Located in the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is a jumble of different shades of blue cubes and is truly a sight to behold. The contrasting colours amidst the Thar desert look uniquely striking. With the muscular Mehrangarh fort which towers over the city, is a striking spectacle to gawk at. Below it are the streets filled with bazaars and shops selling anything and everything. Jodhpur has a lot of little surprises for you to explore. Along with exploring this city, there is an experience which cannot be missed- the Jodhpur desert safari. 

Going into the desert and experiencing the vastness of the Thar desert is something you will cherish for your lifetime. Enter the Thar with style by sitting on the “Ship of the Desert” or if you are not in the mood for some more luxury, you can go on a desert jeep as well. Each of these two means will give you an entirely different experience of the desert. 

In this desert safari in Jodhpur, walk through the dunes and enjoy the stunning sunset. Along with the golden views and the shifting sand dunes, you will be able to indulge in various activities as well. Spot some desert wildlife like the Chinkaras, foxes, Indian Gazelles, and many more. For an adventurous twist in this calm safari, ride a quad bike or go for dune bashing through the glistening desert. Experience a stay in the lavish tents, just like the maharajas of the bygone era.

Relish the authentic Rajasthani dishes served within the camp area and enjoy the local artists’ folk song and dance performances in their vibrant and colourful attires. You can even sit around the bonfire in the middle of the desert, chit-chat with your folks and enjoy the view of the sky filled with twinkling stars. The next day, you can even witness the first rays of the sun making the sand look like a layer of gold, early in the morning. Not to worry, as you need not stay for the whole night in the desert if you don’t want to or have time constraints. 

There are various kinds of desert safari in Jodhpur that are curated for your convenience. Some of them last for half a day till sunset, some of them last for a whole night or two and a few of them even last for a week or so for a full-fledged experience of the Thar desert. You can opt for any of these enchanting safaris according to your convenience, budget, as well as timing. 

The safari is usually carried out in the middle of nowhere, far away from the urban noise, in the captivating quietude of the Thar Desert. There are permanent campsites built here that offer impeccable Rajasthani hospitality with a luxurious touch. You can even roam around these campsites and witness as well as interact with the communities living in the neighbouring areas of the desert. Such experiences make the desert safari in Jodhpur a unique holiday for every traveller.

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Desert Jeep Safari, Jodhpur- Flat 30% off Featured
Desert Jeep Safari, Jodhpur- Flat 30% off



Jodhpur offers a lot in store for every adventure enthusiast. And, the thing which no tourists should miss on their to the Sun City is a desert camel safari. A jeep safari through the sand dunes is the best way to explore the true charm of the desert. One can witness the shades of the sun and the vast sea of shimmering sand and barren land. So be ready for the adventure as you sit in an open jeep and the driver drives it through the dips. How to reach?The dessert jeep safari will be organized in Osian village which is 67 km away from the Jodhpur city. You can easily get public and private transportation to reach the location. Timings: 6:00AM-7:00PMNote:Minimum 2 people are required to book this tour. 

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37 Ratings

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Osian Desert Jeep Safari with Dinner, Jodhpur @ Flat 25% off Featured
Osian Desert Jeep Safari with Dinner, Jodhpur @ Flat 25% off



Location: Pratap Nagar, OsianJodhpur offers a lot in store for every adventure enthusiast. And, the thing which no tourists should miss on their to the Sun City is a Osian Desert Jeep Safari. A jeep safari through the sand dunes is the best way to explore the true charm of the desert. One can witness the shades of the sun and the vast sea of shimmering sand and barren land. So be ready for the adventure as you sit in an open jeep and the driver drives it through the dips. The campsite is a permanent base camp, located in Osian village which is around 62 km from Jodhpur. Nestled in sand dunes, this campsite promises luxurious camping in Jodhpur experience that may have only be enjoyed by the privileged royal backs in the day. These camps are the most impeccable offbeat retreat in the folds of deserts and wilderness.About the activity:Activity timing: 4:30 PM to 9:30 PMAs soon as you reach the campsite, you will be greeted by a refreshing welcome drink.Explore the amazing beauty of the sand dunes with a Osian Desert Jeep Safari.After that, return to the campsite and enjoy a soul-stirring cultural program. Osian Desert Jeep Safari also includes a delicious dinner with your loved ones while enjoying the picturesque sights if the sand dunes.How to reach?The campsite is located in Osian village, Jodhpur, You can easily get public and private transportation to reach the location. 

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38 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Desert Safari in Jodhpur

  1. Where can I go for desert safari in Jodhpur?

    1. Osian Village: Home to a popular Jodhpur desert camp, Osian Village is one of the top locations to visit for Desert safari tours in Jodhpur. A natural oasis in the heart of Thar, this ancient city in Rajasthan is home to a smattering of ancient forts and temples, making it a popular location for safari tours.

    2. Gudha Village: Home to a great many species of rare birds, this little village in Rajasthan is a fantastic location to enjoy safari tours at.

    3. Khimsar: This is one of those places that let you escape into a dreamlike world. Covered with unending expanses of sand and reachable only by jeeps and camels, Khimsar is the perfect place for a desert safari

    4. Bishnoi villages: The trip to the Bishnoi villages, like Bishnoiyan, Kakani and Khejarli is probably the most integral and unmissable part of a trip to Rajasthan. The entire tour takes almost ten hours, while travellers enjoy the scenic beauty of the villages and the accompanying wildlife in the sporadic forests that separate the villages.
  2. How many types of desert safaris are available in Jodhpur?

    1. Desert Jeep Safari: One of the best ways to enjoy a desert safari with the entire family is to take a jeep safari through the sands of Jodhpur. Equipped with an expert driver and guide, this jeep safari will take you through the undulating dunes of the Sun City, promising an adventurous and happening day.

    The Safari starts in the early hours of the morning and takes you an hour and a half westward from the ancient city of Osian. Activities in the safari include dune bashing and sightseeing of ancient temple ruins.

    2. Camel Safari: While in Jodhpur, do not miss out on the traditional camel safari experience offered by the city. The safari commences from a campsite in Osian village, and then does a tour of the expansive sands surrounding it.

    Treat yourself to unparalleled views of the sunset, or bring an adventurous twist to the safari with a quad bike ride- the camel safari here leaves you wanting for more. Following a leisurely stroll along the stunning sand dunes of the Thar, the tour concludes at the campsite again. The experience of the safari is then enhanced with a cultural Programme and traditional Rajasthani dinner at night.
  3. What is unique about desert safari in Jodhpur?

    The Desert Safari in Jodhpur promises a unique, unparalleled sight of the sun rising and setting above the beautiful sand dunes of the Sun City. The safari also offers sights of various historic forts and temples scattered across the desert. A number of different activities can be tried during the safari as well, such as quad biking or dune bashing.
  4. What is the best time for desert safari in Jodhpur?

    The best time to go for Desert Safari tours in Jodhpur is during the cooler winter months between October and March. During this time, the weather in Jodhpur remains pleasant and cold, with the temperature varying between 7 to 25 degree Celsius throughout the day.

    The cooler temperature not only makes for a pleasant safari experience, but is also well-suited for activities such as overnight camping, sightseeing or quad biking.
  5. How to reach Osian Village for desert safari?

    The Desert safari in Jodhpur commences from a base camp in Osian village, which is located at a distance of 67 kilometers away from the main city. One can reach Osian via various public transportations, such as cabs or buses.
  6. What are the activities that can be done during a desert safari in Jodhpur?

    1. Wildlife Spotting: As you traverse along the golden sands of the Thar, make sure to keep an eye out for the various little animals and reptiles that travel alongside you. A host of indigenous wildlife can be spotted on the journey, such as foxes, Indian gazelles and Chinkaras.

    2. Go quad biking through the dunes: Riding a quad bike through the undulating sands of the Thar is one of the most adventurous experiences offered by the safari. The fully automated ATV quad bikes offered here are easy to drive, and equally fun to navigate through the desert on.

    3. Experience dune bashing: Dune Bashing is basically a form of off-road detour taken on sand dunes, manipulating the desert at varying speeds. Bashing is generally done on 4x4 vehicles, such as jeeps. The adventurous experience is well-suited for thrill-seekers embarking on a safari.

    4. Enjoy views of ancient temples: The safari along the Thar offers some magnificent views of the ancient temples and forts that scatter the vast expanse of the golden sands. From the majestic Mehrangarh Fort rising boldly above the desert, to the numerous Jain temples scattered around Osian, the desert is replete with its ancient gems.
  7. Which vehicles are used for desert safaris?

     Desert safari vehicles are chosen primarily on the basis of their sturdiness and utility benefits. Given the rough and unpredictable terrain, 4x4 steering vehicles are mainly used in the safaris. The cars include primarily SUVs starting from Scorpios, Thars or Boleros from Mahindra to even Land Rovers and Jeeps.
  8. What is the cost of desert safari in Jodhpur?

    Prices for these activities range from rupees 1500 to approximately 15000 per head. Prices for desert safari in Jodhpur are very variable, depending on your choice of activity. There is a wide range of options to choose from, from simple camel rides to camping trips and full-fledged safaris by car. Night safaris are also available, at a higher cost.
  9. What precautions should be taken care of before going to desert safari in Jodhpur?

    The Jodhpur desert safari comes with its list of precautionary measures:

    - Do not carry expensive valuables
    - Travel light
    - Carry your I.D. proof, preferably your passport
    - Carry ample medication and warm clothes for the contrasting climate between days and nights in the desert
    - Pregnant couples and children under the age of five are not advised to go for the safari
    - You must go on a safari only under the supervision of a trained tour guide
    - Let your tour guide know of your allergies, if any
    - Deserts are unpredictable in more ways than one, always keep a list of emergency numbers handy and a power bank for your mobile phone.
  10. What are the essential things to carry while going for desert safari in Jodhpur?

    The Jodhpur desert safari calls for a planned itinerary, and some essentials to carry with:

    - Carry clothing for polar climate conditions during the day and the night. Day-clothing should include light colors to beat the oppressive heat, while nighttime conditions can be frigid, requiring warm fleece jackets, gloves and woolens

    - Carry brimmed hats and shades to avoid the solar glare

    - Desert sands are very unpredictable terrain, so it is advised to carry walking boots instead of casual options

    - Ample medication

    - I.D. proof

    - Charged phones and power banks

    - Light food like dried fruits and nuts. Also carry ample amounts of water, as dehydration is one of the greatest concerns in the harsh desert climate

  11. What is the best time to visit Jodhpur?

    The best time to explore the beauty of this vibrant place is in the winter months of October-March. The temperatures range between 7-25°C and the weather is pleasantly cool. This is the best time to be outdoors and enjoy activities like night camping, Jodhpur desert safari, and visiting the forts & temples.
  12. How to reach Jodhpur?

    By Air: There are numerous flights from Delhi to Jodhpur by all the major carriers like Air India, Vistara, IndiGo, etc. The travel time is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

    By Rail: Trains like Rajasthan S Kranti, Ranikhet Express, DEE JU Superfast run between Delhi and Jodhpur. The journey takes approximately 11 hours.

    By Road: You can opt for a private Volvo or the ones run by RSRTC. A bus takes around 13 hours to reach. Alternatively, you can opt for self-driving or book a taxi.

  13. Is it safe to do a desert safari in Jodhpur?

    Desert safari in Jodhpur is a great must-have experience and is absolutely safe. Experienced professionals who know the local areas well manage all the excursions. Follow your guide’s instructions and exercise common caution. Inform your guide of any health conditions.

  14. Is it worth visiting Jodhpur for desert safari?

    Known as the gateway to the majestic That Desert, Jodhpur is one of the top destinations in India for a desert safari. There are amazing places nearby like Gudha Village, Khimsar, Dechu, Osian Village, etc, that let you travel on the off-beaten track have a glimpse into the tribal way of living, the wildlife, and the folk music and dances. 

  15. Can small kids do desert safari as well?

    It is not advisable to take children below the age of 5 years for a Jodhpur desert safari. Since an excursion takes around 5 hours and the weather at times gets hot, children below this age group might get uncomfortable & exhausted.