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Gokarna Camping is the perfect way to escape the crowded life of the city and retreat into the lap of nature. Camping and trekking are two activities that are usually synonymous with mountains and hill-stations. However, a trip to Gokarna allows you to enjoy a camping trip on the beachfront, with stunning views of the Arabian Sea and a plethora of activities that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout your stay.

Gokarna is famous for its striking, pristine beaches that boast of some of the most breath-taking sunsets. Beach camping in Gokarna is a fun and convenient activity where most of the provisions are already in place and even though you are technically camping outdoors, all the modern amenities required for a comfortable stay are provided to you
. You can enjoy a host of activities during your stay. 

Several campsites are available on the beach-front, from where you can enjoy scenic views of the ocean and sometimes even watch the dolphins jump out of the water. Because the tents are set up on the beach, guests can also enjoy bonfires and barbeques. There are washrooms set up alongside your tents and provisions for food and beverages are also arranged beforehand.

You can also go sightseeing from these Gokarna camps to nearby attractions. All of these small tours and treks come as a part of your camping package and a tour guide to make your camping trip even more memorable. If you pre-book your camping trip, you can enjoy amenities such as a local guide, snacks, tea, and coffee at regular intervals throughout the day, medical aid, and much more.

All in all, a camping trip to Gokarna is one of the best ways to spend time away from the city. You can also avail pick up and drop facilities if you book your trip accordingly. For people traveling with friends, family or in large groups, this is the ideal place to have a pleasurable holiday. The camps, together with the ocean, sand and the sunsets make for a truly memorable trip.
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Gokarna Beach Camping Experience Flat 15% off Featured
Gokarna Beach Camping Experience Flat 15% off



Duration: 2D/1NWe all know that Gokarna is well-known for its pristine beaches and landscapes. Nestled in the lap of nature, the beaches of this beautiful town are immaculate and render a refreshing holiday experience. So it’s time to add fun and excitement of camping along the beach and relish the beauty of this vicinity.About the tour:Day 1:The boat will pick-up you from Gokarna-Port and will start the journey to the private beach in a boat. As you enter the deep sea, you will enjoy the Dolphin Watching and Fishing from the boat. After that, as you reach on Private Beach, there you will start with the various activities You can start Diving with your life-jackets and also there will be the assistance of expert swimmers.There are other activities also which you can do easily like:SnorkelingKayakingSwimming till 4:00 pm (non-swimmers can also enjoy this with the help of life jackets).There are some great outdoor activities that you can play on the beach such as Football, Beach Volleyball, Frisbee, Tug of War, Baseball, Rugby and many more.On this tour, you will be exploring Mystical Gokarna Caves through small mini trekking. In the evening, you will relish the beautiful sunset at the beach with an onshore breeze. After doing all these activities, you can treat your taste buds with delicious light snacks. After that, you will be transported from the beach to the pickup location and then via road, you will be able to reach our Camping site. In the evening, you will see the starry sky, light up a bonfire and just chill out with DJ music.Local cuisine dinner will be served on the beach (veg and non-veg).You will be having overnight stay in the tent on this beautiful location - 2 Sleeper / 3 Sleeper Tents + Blankets shall be provided.Day 2After an adventurous fun exciting day, you wake up and enjoy the beach walk with your loved ones at the beautiful picture scenic beach. Trekking will start on the beach that will be assisting by our team. After trekking, you will enjoy your breakfast at the campsite. You will be dropped to Gokarna City Check Post by 12 noon and carry your happy memories which you spent with us.How to Reach?You can easily reach the Gokarna city check post by public or private transport.

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23 Ratings

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Gokarna Beach Camping | Book Online @ Flat 16% off Best Seller
Gokarna Beach Camping | Book Online @ Flat 16% off



Location: Gokarna, Karnataka Check-in Time: 02:00 PMCheck-out Time: 10:00 AMAbout Gokarna Beach Camping:Book with us to go for the Gokarna beach camping experience that would let you witness the white sand beaches and the serene Arabian Sea. Cherish the clean beaches that are simply perfect for conducting water activities or refresh you with some astonishing vistas of crystal clear water.You just cannot let go of the chance where you would experience camping on the most beautiful beaches of the vicinity in Gokarna. Escape from your monotonous routine and grasp the mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea when you avail the Gokarna Beach camping. In the evening, sit around the bonfire and make yourself feel warm so as to chit chat with your friends or loved ones.Savour on mouth-watering meals in the form of Breakfast and Dinner while you take up the Gokarna Beach Camping. Besides, a refreshing welcome drink would be served to you when you reach the spot, and a bed coffee would surely make you feel warm when you wake up in the morning. In addition, you shall be provided with a comfortable tented accommodation that would surely keep you warm during your stay.Suitable for: Friends and corporate outingsHow to Reach:The campsite is based at a comfortable spot in Gokarna. You can easily reach the activity spot with the help of private and public transportation. The exact location and timing shall be conveyed by our travel partner on booking.Activity Timings: 2 days and 1 nightPackages offered:Click on 'Book Now' to find the following options:Beach camping: Inclusive of staying in a tent on sharing basis with complete hygiene and safety. Also includes Breakfast, Dinner, Welcome drink along with a bonfire and music.Type of tent- 2 and 3 person domeNote:The participant must be of minimum 11 years to avail the package.

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40 Ratings

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Gokarna Beach Camping & Trekking Flat 15% off Featured
Gokarna Beach Camping & Trekking Flat 15% off



Gokarna, a prominent pilgrimage center is regarded to be one of the celebrated destinations for the tourists from all parts of Karnataka as well as the country as a whole. People from the nook and corners of the country visit Gokarna for its beautiful composition of beaches and natural beauty which makes it ideal for trekking and unbounded delight.About the TrekThe Gokarna trek is composed of an amazing beach trekking adventure as well as a soothing beach view campsite experience, which is sure to make your total experience an everlasting one. The Gokarna trek would start from the Paradise Beach which shall be followed by Half Moon Beach, and then extends towards Om beach, Kudle Beach which then finally concludes on Gokarna Beach with optional water sports activities and campfire at night and a comfortable night stay.  The five beaches of Gokarna are a highly popular location for its amazing viewpoint and surfing and trekking along with water sport activities. The Gokarna trek ends with a visit to Shivappanaika’s Nagara Fort that is sure to get you a mesmerizing view of nature. Stay The Gokarna Trek provides you with 1 Night Stay in Base Camp (Cottages / Homestay). The Accommodation is provided on Sharing Basis (3 /4) Meals The Gokarna Trek includes 2 Days Food including Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food that will be served as Breakfast, Dinner, Optional Barbeque for the first day (Lunch on own) and Breakfast and Lunch for the second day. Check-In: 11:00 am Check-Out: 10:00am How to reachThe trek site is based in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka. The destination can be reached via private and public transportation. Minimum number of people req: 1Maximum booking capacity:  40 persons Time Duration: 1 Night, 2 Days

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35 Ratings

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Beach Camping with Campfire, Gokarna Flat 22% off Featured
Beach Camping with Campfire, Gokarna Flat 22% off



Gokarna is widely known for its clean beaches and deep blue waters. And the best way to make the most of your visit to Gokarna is by camping on the beach itself, so you always get a view of the sea. CampsiteThe campsite is located on a beach! As unbelievable as it may sound, the tents are planted just by the sea. You can go for a swim anytime you want. You will never miss the sunrise and sunset. And the best part is the beach is so secluded, you can barely see anyone else. ActivitiesThe sea is open for you to swim anytime you want. A bonfire will be kindled as the sunsets. Enjoy the setting sun with some delicious meals, music, and a blazing bonfire. If it rains, you can also enjoy some rain dance with your loved ones. StayYou will be staying in tents planted on the beach with a brilliant view of the Arabian sea in front of you. The tents are equipped with beds, blankets, pillows and led lights. MealsBreakfast and a Buffet Dinner will be served to you warmly by the host. A complimentary bed tea will also be served. How to reach?The campsite is located on a quiet beach not very far from the main town. You can easily get public or private transport for the nearest road to the campsite. Check in: 11:00 AMCheck out: 10:00 AM

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25 Ratings

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My whole family enjoyed it and this was the best trip with the camping till date. Such a corporative staff we haven’t seen anywhere and also the food was alright. Recommended.

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People Also Ask About Camping in Gokarna

  1. Which are the famous places for camping in Gokarna?

    Here are some of the most popular places for people to camp in, in Gokarna:

    1. Paradise Beach: The most popular beach site to go camping in Gokarna is Paradise Beach. There are several hotels, resorts, cottages, and camps in and around the area. Some of the hotels and resorts themselves provide camping facilities. Of all the Gokarna camps, this is possibly the most popular, which also makes it a little crowded. Make sure you come early or book your camps beforehand to have a hassle-free experience.

    2. Gokarna Beach: The most populated beach is Gokarna Beach which is the largest and closest to the main town of Gokarna. Most of the hotels and resorts are located on or around this beach. It is known for the fun activities that you can enjoy when you go camping there, which include yoga, treks, spas, rock climbing and much more. It is also the site for the famous Gokarna Beach Festival. Gokarna Beach is a common point for people who also want to explore nearby tourist attractions and beaches such as Dolphin’s Point, Half Moon Beach, etc.

    3. Om Beach: Om Beach is ideal for beach camping in Gokarna because not many people frequent this beach, making it serene and peaceful. It is the center of several exciting activities such as waterboarding, jet skiing, trekking, and banana rides. There are also a number of quaint cafes and cottages where you can enjoy a serene and rejuvenating vacation.

    4. Alvekodi Beach: Alvekodi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Gokarna. It is part of the adjoining Alvekodi village. Due to its relatively remote location, it is devoid of the usual flock of tourists and is ideal for travelers who are looking for solace and serenity. This beach boasts of some of the most beautiful sunsets and the proximity to the village also makes it convenient for basic amenities.

  2. Which is the best time for camping in Gokarna?

    The best time to go camping in Gokarnais between October and March when you can avoid the monsoon months and enjoy the warm, pleasant weather.

  3. Is camping allowed in Gokarna?

    Beach camping in Gokarnais one of the most popular activities in the area and is availed by many tourists every year. There are several camps on almost all the beaches in this picturesque town, and camping packages that you can pre-book. You can pitch your own tent in some places such as Paradise Beach.

  4. How do I get to Gokarna?

    If you are traveling by air, the nearest airport is located in Dabolim in Goa, which is a 20km drive from Gokarna. Trains like the Matsyagandha Express that runs between Mumbai and Mangalore stops at Gokarna. There are also regular buses vying to the town from Bengaluru and Goa.

  5. Where is Gokarna beach situated?

    Gokarna beach is located on the edge of the town and is several kilometers long. It is ideal for setting up camps and tents for visitors and travelers because of its accessible location and a large number of hotels.

  6. Is beach camping safe in Gokarna?

    Camping in Gokarnais a relatively safe activity since a lot of people go camping in this beach town and the provisions are in place accordingly. Places like Paradise Beach and Gokarna Beach, which are densely populated, have lifeguards, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shops and much more to ensure a safe and comfortable stay.

    However, if you are setting up camp in some of the more remote beaches, make sure you have the necessary phone numbers to call in case of emergencies.

  7. Where is Gokarna situated?

    Gokarna is a small town in Karnataka and is located on the West Coast of India, on the coast of Karwar. It is home to the famous Mahabaleshwar temple and several quaint, beautiful beaches which are major tourist attractions.

  8. How many beaches are there in Gokarna?

    There are 5 main beaches in Gokarna: 

    1. Gokarna Beach 
    2. Kudle Beach 
    3. Om Beach 
    4. Half-moon Beach 
    5. Paradise Beach

  9. How many days are enough for Gokarna?

    Even though there are a limited number of tourist attractions in Gokarna, it is still worth spending 2-4 days in this town to take in everything that it has to offer. Between the Mahabaleshwar temple, trekking trails and of course, the stunning beaches, you should be able to have a productive and rewarding few days in Gokarna.

  10. Why is Gokarna famous?

    Gokarna is famous for many things including the holy Mahabaleshwar Temple and its pristine beaches. Staying in Gokarna campsis one of the most popular activities which is enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year. Whether you are looking for active, exciting and activity laden camps or lazy and secluded stretches of sand, you can enjoy all kinds of beach camping in Gokarnawhen you visit.