Chail is a small hill station located in Himachal Pradesh, very close to Shimla and convenient and comfortable for taking a short trip for a few hours or over the weekend. There are so many activities you can do here, the likes of which you are unlikely to find anywhere else but in the best adventure tours in Chail. If you are fond of camping, there are many options of luxury camping from Chail that you will absolutely love to be a part of. The luxury camping site at Shoghi, near Chail will take your mind off your mundane work and hectic job because of its scenic beauty and quiet camping areas. The camps are well equipped and you will find them perfectly luxurious for the weekend. Chail is located in the lap of the Himalayas, which is why the beauty of this place can never be explained unless you have come here for the adventure activities yourself.


Some of the activities you can do here are jumaring, rock climbing, rappelling, zip line, tire walk, ring walk, sleuth walk, Burma bridge, commando net, Tarzan swing, balancing trampoline, valley crossing etc. You can also go for short trekking, paragliding, and camping in the Exotic Bir Valley. The valley is a perfect landing ground for paragliding, and hence it is known for its paragliding adventures. The valley has tea plantations all around and is a beautiful place for sightseeing and camping. You can drive down to Shimla and take a hit pool bath at Tattapani, and go for river rafting here too. This is an adventure activity undertaken by rafting enthusiasts who love fighting the water currents and raft down the mountain rivers. Most of best adventure tours in Chail take more than than three-four hours and can easily be enjoyed by you even if you don’t have a long vacation.

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The campsite is truly amazing with a lot of amenities as compared to camping at any place. The views of the campsite are beautiful and lovely.
All thrilling adventure is here, I and my group had a great time there in which we did not miss any single activity available at this adventure park. The place is beautiful which gave a good photograph, Overall never-ending fun
The adrenaline rush throughout your body while doing so many activities was totally worth it. I loved the whole idea of this adventure in the Kasauli package.
Good Experience
It was a totally complete package which fulfilled us with amazing and unique experience, We had an amazing stay, good foods, and the activities were the main highlight of this camping, Felt really great in the lap of nature around.
This adventure park has nine sets of activities to do there and all were completely different and was really exciting to do so. Our favourite one was the Tarzan Swing. While rock climbing we were a bit tired but once we reached the top the view of Kasauli from there was fabulous. A highly recommended place to visit in Kasauli with Thrillophilia.
It was a great adventure activity in Kasauli. They had so many activities to do. You would want to do those again and again. You should carry sunscreen and sunglasses with you to protect yourself from excess of Sunlight. I will definitely go there again.
Such an adventurous place, perfect for family, friends, couples. One thing I learned from this place that the people of Shimla are so amazing and helpful like I generally don’t prefer the rides but this place automatically pulled myself into it and I cant resist. We had an awesome and so great day spent, out of our expectations. Thai is bonus trip for us.
It is the best place for us as we all love to do adventure activities and what’s better than doing it in Kasauli on the last day of the trip. Very happy with this place and thanks Thrillophilia for an affordable price while booking.