Gaumukh located in Uttarkashi is one of the most rewarding and popular treks for trekking enthusiasts. These treks showcase the beauty of Garhwal Himalaya and few other remarkable peaks like Shivling, Bhagirathi and Bhrigupanth.

Gaumukh is the pout or terminus of the pristine Gangotri Glacier and is also the source of the Bhagirathi river. This snow-capped spot is located at a height of around 13,200 ft and is also known to be a haven for the pilgrims as it is the source of Ganga. The place where Gangotri Glacier ends resembles the cow’s mouth and therefore is popularly known as Gaumukh.

Gaumukh also holds huge religious prominence for pilgrimage purposes. Witness the nature at it’s imperious best, with the humongous Gangotri glacier flourishing it’s glorious form, this site would leave a mark on your hearts forever!

Extremely daunting treks of Chirbasa and Gila pahar would certainly send chills through your spine! Narrow paths and scary terrains, if there is one place in India that is considered paradise for trekking enthusiasts, it would be Gaumukh.

Gaumukh, is a 19 km trek that possesses some of the toughest courses throughout the journey. The phenomenal experience of trekking for 3 consecutive days would lead you to the reward of your determination and courage. Only very few people can cross the obstacle-filled gauntlet to witness the majestic “ Gaumukh snout”.

But it is also crucial to ensure that you do not risk your life and are equipped with enough courage to complete this arduous task. Otherwise, you can relish the beauty of this stunning place from far if trekking is not your cup of tea.

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