The best rafting tours in Dandeli are a stunning recreational water activity. White water river rafting is an arduous and a challenging adventure and this activity in Dandeli starts from Ganeshgudi which is the start point and ends at Maulangi Dandeli. The river near Dandeli, coupled with Virnoli rapids make a perfect hotspot for adventure sports like river rafting. This stretch covers a distance of about 9.5 kilometres and you need at least 3 hours to cover it. The thrill starts at around 8 - 9 am in the morning. The best time for river rafting is from November to February. However, travellers, who do not visit Dandeli during this period, can still river raft, depending on the water flow. Before getting on the rafts, passengers are instructed with all safety measures. It is very essential for all these measures, to understand the technique and apply them whenever needed and guided. It is also necessary to wear gears like helmet and life jacket and take every possible precautionary measure. As river rafting is a thrilling adventure activity, performing it under an expert’s supervision is a must and Dandeli has guides who are experts in the sport.

The rafts that are used for this activity are inflatable boats, consisting of very durable, multi-layered rubberized or vinyl fabrics with several independent air chambers. The length of these vary from 20 feet, having a width of 8 feet down; to very portable single-person packrafts that may be as small as 4.9 feet long. These may weigh as little as 1.8 kg. As Dandeli is an eco friendly tourist destination, river rafting here can be really enjoyable. Rapids range between 2 to 4 grade which is great for a first timer as well as for an experienced rafter. The adrenaline gush from navigating these mix rapids is an unmatched experience and must be tried at least once by every person. Along with the fun rafting experience, you can also enjoy other parts of Dandeli such as the wildlife sanctuary, rappelling, kayaking, various excursions, etc. You can choose these expeditions from our list of the best rafting tours in Dandeli and other tours, carefully curated to showcase the best of eco-friendly Dandeli.

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Dandeli Nature Camp I Book Online & Get Flat 20% Off Featured
Dandeli Nature Camp I Book Online & Get Flat 20% Off



Location: Dandeli Check-in Time: 12:00 PMCheck-Out Time: 12:00 PM(Next day)Located in the Badgund area, Dandeli Nature Camp is a popular choice for travellers. From here, guests can make the most of all that the lively city has to offer. With its convenient location, the property offers easy access to the city's must-see destinations &  adrenaline-pumping activities.Nature Camp in Dandeli offers impeccable service and all the essential amenities to invigorate the weary traveller. For the comfort and convenience of guests, the property offers taxi service, 24-hour front desk, car parking, and a family room. All guest accommodation features thoughtful amenities to ensure an unparalleled sense of comfort at the campsite.The property offers plenty to do during your stay like indoor-outdoor games, a bonfire, natures walk, & sightseeing. Also included are the water activities like zorbing, river rafting, kayaking, boating & natural jacuzzi. With an ideal location and facilities to match, Nature camp in Dandeli hit the spot in many ways.Places to Visit Near Nature Camp Dandeli:Sykes Point – Nature’s Fascinations- 22 kmKavala Caves – For Photographers- 21.5 kmSyntheri Rocks – Home To  Birds- 27 kmAnshi National Park – Chest Full Of Nature- 49 kmNature Camp Dandeli Packages Offers:Camping with Water Activities:Occupancy: 15 tents - twin/triple sharing.Meals: - Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast with a choice of Veg and Non-veg.Activity: Bonfire, Indoor games, Outdoor games, Sightseeing, Natures walk, Zorbing, River rafting, Kayaking, Boating, Jacuzzi.Camping without Water Activities:Occupancy: 15 tents - twin/triple sharing.Meals: - Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast with a choice of Veg and Non-veg.Activity: Bonfire, Indoor games, Outdoor games, Sightseeing, Natures walk, Boating.Note: - Children below 6 years can join without any charges, and those between 6 to 12 years can book the child package(half charge).- Minimum 2 people are required to book this package.How to Reach Dandeli Nature Camp: The campsite is located at a distance of 2 km from the Dandeli Bus Stand and 0.5 km from the Venkataramana Temple and you can reach the spot with the help of public and private transportation.

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80 Ratings

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28 December 2015
an amazing experinece. went with friends and we had alot of fun. will recommend you that you take thin clothes because you will get wet so that these clothese will dry soon...
28 December 2015
Chandrabhaga Bhattathiri White Water Rafting at Dandeli
I always wanted to go for rafting and this trip made it possible. it was an amazing rafting experinece between the violent river streams. totally unforgettabl experinece.
08 April 2014
Chandrani Pothuvaal White Water Rafting at Dandeli
Fascinating experience and that too so close to Bangalore. Best weekend ever!! Me and my friends had lot of fun in challenging the rapids of river Kali. Our guide for very good and we just need to follow his instruction.
10 September 2015
I had rafted before in the Vaitarna river, but rafting here was a whole new experience. The scenery surrounding the river is simply beautiful, and it was a very well organized trip.
13 August 2015
I loved the rafting experience. This was sch an amazing trip. White water rafting was an amazing experience. Can't just get over the fact that I did this trip.
Beautiful place with various fun activities, our leader and the entire staff were great. All in all, It was unforgettable expereince
We really had a great time in the water activities and nature-walk, the place was lovely and the people there were nice and friendly they are ready to help us with our needs at any time, the stays were comfortable, the foods were unexpectedly delicious... Both kids and adults were having a great time at this Dandeli Nature Camp...Recommending visiting
I am with family and along with an infant but had no problem at all, the staff there were responsive and approachable, Everything was up to the mark, beautiful surrounding, friendly environment and all-over we had a fabulous time there.
This was one of the adventurous trips I ever had. This is one of the popular river rafting places in Karnataka. They provide safety jackets and helmet. Even people who do not know swimming can experience the river rafting.
A great adventurous activity. We had so much fun with our group and our safety was also well ensured. A must try thing for all!

People Also Ask About Rafting in Dandeli

  1. Where is Dandeli? How far is Dandeli from Bangalore and how can I reach?

    Dandeli is a natural habitat for wildlife, including tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, gaur, deer, antelopes, and bears. It is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka and was designated as a tiger reserve in 2007.
    Bangalore to Dandeli distance is 460 kms. One can reach Dandeli from Bangalore by the following mentioned transport options:

    1. By Road:
    If you prefer taking the road to reach Dandeli from Bangalore, you can either take your car or take a bus for the same. Lot of buses operate on this route at various price ranges making it very convenient for travellers.

    2. By Train:
    Dandeli does not have a train station, and the nearest station is  It is about 48 kms from Dandeli.

    3. By Flight:
    There are direct flights available to Dandeli from Bangalore. It takes 1 hour to reach by flight.
  2. What is the best time to visit Dandeli for rafting?

    Winter season is the best season for a visit to Dandeli for a taste of river rafting. From October to February as the water levels are high for the same. Summers are also nice for a visit, the climate being moderate throughout the season.

    There are various adventure activities in Dandeli that you can do at the different time of the year.The monsoons, however, are the least advisable time for a trip if you’re planning on rafting.

  3. What all should I carry while visiting Dandeli for rafting?

    There are a couple of essentials one should carry while planning to do river rafting. See below:

    1. Quick dry shorts/bathing suit.
    2. Synthetic shirt for warmth and sun protection.
    3. Sturdy footwear – sandals with straps (no flip-flops), sneakers, wetsuit boots.
    4. Hat with brim to protect face from sun.
    5. Sunglasses with retainer strap.
    6. Avoid all cotton clothing, as cotton gets cold when wet.
  4. What types of rapids will be there in Dandeli?

    The Dandeli rafting trail stretches for around 12 km, making it one of the most exciting and exhilarating stretches of rafting. The rapids in the Dandeli River Rafting can be classified into grade 2 and grade 3 rapids which are ideal for both professionals and inexperienced rafters.

    While Grade 2 rapids are relatively easy to maneuver with little bumps and easy passages, the grade 3 rapids require expert steering and an eye for detail for passing ways. However, due to the presence of skilled instructors, the activity is safe for amateurs as well as experienced rafting professionals.

  5. Which river is famous for rafting in Dandeli?

    River Kali is one of the best rivers for rafting in the entire country.

  6. What is the cost of rafting in Dandeli?

    River rafting is conducted from morning 9 am to 2pm. The average cost per person is INR 1400.

  7. What should be worn during rafting in Dandeli?

    One should wearlight clothes or bathing suit while going for rafting. Avoid cotton clothing as it absorbs all the water and gets cold when wet.

  8. Will we have guide while river rafting in Dandeli?

    Yes, there are skilled instructors while rafting so the activity is safe for amateurs as well as experienced rafting professionals.
    These rafting guides also train you before the session about all the equipment and also with various instructions during the entire session.

  9. How many people will be there on a single raft?

    At normal water levels rafts can fit three to six people comfortably.
    If it is a full flow of water, then 8 - 10 people can easily be accommodated on a single raft.

  10. Will there be life jackets for rafting?

    Yes, we will be providing safety jackets to all the people while rafting. This will be included in the package.

  11. Can someone with spectacles do river rafting in Dandeli?

    Yes, if you wear contacts or spectacles you can still do river rafting.
    When rapids come, water definitely splashes all over but the instructor gives fair warning before each of them.

  12. I do not know swimming; can I go for rafting in Dandeli?

    One can definitely go for river rafting, regardless of the fact if they are swimmers or not.
    We provide safety jackets to all the people who do this activity and have skilled instructors on board in case of any emergency. This will still be a life altering experience.

  13. Is it fine, if I carry my camera during Dandeli river rafting?

    We strongly recommend not to carry any electronics while rafting as, when the rapids get high, water splashes everywhere and can damage your devices.

  14. Can we have alcohol and smoke before going for rafting?

    Consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicating products is strictly prohibited during this trip.

  15. Is there any age restriction for the river rafting in Dandeli or it can be enjoyed by anyone?

    Kids below the age group of 12 years are not permitted to do river rafting in Dandeli. This is because the rapids can get very high while rafting.

  16. Can we do camping in Dandeli? Which are some good camp sites?

    Dandeli offers several activities for travelers, including bird watching experiences, Safari and adventure treks, including white water rafting. Camping at Dandeli is one of the best options to go for as it gives you a chance to stay close to nature and breathe in the beautiful flora and fauna of the place. Following are some of the options:

    1. Camp by the Kali River.
    2. Jungle camp near the Dandeli Resort.
    3. Camp at the National Park.
  17. Can I book a Dandeli rafting package online or do I need to pay at the rafting spot?

    One needs to book Dandeli rafting package online before arriving at the location. This is to slot all the groups beforehand and avoid confusion on spot.

  18. What other activities can I do in Dandeli besides rafting?

    Dandeli offers numerous activities. Following are some that you can experience during your stay:

    1. Bird watching experiences,
    2. Safari and adventure treks,
    3. Evening boats for couples and family,
    4. Rock climbing,
    5. Fishing,
    6. Camping overnight,
    7. Nature walks,
    8. Famous rappelling activities.
  19. Which places are a must visit in Dandeli?

    Following are some of the places to see in Dandeli:

    • Visit Syntheri Rock
    • Go to Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Anshi National Parks
    • Spend some time at the Kavala Caves
    • Stop and breathe in the fresh air at the Shiroli Peak