staying between 15-24 degrees Celsius, will greet you in the days with sun smiling over your head and the air still be filled with hints of winter

    July-September: Shillong receives heavy rainfall but it leaves Shillong ecstatic with leaves sparkling in glee and the temperature falling to 12 from 16 degrees.

    October-March: Shillong will not fail to excite you even in winters. Do not forget to carry woolens not just one but many as the temperature falls to 2 degree Celsius in extreme winters.

  7. How to reach Shillong?

    Shillong by Air:

    Shillong Airport in Umroi, is a small airport that is available for the flights via Alliance Air and is located at a distance of 40 km from Shillong. Bus services are provided by Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) from the airport to the various cities of the state. There are regular flights from Shillong to Ahmedabad, Aizawl, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and various other destinations. Another convenient airport, the Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati (128 km from Shillong) is connected to rest of India with regular flights. Shared cabs (typically small cars from the airport, and larger Tata Sumos from Guwahati town center) are available from outside airport connecting to Shillong.

    By Bus:

    You can take a bus from Guwahati to Shillong. There are several private as well as government operated deluxe and regular tourist going at regular intervals.

    By Taxi:

    The better idea is to hire a taxi for a convenient and comfortable journey. You can even take a shared taxi to be more economical. The drive is an exuberant journey through the woods and wind lasting an impression for life in your memory.

    By Train:

    There are as such no proper rail lines in Meghalaya. Guwahati railway station is the nearest railway station situated at a distance of 105 Km from Shillong. The city is well connected to all other major cities of the country via rail medium.

  8. What are the different things/activities to do in Shillong?

    A host of exotic orchids, medley of colors and culture, continuous as stars that shine, this city has a lot more to explore and adventure, than to just exist in eternal years. Serene Shillong will hold you back with more young and beautiful promises to fulfill:

    • Boating in Umiam Lake
    • Angling at Dawki - Around 80 km away from Shillong and located amidst a placid surrounding Dawki is a house of enormous species of rare and common fishes that are found swimming with lively colors.
    • Trekking in the calm and composed trails of David Scott.
    • Horse Riding – Ride on horseback to the highest Shillong peak of Meghalaya, witnessing the birds’ eye view of the city.
    • Enjoy River Rafting in Ranikor, an offbeat destination to Shillong,
    • Experience the thrill of Kayaking at Kynshi River
    • Get baffled to the astounding Waterfall Rappelling at Elephant Falls – an experience enough to satiate an adventure hungry soul.
    • Camping on Khasi Hills - Stay overnight in these fleeting camps surrounded with the arduous beauty of green meadows, chilling weather, and fragrance of pine trees.
    • Visiting Asia’s Cleanest Village – Mawlynnong.
    • Discover the long held dark secrets in the limestone caves. Explore the Krem Mawsmai, Krem Mawmluh, and Krem Umshyrpi are some popular as the longest caves hold the deepest darkness in their primitive traces.
    • Golfing at the picturesque Shillong Golf Club, located at a breath-taking sight with lush green hills at the backdrop, decorated with beautiful Pine and Rhododendron trees to enhance the splendor of its undulating meadows.
    • Rock Climbing in the outskirts of Shillong, in some parts of the East Khasi Hills.
    • Live the nightlife in Shillong
    • Stay in Tree House - a unique experience adding to the repository of your unforgettable memories.
    • Watch the colors flying in Butterfly Museum.
    • Take the leisure walk around Ward's Lake.
    • Hangout at Nokrek National Park.
    • And shop till you drop at Police Bazaar.
  9. Which are the best resorts to stay in Shillong?

    The resorts in Shillong are a stay dipped in the richness of royal dynasty walking through the pine trees, paddy fields, small organic tea and vegetable gardens. Wandering into the "land of serene environs", Shillong could be found housing surprisingly delightful accommodations crafted of tribal and regal poetry.

    • Ri Kynjai
    • Royal Heritage Tripura Castle
    • Aerodene Cottage
    • The Habitat Shillong
    • The Pear Tree
    • Ha Sharing
    • Hotel Polo Towers
    • Kaizun Bed Breakfast
    • The Shillong Hills Guest House
  10. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Shillong?

    Walk around Shillong and explore what it carries in its seeds of happiness. Most of the times walking will take you to your destination quicker and richer than any other means.

    By Bus

    For places within city limits, city buses are good options. There are two kinds of buses that pass from Shillong - city bus and bazaar bus. City buses are what tourists should use.

    By Taxi

    Black and yellow unmetered shared taxis ply within city limits. These are faster and are always shared; rates may vary from INR 10 to INR 50 maximum.

    For sightseeing it is a good idea to hire a taxi cab for full day. The fares should be fixed before travel.

  11. Which are the best places for shopping in Shillong?

    While there will be mind-bubbles of nature occupying your convulsions, Shillong will not fail to ignite a strong urge to set out on a shopping spree whenever you pass through Iewduh market (more popular as Bara Bazaar) and the local favorite Police Bazaar.


    The two famous markets are a collection of tribal arts carved in bamboo and canes by the artful hands of the villagers, designed exclusively to find a space in your living room.

    The most popular shopping outlets in Police Bazaar include the store of Meghalaya Handlooms & Handicraft, Assam Emporium, Khadi Gram Udyog, Glory's Plaza, OB Shopping Mall and Grand Bazaar.


    Shillong stretches in never ending line of style statement, a reflection of heightened awareness of global colors and collars. It is enriched in high sense of style and aesthetics. You can read the massive structure of art, finely interlocked in the clothes of freedom and wooden souvenirs, and can find the fashion talking in the bones of natives via the art of clothes, handicrafts, food or music reinventing its own language.

  12. Which are the famous treks one can enjoy in Shillong?

    The two best treks of Shillong are

    • Living Root Bridge Walking Trek
    • David Scott Trail Trekking

    but then you can reach the Mawlynnong and experience the thrill of exploring a virgin cave. Trek back to the village through the sub-tropical forest crossing beautiful streams and valleys on the way.

  13. Which are the famous museums in Shillong?

    Shillong is a house of many museums that can take you through a different world of art and nature:

    • Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures
    • Air Force Museum
    • Butterfly Museum
    • Ever Living Museum
    • Wankhar Entomology Museum
    • Capt. Williamson Sangma State Museum
  14. Which are the famous waterfalls in Shillong?

    What a view it is to see the water falling off the cliff, an amalgamation of rivers and heavens in Shillong:

    • Elephant Falls
    • Sweet Falls
    • Mawphlang Falls
    • Bishop Falls
    • Beadon Falls
    • Crinoline Falls
    • Spread Eagle Falls
    • Wahrashi Falls
  15. How is the nightlife of Shillong? And where can one enjoy it?

    The nocturnal heavens, the rock capital of India, Shillong, where music floats’ magic in the air. Nightlife has always has been rampant in Shillong, and there are ample options to hangout soaking in exotic array of beverages while basking in the musical extravaganza.

    • Cloud 9
    • Piccadilly
    • Platinum
    • Déjà vu
    • Tango Pub
  16. Which are the best places for rock climbing in Shillong?

    The East Khasi Hills hard rock formations on the outskirts of Shillong provides a good option for rock climbing where you can head to get a true experience of rock climbing.

  17. What are the best places to witness wildlife in Shillong?

    Shillong’s ornamental forests, listening to a tangerine, wafting through the night, sailing over hills and heights, carries a lake, a floating orchid and a wildlife beneath dense heads of trees.

    • Umiam Lake
    • Elephant Falls
    • Ward’s Lake
    • Mawjymbuin Cave
    • Mawphlang Sacred Forest
    • Laitlum Canyons
    • Lady Hydari Park
    • David Scott Trail
    • Sweet Falls
    • Lumpong Deng Island
    • Bishop Falls
    • Beadon Falls
    • Crinoline Falls
    • India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden
    • Spread Eagle Falls
    • Dwarksuid
    • Balpakram National Park
    • Wahrashi Falls
    • Botanical Survey of India Orchidarium
    • Diengiei Peak
  18. What are the famous destination for river rafting in Shillong?

    The feet touching the muddy riverbed, would wish to walk up the stone steps into the river and get thrilled to river rafting.

    There are facilities for several water sports at Umiam Lake including river rafting. Apart from Umiam Lake, rafting is also available at Ranikor, around 2.5 hours from Shillong.

Popular Nearby Places Around Shillong