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Trek to Kuari Pass
Trek to Kuari Pass



About the Activity:Fixed Departure: 01-12-2016Join this six days long trek to Kuari pass near Khullar in Uttarakhand and then enjoy the complete trekking experience.Arrive at the base camp in Joshimath, feel calm with an overnight stay there and get prepared for the exhilarating trip to Chitrakhana the next day.Start the original trek from Chitrakantha to Tali top from where you will get an enhancing view of the mountain peaks.Reach Kuari pass via Khullar from Tali top, spend some magnificent time there and trek back to Tali top.On the fifth day, trek from Tali to Jshimath via Auli and your trekking trip ends there but you will be driven to Haridwar from Joshimath on the last day.This package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.Starting Point: Haridwar Railway Station at 10:00 A.MEnding Point: Haridwar Railway Station at approximately 4:00 P.M

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34 Ratings

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06 September 2018
All the arrangements, food, logistics, and support was superb. Both our trek guides especially Mr. Narendra supported and took very good care, continuously motivating and helping throughout the journey. This trek requires good fitness and endurance, it would have been good if we were given a heads up about the steep trails and low oxygen. Other than that I loved and enjoyed the experience. Happy with Thrillophillia team. Devashish was also very patient and helpful.
20 September 2018
Thrillophilia Team(The Booking Platform) : *****(5 Stars) The Valley Of Flowers(The Destination) : *****(5 Stars) Trip date: 8th Sep 2018 So I decided to heed "The Mountain Calling" I have had from last year by gifting myself a trek on my birthday. The main obstacle at that moment was where and how do I start zeroing in on a location and planning. With little effort as a word of mouth I came to know about Thrillophilia platform and half of the job was done in no time. It was very easy and convenient to browse through the trekking locations sorted based on different parameters, packages with detailed information, itinerary and user reviews to make up my mind and choose from. Whatever doubts I had Devashish from the Thrillophilia team was very patient and thorough in helping me through my booking. So Thank you Thrillophilia team for providing people seeking adventure a one-stop solution to book. Happy and proud to say: The Valley of Flowers - Been There Done That! Next, my experience was riding on the logistics and the operator took me by surprise as they swiftly eased me through my apprehensions(i had many being my first solo trip in many many years) right from the time they were assigned as the tour operator for my trek. I found them prompt and precise in sending welcome mail and briefing about the trek and the decorum we needed to maintain in mountains, quick and responsive in every query I had regarding the trek and preparation. I liked their approach of keeping shorter groups and making one to one connection with the whole group to be able to cater to everybody's need to the max of their capacity. A personalised call from trek leader is what I don't expect in this digital age having all the information in the mail or some form but since it was about ensuring that we followed every instruction and didn't miss on anything it felt like a special treatment. We were accompanied by Mr. Narendra Baharwan(Trek Leader) and Samiksha Khanduri (Trek Guide) from the team. I found them very professional yet friendly. After a point, it looked like it wasn't their job but their passion and that's what helped to take their services to next level. I was impressed with their regional associations and tie-ups which helped us to get an essence of the Pahadi culture throughout our trip. I found Mr. Narender as cool, calm and composed leader exactly the kind of person who can get us through challenging and panic situations in mountains. And I could almost call our guide Samiksha "The Trekkipedia" and at times I thought she knew too much (maybe I was jealous ;D). The hotel stays were comfy exactly what you need to rest and recharge yourself for another day challenge. Being a fitness freak I'm very particular about food that I eat. And I was surprised with the food we were served and especially the quality. It was very close to what I eat at home. Also, I would like to use the opportunity to thank the team for a kind and surprise gesture on my birthday improvising on the cake and a flaunting gift. One of the highlights of the trip was responsible and eco-tourism. It felt good to do our bit in maintaining the ecology of mountains. It was equally inspiring to see our host's and Pahadi people's conscious effort to preserve and conserve the nature. And not to forget mentioning meeting some very like-minded and dynamic people in the group was a life fulfilling experience and icing on the cake. And by the end of the tour, everybody appeared almost like long lost friends and it became a party for us. Trek Leader: Mr Narendra Baharwan Trek Guide: Samiksha Khanduri Pilot for the Rides: Mr. Mukesh Auli Lodge Manager: Mr. Bhuvan Ghangaria Home(accommodation) and Food minister: Mr. Shamsher Thank you operator team for your exceptional services!! :) The Valley of Flowers Trek: Being a nature lover I always feel attracted towards nature's wonders. And while browsing on Thrillophilia it didn't take me too long to select the destination as it mentions a blanket of flowers covering a valley in a few km stretches. What a sight would that be was my question to which I had to find an answer. Although there's a peak season catch to be able to see full blossom. Since I visited the valley almost end of the season I saw fewer flowers but I wouldn't say I was disappointed as the mountains standing tall and the waterfalls were mesmerising enough and we could enjoy them totally to ourself as the valley was less crowded at this time. So that's a tradeoff which a person has to decide from but it worked well for me. Sitting beside a waterfall in the lap of nature and drinking mineral right from the source was like unfolding nature's secret. So I do list the location as must visit for whoever seeking nature's blessing and adventure and it's both challenging and soul soothing.
19 June 2018
best place to visit
30 July 2019
Overall it was a very good experience. Especially I would recommend the guides Sanju and Jaychand very much. Value for money and you are completely in the nature for all the five days.
My spouse and I, signed up for this Trek during July 16’ 2017. This is our first trek and experience of the Himalayas. While I agree that I did get carried away by the images on the site, but apparently the valley is not always in full bloom. There are meadows with variety of flowers but if you go with the pictures in the site, you would be a bit disappointed. Instead I would recommend you carry the expectation to view green meadows as far as your eyes can see, with patches of purple, blue, red, pink flowers across and occasionally streams flowing in your pathway. Yes, you can drink water from these fresh water mountain stream! Is’nt this an amazing experience! ? ? I just loved every bit of this trek, starting from the Trek Leaders obsession to ensure we are all fit and fine, the small Ghangharia village which bustles with life only during the season of June – Oct, occasional small pitstops selling hot chai and maggi enroute the trek, the glaciers that we got a chance to see and step on, the never ending view of mountains, the beautiful flora (pics inset), the still ‘reflection’ lake atop the Hemkund Sahib, a helicopter ride (my bucket list) , Badrinath, a chance to visit the last village of the Indian Territory – Mana (wow!!), and last but not the least, have hot chai from the last teashop of the Indian Territory. I never expected to get the opportunity to see this village nor interact with the people there. Thank you so much to the Trek Organizers. Overall we did ~47 km of trek on this rugged terrain with steep ascents. We never expected that we could push ourselves so much, but Himalayan range is so magical and serene that you end up getting your strength from nature to push yourselves. I would highly recommend folks to take one chance to visit this land of the mystics! It is a life time experience!
A new experience for me it was really hard to balance for the first-timer but the instructor there were very helpful and experienced us throughout the activity... the place is so beautiful and lots of people were there participating
21 September 2019
Very Good
It was a good Expedition. Very energetic. Found the place to be very nice. The nature keeps encouraging us to do more and explore. The arrangements from the team were comfortable except for good coordination. The guides were not very comfortable in coordination but somehow everything went well. Hope you get good guides. The best time to Visit would be August but be cautious about the weather.
04 September 2019
Thank you Thrillophilia for planning such an amazing trek. I loved the arrangements made by your team right from receiving us at Haridwar Railway station to dropping us back at the same point after 6 days of unlimited fun, adventure and memories to cherish a lifetime. Our trek guides were very professional and friendly at the same time. They were very convivial, encouraging and took good care of each member. Remember it is not easy to have a head count of more than 30 people when you are trekking for a day distance of more than 15 km two way. They ensured adherence to timelines without compromising on our photo sessions and tea times. The briefings for the following day treks were well covered and gave us a beforehand insight as to what the would be like. Also, I would like to highlight grey areas that need improvements 1. Quality of stay at Ghangaria was marginal and has a lot of scope for improvement. We were accomodated in ground floor and had no hot water facility. Early morning where day begins as early as 5 am and temp takes a dip at 5 deg, hot water is an inescapable need. Not to talk of a hot water bath, I could not manage hot water to brush my teeth and shave. Atleast 15mins of hot water twice a day is easily manageable, as everybody spends more than 12 hrs on trek each day. 2. The cleanliness and hygiene of rooms at Ghangaria was another concern that needs to be verified by Thrillophilia team on a snap check basis. As we had the longest stay at Ghangaria it becomes imperative to improve living conditions at this point. 3. Although the briefings covered almost every detail but I personally feel that the guides should also speak and share mountain climbing techniques, postures, breathing techniques, strapping essentials for trekking bags so as to avoid injuries and enable smooth trek.
"The tour can be managed better. Guides were polite but unable to give much insight about the places."
"Beautiful place, amazing company and excellent hosting ;perfect blend for a satisfying holiday. A special mention and thumbs up for MR.BHUVAN and MR. SHAMSHER the trek guide who motivated and took care of us"