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Kokankada Rappelling- Republic Day Special
Kokankada Rappelling- Republic Day Special



About the Activity:Fixed departure dates: 25th January, 2017A different blend of multiple adventure activities with an enthusiastic group is this 2017 Republic Day special Konkankada rappelling treip.On this tour, you are going to witness the majestic Harishchandragad which is a hill fort in the Ahmednagar region and it is located at a height of 4671 feet.Yet another surprise is the Konkangada, one of the biggest cliffs in the Sahyadris that attracts trekkers and visitors in plenty for a logn time.The view from the top of this cliff would be mind blowing as it looks down at the Konkan. The trek toward the topmost portion will be a tough one but the views of the serenity are worth taking the challenge.Konkankada is a semicircular cliff with 2000 feet straight drop and 1000 feet slant fall in the Konkan plains. The rappelling session will enthrall you along with the breathtaking moments from such a great height.
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32 Ratings

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01 March 2016
Konkan Kada Rappelling at Harischandragad was a great rappelling experience. I had a great experience. Rappelling is one of my favourite sports. It was a great experience. I totally loved it. It was by far my best rappelling experience ever.
It was a nice adventurous trip. The service was more than what I expected. I will give a 4/5.
A different type of trekking trip. I enjoyed it well. All the activities given were thrilling. A perfect team to have fun with. All the people in the group were nice. The guides were with us throughout the trip. The village style food seemed to be okay for us, a different taste altogether.
17 January 2016
1800 feet of rappelling. That figure explains all. It was a great experience. I had lots of fun. It was awesome. Rappelling was lovely and brilliant.
17 May 2015
The rappelling was safe, worthy and great to say the least. It was a very blissful and a great experience. I had such a lovely time. I can never forget this. It was one of the best experiences ever in my life. I so totally support this and recommend this. 1800 feet WOW! Right now when I think I wonder how I did that, but it was just about awesome.
It was one of the wonderful experiences of my life. Going on this thrilling trail was all we needed for a break from the hectic life. Rappelling, trekking, Camping. Bonfire, meals, activities, everything was very well organised. The leader was very nice and helpful. Thanks thrillophilia for this wonderful experience.
Campsite, Meals. Camps, Activities, Organiser, Thrillophilia - Everything was wonderful. Such an amazing experience over all with the thrilling campsite. We badly needed a day off from the city hustle life and the choice did justice to it. The trail was a breathtaking experience with an amazing bonfire and activities. Had a great time.
People who are keen of experiencing adventure in their life I would highly recommend this place to visit near Maharashtra.This place is filled with beautiful scenery with around 15 waterfalls in the zone of 10 kms. It is deemed as a trekker's paradise by many as we can do rappelling. I had a beautiful experience ther with my friends. .Also there is no better way to enjoy the night than a wonderful camp fire under the stars
Harishchandragad fort trek is one of the favorite destinations for trekkers and its quite thrilling trek with even for the beginners.If you are an admirer of nature, you must visit , and we also did the camping in the night and enjoyed the bonfire and refreshment
Super worth it! our leader was very good and professional, the trekking experience was completely amazing, everything was perfectly arranged from tents to meals, also the refreshment provided was very nice…. we have enjoyed the bonfire and music at night….we have taken many pictures of konkan kada and also visited the Ganesh cave which was completely awesome.