Known as the” cutest little hill station of India”, the Matheran hill station is the best place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise view along with some mind blowing sceneries to keep you fresh and up front. This extraordinary hill station offers the best tourist places in Matheran which are untouched and undisturbed by the rustling city life that surrounds the town. The place is actually located on the Western Ghats that ranges in an elevation of around 800 meter above the sea level. The place always has a pleasant weather to enjoy during any time of the year, but its beauty gets added up during the season of rain and thunderstorm.

 Another thing about the beautiful hill station is that it is eco friendly and has no rush of cars and buses honking on the street. The major was taken by the government of Maharashtra in order to protect Matheran. The best thing about this place is that it is like a quiet and relaxing place with no buzzing of horns and pollution and along with that it contains some mesmerizing places and views of the extraordinary nature that will leave you bewitched of its beauty and make you feel relax and stress free.

 Just not only trekker, Matheran is a treat for the photographers also to explore and capture the best of the beauty of the beautiful hill station. The beauty of Western Ghats, Matheran is the smallest hill station of India. Travellers and tourists who visit the place love exploring the place by walking on foot. By which it becomes more exciting to get lost in the scenic beauty of the town while finding your way. Plan your trip to Matheran and indulge yourself in various activities that Matheran provides like camping, trekking, rappelling etc.

Matheran town is the best option for a person who loves getting lost in the nature and also for those who wants to take a break from their busy city life. The tourist places in Matheran are absolutely breathtaking.

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Explore All (11)
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31 July 2017
Chandravati Tagore Day Trek to Matheran
I always wanted to head out for a trek along with my friends but never had the chance. This time my friends booked a trek for us without my knowledge as a surprise. And guys! I tell you I had the best time of my life trekking and enjoying the scenic views. Our trek was to Matheran, I am sure most of you might have already heard about this tiny little hill station. Our meeting point was Bhivpuri Station and at around 8:30 AM we started our trek. Trekking through the scenic views was definitely a cure for our mind and souls. We reach the Garbett Plateau and the view was something which will be cherished by us forever. We also made some new friends during the trip. With the scenic views we also got a chance to witness the diversified flora and fauna of this region. We also had very wonderful guide who was very friendly and keeping us all occupied with his funny jokes.
27 March 2019
awesome trek for beginners.
31 July 2017
Jyotis Ganaka Day Trek to Matheran
We were a group of 7 people who booked this trek. It was an amazing adventure for all of us. We started early in the morning and reached the trek base. We started at 8:30 AM. The morning was beautiful as we stated, the whole green view was something which you should have seen. Although the sun was playing with us but the weather was perfectly fine. We reach Garbett Plateau at around 1:30 PM and had a great lunch there. Then we started to Matheran by 4:40 and then towards Dasturi Naka. It was altogether a wonderful trip. Our guide was also good and providing us with all the information about the place. Good one!
31 July 2017
Deeptimoyee Nehru Day Trek to Matheran
A great one! It was a very great trek for all of us. Everything was very well arranged. I and my girl went on this trip. The tour operator has very well maintained everything. It was on time and we started at around 8:30 AM. It was a refreshing day although a bit cold. For your own convenience you can wear thin sweater if you want. The scenic views are something that really made our trek more interesting. Just be a little cautious about the grounds at some parts. We also enjoyed a great lunch and refreshments. Thumbs up for this one!
31 July 2017
Amaresh Bhattacharya Day Trek to Matheran
It was one of the memorable trips for all of us. We were glad that we went on this tour. t was very well arranged and we also had an amazing guide. And the best thing was it was very safe for girls. Thanks to the team and the organizers. Loved it.
31 July 2017
Harinakshi Shah Day Trek to Matheran
It was a wonderful trek to Matheran. I was on a solo trip and guess what I didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything was very well organized. The food was good and so was our guide. He was very friendly. I also made some new friends there and learnt that most of them were beginners. Since it was a trek for the day we covered all the places as mentioned on the package. Altogether a great trek.

People Also Ask About Matheran

  1. When is the best time to visit Matheran?

    As we know Matheran consists of a pleasant climate throughout the year, but the best time to visit the place is divided according to the preference of the travellers. The best time is during the monsoons or after it. During the month from October to November, the place become a beautiful and perfect view for sightseeing. The perfect time to plan a honeymoon to the place is during the month from December to February making it the best place for couples. If you are an adventurer and looking for some trekking and climbing then the month from March to May serves as the time to go for it.

  2. How to reach Matheran?

    The town of Matheran is well connected by the city of Mumbai which makes it easy for the travellers and the visitors to reach the destination without any worries.

    • By railways: The town of Matheran is connected by the two distinct railway tracks, Mumbai railway and Pune station connected with the Neral Junction Station situated on the bottom of the hill.
    • By road: If you want to reach the place by travelling by road then the distance from Mumbai to Matheran is 108 km, which will take you three to four hours to reach. From Pune, the distance to this place is about 18 km away if you take the Mumbai pune Express highway.
    • By air: And if you prefer air journey more than the two most nearest airports are Mumbai airport and Pune airport which are 100 km and 110 km approximately away from the town of Matheran.
  3. What are the different things to do in Matheran?

    The Matheran town gives you some beautiful and amazing places to explore along with many interesting things to do around the town. If you want to relax while getting a body massage and spa then

    • The Horseland hotel is the best place to go to get relaxed. As the town is an eco friendly, the rural life is breaded without the rush of the cars and pollutions.
    • You can go for sightseeing on a bicycle, train and even can ride a horse.
    • You can find plenty of monkeys and other birds to feed them with fruits and snacks.
    • If you love exploring the past then Matheran is one of the best place providing historical places like Louisa, Hart, Lord, Panorama Khandala and Coronation point making your travel bud's full with excitement.
  4. What are the famous places for sightseeing in Matheran?

    There are many endless things to do in the town of Matheran along with some exciting places for sightseeing. You can watch

    • The setting sun from the top of the Louisa point.
    • Can go for a waterfall view to the Lord point.
    • The Porcupine is the best place to enjoy sunset.
    • A trip through the town on a toy train in Metharan through the forest is a must do thing.
  5. Which are the best resorts to stay in Matheran?

    The Matheran town gives you some best places to stay during your travel journey with all the safety and luxury. The hotels like

    • Adamo the resort,
    • Horse land hotel and mountain spa and
    • The MTDC resorts are the three best hotels and resorts that give the A class treatment to the visitors.
  6. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Matheran?

    The Matheran place is an Eco friendly town so one has to park their car or taxi at Dasturi and then walk into Matheran. In the city you can travel from one place to another

    • by the toy train
    • bicycle or
    • Can take the help of a horse.
  7. Which is the best place for shopping in Matheran?

    The town is famous for its leather items and for the best kind of Kolhapur shoes which can be found in any shop around Matheran. The Mall Road down the town is the best place to find these famous things as well as one can find simple handicrafts.

  8. What is the best local cuisine here?

    Being close to two biggest cities Mumbai and Pune, the town of Matheran also is induced with the Pada Pav custom.

    • The hotels and restaurants in the town are mostly vegetarian and are packed with delicious vegan food cuisines.
    • You can also get good non vegetarian items in some hotels.
    • When it comes to having beverages the town provides you with its local and the simplest Nimbu Pani (lemon Juice) that can be found and enjoyed in every nook of the town.
  9. What are the famous trekking places in Matheran?

    Matheran is beauty within itself. There are many famous and outstanding trekking sites located in the town that provides you the best trekking facilities to make your trip a memorable one. Some of the famous trekking places in Matheran are:

    • Kalavantin Pinacle trek
    • The only ladies trek to Kalavantin durg
    • A mesmerizing trek with your friends to the Chanderi caves in Matheran
    • Last but not the least the trek to peb (Vikatgad).
  10. What are the famous water sports activities that can be done in Matheran?

    Matheran is the place where you can enjoy extreme waterfall rides amidst of nature in the dense forests. There are a number of water sports available in the town that will bring your adventure skills to test. But the best of the best are only two water sports that give you the utmost satisfaction. The one of the two sports is

  11. What are the adventure activities one can enjoy in Matheran?

    You may find many adventures activities in the Matheran town but the there are three most opted and exciting things that one should practically do. You can go for

    • horse riding sightseeing around the town,
    • trekking in Matheran and
    • Last but not the least, parasailing in the Matheran city, a wonderful experience that will make your adventure ride an exciting and best one.
  12. Which are the famous destinations for rappelling in Matheran?

    Rappelling is one of the best adventure activities that happen in the town of Matheran. So the common thing is that you will find in the town like camping and rappelling facilities in the

    • Harishchandragad trek,
    • water rappelling at kasara,
    • the bekare waterfall rappelling,
    • The Dodhani waterfall rappelling and many more such places where you can enjoy water rappelling in the best way.
  13. Which are the famous historic monuments in Matheran?

    There are two most important historical sites and monuments that in one way describe the enchanting history of the Matheran town;

    • The one is Prabal Fort, one of the oldest forts of India situated in the western side of the Matheran that stands in the height of 2, 325 feet above the sea level.
    • The next of the monument is the Chanderi fort that is situated between the Badlapur and the Vangani railway station. These two places give you the best view of history by taking you one step back to the past.
  14. What are the best destinations for camping in Matheran?

    There are many places and sights in Matheran where you can enjoy a heartwarming camping.

    • Palaces like near Pawana lake
    • group adventure in Maval in Takve lake
    • camping and adventure activities near Wai
    • Falyan jungle camp

    And many more such amazing places that allow you to camp in the bewitching environment of the nature making you stress free. Matheran is the best place to go wandering in the wild and exploring the best of the adventure that is beyond your imagination.