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Adventure Activities in Rishikesh | Book & Get 2500 Cashback! Featured
Adventure Activities in Rishikesh | Book & Get 2500 Cashback!



Location: Mohan Chatti, RishikeshMohan Chatti, an untouched hamlet tucked in the Shivalik Ranges of Uttarakhand holds the reputation of India’s first fixed platform for bungee jumping and is famous for many other adventure activities as well like Giant-swing and Flying-fox. This package provide adventure seekers a new level of adrenaline rush and further takes them through the virgin beauty of this small village near Rishikesh. Get ready to be captivated with the stunning landscapes and picturesque mountain ranges giving this place a perfect backdrop. Arrive during daytime with the as per one's  availability (09:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 01:00 PM and 02:30 PM). Reach and get briefed by the Instructor about the gear, safety tips, jumping techniques, and sign up for a memorabilia kit (photographs, DVD, t-shirt printed with pictures of your jump) if required and begin the activity. About the Activity : Giant Swing : Move on to the bungee platform, where you’ll be fitted on to a seat with a chest harness. Feel the initial free fall as the ropes take over to give you a smooth swing similar to a pendulum.  After a gutsy jump, you’re filled with enthusiasm to last lifelong.Requirements for Giant Swing:Minimum Age- 12 yrsMinimum Weight – 20 kg Maximum Weight – 130 kgFlying Fox : The activity is of around 1 hour, glide down a sequence of ultra-strong cables or zip lines, attached by a harness and pulley. Roll down the wire up to 7 meters above the river level and then go up. Finally returning & settling down at the lowest point. Accelerate up to speeds of 160 kmph. Feel the air gushing past. You are pulled back to the launch platform by a retrieval mechanism.Requirements for Flying FoxMinimum Age- 12 yrsMinimum Weight – 20 kg Maximum Weight – 130 kgBungee Jumping : Walk on the cantilever platform built over a rocky cliff overlooking River Hall, a tributary of River Ganga. Take your leap of faith and feel the rush. The jump height is 83m. At the end of the jump, you’ll be lowered to a drop zone with 2ft of water.Requirements for Bungee Jumping:Minimum Age: 12 yearsMinimum Weight: 40 KgMaximum Weight: 110 KgHow to Reach : The activity takes place in Mohan Chatti which is accessible easily through public transport or shared cabs. Also, one can take a bus ride on an AC Luxury Coach to the activity point.

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95 Ratings

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