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25 June 2015
The trekking experience was fine and good. To be honest, the trek was really good. We had a great time. It was one of the really nice treks that I have had.
13 June 2015
We were hoping to feel tired and worn out but surprisingly despite the tough trek it was nice and enjoyable and we were with high energy levels even after the trek. This was definitely a nice trekking experience. We had some great memories to take back home and share. I really loved the whole travel too as it was a road trip for us.
10 April 2015
I am out of words. This was a great trekking in Uttarakhand. The place is splendid and classy beauty. This is what a perfect vacation looks like.
06 November 2015
Trek To Chandrashila Peak Via Tungnath was one of the good treks that I have ever been on in the past few years. Preiously, there were not these many treks. In the past few years, Indian Travel industry is booming, and there are a lot of new trekking spots. However, one must pick these wisely. Some spots are awesome, while some are just boring. This trek in Uttarakhand is a traveller’s heaven. I had a plenty of plans for my travel and the trek was the highlight of my travel. It has varied sightseeing and trekking options. The state is best to take long vacations to.
01 February 2016
I recommend this trek totally, and I guess you will thank me later. The trekking experience will be super cool. It was an amazing experience overall. Also, this trek was inexpensive and in budget that it didn’t leave a hole in our pockets like other trips did for me.
01 March 2016
Very Good
Okay, let’s start with the pros: The trek was well organized. The climate was good. It was neither humid nor was it too freezing and chill. It was just perfect. Cons: The flights were costly as we booked it 2 weeks before the trek. People say booking months earlier works but again we can’t decide so early na. Otherwise, the trek was enjoyable and fun. I so loved it. I recommend this to you all totally.
03 August 2015
You won't find anything wrong in this trek. It's totally worth. The flights are costly if booked last minute, so it is better if you book it earlier to avoid unnecessary expenses. Some treks are awesome and change the way you look at life. This is one such trek.
12 February 2016
I would definitely recommend people to take this. We had some really great trek. I never even knew about this place until my husband suggested this. It was so nice and interesting. I really had a great time with this trek.
07 December 2015
Each one of us enjoyed this trek a lot. It was a worthy trek. This was a fun ride. Most of my friends were first time trekkers so they were all a little uneasy. They kept cursing me for planning a trek as they were expecting a relaxed getaway, but the trek I took had great organization. It was organized with ample breaks and camping for all trekkers to enjoy irrespective of experience. It was relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating. One trick here is to book tickets for flights early.
18 November 2015
This trek was the challenging and most gruesome trek I ever had. My legs gave in after a while, and thanks to the camps in between, I could relax. Still, it was a good trek, just that I was not well trained beforehand.