A common pick among every mountain hikers wish-list are the mountains of Pokhara in Nepal. The heavenly grace the Himalayas stand with leaves the visions of their spectators in awe. Nepal other than being the land of never ending treks and trails is also embedded with the medieval architect and traditional rituals of Buddhism. Kathmandu, 21kms away from Pokhara and the capital of Nepal is the starting-point for many adventurous treks and the best sightseeing tours in Pokhara. The Annapurna trek and the Gokyo Valley is one of the most commonly known adventure scopes in this country. There is so much to see and do in Pokhara that the most difficult part about traveling here is to decide how to accommodate everything. Thrillophilia arranges a chain of learning adventures to help you explore Pokhara in the right way and experience the local day to day lives of the people.


Right after the monsoons have showered their blessings and the heavy clouds have bid their farewell, September to November receives the sunshine of the mild sun welcoming the chilly breeze of the winters to soothe the town in; this is the best time to visit. With the cultures of Tibet, Pokhara serves the authentic Tibetan cuisines in their most local and elite restaurants. The flavor of spices mainly used in the food keeps the body warm and strong to keep up with the falling temperatures as the year descends towards winters. Bungee Jump from the tip of the mountain, paraglide through the valleys with the cool breeze, kayak in the serene waters, cliff dive into the waterfall pools, board on the mountain flight for a bird’s eye view, ride around the towns exploring the authentic livelihood, enjoy the best sightseeing tours in Pokhara; we were born free and Pokhara gives one the experience to live free.

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15 April 2019
The trekking was very good. Also as we had a small group all the arrangements were good. As we did not expected more snow it was fun walking in snow for full day to reach the ABC. The view was spectacular at the base camp and got quiet good photos. Guide/Porter was very co-operating and helped us a lot while walking in the snow (as we did not had proper shoes to trek in snow :) )
26 October 2019
The trek was really good, there’s lodges in the whole route , you can carry less for the trek, the view of trek is awesome , the guide and porter are helpful
30 August 2019
The trek was exhilarating! Since we went during off-season/ monsoon season, it was not as crowded as every one told it generally is. We were just two women in our group, and the guide and porter were very helpful and friendly. However, we felt the communication could have been more proactive from the vendor agency. But the arrangements came together in the end, so no issues. Thrillophilia's rating for difficulty level is apt. This trek is not for anyone who doesn't work out on a daily basis. But as the trek gets difficult, so do the rewards, in terms of the views. Overall, it was everything I wanted and more, I loved the experience of the trek and had no difficulties along the way. I wanted a thrilling and difficult trek, full of breathtaking moments, filled with peace and quiet, so I got that and a sense of being close to heaven and the gods!
"Amazing experience overall"
Our first time took a long tour experience. But Thrillophilia makes everything easy by arranging a good supportive operator and staff. Take this chance I can assure that you won't regret it for sure
Though we usually travel on own but as it was a sudden plan it needed to perfectly made and executed so we opted for Thrillophilia, and it was on the best decisions we took in our travel history, as there wasn't anything we were worried about.
I had done this tour with my family, It was a good experience for us. you give a try on this you would like it definitely.
The trip was very well planned, the spots were breathtaking, Had a good quality time at each stop. Enjoyable experience in Nepal.
Nice arrangement long tour, the local operator was very kind and helpful. We do not face any single problem the entire journey. Wow...
The sightseeing in Pokhara was really an amazing part of our life there are plentiful of good places, we visited many places with the help of an informative guide. Took many pictures and return back with a plentiful of good memories.