Once ruled by the famous Namgyal dynasty, it is now a part of the district of North Sikkim, India. It shares it sacred saint, Guru Rinpoche with the Bhutanese culture. Comprising of amazing Pelling Tour Packages, landscape of the place is dotted with exotic waterfalls and lakes that imparts it abundant natural beauty. The Changey, Rimbi and Khangchendzonga waterfalls, and the Khecheopalri Lake add to Pelling' s natural beauty, enticing nature lovers and trekkers alike. With mountain treks such as the popular Goecha La trek that passes through Kanchenjunga National Park alongside the pristine Rathong Chu river is spellbinding. Beholding the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga decorated with evening sunlight is a fulfilling experience.


Quaint monasteries like Pemayangtse Monastery constructed in 1705 and the Sangachoeling Monastery constructed in 1697 are the interesting places to visit in Pelling. Besides the first monastery lies the Rabdantse Ruins that was once the capital of Sikkim but was razed to ground by the invading Gurkhas. For the people looking for a picnic time in the clear Sikkim air, Sewaro Rock garden is the place to see. To experience the humble rural way of living, activities like cow milking are a popular craze.


For the people looking for arts and craft or some Yogic experience, there is a small handicraft and handloom tour package in Pelling that can be tried as well as the Yuma meditation centre for spending time in the fresh Himalayan breeze. With places like Bagdogra, Yuksom, Kalimpong, Gangtok and Darjeeling spread around in the vicinity, there is more than enough in Sikkim to visit. Darjeeling, famous for its tea garden lies close to Pelling and can be reached within 2 hours to have a walk through the lush green gardens with the aroma of fresh tea leaves.

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05 February 2020
The resort was perfectly located amidst the hills Stunning views. Also, the attractions of the city were very much nearby to the resort. Excellent hospitality, delicious food, and great ambiance. The activities included in the stay package were amazing, we had so much fun doing the activities. Looking forward to visiting you again. Thanks, Thrillophilia! for hassle-free booking and instant confirmations.
19 November 2019
Best place to stay. People should definitely go for the attic room with the mountain view. Felt so luxurious. The room was just amazing with superb washrooms so clean along with a comfortable bed and good facilities. The staffs were professional and responsive always provide service on-time. Staff was very cordial. It has a pure veg restaurant attached and the food was great.
I was very happy that my surprise went well, I am so thankful for the booking platform and the staff there at Pelling who arranged the evening with perfection with beautiful decorations and fresh drinks and meals. My cousins were very happy with this surprise and even shared the pictures with me even I like it so much. Thank you so much for your effort and we were very satisfied with your service and everything you truly deserved a 5*.
16 February 2020
Loved Everything about this resort. The room we stayed in was spacious and had a small balcony overlooking the mountains. The lady at reception was also very knowledgeable and helpful. Food quality was awesome. You get to wake up to the Kanchenjunga at your window. I would highly recommend for nature lovers this beautiful stay. Thanks to Thrillophilia for giving us the best price with so many activites and additional discount. Is was value for money and looking forward to more such amaizing experiences.
18 December 2019
Loved everything about this resort. The staff is very helpful and available for any request. The view from the room was so beautiful, we could see the snow-capped hills which was so mesmerizing, The food was very tasty. The rooms were cozy and comfortable. We even went for the yak ride and it was a great experience. Thanks to Thrillophilia for giving us such a beautiful stay experience at the best price, looking forward to more such amazing experiences.
20 February 2020
I booked Magpie The Chestnut Retreat from Thrillophilia at a very decent price along with the activities. The check in and check out process was also done easily with just the e-voucher of Thrillophilia. The stay was comfortable and the food served was very delicious. There we experienced activities like yak ride and ATV ride. Everything was taken care of in the beautiful resort.
21 November 2019
The resort is pretty along with the amazing views of the place. The room were so clean along with a comfortable bed and good facilities. The staffs were professional. No doubt we would be back. Highly recommended if you are visiting Pelling.
The place gave us stunning pictures, Nice walked on the glass and we enjoyed every bit of it. Worthy experience.
The tour was so great, we had a friendly tour driver who helps us with the tour and doesn't mind at all to wait for us, Well-designed place, The Lord-Buddha idol, The white-Himalayan-range is clearly seen from there. This tour was a blissful and peaceful one. Thanks, Thrillophilia for the easy-booking and well-arranged would repeatedly taking service form your company.
Must visit a place, The glass-topped skywalk was extremely great, you'll enjoy everything on this place and nobody misses the Buddha-idol and the monastery... the walked through the stair as well need to have stamina. The view was simply indescribable

People Also Ask About Pelling Tours

  1. What are the top attractions to see on a sightseeing tour in Pelling?

    1. Sangachoeling Monastery: Sangachoeling Monastery is one of the must-visit destinations in your Pelling tours. Built in the 17th century, Sangachoeling Monastery is an important spot for Buddhist pilgrimage. This is the oldest monastery in Sikkim that has been built according to the Tibetan architectural style. It is believed that in ancient times secret mantras were taught over here. The entry to this monastery is restricted strictly to the Lepcha and Bhutia communities. 

    Location: West Sikkim.

    Timings: 7 AM to 6 PM.

    2. The Village of Darap: 
    This is a gateway to heaven in your Pelling tours as it offers a panoramic view and tranquil environment. Darap, an intrinsically rich village, is rising as one of the most noted homestay venues among visitors exploring Pelling. The village is home to many ethnic groups such as Bhutias, Tamangs, Chhetris and Gurungs, among others. Darap owes its travel preference to both its beauty and rapid connectivity.

    Pelling-Rimbi Road

    All day long.

    3. Singshore Bridge: 
    The is the highest bridge in Sikkim which stands at an elevation of 198 metres above ground level and is a must-visit in your Pelling tours. Needless to say, it guarantees incredible views and breathtaking panorama shots for photographers. Not just in India, but Singshore is one of the highest bridges in Asia as well. Singshore also happens to be encircled with the lush greenery and has some of the most splendid waterfalls. It is one of the most frequently visited sites among tourists wandering through Pelling.

    Uttarey Village.

    500 per person.

    6 AM to 6 PM.

    4. Khecheopalri Lake: 
    Your Pelling tours are incomplete without visiting this magnificent lake. This picturesque lake has azure blue water and lush green flora and flora draping it from all sides. This serene and splendid attraction in Pelling is said to have religious and historical value for both Hindus and Buddhists. Lodges are set up exclusively for mountain trekkers in Gangtok around Khecheopalri Lake for them to soak in the calm and quaint beauty of this landscape.

     Enroute Pelling-Rimbi Road.

    Entry fee:
     INR 30/-

    5. Kanchenjunga Falls: 
    This beautiful waterfall is one of the most renowned tourist spots of Pelling due to it’s mesmerizing grandeur and beauty. It takes an hour-long drive from the centre of Pelling to reach the Kanchenjunga Falls. The drive itself is nothing short of a memorable journey with rocky paths and breathtaking view of the sky. Also, the adrenaline junkies find rope sliding a very interesting way to reach the falls.

     Enroute Pelling-Rimbi Road.

    Entry fee:
     INR 20/-

    Best time to visit:
     October – February.

    6. Pemayangtse Monastery: 
    This monastery is a three-story structure which traces its origin from the 17th century. It is one of the most visited sights in Pelling. The Pemayangtse Monastery is graced with sculptures and paintings. Still, the centre of attraction here is the seven-tiered model of Guru Rimpoche which is carved out of wood and is adorned with colourful fairies and rainbows. It stands at an altitude of 6840 feet and is nothing short of an epitome of Buddhist legacy. 

    Location: Pelling-Gyalshing Road, Geysing, Sikkim
  2. What are the most amazing things to do in Pelling?

    1. Trekking and Hiking: Kanchenjunga National Park

    Pelling is very famous for trekking and hiking, and every year thousands of adventure junkies visit this place to pump up their adrenaline level. The most favoured location for trekking purposes in Pelling is the Kanchenjunga National Park.

    It offers some of the awe inspiring and challenging treks that are known for their scenic beauty among the trekking community.  However, if one wishes to hike there, then they need permission from the Wildlife Education and Interpretation Centre based at Yuksom which is located in the region of North Sikkim.

    Kanchenjunga National Park

    10 AM to 6 PM.

    Entry fee:
    INR 350/- per person.

    2. A walk-in history: Rabdentse Ruins

    What once was a palace is now visited for its ruins! The Rabdentse Ruins operated as the capital of kings and queens of Sikkim till 1814 AD. These ruins are stretched across the hill and are surrounded by groves of chestnut and dense forests. A quick walk on to the peak will put forth the popular Namphogang, where kings sat in their days of glory. These ruins recite the story of the glory of Sikkim and is a must visit for every history enthusiast. They also offer a panoramic view of the entire valley.

    Geyzing, Pelling.

    3. Food Exploration

    One cannot truly visit a place or say they have explored a new culture until they indulge in the flavours of the given state. Savor the scrumptious local cuisine of Pelling that is influenced largely by the Nepali and Tibetan cuisine. Common dishes in Pelling cuisine are Thukpa, Thenthuk, Mom, Churpi, Roti, Kinema, Sel and Gundruk. Generally, all the restaurants serve you the authentic flavours. You can also try the local drinks like Rhododendron wine and Chang while exploring the best delicacies of Pelling. 

    Best restaurants in Pelling:
     Melting Point Restaurant, Hotel Dubdi, Lotus Bakery

    Average cost of one meal:
     INR 250/- per person.

    4. Shopping

    Pelling hosts many markets and shops where these handmade goods are easily available. Some of the best places to shop in Pelling are Rinchenpong Bazaar, Bermiok Bazaar, Rural Artisan Marketing Centre, etc. Some of the famous things that you must buy in Pelling are the Buddhist flags, hand-woven bamboo products, woollen scarves and shawls, Tibetan souvenirs and carpets as well. The local souks also sell flavourful spices, teas, and dry fruits. Your
    Pelling tours definitely deserves a trip to these markets and shops.

    Shopping places in Pelling:
     Bermiok Bazaar, Rinchenpong Bazaar, Rural Artisan Marketing Centre.

    5. Touristy visits: Sewaro Rock Garden

    Maintained by the Sikkim Tourism Department, the Sewaro Rock Garden is a gorgeous natural venue located on a riverbank. This garden is enveloped with dense greenery, hilltops and rapidly flowing water bodies which makes it an ideal picnic destination. What’s more?

    There are several orange tree plantations nearby where one can visit and explore the fresh environment. An afternoon in this splendid spot is a must recommendation. Your
    Pelling tour packages should definitely take you through this mesmerizing rock garden where you can bond well with nature.

    Sewaro Rock Garden.

    Entry Fee:
    10 Rs per person.

    6. Have a lavish stay at the homestays in Darap Village

    Darap village is located 14 km away from the main town of Pelling and is known for its rich cultural and heritage value. Being home to indigenous communities and tribes, Darap offers relaxing homestays. These homestays offer all the modern facilities like wi-fi, air conditioner, geyser and microwave. The hospitality of the staff is equally impressive and you’re bound to have a memorable experience in the homestays over here.

     Pelling-Rimbi Road

    How to get there:
     Easily accessible by taxis and buses from anywhere in Sikkim.

    7. Have a thrilling walk at Pelling Skywalk

    Pelling tour packages are incomplete if you haven’t admired the human ingenuity and innovation at Singshore Bridge. This manually tailored suspension bridge is one of the highest bridges in Asia and it connects over two distinct gorges that are around 240m and 100m tall. The unique experience of walking on this bridge is something that each one of you must try during your Pelling tour.

    Darap Village.

    Closes at 6 PM.

    8. Immerse into the tranquillity at Kaulk

    If you’re someone who loves to immerse into a serene experience then Kaulk should be your ideal spot. It is a region habited by the Lepcha Tribe and remains largely unexplored. It harbours a sanctuary called Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, which is a dream spot for photographers looking for something new to capture.

    So get ready to get close to nature by enjoying the tranquility of Kaulk in your
    Pelling tour packages. A little away from Kaluk is the region of Rinchenpong. You can even trek from Rinchenpong to Kaluk for an adrenaline-rushing experience. 


    9. An Exploration of Culture and Heritage: Tashiding Buddhist Monastery

    Located at a distance of 36 km from Pelling, Tashiding Monastery was constructed in the year 1641. It is widely acknowledged as a pious monastery of Buddhism in Sikkim and the North-Eastern frontier.

    The monastery is extremely renowned for celebrating Bhumchu Festival in which both locals as well as tourists from across the globe, participate. Traditions and ceremonies of Buddhism can be enjoyed during this festival. The time recommended ideally to visit this monastery is between February to March when the Bhumchu Festival takes place.


    10. Trekking at Khecheopalri

    Another enthralling activity that is included in your Pelling tour packages is trekking to Khecheopalri that is a sacred wishing lake and a sacred pilgrimage site both for the Hindus and the Buddhists. This lake is a heaven for trekkers and nature lovers  and there are various trekkers outlets over here where you can relax during the middle of your trek.

    It is pushed with many scenic trails that helps the travelers unwind from their monotonous routine. Some of these trails are equally challenging as well and you might need to have stenroos practice to conquer these trails. You can also have an amazing camping experience over here gazing at the stars and beautiful sceneries around you. Have a Interesting fact: Ravangla is the beginning point of the trekking range to Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary.

  3. How can I reach Pelling?

    Here are the most common ways to reach Pelling in a comfortable way:

    By train: 
    Pelling doesn’t have any railway station. The closest railway station to Pelling is the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station which is located at a distance of 152 kilometres from Pelling. The railway station is well equipped with taxis outside. For solo travellers looking for a shared mode of transportation, they can reach Siliguri, and access the shared cabs to Pelling.

    By road: 
    If one wishes to travel by road, Pelling has a well-connected road network from all the major cities. The Indian State Transport runs buses at frequent intervals to Pelling. However, if one wishes to travel in cabs, then the cab services are provided by major cities as well. Pelling is connected to Gangtok, Darjeeling and Siliguri as well. The route from Siliguri to Pelling is a steep one, which is why an SUV is recommended for the journey than public transportation.

    By air: 
    The closest airport to Pelling is Bagdogra which is 160 kilometres away from Pelling. The airport receives flights from all major cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata adequately. Outside the airport, you can find taxis and cabs that can take you to Pelling.

  4. What is special about Pelling?

    Your Pelling tour packages give you a chance to immerse into the picturesque landscape and the splendid architecture of Pelling that truly define this town. From waterfalls to high altitude bridges, lush green forests and picturesque views of the Himalayas, everything over here is truly splendid.

    It is also flanked with homestays and hotels that ensure an ideal stay for tourists making Pelling a perfect and memorable holiday getaway.

  5. What is the best time to visit Pelling?

    The best time to visit Pelling is between September to May when the weather is extremely pleasant to immerse into the surreal beauty of this place. Here is a breakdown of a few other seasons when you might visit Pelling for an adorable experience.

    In Summer season, the beauty of Pelling is nothing short of a treat for the eyes. It’s beauty is almost spell-binding. Summers in Pelling stretch from March till May only. The temperature varies from 7 degrees to 28 degrees and remains pleasant throughout. Due to the sun, the snow leaves the ground and lets the lush greenery take over the view. Summers are ideal in Pelling for sight-seeing and adrenaline-adventure sports. Summers witness the highest influx of tourists in Pelling.

    Pelling receives its first rains in the month of July, and they stretch till the end of September. The monsoon season, however, is not the best time to visit Pelling as the town receives massive rainfall during this time. The rains disrupt the leisurely activities taking away the joy of the trip.

    The winter season commences in December in Pelling, and it extends till the month of February. This season makes Pelling look even more serene due to the fresh snowfall. It looks like nothing more than a painted canvas. Moreover, winters in Pelling are spectacular to witness because of Kanchenjunga and the views of the Himalayan ranges. But you might not be able to try some of the adrenaline rushing activities over here in winter.

  6. Which are the most adventurous things to do in Pelling?

    1. Trekking from Yuksom to Pelling

    The low altitude trek starting from Yuskom to Pelling is the most famous and risk-free trek in the entire world. This trekking route  is often used as a basecamp for trekkers aiming to conquer Kanchenjunga Range. This moderate to easy trekking route transverses through Tashiding, Goecha La and Dzongri Peak. It offers every adventurer an opportunity to explore themselves 
    mentally and spiritually as they interact with nature on an intimate level.


    16250 per person.

    6 AM to 6 PM.

    Bungee Jumping on Singshore Bridge

    Singshore is the highest bridge in Sikkim, and one of the highest bridges in Asia. It is situated at the height of 198 m which makes it ideal for bungee jumping. If jumping from a suspended bridge has been in your bucket list, it is time you come to Pelling and strike this one off. This adrenaline rushing activity at Singshore must be a part of your
    Pelling tour packages.

    The bridge acts as a connection between two lush mountains promising scenic views as you try bungee jumping over here. For beginners, there is a team present too, to make them comfortable and teach them techniques to enjoy the activity. 

    Uttarey Village.

    500 per person.

    6 AM to 6 PM.

    3. Swimming in the waterfalls

    Kanchenjunga Falls are the highlight of Pelling, Sikkim. They are situated amid the snow-laden peaks of the Himalayas which makes swimming in these waterfalls an adventure of a lifetime. These falls are accessible by road, and you can organize a mini-picnic here as countless tea and Maggi stalls are situated here.

    Kanchenjunga Falls.

    Rs 5 per person.

    8 am to 6 pm.

    4. Trek To Dzongri, Pelling

    A trek to Dzongri in Pelling is meant for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the wilderness of Sikkim. Dzongri is noted to be a classic trekking region in Sikkim. It is flanked with the most adventurous trails that attract the trekking enthusiasts from all across the globe.

    This awe-inspiring trek starts from Yuskam and ends at Yuksam in five days. It is considered to be a moderate to easy trekking route that can be transversed both by the experienced as well the novice trekking enthusiasts. The trek offers breathtaking views of Mt.Khangchendzonga that is surrounded by parallel peaks from all sides. From Dzongri, one can further extend their trek to Goecha La. 

    5km from Jalpaiguri.

    10750 per person.

    6 AM to 6 PM.

  7. Which are the best shopping tours in Pelling?

    Pelling is renowned for its extremely vibrant traditions and culture, and this truly reflects in its local shops or Bazaars, which offer an incredible variety of clothing and other articles. Below are some of the most acclaimed places in Pelling, which every shopping enthusiast must visit. 

    1. Rural Artisan Marketing centre- This place offers incredible varieties of Handcraft materials made by the skilled artisans from all around Sikkim. Buddhist traditions inspire these handicraft products and their stunning aesthetics, attracting many tourists from all around the country. You would also find some of the best quality of Dry fruits at this place, mainly Walnuts, almonds and cardamom. Women may prefer the iconic scarves and other jewellery articles, which are quite popular here.

    2. Lama Tenzing Wangdak’s Place- This stunning market possesses some of the most exquisite jewels for all the shopping maniacs. With the impeccable quality of Souvenirs and a galore of amazing shopping products available, this place proves to be a must-visit for all the travellers in Pelling. 

    3. Geyzing Bazar- It is one of the most popular markets in Sikkim, which holds an astonishing 100 years of history. It shares a huge significance among people around the Pemayangtse monastery, which is believed to have played a vital role in the establishment of this market. You will find all the necessary products in the market from eatables to clothing as well.

  8. Is Pelling safe at night?

    Pelling in Sikkim is one of the ideal places to enjoy the nightlife as the crime rate in this part of the country is extremely low. Thus, wandering around at this beautiful place in Sikkim, especially at night would not cause any harm to the travellers in every literal sense.

  9. What kind of nightlife tour can I experience in Pelling?

    Pelling tour packages offer you an enthralling view of the nightlife of Pelling. You can have a sundowner at the classic bars or you can even head out for an amazing dinner at some of the best restaurants in Pelling that are open till late night. Below are some of the finest places in Pelling to enjoy amazing nightlife:

    1. Elgin Mount Pandim Bar- Located at Monastery road, this stunning bar makes for an amazing place for all the flamboyant enthusiasts. The interior décor looks plush and lavish, which would make your night even more memorable. With a symphony of sweet piano music being played in the background, the ambience of this place reaches an unparalleled level. The bar is also famous for its amazing quality of Indian and Continental cuisines.

    Location- Monastery Road, Pemayangtse Pelling, 7371133

    2. Masala Restaurant and Bar- Situated at the Aryan Regency Hotel in Pelling, Gangtok, this restaurant and bar lives up to its title. As it adds a lot of spice in your life with enthralling drinks and scrumptious food. Relish the most popular local drink “Chaang” which would soothe your senses for an incredible night to remember. The place also offers amazing music along with the exquisite quality of wines and other liquor products.

    Location- The Aryan Regency Hotel, Pelling, Gangtok-737113

    Fees- Rs 200 (approx. per head)

    3. Rabdentse Bar- The place offers an astonishing atmosphere, which would make you want to party all night. Drench into the exotic drinks available at this place, at reasonable prices and live your life to the fullest. The décor of this place is quite rustic and charming and you are bound to have a memorable time over here. This certainly is one of the best places in Pelling to enjoy the nightlife.

    Location- Palden Estate, Pelling, Sikkim 737113

  10. What is the local cuisine that can be found in Pelling?

    Pelling in Sikkim is renowned for some of the scrumptious cuisines which are exclusively found in this part of the country. Some of the best mouth-watering prospects in Pelling are: 

    1. Momos- This amazing food item is creating a sensation all over the country. The spicy momos are the most preferred ones among the travelers and they are served with crushed red chilli chutney and mayonnaise.

    2. Thukpa- These amazing noodles are inspired by Tibetan style of cooking. With noodles dipped in a tasty and aromatic soup of crumpled vegetables, you just can’t get a better dish than this.

  11. Which are some of the best restaurants in Pelling?

    Pelling is not only renowned for its stunning ambience and vibrant culture, but its scrumptious quality of food also attracts many visitors to this part of the country. Thus, the following are the best restaurants where you can enjoy the best quality of distinct cuisines in Pelling:

    1. Melting Point Restaurant- This beautiful restaurant offers incredible varieties of Chinese and local food which surely would leave a taste on your taste-buds for a long time! Not only food, but the breathtaking sights from the restaurant would also leave you spellbound.

    2. Bhang Shahar- This stunning restaurant offers an incredible fusion of cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Asian and even contemporary. If you want an amazing quality of Italian food in Pelling, then this is the place to be.

    3. Taste of Sikkim- This restaurant is highly acclaimed amongst the visitors due to its incredible quality of food, heart-warming hospitality and lavish decor.

  12. Which are the most amazing hiking tours in Pelling?

    Pelling is an absolute haven for trekking enthusiasts as it is flushed with some of the most amazing trails that every hiker would like to conquer. Here is the list of the best hiking tours in Pelling that should be a part of your Pelling tour packages.

    1. Hiking at Kanchenjunga National Park

    The most magnificent spot for hiking in the Pelling region is the Kanchenjunga National Park. It is the home to several exotic species of animals like civets, sloth and red panda. Covering a vast expanse of around 849 km sq, you will find the most amazing trails over here. If you wish to try hiking at this phenomenal place, then you’ll have to obtain a permit from the Wildlife Education and Interpretation Centre located at Yuksom.

    2. The route to Sangachoeling Monastery

    Another splendid hiking spot in Pelling is the route to Sangachoeling Monastery that is covered with lush forests and hilly terrains. Once you reach the monastery, your trekking experience further enriches as the picturesque view of the surrounding areas from Sangachoeling Monastery makes the trek worth a visit. 

    3. Khecheopalri Lake

    This is one of the most enthralling places to visit for nature lovers and trekkers. Khecheopalri Lake is the most prominent highlight of the famous Yuksom-Pelling trek that transverses through cardamom fields and various hamlets.

  13. Which are the best camping tours in Pelling?

    Some of the best camping sites in Pelling that will boost your adrenaline rush are as follows:

    1. Tosar Lake

    One of the best sites for camping in Pelling is Tosar lake that is located at an altitude of 13,120 ft and is located between Chola Range and Mangan ridge. A large number of tourists visit this place every year to set up camps in its lush green forests and have a splendid stay. Apart from camping, this lake also offers the best trekking opportunities which can further be a treat for the adventure junkies.

    2. Darap Village

    Located at around 8 km from the beautiful town of Pelling, the picture-perfect Darap Village is a heaven for the people who are looking to have a splendid camping experience. With a laid back environment, this place certainly cuts you off from the fast-paced city life and gives you a chance to bond well with nature by camping in its humble environment.

    You also get to relish the scrumptious local food over here while you decide to go camping at Darap Village. This place also gives you an opportunity to know more about the culture of Sikkim and interact with its local people.

  14. What language is spoken in Pelling?

    Pelling is dominated by Buddhists and the locals over here mostly speak Sikkimese language. Few other languages that are spoken over here are English, Nepali and Hindi.

  15. What are the best ways to commute in and around Pelling?

    A cab or taxi is the most preferred option to commute in Pelling. Few jeep and bus services are also available from Sikkim which are used by people to commute to nearby places.

  16. What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Pelling?

    Some of the essential items that you must pack while going to Pelling are:

    1. Woollen clothes, Jackets, woollen socks and thermals.

    2. Important medicines that you might need while travelling at this high altitude region.

    3. Boots or comfortable shoes that can help you with travelling easily.

    4. A torch and a camera with extra batteries.

    5. An umbrella and raincoat, as Pelling can experience heavy downpour at any time.

  17. What festivals do the local people celebrate in Pelling?

    The Pelling tour packages give you a chance to witness the most important festivals here. Some of the most commonly celebrated festivals in Sikkim are:

    1. Losoong Festival- 
    This is an extremely important festival that is celebrated with huge cheer and vigour in Pelling. Many traditional rituals, ceremonies and folk dances are performed during this festival.

    2. Losar- 
    This festival is celebrated during the end of the harvesting season and it aims to give farmers relief from their intense work. During this festival, a mixture of butter and roasted barley flour is made at homes which is quite significant. 

    3. Bhumchu- 
    This festival is celebrated with complete fervour and zeal by the people of Pelling. During the first day of this festival, the monks open the sacred vase of water at Tashiding Monastery.

  18. Are there any restrictions regarding anything which I need to take care of?

    Pelling welcomes all the tourists with open arms, and there are not any specific restrictions that you need to abide by in this wonderland of beauty and heritage.

  19. Which are the famous luxurious hotels in Pelling?

    Some of the most luxurious hotels in Pelling that guarantee you a memorable stay are:

    1. The Elgin Mount Pandim- 
    From the beautiful interiors to welcoming staff and luxurious rooms, everything at this hotel is above the level of excellence. The ornate furniture, chandelier and artefacts of this hotel evoke a luxurious feeling.

    2. The Chumbi Mountain Resort & Spa- 
    This is yet another luxurious stay option in Pelling that boasts of spacious rooms, breathtaking interiors and splendid amenities. This hotel offers all the amenities like air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, television and geyser.

Popular Nearby Places Around Pelling