Situated in the Northern Coast hemisphere of Bali, Munduk Langki offers an exotic vacation in the tropical setting with a number of varied experiences. With pleasing sights and a cool climate, the pristine village is the perfect holiday destination to appreciate the quaint charm of Bali. The natural landscape is just breathtaking with the varied flora and fauna and forested hills. You can spot many beautiful Dutch styled buildings and that are scattered throughout the village which provides a hidden retreat from the cacophony of city lives. Tourists can find a number of homestays, hotels, restaurants and resorts which will uplift your vacation experience in the beautiful village of Munduk Langki in Bali. Venture out into the wilderness and explore the breathtaking vistas of the tropical rainforests with an encompassing holiday in Munduk Langki.

For tourists, there is a wide array of things to do in Munduk Langki and activities to indulge in while staying at this place. Visit the famous Jalan Raya Munduk waterfall to explore the magnificence of nature. Activities such as trekking, hill-climbing and so on can be indulged in while you’re at this place. To catch a glimpse of lush greenery and awe inspiring landscapes, pay a visit to the rice paddies when you are at Munduk. Munduk Langki is also close to the Kayuputih village of Bali which hosts the beautiful stone sarcophagus dating back to the 19th century. Adventure lovers can enjoy a day with horse riding or trekking through the rainforests of Munduk. You can also take a bike tour to explore the verdant landscape and take a cooking class to learn Balinese cuisine. For a laid back experience, rest by the Banyan tree after a long day of exploring or indulging in physically excruciating activities while you’re at it. Finally, have an experience of watching the spectacular sunrise or the sunset while you are on a holiday in Munduk Langki. Tired of endless searching on the internet to find the best tour itineraries? Check out our listing on best things to do in Munduk Langki here.

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