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Canyoning in Dandeli



The beautiful town of Dandeli in western Karnataka is famous for its beautiful beaches, deep caves, exotic wildlife, and rich nature around the national parks. But there is one thing which attracts a large number of travellers towards Dandeli, the endless list of exciting adventure activities that the town cater. From white water rafting to trekking, kayaking, canyoning, mountain climbing and a long list to continue with.Canyoning is one of the most popular adventure sport here, which is in hotlist of almost all the travellers travelling to Dandeli. Canyoning is basically traversing a canyon or gorge by combining hiking, climbing, swimming, and/or abseiling. A sport by many names, it explores the hard-to-reach areas of a natural landscape by following a water route carved through rock formations. It can be done primarily for fun and to gain experience. So if you are a person seeking thrill in your life, this adventure is definitely for you and don’t dare to miss it when you are in Dandeli.

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32 Ratings

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