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Adventure Day Out in Nashik



Head out to a beautiful day in a resort located amidst the peaceful serenity of nature in Nashik. The lakeside resort offers a bundle of fun-filled activities to enjoy with your loved one. Unwind yourself in the most soothing views and the infinity pool is all you need to calm your senses. Choose any weekend day or holiday and plan a day trip to the resort in Mahiravni near Nashik and feel the nature being replenished.Get indulge in various activities such as ATV rides, Zipline, Zorbing, Go-karting, high rope bridge activity, reverse bungee, E- scooter, and a rodeo bull. These activities are much more interesting than it sounds, all you need is just a ride of it to bring out the adventure in you. Grab this day out in Nashik and make you're filled with lots of adventure and thrill.

199 Ratings


199 Ratings

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Karthik Dubashi Adventure Day Out in Nashik
This resort is the perfect place for children and adults alike, as it has activities arranged for all of them. I also got amazing taste of local food from the in house food.
I was looking out for a place for a long time for a family outing. I got to know about this resort from a friend of mine who recently visited this place. It was indeed a great outing amidst nature.
Balagovind Mehra Adventure Day Out in Nashik
We spent a very good day in Nashik. It was a perfect combination of adventure and beauty of nature in this resort at Nashik. The visit to this resort was a unanimous decision of all of us and we did not repent it. The beautiful view of the lake near the resort helped us to forget the daily demands of life and have a relaxing and refreshing session. There are multiple options for engaging both the kids as well as the adults. A visit here is a must for everyone who wants to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of life. Thanks a lot and I recommend this visit to everyone.
A wonderful and relaxing visit. I enjoyed like anything and so did my cousins.
Chakrika Abbott Adventure Day Out in Nashik
This place is the ideal place to visit for all kinds of travellers. Be it solo traveller, couples or families, everyone will find something interesting to do here.
Aanandinii Patil Adventure Day Out in Nashik
I am in love with swimming and especially when it is among beautiful nature, I need nothing else. This is what I enjoyed the most here. The food offered was also awesome. We also enjoyed a lot of activities with an all in one pas.
Aaratrika Singh Adventure Day Out in Nashik
ATV ride, zip line, go-carting, zorbing and high rope bridge activity-If you want all these activities in one place and in the abundance of nature, this is indeed a place to visit.
A visit to this place was a perfect weekend for all of us. My children also enjoyed a lot as there were many engaging activities for them like go-carting, zorbing and zip lining. A visit to this resort near Mahiravni was indeed a good decision.