Nainital, the hill resort town in the district of the same name, derives its name from the emerald, glassy, eye-shaped lake (tal) which the town is built around. The British Sugar trader, P. Baron, founded the town in the year 1841 and thank God that he did! There could not be a better getaway spot from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The moment you enter Nainital district, you step into a new, parallel world.

With the best tourist places to visit in Nainital, the transition to scenic splendour of the likes of the place is a treat to the senses, a characteristic balming bliss of an experience that one can only understand through live experience. No wonder then that the Kumaon Himalayas are regarded as “devbhoomi” ( land of the Gods), a divine manifestation of the most intricate natural laws, working for millennia, to carve out the perfect cradle in the arms of the lofty peaks, who remain standing as sentinels, offering solace and inspiring awe in humanity.

 Nainital’s appeal comes across as no less than a dreamscape. The British elites had used the location as a retreat during the harsh summers of the Indian mainland once upon a time, and the tradition remains alive for native Indians, as well as our foreign guests to this day. With the changing climatic patterns ushering in harsher summers, Nainital as an easily accessible and highly affordable getaway vacation spot appears as no less than a prayer answered.

With the best tourist places to visit in Nainital, the Naina Devi temple, St John in Wilderness, Hanuman Garhi for the pious ones, Mall road market,Tibetan market for the spendthrift ones, Naini Lake, Nainital Zoo, Jim Corbett National Park, Snow Viewpoint for the nature and adventure lovers, Nainital has a very inclusive agenda in terms of provisions - there is something for everyone.

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People Also Ask About Nainital

  1. Travel Advice

    • Do prepare a detailed chart of all your plans and needs in advance so as to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important activity there.

    • In the summer months, the hill stations tend to be cooler than the plains. So, even if you are visiting during the summer months, carry with you few warm clothes in order to beat the chill. If you have kids on board, ensure that stuff sufficient woolens for them.

    • Never carry with you excess hard cash. There are ATMs around at every nook and corner. Do carry the plastic money to avoid being stuck anywhere.

    • Driving at a hill station may require enough practice. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Beware of the turns and drive carefully. Hire a driver, if needed.

    • Make the hotel and other bookings in advance. This is particularly needed when you travel in peak season. Also confirm your bookings by calling the hotel before leaving.

    • If traveling in own vehicle, have it serviced well in time. For those who hire a car for an outstation trip, get it inspected by a car mechanic to avoid any mishap.

    • Ensure that you park the vehicle in safe parking. Most hotels and resorts of Nainital provide for complimentary parking.

    • Don’t forget to put on life jackets when boating in the splendid water of the lake.

    • Be a good traveler and ensure that you don’t hamper the beauty of the place in any manner.

    • Do research about any new place that you visit before actually going.

  2. Drinking Law

    In Nainital (Uttrakhand), the legal age for alcohol consumption is 21 years. If you are aged below 21, alcohol consumption may be prohibited.

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Naini Lake
    If legends are to be believed, Naini Lake is the very spot where the eye of the Parvati fell making it the much acclaimed Shaktipeeth. Yachting and Boating are the prominent activities here. 

    Boat House Club
    The boathouse club is located on the Naini Lake and has been in existence since the mid 19th century. It is a must-see attraction and has a wooden-floored bar. You can get access to the bar and the billiard rooms here based on temporary memberships.  

    Nainital Zoo
    The well-maintained zoo of Nainital is located at a high altitude and houses within it some of the rare species of animals. Don’t forget to check out the Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, and the Steppe eagle. Climbing from the parking can be a little steep however it is worth the time. 

    St. John’s Church
    Built in 1844, this is one of the best places to visit in Nainital. It lies on an isolated hill in Mallital and stays aloof from all the hullabaloo of the city. This Gothic-style church is an architectural brilliance. Loners and Photographers can come here to get some exceptional views here. 

    Gurney House
    Gurney House is located on the Ayarpatta Hill and is the former house of Jim Corbett who was a British Indian conservationist, hunter, writer and a naturalist. This house is named after Jim’s father and is today a museum of the Corbett memorabilia. 

    Corbett National Park
    The Jim Corbett National Park of Nainital is worth every expense. It is one of the oldest parks in India and is a place you’ll never forget. Situated about 65 km from Nainital, it is one of the best places to see when here. The park is a home to different species of animals and birds. You can take a jeep safari here to best explore the park.
  4. What you will like there?

    Eat at Chandni Chowk: Savor the taste of Delhi on the budget of Nainital

    Of course, it is not like one of those busy bazaars like the Delhi’s Chandi Chowk however, this place is equally fascinating. Located on the Mall Road of Nainital, it is an incredible restaurant, the architecture and the interiors of which have been inspired from the Chandani Chowk of Delhi. The idea was to delude the tourists and guess what, it’s been working phenomenally well. Tourists here barge in large numbers when they see something totally out of the box. If you get here, you just cannot leave without a belly full of delicious food. Must try at the restaurant is the very popular, “Dilli ki Chaat.”  One of the most alluring part of the restaurants is its moving mannequins that apparently look like cooking different items.

    Awe at the gleaming Mountain Range

    Simply take a cable car or a ropeway to reach one of the most prominent destinations of this town – Snow View. It looks like a miniature fun park which is just ideal for some family enjoyment. If the weather is right, you may just be able to see the far fetched snow capped mountains from the Himalayan range. View here is simply exhilarating and you’ll not regret even a single minute spent here. 

    Cave Garden – Live the adventure life

    The Cave garden of Nainital will give you the look and feel of being transported to the game of the Temple Run. Of course there is no eagle faced beast running after you here, but the experience is going to be every bit thrilling. There are a group of interconnected natural caves here that can be easily crawled in. You can opt from 6 caves and the easiest one from it is the Tiger Cave. The most difficult of it is the Bat Cave in which, you’ll literally have to crawl.

    Rock Climbing   

    Behind Baahar Patthar aur Barah Patthar is the spot where you can learn and try rock climbing. Not too far from the cave garden, it is a place only for the pro climbers. Amateurs may have a hard time here. You’ll have to take a 7 day course where you’ll learn activities such as river crossing, bouldering, scrambling, climbing and abseiling. If you stay here for a week or more, do take up this course and have a thrilling time climbing rocks.  

    Shop at the Tibetan Market

    This is a market that will particularly attract the ladies. One trick to get the best quality at the best price is – SMILE, Bargain, SMILE AGAIN, Buy, SAY THANK YOU! Does it work? Heck, Yes! You can find some of the best clothing and accessories here. Do make a visit!

    Desi head Massage

    Get over those hi fi health and fitness spas! Nothing in the world can replace a desi typical head massage here in Nainital. After all that exploration and loitering around with your family or kids, you are naturally going to be exhausted. So, when your wife and children are indulging in shopping at the Tibetan market, you indulge yourself in a calming and a soothing head massage. The head masseurs can be found just about everywhere in Nainital. You can get a good massage done for a price as low as INR 50.


    What is a trip to the Nainital without rowing a boat? Why would God create this big, beautiful lake in the heart of the city? Of course, to get you all rowing! Boating in Nainital is going to be one of the most cherished experiences ever. Don’t miss it. Yes, you can opt either for the paddle boat or the rowing boats, just as convenient

    Trek to the Cheena Peak

    Cheena Peak or the Naina Peak is one of the highest points of Nainital. It is a major highlight here and many people trek all the way up to get that extra dose of adventure. This is an easy trek where you’ll encounter pine forests, deodar trees and cypress. The view up from the top is breathtaking and will sure give you an adrenaline rush.
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    Nainital: The Land of Trumpet and Song ; Based on J.M. Clay's Book on Nainital

  6. When is the best time to visit Nainital?

    Nainital is a treat for vacationing all throughout the year. However, it is

    recommended to try planning one’s visit during the summers, that is, from March to

    June. During this time the climate is pleasant, temperature recorded being in the

    range of 10 degree celsius to 27 degree celsius.

    For those who do not mind a bit of rain and snow, the monsoons and winters are

    just as great a time to plan the much needed getaway to Nainital.

    During the monsoons, temperature hovers around the range of 15-25 degree celsius

    while winters offer a unique chill with temperature ranging from 0 degree celsius to

    15 degree celsius.

  7. How to reach Nainital?

     Nainital is accessible by all three means, namely bus, train and air.

    By Bus

    One can take an overnight bus from Delhi to Nainital. It takes approximately 7 hours by road to reach Nainital. The winding roads and the lush greenery maketravel by road an unique visual experience. 

    By Train

    The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodam, at a distance of 34 kilometres from the town and located at the foothills of the Kumaon hills. It has good connectivity to places like Lucknow, kolkata and daily trains to Delhi. Some of the popular trains to Kathgodam are Ranikhet Express, Bagh Express, Kranti Express. After one reaches Kathgodam, there are taxis available to travel onwards to Nainital.

    By Air

    The nearest airport is at Pantnagar, about 65 kilometres away from Nainital. There are mainly private chartered flights and no commercial ones. It is advisable to take a flight to Delhi and then route the journey by train or bus.

  8. Which are some best resorts to stay in Nainital?

    ANainital’s resorts are a perfect blend of comfort and simplicity. The experience of stay at some of the finest resorts in the hill station is as much an aesthetic treat as much as an experience of homecoming amidst nature. Some of the best resorts in Nainital are :

    • Dolmaar Resort
    • Vikram Vintage Inn
    • View Point Resort
    • The Manu Maharani Hotel
    • Seasons Hotel and Resorts
    • Dynasty Resort
    • Alpine Club
    • Aamari Resort
    • Shervani Hilltop Hotel
    • Langdale Manor
    • Naini Retreat
    • Palace Belvedere
    • The Hive and Pavilion
    • Emerald Trail
  9. Which are the best places to experience local cuisine in Nainital?

    Nainital offers a taste of its local cuisines both in street side stalls as well as proper restaurants. Sonam Fast food centre, for example, is famous for its mutton momos. It is located in the Tibetan Market.

    A few other places that offer local cuisine are :

    Embassy Restaurant

    Zooby’s Kitchen

    Machan Restaurant, Bhimtal

    Boat House Club

    Sher-e Punjab

  10. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Nainital?

    Nainital with its marvellous view tempts one to explore on foot most of the time. Nothing like a nice long stroll along the markets in Mall road with a clear view of the lake to keep company. However there are cycle rickshaws available to travel from one end of the town to the other from 8 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. One can also avail of taxi services to explore the city. However it is to be noted that taxis are not allowed to enter Mall road after 6 pm in the evening.

  11. What are the best places of shopping in Nainital?

    Nainital understands the need to display its palette of elements of Kumaon and Garhwali culture. One can find exquisite handicrafts, clothes, and other artefacts that can act as souvenirs for tourists at the Tibetan Market, Bada Bazaar and Mall Road Market.

  12. Which are some famous winter treks in and around Nainital?

    Nainital exploration on foot offers some amazing sights and sounds to cherish throughout life. Trekking in the picturesque landscape naturally thus occur at the top of most tourists’ priority lists. The most famous and only winter trek in and around Nainital is the Brahmatal trek. It is a trek to the place where Lord Brahma is said to have meditated millions of years ago and is the trail which accords a view of peaks as lofty as 7000 metres.

  13. Which are some famous summer treks in and around Nainital?

    Summers are a good time to trek in the region as temperature is pleasant and there is better visibility. There are a number of summer treks famous in the region spanning over local villages as well. A few of them are as follows :

    A trek to Snow View Point, proceeding to Naini Peak, Camel’s Back, Land’s End, Tiffin Top and back to Nainital : a 16 km long trip.

    A trek to Tanki, Kilbury and Pangot, Naini Peak : 19 km long trek

    Overnight trek to Ghugukhan (overnight stay) through Tanki, Naini Peak and Pangot and return trek through Kilbury and Tanki to Nainital.

    A trek from Nainital to Kahala Garden via Birla Chungi and Dunikhal : 15 km round trek

  14. Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in and around Nainital?

    Nainital is a perfect spot for nature lovers. The alpine jungles offer a lush green abode to many exotic birds and beasts. Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are thus an indispensable part of one’s itinerary. A few famous wildlife havens in Nainital are :

    •  Jim Corbett National Park
    • Nanda Devi National Park
    • Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary
    • Valley of Flowers
  15. How is Nainital for Honeymoon couples? What all romantic things can be done here?

     Nainital is the quintessential little world of lovers, away from the din of everyday existence. Honeymoon experiences in the resort town can leave one craving for more such romantic experiences amidst the mesmerizing scenery for times to come. It is a memory worth investing in for all your money’s worth.

    The hand in hand evening strolls beside the lake, boating in the lake, the adventures of Snow View Point, the thrill of realizing the gradual lighting up of the town around the eye shaped emerald lake as the curtain of the night falls and your fingers intertwine with that of your beloved, the experiences are undoubtedly unparalleled. Add to the romance some nice local cuisines over the candle light and aromatic spa facilities in the resorts where one can stay, the experience can be safely quoted as nothing short of unforgettable.

  16. How difficult is Roopkund trek? What is the approx. cost of trek?

     The Roopkund trek is a one of lifetime experience and as such experience demands commitment and conviction, it naturally involves a readiness to brave the challenges of harsh weather at an altitude of 4800 metres. The trek begins from Lohajung uptill which there are motorable roads. The trek leads up to a famous glacial lake through grassy meadows or bugyals and an unimaginable range of varied mountain topography.

    The approximate cost of the trek is around 11,000 rupees.

  17. .Where is Nainital Lake located? What can I do there?

    The Nainital lake is a freshwater body of tectonic origin also mentioned in the Skanda Purana as “Tri-rishi Sarovar”, the spot where three sages had reported meditated once upon a time. It is spectacular as a sight, fenced by seven peaks and have attracted lovers and creative souls, adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. One can spend an entire day just taking in the scenic beauty while the skies change its hues according to the passing time. There are also options of boating and shopping along the lake in the local bazaar.

  18. Where can we do paragliding in and around Nainital? What will be the cost of Paragliding?

    Paragliding is for the ones who are looking for a surge in adrenaline to be a part of their experience in Nainital. These adventure seekers are not going home disappointed. There are affordable paragliding provisions in Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal near Nainital. The approximate cost of paragliding can be expected to be around 1500 rupees.

  19. How far is Pangot from Nainital? What all places are must visit in Pangot?

    Pangot is located 15 kms from Nainital. It takes around 47 mins approximately by road to reach the location.

    Pangot is famous for its bird sanctuary and for being the perfect place for long strolls amidst nature. Cheena Peak, Kilbury and Snow View point surround the location and its forested landscape is a rich repository of a wealth of birds and plant species. Visiting the peaks such as Snow Point, Cheena Peak and Kilbury and visiting the bird sanctuary are a few things that one could indulge in while visiting Pangot.