Embark on a lifetime experience of Scuba diving in Mumbai where you get a blissful chance to explore the hidden yet most beautiful marine life of Arabian Sea. There is a remarkable count of scuba diving tours which can guide you about diving under water, breathing underwater, and checking the coral reefs in the sea. Tarkali, Alibaug, Konkan are the famous destinations for scuba diving in Mumbai.

Most of the scuba diving sessions are about 30 to 45 minutes where you can go up to 20 to 30 meters of depth depending on the tour and beach you choose. Make sure to select the right scuba diving Mumbai tour which has a PADI certified instructors along with highly durable safety equipment which you can use to protect yourself from the risky and harmful marine environment under the sea, as the salty water is not meant for the human body.

The trainers of these diving tours can train you and guide you in exploring the mesmerizing hidden world of the sea. You need to take up lessons and training before diving into the sea so that you can minimize the risk involved in this activity. Scuba diving is undoubtedly a wonderful experience which can be risky if you are not attentive towards your instructors, so make sure you lend an attentive ear.

The Mumbai Scuba diving is famous for spotting many unique creatures like green turtles, jellyfish, and Dolphins which will make your entire experience worth the amount invested. Not only the sea animals but the sea floral and the mesmerizing corals and reefs will take you into another world which you never thought existed! No other water sports activity including snorkeling can give you this kind of exposure of the hidden marine life.

You needn’t be a swimmer to take up scuba diving, but once you dive into the sea, this can become your favorite hobby. Be attentive to your instructor and always be with your group while exploring the beautiful and amazing world of the sea, thus making scuba diving the most adventurous tour of your lifetime.

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Tarkarli Scuba Diving | Book Online @ ₹817 Only & Save 29% Featured
Tarkarli Scuba Diving | Book Online @ ₹817 Only & Save 29%



Location: Malvan, Maharashtra Start Time/End Time 9:30 AM - 3:30 PMEmbark on a fun-filled day out tour and avail this exciting activity of tarkarli scuba diving that is surely going to fill your heart with immense satisfaction. Enjoy this amazing activity and go deep into the blue body of water and witness the under-water life by yourself!Avail this tarkarli scuba diving with the company of family and friends and explore exotic underwater creatures with a scuba diving experience. This activity shall be performed under the supervision of experts and you do not have to get to bothered with any issues of safety and security.You shall be given a briefing about the tarkarli scuba diving by a professional expert before you proceed with the activity and the session shall be conducted with the help of safety gears and suits. You can get yourself captured in both pictures and videos and store the memories for an entire lifetime.Suitable for: People above 11 years of age. friends and familyHow to Reach:The location shall be conveyed by the travel partner on successful booking and you can easily reach with the helo of private and public transportation.Note:Children below 11 years are not allowed to join the tour.

547 Ratings


547 Ratings

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INR 1,167

INR 817

Scuba Diving and Konkan Special Tour
Scuba Diving and Konkan Special Tour



About the Activity: Konkan is well-renowned for its picturesque beauty, and scuba diving here just made everything more thrilling.Scuba diving amid greenery, coconut trees, virgin beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and lush green valleys are bound to be a euphoric experience!Visit an array of pristine beaches like Nivati, Malvan, Kunkeshwar, Tondavali, and indulge in some brilliant water sports like Tsunami Island, Dolphin Safari among others in Tarkarli.Delve into glorious history on your visit to Sindhudurg and Vijaydurg forts, and be taken by the Rock Garden, Cashew factory and the vibrant Malvan Market.Be prepared to be dazzled by this awesome 3-day adventure!

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

Starting from

INR 8,500

INR 8,000

Scuba Diving in Konkan | Book Online @ Flat 19% off
Scuba Diving in Konkan | Book Online @ Flat 19% off



Location: Malvan, MaharashtraTimings:  3 days, 2 nightsAbout Scuba Diving in Konkan:The Konkan region offers visitors and adventure enthusiasts with the scenic views of the wide-stretching sparkling water bodies. The location is renowned as a hub of many prominent water sports and also offers the delight of various exciting activities that are carried on the crystal clear blue water body.Reach at Malvan and experience the thrilling and exciting Scuba Diving in Konkan. The activity would commence after a training session which is inclusive of the package and a briefing will be given to you so that you stay strong and firm in deep waters. Witness some of the most beautiful corals and marine life that prevails in the underwater.The Scuba Diving in Konkan would be performed under the surveillance of experts and safety measures. Besides, the accommodation in a deluxe hotel on triple sharing basis along with Ac/non-Ac transportation to and from the activity spot is inclusive of the session. Also, you get to grab delicious meals in the form of breakfast, dinner and lunch as mentioned in the itinerary.Suitable for: Children and adults who are physically healthy. Strictly not recommended for pregnant women and old citizens. How to reach: The hotel address and the activity location shall be conveyed by our travel partner on booking. You can easily reach the spot via public and private transportation.Note: The activity package is allowed for the 12+ Yr age group only. Strictly not recommended for pregnant women and old citizen

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

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INR 9,200

Scuba Diving in Mumbai SPECIAL OFFERS
Scuba Diving in Mumbai


About the Activity:Get ready for an epic adventure of a lifetime as you embark on a riveting scuba diving session in Mumbai.Dive in to this course with a PADI certified Scuba Diving instructor who will guide you step by step through the techniques of breathing under water and other essential skills.The session lasts for 45 minutes and has all the safety equipment and procedures well in place.Delight in this enticing activity and add a feather to your cap!

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

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INR 4,000

INR 3,500

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People Also Ask About Scuba Diving in Mumbai

  1. Which are the best places for scuba diving in and around Mumbai?

    Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan: The clear water serves as a perfect spot for Mumbai scuba diving. The well-trained instructors and competitive prices make Malvan a favorite destination of many divers.

    Tarkarli Beach: Nearly 536 km away from Mumbai, Tarkarli offers exotic scuba diving experience to people. You can witness some amazing underwater creatures at a reasonable price here along with photography sessions beneath the sea.

    Alibaug: Nearly 104 km away from Mumbai, Alibaug is surrounded by sea from three sides. The scuba diving experience here is worth it. Dive into the deep blue sea and find some interesting creatures like scorpion fish, clownfish along with beautiful flora here.

  2. What is the best time to go for scuba diving in Mumbai?

    The best time for Scuba Diving in Mumbai is from October to April i.e. winters. During this season, the weather remains pleasant and the Arabian Sea is calm. The water is also very clear as there is little algae development due to the low temperature of the water.

    Since scuba diving is not possible during the rainy season; winter is an ideal time as there are fewer rains during these months. Apart from this, you can spot more underwater creatures during this time like dolphins, turtles, etc.

  3. What type of clothing is required for scuba diving?

    It is mandatory for a diver to wear a dry suit which is made from neoprene rubber or wet suit to protect your skin and keep you warm under the sea. Along with this thick padding around your body, you need to protect your eyes from salty water by wearing a good quality head mask.

    As you dive through the marine environment, you must protect your hands from skin abrasion by wearing strong and durable gloves which completely covers and protects the palm and fingers. Make sure to choose a scuba diving tour which offers all the necessary equipment to keep you safe under water.

  4. Can I click underwater photos? If yes, what is the cost?

    Yes, one can click underwater photos of the beautiful marine life and also make videography by opting for the photography package. You can record your blissful experience by choosing a tour package which allows clicking photographs under the sea. The cost of scuba diving including photography can be anywhere between INR 3500 to 5000.

    You can also take your waterproof phones like iPhone and cameras to click your own photos but on prior permission from the tours. But we recommend you to select a package which allows clicking photographs as the pictures are in HD format, which are much clearer and of the highest resolution under water.

  5. Is any license needed for scuba diving?

    Scuba is a water sport which allows you to discover the marine life beneath the depths of the ocean or sea. It is recommended that you should get a license before scuba diving so that you can dive in places to explore marine life, wrecks, reefs which cannot be reached by snorkeling.

    Scuba diving is a hobby of many and you can take up scuba lessons to become a certified scuba diver. This certification course of three to four days will allow you to reach depths of 40 feet.

  6. Is the water clear for scuba diving in Mumbai?

    The fun of scuba diving cannot be compared to any other water sports. Tarkarli Beach near Sindhudurg fort is a famous place for scuba diving in Mumbai. The water at Tarkarli beach and Devbaug beach are crystal clear which offers high visibility of marine life.

    Tsunami Beach at Devbaug village is famous because of its crystal-clear water, thus, many certified divers come here to explore the unexplored aquatic life, sea plants or flora of sea, caves and coral reefs which are abundantly beautiful. This thrilling experience in clean waters ensures excellent photography of the colored fishes!

  7. What kind of marine creatures will I see?

    The Arabian Sea is the home to many exotic fishes which resembles the one you must have watched in the Discovery channel and this will make you fall in love with the marine life. You can spot flying fish which can be spotted near Alibaug. Milk sharks are beautiful creatures which are commonly seen in shallow and brackish waters.

    Don’t miss out the naughty activities of the crabs where they fight with each other to grab the attention of the lady crab. Jellyfish are another common creature which you spot during scuba diving and the stingrays can also be spotted. One of the most amazing reptiles which you will come across are the green turtles which can swim faster than other sea animals. If you are lucky, you may also spot dolphins!

  8. Is it safe to go for scuba diving in Mumbai?

    Mumbai Scuba diving is perfectly safe even for children as long as you are going along with a PADI certified diver who can let you explore the awesome marine life near Mumbai. Scuba diving today is enjoyed by thousands of people as it is a low-risk activity, yet there is some risk involved with such adventurous activities if you aren’t attentive to your instructor.

    Hence, you must make sure that you select the scuba diving tour which gives you good quality equipment, gears. Be attentive to all the guidelines provided by your diver and stick to it no matter what. Be positive and approach the marine life with an attitude of conservative so that you can minimize the risks involved with scuba diving.

  9. What temperature are the waters in Mumbai?

    The sea temperature near Mumbai ranges between 22 degrees to 33 degrees depending on the different seasons. These temperatures are neither too cold nor too hot for scuba diving in Mumbai. The temperatures are below 27 degrees during winter season i.e. from November to February.

    Unlike other places in India, where the temperatures may rise to above 40 degrees, beaches around Mumbai are blessed with an optimum temperature of 32 degrees, thus making scuba diving accessible throughout the year except when there is heavy rainfall.

  10. How deep will be the water?

    Scuba diving around Mumbai is usually in the waters of Arabian Sea where the maximum depth of the water is around 2900 meters. You can explore the mesmerizing sea life by scuba diving by reaching 12 to 14 metres.

    On request to your diver instructor, you can go beyond 20 metres to explore the coral reefs and other beautiful structures hiding like gems inside the Arabian Sea. The PADI certified scuba divers can explore the water depths up to 60 metres. No matter at what depths you dive in this sea, you will appreciate the brightly coloured marine life, sea plants, and corals abundantly.

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