Jodhpur has been credited with adages like the “Sun City” or the “Blue City”, describing its beauty or rich culture and heritage. The first ray of the rising sun, where the sun seems to bestow its blessings first, is incomparable. It has an array of places to visit and a plethora of tourist attractions. Much to the pleasure of trekking enthusiasts, Jodhpur has in offer numerous trekking trails.There are various trekking tour in Jodhpur which will quench the thirst for adventure of any adventure junkie.

Below mentioned are some of the best trekking tours in Jodhpur:

From Ranakpur to Thandiberi: This is one of the best trekking expeditions to undertake, in order to enjoy the natural abundance which Jodhpur has to offer. The tranquility of the atmosphere is a visual treat to the visitors. The nature lovers and the wildlife patrons love this tour as they can frequently spot a variety of wildlife species.

Adventure in Bhim Bhadak: If somebody is in love with adventure, a visit to this place is a must. There is a pick up from Bhim Bhadak Temple, Kailana Road and then starts a journey full of thrill and excitement. There are training sessions for rock climbing, rappelling and trekking. Boulder climbing, rock climbing of different kinds and trekking for about 3 hours will make the day for any visitor here.

Chaupasni Village: Trekking here is a one hour long activity, full of thrill and adventure. Indulging in a trekking activity out here will take around two and half hours and will help to keep in memory store, some of the best moments. Most importantly, trekking here is easy as there is the constant supervision of guides.

Mount Abu Trekking: This is the most popular trekking expedition of Jodhpur, starting from St. Mary’s School in Mount Abu. An eight hour long trekking journey, this expedition involves a journey through the famous Tiger path which helps to have a view of many wild animals and explore the beauties of nature. The variety of flora and fauna found here astonishes every visitor and attracts a huge population from outside the country as well.

Yoga trekking: Are you in love with a fit and fine body? Is yoga your favorite fitness regime? When you want to combine both Yoga and trekking, Jodhpur is the place to be. This is because of the unique yoga trekking activities which take place in Jodhpur. This is a one of a kind experience in the Aravalli mountain ranges with a unique blend of yoga and trekking sessions. One gets transported to a land of heavenly bliss.

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