Known as the” cutest little hill station of India”, the Matheran hill station is the best place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise view along with some mind blowing sceneries to keep you fresh and up front. This extraordinary hill station offers the best tourist places in Matheran which are untouched and undisturbed by the rustling city life that surrounds the town. The place is actually located on the Western Ghats that ranges in an elevation of around 800 meter above the sea level. The place always has a pleasant weather to enjoy during any time of the year, but its beauty gets added up during the season of rain and thunderstorm.

 Another thing about the beautiful hill station is that it is eco friendly and has no rush of cars and buses honking on the street. The major was taken by the government of Maharashtra in order to protect Matheran. The best thing about this place is that it is like a quiet and relaxing place with no buzzing of horns and pollution and along with that it contains some mesmerizing places and views of the extraordinary nature that will leave you bewitched of its beauty and make you feel relax and stress free.

 Just not only trekker, Matheran is a treat for the photographers also to explore and capture the best of the beauty of the beautiful hill station. The beauty of Western Ghats, Matheran is the smallest hill station of India. Travellers and tourists who visit the place love exploring the place by walking on foot. By which it becomes more exciting to get lost in the scenic beauty of the town while finding your way. Plan your trip to Matheran and indulge yourself in various activities that Matheran provides like camping, trekking, rappelling etc.

Matheran town is the best option for a person who loves getting lost in the nature and also for those who wants to take a break from their busy city life. The tourist places in Matheran are absolutely breathtaking.

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Traveling many kilometers for this expereince worth it really, everything was well-arranged and well-organized... The whole trip goes as per itinerary planned... and what best was that we didn't miss anything from it... hospitable, friendly and supportive staff. Kudos team
I have booked the resort for my friend as it was her bday. We have planned a surprise for her with a group of 7 people. The staff at the resort was very friendly they have arranged the cake on special request. We had a lot of fun there especially the horse riding activity we enjoyed it. Thank you Thrillophilia for best offere=ing great and affordable package for our experience.
Picked-up was on-time from the hotel, the driver cum guide was knowledgable and experience about the place. Droved us nicely to each spot as per the itinerary planned by the team as well shared with us a good history of the place in detail... Transport was perfect which fits us comfortably. Cheaper but really a smooth 1-day trip it was
I'm very excited about this tour, the people were nice, the place is stunning, the overall arrangement was super superb.
Lovely trip with family and friends in just a day you'll cover all the main attractions of the place...Thanks, Thrillophilia
Wow!!! what an experience. I had done rappelling many a time but this one was different because it is the waterfall rappelling the equipment provided to us was good and safe with proper instruction before we start the activity, the place was lovely. The experience I can't express how much fun I am during the activity but It was "wowwww"
Waterfall rappelling was great and fun with safety measures, There are lots of people who take part in this activity but we do not need to wait as the staff was very good to manage things in a proper way.
I had a great time with my friends here in the villa without hassle. The rooms were very comfortable and clean, The housekeeping was very accomodating and kind helps us to explore all around areas. It's worth everything for me.
Absolutely nice stay with nice delicious Maharashtrian cuisine meals. The caretakers were very nice and friendly. Highly recommended for everyone.
Awesome experience, what I liked about this tour was that the staff were very punctual, picked-up was on-time with a good vehicle and driver, our trek guide was very nice and accommodating, I and my family enjoyed ourself throughout yes, we were exhausted but the surprises gave by nature to us was catches the eyes and make this trip unforgettable.

People Also Ask About Matheran

  1. What are the best places to visit in Matheran?

    1. Dodhani Waterfalls- Located at the base of Matheran hills, Dodhani waterfalls is a place where you can take part in recreation water and adventure sports like waterfall rappelling. It will be a thrill worthy experience which you will remember all your life.

    Matheran, Maharashtra.
    Fee: Starting from INR 1,550 per adult.

    2. Olympia- 
    It is a horse racecourse which attracts sports lovers from all around the world. While riding the horse, you will hear birds singing and you will find yourself deeply surrounded by nature.
    Location- Raigad District Matheran

    Timings- 5 AM to 6 PM.

    3. Louisa Point - This place is a haven for trekkers and photographers alike. It offers a breathtaking view of Prabal and Vishalgad fort and is the best place to witness the waterfalls, rocky mountains, lake gardens, and whatnot.
    Location- Raigad District, Matheran (2.5 km from Matheran Railway Station).

    4. Porcupine Point-
    Also known as the sunset point, it is the perfect location to witness the sunrise and sunset in all of Matheran amidst the beautiful nature. Also, this place is named porcupine point as it holds a strong resemblance to the shape of a bird called Porcupine.
    Location- 2 km from Matheran Railway Station.

    5. Charlotte Lake-
    If you are traveling with your family or friends then this is the place to be at. Charlotte lake offers travelers to organize a picnic or camping and is an absolutely amazing location to relax, watch the sunset and observe various species of birds flying over the lake.
    Location- 2 km from Matheran Railway Station.

    6. One Tree Hill Point-
    A single tree is known to be standing at the top of the hill and thus, it is named one tree hill point. This place is appreciated by trekkers, nature lovers, and people who are looking for some time to relax away from the honking of cars and busy life.
    Location- 3.5 km from Matheran Railway Station.

    7. Chanderi Caves-
    For anyone who is an adventure enthusiast and is interested in exploring the history, Chanderi caves will prove to be the best location to visit in Matheran. From trekking your way to chanderi mountains to witness the most beautiful panoramic views, this trip will be worth it.
    Location- Located on the way from Badlapur to Karjat. Nearest Railway station- Vangani and Badlapur.

    8. Prabalgad fort and Irshalgad fort-
    Prabalgad fort and Irshalgad fort, both located in between Matheran and Panvel. Prabalgad is located 65 km away from Mumbai whereas Irshalgad is 70 km. Both the forts have proven to be amazing destinations for trekkers, nature enthusiasts, and history buffs. You will witness wildlife and rare flora and can spend some peaceful time in the lap of nature.
    Location- Matheran, Maharashtra.

    9. Paymaster Park-
    It is a historic park and a popular destination to set up a picnic. It is famous for its beautifully landscaped gardens, flower beds, and nicely arranged benches. It is also home to the figurines of Lieutenant Colonel Paymaster and S.L Panday. It is a nice location to bring your kids to have a fun day.
    Location- Chinoy Road, Matheran.

    10. Shivaji’s Ladder-
    Again a paradise for trekkers, Shivaji's ladder is an amazing trek and it is known that the Great Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used this pathway to reach Matheran for hunting and various other trips. If you love trekking and can't get enough of it, then you must definitely trek your way to the top or you can easily opt for a horse ride to witness the amazing view from the top.
    Location- Matheran, Maharashtra.

  2. When is the best time to visit Matheran?

    As we know Matheran consists of a pleasant climate throughout the year, but the best time to visit the place is divided according to the preference of the travellers. The best time is during the monsoons or after it. During the month from October to November, the place become a beautiful and perfect view for sightseeing. The perfect time to plan a honeymoon to the place is during the month from December to February making it the best place for couples. If you are an adventurer and looking for some trekking and climbing then the month from March to May serves as the time to go for it.

  3. What are the best things to do in Matheran?

    1. Visit Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir- This temple is a tribute to Lord Shiva. It is located at an altitude of 2500 feet and attracts a huge number of travelers from across the world. Apart from visiting the temple, you will also witness the serene environment and peace around the place.

    Location : Nerul, Matheran.
    Timings : 6:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM.

    2. Seek blessings at Ambarnath Shiv Temple- It is situated on the banks of the Waldhuni River and it is known to be built by King Mahamandaleshwar. It is beautifully carved out of stone and leaves a great impact of the mesmerizing architectural style used.

    Location : Mumbai-Pune Railway Line at Akoli.
    Timings : 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

    3. Rock Climbing- This recreational activity can be found at places Alexander Point, Louisa Point, Prabal Fort, and Shivaji’s Ladder. You can also participate in an overnight climb via Garbett Point to Matheran if you are a thrill-seeker who likes to get challenged.

    Fees- Starting from Rs. 500 per adult.

    4. Trekking- This place is ideal for all the trekkers. Small to long treks can be found in a lot of places. Some of the treks are- Chanderi caves, Kalavantin pinnacle, Irshadgad fort, Louisa point, one tree hill point, Shivaji's ladder, Vikatgad peb fort and much more.

    5. Rappelling- Rappelling is one of the thrill worthy activities that the travelers love to participate in. Providers use high-quality ropes and take all the safety measures to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

    6. Explore nature and watch Sunset- 
    Explore the surroundings and pay a visit to all the amazing points and try to catch a glimpse of the sunset. The best place to do that would be at Porcupine point which is also known as the sunset point. Also, visit Rambagh point during the dusk to experience the amazing sky and nature in its prime time.

    7. Board the Neral-Matheran Toy Train- Do you like to take a joy ride while enjoying the amazing view. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and covers approximately a distance of over 21 km and takes you through the lush green forests and hills of Matheran.

    Timings- 3 Trains run at 9:20 AM, 2:45 PM, and 4:20.
    -Deluxe: INR 1500 (A group of 5 people);
    -First Class: INR 300 (For Adults) and INR 180 (For Children);
    -Second Class: INR 45 (For Adults) and INR 30 (For Children).

    8. Camping and picnic- Lastly, a picnic spot is always the best place to spend a fun day. Plan a full day out in Charlotte lake, pack your lunch, get your family and friends and have a relaxing day. You can also indulge in camping at charlotte lake to have one of the most amazing and peaceful times with water flowing beside you and nature everywhere around you. Camping can also be done at the following locations:
    -Kalavantin Durg Valley Campsite,
    -Sabharwal Farms Campsite,
    -Pay Master Park,
    -Alexander Point,
    -Louisa Point.
    -Attra Holidays And Camping Farms.

  4. How to reach Matheran?

    The town of Matheran is well connected by the city of Mumbai which makes it easy for the travellers and the visitors to reach the destination without any worries.

    By railways:
    The town of Matheran is connected by the two distinct railway tracks, Mumbai railway and Pune station connected with the Neral Junction Station situated on the bottom of the hill.

    By road:
    If you want to reach the place by travelling by road then the distance from Mumbai to Matheran is 108 km, which will take you three to four hours to reach. From
    Pune, the distance to this place is about 18 km away if you take the Mumbai pune Express highway.

    By air:
    And if you prefer air journey more than the two most nearest airports are Mumbai airport and Pune airport which are 100 km and 110 km approximately away from the town of Matheran.

  5. Is the Toy Train working in Matheran?

    Yes, toy trains are working from Neral to Matheran. 3 trains are known to run at 9:20 AM, 2:45 PM, and 4:20. It has 3 compartments- Deluxe (Rs. 1500 for adults) and first-class (Rs. 300 for adults and Rs. 150 for kids) and Second Class (Rs. 45 for adults and Rs 30 for kids).
  6. Is Matheran worth visiting?

    Yes, It is absolutely worth visiting Matheran. It is a small hill station yet it offers a huge getaway from the hustle-bustle of the cities and daily life. Whether you are a nature lover or a thrill-seeker, you will have something to do in Matheran. From trekking to visiting temples to going on a joy ride or horse ride, this place offers a variety of things to do for adults and kids alike.
  7. Is one day enough for Matheran?

    Yes, it is. You can cover the sightseeing, visit the temples and go on a few small treks in one day. Matheran is a place where you can witness beautiful sunsets amidst nature so make sure that you do not miss the sunrise and sunsets if you are visiting Matheran.
  8. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Matheran?

    Some of the best places to stay in Matheran are:

    1. Adamo the Resort- It is a 3-star property which is located 25 minutes away from the Neral Railway station and has over 42 rooms which are divided into 5 categories- Bungalow, Royale Suite, Deluxe Villa, Regency Deluxe and Regent Deluxe. It offers all the basic facilities like Conference hall, Swimming pool, Spa, Jacuzzi, Steam, Discotheque, Health club, and Multi-cuisine restaurant.

    2. Dune Barr House - Verandah in the Forest- It is a 170-year-old hotel which offers quiet and classic rooms equipped with all the basic amenities and also provides services like Free breakfast, Badminton, Bicycle rental, 24-hour front desk, Laundry service, Horseback riding, Darts, Walking tours.

    3. Cecil Hotel- It is a heritage hotel that was built in 1950 and has around 25 rooms and 3 bungalows. The hotel is well equipped and has a large dining room where all the guests are served delicious vegetarian food.

    4. Usha Ascot- A 3-star hotel which just a few minutes away from Matheran Railway station offers 5 types of room- Super Deluxe, Ascot Suite, Ascot Villa, Luxury Villa, and Deluxe Room. All the rooms are 100% air-conditioned and have all the basic amenities like TV, phone and private balconies. It also offers two conference halls Mel Milap Hall and Brain Stromer, a discotheque, swimming pool, health club, children's play park, and an in-house restaurant.

  9. What is the best local cuisine here?

    Being close to two biggest cities Mumbai and Pune, the town of Matheran also is induced with the Pada Pav custom.

    • The hotels and restaurants in the town are mostly vegetarian and are packed with delicious vegan food cuisines.
    • You can also get good non vegetarian items in some hotels.
    • When it comes to having beverages the town provides you with its local and the simplest Nimbu Pani (lemon Juice) that can be found and enjoyed in every nook of the town.
  10. What are the famous trekking places in Matheran?

    Matheran is beauty within itself. There are many famous and outstanding trekking sites located in the town that provides you the best trekking facilities to make your trip a memorable one. Some of the famous trekking places in Matheran are:

    • Kalavantin Pinacle trek
    • The only ladies trek to Kalavantin durg
    • A mesmerizing trek with your friends to the Chanderi caves in Matheran
    • Last but not the least the trek to peb (Vikatgad).
  11. What are the famous water sports activities that can be done in Matheran?

    Matheran is the place where you can enjoy extreme waterfall rides amidst of nature in the dense forests. There are a number of water sports available in the town that will bring your adventure skills to test. But the best of the best are only two water sports that give you the utmost satisfaction. The one of the two sports is

  12. What are the adventure activities one can enjoy in Matheran?

    You may find many adventures activities in the Matheran town but the there are three most opted and exciting things that one should practically do. You can go for

    • horse riding sightseeing around the town,
    • trekking in Matheran and
    • Last but not the least, parasailing in the Matheran city, a wonderful experience that will make your adventure ride an exciting and best one.
  13. Which are the famous destinations for rappelling in Matheran?

    Rappelling is one of the best adventure activities that happen in the town of Matheran. So the common thing is that you will find in the town like camping and rappelling facilities in the

    • Harishchandragad trek,
    • water rappelling at kasara,
    • the bekare waterfall rappelling,
    • The Dodhani waterfall rappelling and many more such places where you can enjoy water rappelling in the best way.
  14. Which are the famous historic monuments in Matheran?

    There are two most important historical sites and monuments that in one way describe the enchanting history of the Matheran town;

    • The one is Prabal Fort, one of the oldest forts of India situated in the western side of the Matheran that stands in the height of 2, 325 feet above the sea level.
    • The next of the monument is the Chanderi fort that is situated between the Badlapur and the Vangani railway station. These two places give you the best view of history by taking you one step back to the past.
  15. What are the best destinations for camping in Matheran?

    There are many places and sights in Matheran where you can enjoy a heartwarming camping.

    • Palaces like near Pawana lake
    • group adventure in Maval in Takve lake
    • camping and adventure activities near Wai
    • Falyan jungle camp

    And many more such amazing places that allow you to camp in the bewitching environment of the nature making you stress free. Matheran is the best place to go wandering in the wild and exploring the best of the adventure that is beyond your imagination.