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I and my friends booked a Yacht Saphir cruise and I must say it was an amazing tour. The audio guide was very helpful, Thankyou Thrillophilia.
27 October 2019
One of the best places to spend an evening. The inside of the Yacht is very polished and everything about the space spoke of comfort and luxury. We got an amazing opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the town and the mountains which was really amazing and we took a ton of photos. I recommend the tour to everyone who is visiting Switzerland.
10 November 2019
The experience was magical. I and my family had a great time on the Yacht. We got to enjoy an enthralling view of the mountains. Thanks, Thrillophlia for such an experience. I just hope the entire tour lasted for a little more time.
02 February 2020
Extremely professional, elegantly managed and thoroughly enjoyable, everything about Cruise is just delightful. A definite recommendation from my end.
20 January 2020
What a delightful experience. The panorama yacht saphir cruise was just the right amount of fun and relaxation I was looking for my trip to Switzerland. The beautiful views coupled with the luxurious yacht ride, it was truly amazing. The best 1 hour of my trip.
Yacht Saphir cruise was the best thing I did in Switzerland. Amazing experience!