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Trek to Asherigad, Palghar
Trek to Asherigad, Palghar



About the Activity:A 2 hour drive from Mumbai, Asherigad has gained popularity among trekkers for being one of the best places to embark on a short trekking tour! So grab your friends this weekend and head for a trek to Asherigad in Palghar with your friends and family members! Located just off this highway, this region is abundant in greenery that will leave you in awe and the hills are of a beauty that cannot be compared! The trek is of moderate descent and takes around 2-3 hours to climb and about an hour and a half to descend, which includes the time spent at the fort.  
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29 Ratings

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12 November 2015
Bhushit Joshi Trek to Takmak Fort
This was truly a rejuvenating and refreshing experience for me and my family. This fort is Surrounded by a dense forest, the Takmak Fort offers splendid views.
23 January 2016
Eekalabya Devar Trek to Takmak Fort
This is one of those treks you always thought about! The green and serene valleys with the views of two river bodies flowing through them was a sight that I just cannot forget. Thanks to you guys for facilitating this trek. Please go here if you ever feel like the concrete jungles are getting too much to bear!
04 October 2015
Had loadsa fun! Me and my friends were chitchatting and blabbering throughout the way! :D Might have irritates some, but we were just so excited and happy with the whole organisation that we were expressing it throughout the way!
30 August 2015
Gopaal Devar Trek to Takmak Fort
This is the best experience to conquer the summit of the mountain. The takmak fort is not too high but still it was an incredible experience ever I had. The views from the top of peak was really surreal.
21 January 2016
Anand Shukla Trek to Takmak Fort
A perfect escape and a stunning adventure in the arms of nature that refreshed, rejuvenated and made me appreciate the charms of nature all over again. The trek is not very difficult and can be very easily accomplished if you have a good level of stamina. There is nothing more pleasing than that feeling of having conquered the summit.
We came across all the beautiful places mentioned at the site while ascending but we are not able to see it at that time because it was dark but on the time of returning from the fort we see and get to explore along the walk with good photos and memories. Nice fort and beautiful views. Yes, good meals as-well...
Good arrangement, The trek was one of the kind as it's happened at night, It was really an amazing experience I ever received till now everything it just went perfect and excited, I am so fully satisfied with this tour:)
Amazing experience, this trek is different from the other trek. A nice guide with good guidance skills all is comfortable.
18 May 2016
Chidaatma Asan Trek to Takmak Fort
I loved to go to such beautiful place the takmak fort. It is an amazing experience. The views and foggy valley was resplendent.
05 March 2016
Govinda Menon Trek to Takmak Fort
Takmak is a hidden wonder near Mumbai. It is a perfect place for youngsters living in Mumbai or Pune to visit for the weekend with a group of friends for a trek. We carried a lot of water and food as there is no availability for it on the way. And I would also suggest you to wear good sports shoes and first aid kit, just to be sure. We hired a guide near a temple in Sakwar village for the trek as it is very easy to get lost on the trek. Half way onto the trek, the terrain starts to get steep and rocky which was trecherous. But it was a fantastic trip and we had a blast, the highlite being the view at the end of the trek which we felt to be totally worth the effort