Any vacation is incomplete without a little wandering around town during the late hours to see how the locals socialize and party. And the same goes for the ‘Blue City’. Nightlife in Jodhpur is still ascending and is more than your regular clubs and pubs. Well, there is no dearth of niterie with fancy clubs in Jodhpur, like the ‘Trophy Bar’ at the Umaid Bhawan Palace open till midnight. One can go beyond the ordinary to make an unforgettable outing experience.

When vacationing in the very desert, it is only fair to participate in a desert camping and safari adventure. The ancient town of Osian is the most popular for such an activity, near Jodhpur. The many campsites offer a luxury stay in well-equipped tents along with lavish dinners and special performances for entertainment, right in the middle of the vast dunes.

Tours and Heritage Walks organized in the evening, under the starry sky are also gaining popularity among tourists who would like to see the already gorgeous city of Jodhpur from a newer and fresher perspective. Such group events cover sightseeing of prominent attractions and Old Jodhpur area. So all the history buffs can consider this for a fun night out in town.

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Pub Crawl, Jodhpur Flat 25% off Featured
Pub Crawl, Jodhpur Flat 25% off



About the Activity:- Jodhpur is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Rajasthan, one that really lights up come evening every day. The nightlife here is something that will dazzle you, and that is exactly what you will get out to enjoy with this pub crawl experience of Jodhpur- Start from the Laughing B Restaurant & Pub at about 7 PM and start hitting various pubs of the area, and conclude the trip at around 10 PM. - Everywhere you go in the duration of 3 hours, you will get free entry, and free shots. There will also be several experiences of an ice breaker, games, and loads of fun with dance.- Meet new people in energetic, fun, friendly and most certainly wild atmosphere, have fun and make memories with the cheeky host. - Talking about the host, the guide for the night will entertain you with commentary in the form of stories relating to the area, so you will also get some great insider tips and tricks to save money and explore the best of the city.Starting Point: The Laughing B Restaurant & Pub Jodhpur, Hotel Karni Bhawan, JodhpurTimings: 7 PM to 10 PMMinimum no. of people required: 2
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27 Ratings

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Jodhpur Under Moonlight - Night Walk Tour Featured
Jodhpur Under Moonlight - Night Walk Tour



Jodhpur is a beautiful city during the day, yet it is even more beautiful at night. Come and join us on this amazing and completely offbeat experience of Jodhpur at night.Explore and experience some of the most important places of this beautiful city that are not to be missed, including some hidden yet prominent lanes and places that we bet you can't even find on the internet.Visit local popular places like Umaid Udhyan Park and Umaid Garden, Maharaja Umed Sigh Stadium, Sardar Government Museum, Kamla Nehru Mahila University, Umaid Talab, Umaid Bhavan Palace and Museum, Rajasthan High Court and Divisional Commissioner Office and other sites of historical importance decorated with brilliant lightings.By the end of the tour, you will develop a great perspective of the city, its culture and you will also get some great insider tips and tricks to save money and to explore the best of the city.Starting Point:Entrance of Umaid Udhyan ParkYou can easily reach here by private or public transportEnd Point:Umaid Bhavan PalaceTimings: 7PM - 9PM

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32 Ratings

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Cultural Walk Tour in Old Jodhpur Featured
Cultural Walk Tour in Old Jodhpur



About Jodhpur:Also known as Blue city, Jodhpur is a huge metropolitan of Rajasthan but also well studded with classy heritages having palaces, forts and temples. Along with that, Thar desert is also attaching the the city outskirts to provide a difference to its visitors.About the Activity:- By availing the package, you get to experience authentic Jodhpur on this amazing walking tour of the old town with our fun and entertaining storytellers. - This tour will be a worth of lifetime as you get to explore and experience some of the most important places of this beautiful city that are not to be missed, including some hidden yet prominent lanes and places that we bet you can't even find on internet. Visiting these places will truly enrich your experience of visiting the city, and if you are an observer, these mesmerizing places will definitely charm you and hold your interest throughout the tour.- The trip will begin from Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower), Jodhpur and you will be visiting Toor ji ka Jhalar, Sardar market Kunj Bihari Temple, Cudi Bazar, Pungal Para, Shri Gangshyam Maharaj Mandir, Sunaro ki Ghati, Kabutaro ka Chowk, Chanod Haveli till you end the trip at Jalori Gate Circle.- Time slot available: 9 AM to 11 AM and 5 PM to 7 PMMin Number of people:- 1Max Number of people:- 15

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153 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Nightlife in Jodhpur

  1. Which are some of the famous places to visit in Jodhpur at night?

    1. Mehrangarh Fort: One might not think of Mehrangarh synonymous to Nightlife in Jodhpur, but it is a hidden gem that looks exhilarating during the evening hours. One can visit here and get to the top to enjoy the views of a lit-up, glimmering cityscape as well as dine at ‘Chokelao Mahal Terrace’, a fine-dining restaurant on the rooftop, housed within the fort.

    2. Umaid Bhawan Palace: The palatial, heritage hotel run by Taj Group in one pavilion of the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur offers visitors to enjoy drinks at dining at their in-house bar and restaurant. One can also witness the grandeur of the massive estate all lit-up and decorated at the late evening hours by taking a stroll in the gardens.

    3. Ghantaghar (Clock tower): The stand-out monument of the historical Clock Tower is one of the key attractions that tourists can explore with an evening walking tour of the Old Jodhpur area. After being done with sightseeing, one can also head to the encircling eateries that remain open till late in the evening to savour traditional and local delicacies.

    4. RAAS Resort: This is possibly the most popular romantic spots in Jodhpur to spend a dinner date with your one and only. A boutique resort, RAAS is home to a total of five restaurants and cafes on the premises, ‘Darikhana’ being the highlight. Although you can come here at any time of the day, it is the evenings that reveal a different and charming side of the RAAS.

    5. Geoffrey’s The Pub: Set within Park Plaza, the Geoffery’s English Pub is reminiscent and inspired by the pub cl=ulture in London. From having taset=ful interiors and a mature ambience, the grown-up guests can enjoy clinking their glasses of crafted cocktails and premium liquor with finger foods.

    6. Balsamand Lake: The artificial Balsamand Lake and the closeby Bal Samand Palace are two places that you can visit in the evening for an outing, away from the city. Spend some hours beside the lake, indulge in boating and nature walks, before ending the night with a scrumptious dinner at the lakefront restaurant of the palace to complete your Nightlife in Jodhpur experience.

  2. What can we do in Jodhpur at night?

    1. Desert Camping: To enjoy the best of the torrid and arid desert of Thar in Jodhpur, o0one can opt to spend overnight at a secluded campsite, surrounded by soft dunes, a bonfire, special cultural performances, safari adventures, among others.

    2. Camel Safaris: The encompassing Thar Desert in Jodhpur is one of the most prominent sites for many activities, including evening desert safari in jeeps and on camels. Such evenings are also followed by camping and dessert dining as a part of many Nightlife in Jodhpur packages.

    3. Jodhpur Under Moonlight Walking Tour: This is a heritage walk to indulge in sightseeing of the best attractions and monuments in Jodhpur. Starting from 7 in the evening, the tour can go till 10 pm, covering points such as Umaid Udyan Park, Umaid Bhawan Palace and Museum, Sardar Government Museum etc.

    4. Cultural Walking Tour in Old Jodhpur: Another popular Nightlife in Jodhpur tour is to go around the Old Jodhpur area and its best-preserved attractions. Starting at around 7 pm, this tour can also go on for 2-3 hours and during this time, the attendees can visit and explore the markets, temples and other monuments, including the imposing ‘Ghantaghar’ (clock tower).

    5. Partying/Pub Crawling: For the rowdy and out-going crowds, Jodhpur has on offer its electric clubs and bars where you can down drinks, dance and mingle. Although, the party culture in the ‘Blue City’ is still blooming, there are several unmissable points like - the J Bar at Ajit Bhawan, Trophy Bar, Geoffrey’s etc.

  3. What are the best night clubs and pubs in Jodhpur?

    1. Trophy Bar: Courtesy of the imperial Umaid Bhawan Palace, the Trophy Bar is truly a prized possession and among the topmost Clubs in Jodhpur. With warm and rich interiors, sophistication in the ambience and a selective menu consisting of the choicest drinks and Cuban Cigars, consider your evening set here.

    2. J Bar: Housed within the heritage hotel, Ajit Bhawan in Jodhpur, J Bar has a royal touch to the tipsy evenings for the coming of age visitors. Their lavish and rich set-up, courteous serving and bartending staff and an affluent selection of wines, spirits and other liquors would all leave impressed and in awe.

    3. Pulse the Bar: Located in Hotel Shri Ram Excellency on Residency Road, Pulse the Bar can be unmissed when listing out the top Clubs in Jodhpur. Dim lights with bright neon signs, the bar stands out among its contemporaries as an out n out party hub. The grown-up guests can sip and slurp on boozy cocktails and get groovy to the ringing music here.

    4. Mox Vox the Restro: For a night of dancing to thumping beats and deafening music, Mox Vox is the perfect place to be at. This is one of the top Clubs in Jodhpur that acts as a lounge and a discotheque.

    5. Geoffrey’s The Pub: Inspired by the Victorian, English Pub culture, Geoffrey’s is a well-known hangout spot at Park Plaza. It is also among the top Clubs in Jodhpur for the youthful travellers to spend an evening full of fun, drinks and glee.

  4. Where can we eat in Jodhpur at night?

    1. Chokelao Mahal: Situated in the precinct of the magnanimous Mehrangarh Fort, Chokelao Mahal is where you can dine like royalty, for real. Enjoy sitting in an open-air dining space that also offers vistas of the entire Jodhpur City. One would have to take a special jeep ride to get to the restaurant and be served with the decadence of traditional Rajasthani as well as other cuisines.

    2. Darikhana, RAAS: The perfect al fresco dining, Darikhana at the RAAS Boutique Resort in Jodhpur is the place to be at. The modern and posh decor on the terrace against exposed brick walls and clear marble flooring gives it an oomph. Moreover, the food and the views of the Mehrangarh Fort from the restaurant are just as amazing and unforgettable.

    3. Nirvana: This is an aesthetically pleasing restaurant in Jodhpur, near Clock Tower. Nirvana, just like its name will give your eternal bliss with its scrumptious offerings of a variety of foods along with panoramic views of the city. There is a rooftop, open-air seating area as well as an indoors arrangement with walls filled with murals depicting the Hindu mythology ‘Ramayana’.

    4. Risala: Specializing in fusion cuisines from India and rest of the world, Risala is a fine outlet to enjoy a dining experience in Jodhpur. A part of the regal Umaid Bhawan Palace, the interiors of the restaurant have traditional elements and paintings. Meanwhile, the outside boasts views of the scenic ‘Blue City’.

  5. Is Jodhpur a safe place to party at night?

    Yes. With a budding nightlife culture, Jodhpur is safe and usually busy with youthful crowds at clubs and restaurants. One can find adequate security at the outlets and law enforcement within the city as well.

    However, it is best to avoid roaming around quiet and unknown areas by yourself and also keep a check on personal belongings to avoid theft. Consumption of alcohol should also be done in moderation and all necessary documents, including identification, should be carried at all times.

  6. What is Jodhpur famous for?

    Jodhpur is one of the many cities in the desert state of Rajasthan that was once ruled by Maharajas and kings. What remains of that era are the historical monuments, forts and palaces that are the pride of Jodhpur like other cities. Apart from that, the Thar desert also borders the city and the iconic indigo blue houses in the Old Jodhpur region are some of the other famous aspects.

  7. What is the best time to visit Jodhpur?

    The best time to visit Jodhpur is from October till March which is when the winter season strikes in the dry state of Rajasthan.

    As opposed to the high temperatures in summers and monsoon seasons, the temperatures drop low in winters but are pleasant and bearable, making it ideal to enjoy sightseeing and other activities.