Camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh

If you've always wanted to spend time living amid the lap of nature, then camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh is just the right adventure for you. A well-liked holiday destination for adventure activities and tranquil experiences, Shivpuri in Rishikesh lends you an opportunity to drench yourself in the natural beauty to find solace through Shivpuri Camping. From the riverside campsites to the camps that offer river-rafting adventures, you can choose from a range of options.

Moreover, Rishikesh camping Shivpuri greets all travellers for a relaxing yet exciting venture which is perfect for families, friends and couples. These camps provide proper comfort and facilities along with the real camping experience, and you can choose to spend this trip at luxury camps like Cradle of Life and Camp Shivpuri or resort camps Palm Beach Resort and Camp among others and have a great time soaking in the naturalness.

Here are some camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh:

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1462 Ratings Ratings
Campsite scenery
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹999 ₹680

Activity Location: Taliyal Gaon, Rishikesh

Check-in Time: 12:00 PM

Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM

About Beach Camping in Rishikesh with Rafting:

Surrounded by blossom green mountains and located at walking distance from the nearby waterfall, the campsite is nestled cozily on a hilly ridge that overlooks the alluring waters of a river stream.

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268 Ratings Ratings
Rafting and Camping Adventure in Rishikesh | Book @ 25% off
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹2,070 ₹1,550
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About the space and location:
Location: Atali, Rishikesh
Check-in Time: 12:00 PM
Check-out Time: 11:00 AM

Camping is always a thrilling adventure but what about when you add some nature glory into it. Here is the best combination of these two things into this camp, situated in between the jungle and a river passing nearby this camping place gives you a little add on that thrilling adventure. Put on the map by the amazing rafting experience that tourists from all over the world come for enjoying. The camp is located near the famous Marine Drive rapid of Rishikesh, the camp offers comfortable tents to stay, amazing food to munch on and views that will just simply take your breath away through a nature walk. 

Apart from rafting & camping adventure in Rishikesh, this package offers various activities which are zip line, rope wall, Burma bridge, climbing and rappelling, shooting games, camping games and swimming pool where you can refresh yourself and enjoy the scenic beauty around and have a bonfire session in evening where you can enjoy with your family and friends along with some light music and DJ with power back facility. Grab the best offers to avail this experience and surely it will be worth rememberable!

About the stay:
- There are 15 Luxury Swiss tents with attached toilets with twin/triple/quadruple accommodating capability.
- There are 9 Standard Swiss tents with common toilets twin/triple accommodating capability.

About meals:
- Buffet Breakfast generally includes butter, jam, aalu paratha, poori bhaji, dahi, omelette, sweet daliya, poha, tea, coffee, etc.
- Buffet Lunch generally includes plain rice, jira rice, mutter pulau, chapati, rajma masala, dal makhni, mix veg, aaloo govi, veg kofta, kadi pakora, raita, green salad, achaar, papad, etc.
- Buffet Dinner generally includes chapati, jeera rice, matar paneer, shahi paneer, palak paneer, dal fry, seasonal vegetable, fruit custard, siwaee kheer, etc.
- Evening snacks include veg pakoda with tea.

Available Package Option 
- Camping with meals only
- Camping with 10 km rafting cliff jumping and meals
- Camping with 16 km rafting and meals

- River Rafting
- Body Surfing
- Rope Wall
- Camping games (volleyball, table tennis, football, cricket, badminton, dart games
- Burma bridge
- Shooting range and archery
- Zipline and waterfall trek (Can be availed at an extra cost)
- Climbing and rappelling (Can be availed at an extra cost)

About access to common areas:
Guests have access to the entire property as well as the outdoors

About safety and hygiene:
- The campsite has increased the frequency of cleaning public areas (including the lobby, doorknobs, common washrooms, etc.)
- Hand gloves being used when carrying out cleaning work and when handling waste
- The camps and the entire stay is deep cleaned before every check-in and post every check-out
- There are antibacterial hand sanitizers available throughout the property
- Social distancing is maintained
- Daily temperature monitoring of the staff

About accessibility:
The campsite is located at an hour drive from main Rishikesh city centre. Easily accessible by public and private transport.
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495 Ratings Ratings
Aerial view of camp
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹1,599 ₹1,400

Activity Location: Phool Chatti, Neelkanth Temple Road, Rishikesh

Duration of the Activity: 2 Days and 1 Night.

Check-in: 12:00 PM (Day 1)

Check-out: 11:00 AM (Day 2) 

About Camping and Adventure Activities in Rishikesh:

It's a riverside jungle camp which is situated just at a distance of 14 km from the Rajaji national park from where a vast variety of birds can be seen. Pleasant sound of the rapids with bonfire in evening makes the experience more memorable with a 360 degree view of mountains.

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464 Ratings Ratings
Z61nlflsh91r97y2yl7ck4sizrw6 1491828238 5
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹2,000 ₹1,500

Camp Location: Shivpuri, Rishikesh

Check-In: 12:00PM 

Check-Out: 10:00AM

Camp Duration: 2 Days and 1 Night

About River Rafting in Rishikesh:

Situated in the backdrops of mountains and with a mesmerizing valley view. The campsite offers a once in a lifetime experience for travelers who are nature lover, with a vast swimming pool you can relax and have view of might garhwal mountains and river stream from the campsite.

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246 Ratings Ratings
Camping in Rishikesh near Ganga @ Flat 23% off | Book Now!
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹1,600 ₹1,225
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Location: Neelkanth Road, Phoolchatti Ashram

12:00 PM (Day 1)
Check-out: 12:00 PM (Day 2)

- Rishikesh is one of the most adventurous locations in the country, owing to the many amazing adventure sports that find their home here. This campsite brings all these elements together and creates the best kind of effect to give the best kind of memories.
- The highlight of the campsite is that it is based on the riverside of Ganga and Huel. Waking up to the beautiful rivers will surely become a great memory.
- Located just 5 km from the famous Lakshman Jhula, getting here by road is really convenient. Once you are here, one will get to spend an amazing night in the spacious two bedded tents. 
- For the purpose of entertainment of the guests, the campsite has games like Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Darts, Chess, Archery, Playing Cards, Carrom on the site. One can also avail the exciting adventure of Rappelling during your stay.
- Visit a nearby waterfall by trekking and get mesmerized by the cascades.

How to Reach?
Located some 15 km away from the main city of Rishikesh in an area called Neelkanth. You can take a cab or drive yourself.
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View from Campsite
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹1,350 ₹1,200

Location: Kaudiyala, Rishikesh

Check-in Time: 01:00 PM

Check-out Time: 10:00 PM

About the Campsite:

The campsite is nestled in an area of 2 acres on a lush green foothill with river Ganga flowing on the other side. It's a secluded campsite set in leafy surroundings and combining luxury facilities with a truly relaxed atmosphere.

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375 Ratings Ratings
Camp Location
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹1,800 ₹1,200

Location: Shivpuri, Rishikesh

Check-in Time: 01:00 PM

Check-out Time: 10:00 AM

About Jungle Camping In Rishikesh:

The campsite is situated on a lush green landscape that is surrounded by verdant green mountains with a nearby riverside stream. This campsite offers multiple adrenaline-rushing activities, indoor/outdoor games, riverside views, bird watching activities, and a lot more.

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30 Ratings Ratings
Camping and Adventure Activities in Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹2,200 ₹1,000
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The Yoga City of India, Rishikesh offers some beautiful campsites and promising experiences. This campsite is no exception. Enjoy the blissful experience of camping in the woods in one of the untouched yet accessible locations of Rishikesh.

Factual Information

It is a camping site not very far from the city. Located in the middle of the woods, it is a mountain view campsite. Just 5 minutes walk from the nearest main road which is easily accessible from Rishikesh bus stand, this campsite offers the most amazing valley views in the area. On-budget travellers are sure to have a phenomenal experience.


Witnessing a beautiful valley view sunset while sipping your favourite drink after doing adventure activities like Zipline, Burma Bridge and Commando Net is an experience to remember. And if it rains, a unique Rain Dance experience awaits you. Of course you will be tired doing all this, don't you worry, play relaxing indoor games like Chess, Ludo, Playing Cards etc. And call it a night with some delicious dinner beside a bonfire.


Say goodnight in cosy two bedded tents, which are big enough to include one more(3 people max.).

How to Reach?

Situated near Shivpuri, the campsite is just 12 kms from the Laxman Jhula and is nicely connected by public transport and private cabs. Get off your vehicle, walk in the woods, 5 minutes and you are there.

Check In: 12 noon

Check Out: 12 noon

24 hours of Adventure, Fun and Joy!

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146 Ratings Ratings
Camping and Rafting in Rishikesh | Book Online & Save 28%
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹2,420 ₹1,720
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Location: Bijni Chhoti, Pouri Garhwal, Rishikesh
Check in: 11:00 AM (Day 1)
Check out: 10:00 AM (Day 2) 

The jungles on the foothills of the Himalayas and on the Shivalik range of hills are an amazing location, and to camp in this wilderness is a great opportunity at adventure. This camping experience with rafting in Rishikesh is a great adventure waiting to be explored.

Enjoy staying at the campsite in the forest, at a mere distance of about 19 km from Lakshman Jhula, in comfortable tents that can take 2 to 3 people at a time. The camp has all the modern facilities and amenities required to make your stay comfortable and memorable, including a power back-up for charging electronic devices, and an evening campfire.

Once arrive at Rishikesh Camping And Rafting site, enjoy delicious food and try out adventure activities available and go for an amazing jungle hike complete it with the view of the beautiful sun setting into the mountains. 

Post them, enjoy the bonfire at the campsite along with snacks and some music & power back up and take part in other camp activities and burn some energy while playing Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Carrom, Playing Cards, and Chess. Snug into a deep sleep after the delicious meal at the restaurant.

Another day brings another adventure when after an early morning sunrise, one will be leaving for river rafting and cliff jumping take a high jump and face the fear.

How to reach?
The campsite is situated in the city inside the forest which is 19 Km from Lakshman Jhula and is easily accessible by public and private transportation.
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Excellent 57 Ratings
57 Ratings Ratings
Campsite view
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹1,699 ₹1,400

Activity Location: Ghattughat, Pauri Garhwal, Rishikesh.

Check-in time: 12:00 PM

Check-out time: 11:00 AM

About Rishikesh Camping In Shivpuri:

The campsite is nestled amidst the dense green jungles that are surrounded by an avenue of spectacular mountains with a nearby river heoul passing through the campsite. The built up area of the property is over 6 acres and provides a 360-degree view of the Raja Ji National Forest.

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24 Ratings Ratings
Rainbow Resort Rishikesh Camping, Book Online & Save 8%
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹3,700 ₹3,400

Location: Tapovan, Rishikesh

Check-in: 12:00 PM (Day 1)

Check-out: 11:00 AM (Day 2) 

One of Rishikesh’s best destinations is Tapovan, a 400m above-sea-level site that gives breathtaking views of the mountain ranges & forests. A perennial river huel flows at just 50 steps from the campsite. This place is packed with tons of attractions which makes it an ideal spot for a weekend adventure. Spend a night under an open sky and gaze at the glimmering beauty of the vast cosmos from the comfortable tents. 

Reach at the camp, take time to rest. The trek is 10 minutes through a meandering jungle road that will be an experience in itself. Post them, enjoy the lunch served in a buffet style and get started with River rafting 16 Km. from Shivpuri to Nim Beach. In the evening, relax with nature or pump up the adrenaline with a professional guide of adventurous activities like Waterfall Trek, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Valley Crossing, Tree Jumaring & Village walk. In the evening after all the activities enjoy the bonfire at the campsite along with snacks and some music & power back up. Snug into a deep sleep after the delicious meal at the restaurant.

Get up early to catch the beautiful sunrise on top station the next day, before enjoying a local breakfast as the birds and the forests come to life for the day. Pack up for the day, take the cab back down and the adventure ends

How to reach?

The campsite is situated at the bank of mighty ganga on an isolated beach surrounded by jungle. It's on the Rishikesh - Neelkanth temple road. One can easily get a private or public transport from the city to Phoolchatti. The campsite is situated at the distance of 6 km from laxman jhula, 29.6 km from Jolly Grant Airport and 37 km from Haridwar Railway Station.

Available Booking Option:

 Stay in Deluxe Tent

Stay in Deluxe Cottage

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232 Ratings Ratings
River Side Stay at Glass House,Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N

About the Activity:

  • The Glass house on Ganges is a magical natural spot which is loaded with picturesque landscapes. Delight in this amazing geographical hot-spot where the Ganges River turn around and flows in the north direction towards its source.
  • Crowned amidst lush-green orchards of lychee and mango, with a luxuriant garden on one side and a sand beach on the other side – Glass house on Ganges is an ideal getaway destination that provides you with a relaxing environment. 
  • Rishikesh has always has its own means of attracting visitors – be it the adventure activities or its divine relevance, this place provides you with serene and spiritual calmness that will not only soothe your body but will also relax your mind and soul as well.
  • Trek in the surrounding hills with friends and family while relaxing in this nature’s retreat. Gear up your wits for an amazing rafting experience – balance your raft as you glide over the roaring waters. Enthrall in this amazing stay at the Glass house on Ganges, Rishikesh.
  • This is a 2 day 1 night stay.
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419 Ratings Ratings
Outside tents
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹1,750 ₹1,300

Activity Location: Rattapani-Neelkanth Road, Rishikesh

Check-in Time: 01:00 PM

Check-out Time: 10:00 AM

About Rishikesh Camping With Rafting:

Situated at a distance of 100 meters from a river stream, surrounded by lush green mountains and a nearby waterfall at walking distance. This campsite offers multiple adrenaline-rushing activities, indoor/outdoor games, bird watching activities, and a lot more.

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32 Ratings Ratings
Rishikesh Waterfall Trek with Camping | Book & Save 24% off
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
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Rishikesh is the favorite place for people looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy the tranquility.Camping and Trekking at a picturesque location is famous all over the country for the nature lovers. Where one can enjoy with friends and family. This campsite provides a chance to soak in the serenity of the surrounding. The campsite is well settled in harmony with the river, jungle and the village of Khatiya. Situated on the banks of the tributary of Ganga, it is shadowed by the mountains and lubricated by the waters. The place will awaken all your senses with its vivid flora and fauna, and being just a 10 minute walk away from the main road, it is easily reachable. 

Get indulged in fun activities in the lap to nature. Go Waterfall Trekking In Rishikesh at nearby waterfall, explore the mountains and click some memories with your loved ones. Play fun games like Badminton, Chess, Ludo, Playing Cards, etc. Relax by the bonfire in the evening with some snacks and music, and dissolve in the night. Further the camp is at a distance of 5 min from Ganga beach and is well equipped with electricity and air coolers are installed in each camp which makes it comfy. Local market is easily accessible from the campsite, take a evening walk to Ganga beach and roam in local markets. 

How to reach?

Campsite is situated in the village of Khatiya, which is around 2 km from the Shivpuri Bridge. The place can be easily reached by public transport or you can also hire a cab from Laxman Jhula. You can drop off at the main road from where the campsite is only 10 minute walk away.

Check In : 12 Noon
Check Out : 12 Noon
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40 Ratings
Excellent 40 Ratings
40 Ratings Ratings
Campsite view
  • 2D/1N
  • Rishikesh
  • 2D/1N
₹999 ₹800

Camping Location: Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh.

Check-in Time: 12:00 PM (Day 1)

Check-out Time: 11:00 AM (Day 2)

Camping Duration: 2 Days and 1 Night.

About Camping in Rishikesh with Rafting:

Nestled cozily alongside a lush green mountain adorned by vivid flora and fauna with a river stream flowing at the front, this campsite offers an ideal escapade to adventure enthusiasts seeking serenity amidst beautiful nature.

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"Nestled in the midst of 9 hills offers breathtaking views of the Ganges. The camping experience is great. Hospitable staff. Food is decent. Weather is great. Its a little far off and drive might be a bit tiring considering lot of stoppages in the road up here due to road construction. If you expect it to be along the river on a beach then you shall be disappointed. In fact its located at a steep height from the road and for guys from the plains it shall be a pretty steep climb of 50 odd steps with luggage. For the price it offers a lovely memory. "
31 August 2019
Camp located around hills which gave such a amazing view.. Gaurav and staff was so good..and so helpful and make us comfort so we can enjoy our full. Food, camp, cleaning and view all are amazing.. Thank you guyz..the camping was unforgettable for me and my friends..
25 June 2015
The trekking experience was fine and good. To be honest, the trek was really good. We had a great time. It was one of the really nice treks that I have had.
13 June 2015
We were hoping to feel tired and worn out but surprisingly despite the tough trek it was nice and enjoyable and we were with high energy levels even after the trek. This was definitely a nice trekking experience. We had some great memories to take back home and share. I really loved the whole travel too as it was a road trip for us.
10 April 2015
I am out of words. This was a great trekking in Uttarakhand. The place is splendid and classy beauty. This is what a perfect vacation looks like.
Overall it was a nice experience at the camp. The members were supportive & cordial. The foods were tasty & good too. But the reception needed to improve soon as we reached Rishikesh for rafting.
26 February 2021
The operator has enjoyed monopoly in India in bungee jumping for more than a decade now and truly deserves the same because of their world class infrastructure, equipment and trained staff. As for the activity, it is so thrilling in itself that gives the person a lifelong bragging right. The only suggestion I want to give to the operator is to manage the jumps of their guests on a strict first come first serve basis using a token number or something like that to avoid arguments among the guests at the jumping site.
08 February 2021
It was an awesome experience overall. We went through the picturesque canal road and reached there. The camphouse was huge and the best part was that we were the only one there. The food is one of the best we've had in the Himalayas and I have visited the entire himachal. The breeze, the river view and pool are best. They took us to a nice small trek in the evening. Easy access to activities also. Service wise also these guys are the best, they let us connect our phone to the speakers for our music. Tents of nice qualities. Amazing time we had there.
15 January 2021
Had a great experiance. We did trekking, rafting, bonfire and the place, view was really nice.
Amazing experience. Has a great view of Ganges, surrounded by hills. The drive from Rishikesh isn't that great because of ongoing road construction plus reaching the campsite itself would be a small trek for some people. Great staff, good food. I traveled solo, met an amazing family there, so all in all it was a fun trip.

People Also Ask About Rishikesh

  1. Which are the best luxury camps in Shivpuri?

    Here is a list of all the best camps in Shivpuri that you can checkout.

    1. Camp Shivpuri: This Shivpuri Camping site comes with the views of the best valley in the region. Also, they have proper tents along with amenities and a professional staff. The place also offers team-building events as well as many adventure activities like rafting, rappelling, trekking and more.

    2. Ravers Beach Camp: The best of Rishikesh camping Shivpuri, this camp is perfect for anyone who wants a break from the mundane life. Apart from the incredible natural setting and a selection of amenities, this camp also offers activities like cliff-jumping.

    3. Camp Gold Coast: Surrounded by the scenic environs, this camp offers all facilities including spacious tents. Besides for the complete Shivpuri camping experience, you can also enjoy a range of activities that they offer.

    4. Cradle of Life: This Rishikesh camping Shivpuri site brings luxury and comfort to the camping experience. With spacious tents, all amenities and proper vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and more, this camp also arranges activities like rappelling, volleyball and others for the guests.

    5. Wildex Camp: This luxury Rishikesh camping Shivpuri experience offers the guests comfortable accommodations, evening gatherings like bonfire along with many activities. The camp also has the best of views of the Ganges River.
  2. Which are the best camps in Shivpuri for couples?

    Here are some of the best Rishikesh camping Shivpuri sites that the couples can choose to spend their romantic escapade.

    1. Moonlight Camp: This camp has proper accommodations for a comfortable stay. Also facilities like meals, attached bathrooms, a garden and a friendly staff make for a great Rishikesh camping Shivpuri experience. Besides, the place also offers activities like trekking and rafting as well as many indoor and outdoor games.

    2. Red Chili Beach Camp: Perched amid boastful environs, this Shivpuri Camping site has beautiful scenic views, all basic amenities as well as a number of adventure activities like trekking, rappelling and more for the guest's to enjoy.

    3. The Hindwal Tamarind: This campsite comes with private eating and seating areas in each room, a garden where you can spend some time along with other modern amenities to cater for the needs of the guests. Also, this camp offers beautiful sights of the hill-station.

    4. Camp Majestic: This luxury campsite provides the best views of the hills and the natural scenery. Moreover, they have spacious tents with attached baths, a swimming pool with a view, a camp lawn along with other facilities. They also offer packages with activities like rafting, bungee-jumping and more.

    5. Camp Riverside Rishikesh: This campsite is surrounded by natural scenery and a riverside view. Moreover, they offer comfortable alpine tents with warm and cozy bedding, an in-house kitchen, along with all facilities. They also arrange activities and games for the guests entertainment.
  3. Which are the best camping resorts in Shivpuri?

    Camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh has plenty of luxury camp resorts that offer a comfortable stay. Here are some of the best in the area.

    1. Palm Beach Resort and Camp: This campsite in Shivpuri provides Swiss-tents for accommodation, a garden area, common seating area along with many other facilities. They also offer activities and games for the guests during their stay.

    2. Aspen Adventures: Camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh at this campsite comes with proper and clean surroundings, Swiss-tents, all amenities and a peaceful atmosphere. Besides, the camp also has activities like water rafting, bungee-jumping, flying fox among others at offer.

    3. Pebbles Resort: This is a riverside luxury campsite that is encompassed with natural environs. Moreover, they have a range of cottages to choose from including deluxe AC and deluxe air-cooler, all of which come with modern amenities like fans, power backup, Wi-Fi and more.

    4. Wondrous Camp: This Rishikesh camping Shivpuri site offers great accommodation in Swiss-tents, a range of activities along with all modern amenities that would make your stay comfortable and memorable. Besides, the site also has the best of views of the scenic environs.

    5. Green Ganges Adventure Camp: This luxury resort camp offers the guests a private parking space, proper amenities and additional facilities for a comfortable stay. Besides this, they also have a continental breakfast available which makes it one of the best Camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh.
  4. What are the things that should be carried for camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh?

    Here is a list of all the essentials that you should carry while camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh.
    These items are mainly for those who would be self-camping as a lot of camping vendors provide almost all these facilities:

    -A tent: You can get a smaller 2 person tent or a larger cabin-style tent.
    -Sleeping bag: Get a bag with a lining that will keep you warm during the night. Also, a travel pillow can be carried as well.
    -Water container with filtration: Either carry a canteen that has a filter or go for a 5l water container along with purification tablets, in case you need re-filing.
    -A first-aid kit: Carry all basic medicines for aches and nausea, ointments and mosquito-repellent, band-aids, disinfectant along with any other prescription medications.
    -A fire-starter kit
    -A Swiss-knife
    -Flashlight / headlight
    -Toiletries: sunblock, toilet paper, wipes
    -Garbage bags.
  5. What is the best time for camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh?

    The best time from camping in Shivpuri Rishikesh would be its two peak seasons, first from February to April and the second from September to November. These months are ideal for some outdoor camping activities along with a bonfire. Moreover, around this time the weather in Rishikesh is cool but not freezing which makes it perfect for other adventure activities as well.

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