It is only when you know the best time to visit Palampur that you will be able to make the most of your time off. Known for its sweeping gorgeousness, this hill station in Himachal has an all-embracing climate throughout the year. Nonetheless, every traveller always seeks for better than the best, and therefore, it has been observed that the time between March-June and September to November experiences a peak season.

Also called the Tea Capital of Northeast India, Palampur has a plethora of adventure activities to play a part in. Thus, it is best to set camp here in summers and early winters. But if you don’t mind your teeth chattering a little and want to get cozy in the biting winters, then you can plan your trip around that time since there is a lot of escapades that is carried out during this season as well.

This region doesn’t experience a lot of rainfall; therefore, the weather during this time is more like playing the game of peek-a-boo with the clouds to plan your day.

Here are the best seasons to visit Palampur:


Palampur in Summer

Palampur in Summer
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If you want to be away from home during the summer vacations, and yet want to beat the heat, then Palampur is the place to be. It is during this season that this photographic town smells fresh with the Pine and Deodar trees. 

The days are not sweltering hot like in the many other cities in the country while the evenings and nights are rather cozy and cold which is why this season is the best time to visit Palampur. You shall be successful in finding some solace since this is not a densely populous or visited area.

Months: Palampur experiences summer from March to June.


1.Belly Flop into the Waterfalls: An icing on the cake reason to visit Palampur in summer is to not just dip your toes, but to plunge into the many waterfalls that flow to this city which find their source from the Dhaulandhar Mountains.

2.Trekking: Palampur has copious short and long trek routes to keep the adventurer in you alive. These routes offer the best view of the Dhaulandhar Mountain range and the Himalayas that stand tall behind. Most of these routes exit from Palampur that lead to Holi, Dharamshala and to Manali via the quaint passes in-between.

3.Paragliding: Imagine paragliding many feet over the ground from where you can get the best view of the Kangra Valley, Dhaulandhar range, the tea gardens, and the glistening waterfalls. You can put your imaginations to rest, and hop on to one of the glides!

Places to visit:

1.Tea Plantations: Being in the tea capital of Northeast India, it would be an utter guilt feeling if you do not walk in the midst of the tea gardens that were initiated in the 19th century. This plantation that is spread over several acres of land is the major means of livelihood for the population of Palampur.

2.Nevgal Khad: The sparkling water that flows in this 300m wide stream is an eye-catching tourist location for getting the best clicks of your vacation and to just sit back and relive the beauty of the landscape.

3.Tashi Jong Monastery: What you will love most about this place is that it is less like a temple, and more like a community of people living together. You can see in here some artefacts, paintings and many other things that are of significance to the Tibetans.

4.Saurabh Ban Vihar: This area is most famous for being the residence of over 151 species of flora and fauna. The children’s park, picnic sheds, OAT, Bamboosetum and the Tiger Hill Bridge in the park is a great way to spend your time.

5.Dhaulandhar National Park: Since the weather is amusing, you can be in luck to spot as many animals that this National Park houses in the summer season.

6.Bajinath Shiva Temple: Climb the stairs of this Shiva Temple and bow down before the shrines installed in the massive hall with even more colossal balconies. The inscriptions on the walls of the temple along with the images of other idols attract many tourists.

7.Andretta: Since there is no worry about the cold waves or the rainfall, take a walk in the Andretta market, a little town in this charming city. This place represents the best of pottery and crafts which you can witness in making and take back home.

Average Temperature: The average temperature of Palampur hits a maximum of 35 degrees in April while its lowest stays at an average temperature between 16-20 degrees. 


Palampur in Winter

Palampur in Winter

The onset of winter gives one a very peachy keen hill station experience while deep into the winter season, one might find the weather freezing to single-digit temperatures. Say hello to snowfalls at any time of the day or night; live your childhood dream of building snowmen and digging the snow to throw at one another!

Months: Palampur experiences winters from November till February.


1.Sightseeing: Is there anyone who would want to miss the view of the snow-flurry Mountains from the Dhaulandhar range? Since Palampur translates to lots of water, you would love the see the freezing streams of water from a distance since plunging into ice cold water might not be an option.

2.Tea-Tasting: This land of tea, does not just offer you a walk through the tea gardens, but also gives you the opportunity to taste the several varieties of teas that it grows. Don’t omit to take back the local specialty of Kangra Tea back home to your friends. 

3.Trekking: What fabulous weather to trek when you will only sweat your efforts but not the heat that troubles you from above.

4.Paragliding: If the weather is not too gusty, then you cannot even envisage the view from the top of the snowy mountains and the freezing ground below when you opt for paragliding.

5.Pottery: Spend some time in some low-profile activities like learning to mould pots in the town of Andretta.

6.Spend Snowtime: Spend some time in the snow playing and throwing it off on your loved ones. Would you get to do that in your routine lives?

Places to Visit

1.Bajinath Temple: If you wish to stay indoors, and want to pay your respects to Lord Shiva, then a visit to the Bajinath Temple is not a bad idea. It is an impressive pearl of the Nagara flair of architecture.

2.Palpung Sherabling Monastery: Here is an area where you will find monks reveling in life in this ultra-modern monastery that is most tranquil for meditation.

3.Shri Shobha Art Gallery: Shri Shobha Singh was an up-to-date painter whose artworks and paintings have been preserved at the Shobha Art Gallery. It has well-looked-after along with a lot of his wife’s works. Tourists have to pay an entry fee of Rs20 to visit this gallery.

4.Neugal Khad: A noon picnic at the Neugal Khad is the perfect getaway for a wintry day when everything else seems impossible to do. The very soothing rays of the sun, the cold stream that flows by and the sight of the icing Dhaulandhar range make it impeccable for a winter day.

5.Kangra Fort: One wouldn’t mind climbing up the historical Kangra Fort in the dire winters because you wouldn’t have the trickling drops of sweat to frustrate you.

Average Temperature: The average temperature of Palampur in the day stays close to 20 degrees while the night temperature goes as low as 5 degrees.


Palampur in Monsoon

Palampur in Monsoon

Visiting Palampur in the monsoons is a good idea only if you are looking forward to a romantic getaway when you don’t mind staying indoors in your room. Although not a lot of people prefer visiting this place in the monsoons, there is still a lot to do here amidst the rains.

Months: This area experiences rainfall from July which lasts till the end of October.


1.Walk in the Pine Forest: The little drops of water will make a mighty memory of the trip as you take a walk amongst the fresh looking Pine tree forests.

2.Sightseeing: While several adventure activities may see a dip in the monsoons owing to the dangers of falling down, you should trot out of your rooms in the drizzle and get the most amazing views of the mountains and the valley. The clouds may even swiftly fly over your head or wait for you to wake up by your room’s windows.

Places to Visit:

1.Bundla Stream: Otherwise called the Nagal Khad stream, it becomes an expansive stretch of a flowing stream that looks fierce enough to dig the ground beneath. It is an excellent tourist spot.

2.Tea Estates: There might be hardly a few people who wouldn’t discern the inclination of sipping on hot tea in the monsoons. The Zen Tea Estate is amongst the best tea estates to visit in the monsoons since the area is a concoction of the fragrance of the wet mud and the wide sprawling tea.

Indoor Locations: Just as one would otherwise do, flock to all indoor tourist locations in Palampur to save yourselves from the downpours. Some such places are Palpung Sherabling Monastery, Bajinath Temple, Birni Devi Temple, Jakhni Mata Temple, Chamunda Devi, Church of St Johns, etc. 
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