COVID-19 : SPITI VALLEY is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 18 Dec 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to SPITI VALLEY?

Entry is open from all domestic states.

  • Face masks are compulsory when going out in public
  • All inter-state travellers must register on the e-pass portal, for ease of contact tracing till 15th of September. No registration required post 15th of September.
  • COVID-19 test is not required on entry to Spiti Valley; however, thermal screening shall be done for all passengers entering the borders of this valley.
  • All travellers must download the Aarogya Setu App
  • Containment zones to remain in lockdown till 31st of August 2020.
  • No night curfews are active in Spiti Valley.
  • All supermarkets, parks, malls and attractions are open with strict COVID-19 prevention norms in place.
  • Social distancing to be followed mandatorily when out in public.
  • 14 days of Institutional Quarantine is mandatory for symptomatic travellers arriving from any Red Zone districts outside Himachal Pradesh.
  • Intrastate passengers having ILI (Influenza Like Illness) symptoms are also to be quarantined in a government facility for 14 days.
  • Asymptomatic passengers to be home quarantined for 14 days
  • For passengers arriving from red zone districts outside of Himachal Pradesh, carrying a COVID-19 negative test report from ICMR authorized lab, not older than 48 hours from the date of departure,14 days of Home Quarantine is allowed.

The nearest airport is the Kullu Airport. Flight are functional to here from Delhi and Chandigarh.


Inter-state entry of private and government buses in restricted in Spiti Valley, however, inter-district bus services are functioning in the valley with 60% passenger capacity.

Local Transport

Local transport services, like taxis, autos and buses are functioning in the valley.

Numerous steps have been taken by the government of Himachal Pradesh to curb the spread of Covid-19 while allowing travellers and tourists an enjoyable visit to Spiti Valley. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

Lahaul- Spiti to remain closed till April 2021 Updated: 18 Dec 2020

According to the latest guidelines by Himachal authorities, Spiti will remain closed for tourists till April 2021 as a precaution due to harsh winters and increasing Covid-19 cases in the valley Read more.

Interstate Movement of Taxi Allowed with DC Permission Updated: 10 Sep 2020

Inter-state entry of taxis is allowed with the permission of the deputy commissioners. Public transport buses, plying inter-state, remain restricted.

Temples and Religious Places to Open from 1st of September Updated: 10 Sep 2020

All religious places and temples in Spiti Valley shall be opened for public from 1st of September with suitable SOPs to ensure the safety of patrons.Read more.

Hotels, Homestays and Resorts Re-opening on 1st of October to Allow Visitors Updated: 10 Sep 2020

Most of the homestays, hotels and resorts in Spiti Valley will start functioning again from 1st of October 2020. Inter-state patrons must book a minimum of two days stay in these hotels. Read more.

Night Curfew Lifted in Spiti Valley Updated: 10 Sep 2020

As per the MHA’s Unlock 4.0 guidelines, the night curfew in Spiti Valley, that was imposed between 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. has been lifted to allow unrestricted intra-state travel.

Pondering about the best time to visit Kaza? Well, it is unquestionably throughout the year, as its realm is forever spellbinding. Marking, months from May to October on the calendar, this place exhibits excellent weather and receives remarkable tourist traffic. From dewy monsoons to soothing summers, this quaint town can be vacationed anytime, all you need is your bunch of folks to create everlasting memories.

With striking places like the key monastery, Chandratal lake, Komic village, Dhankar lake, handicraft market and numerous others in its vicinity, can be toured in summers as well as winters. When the showers strike the region its landscape changes and in winters, the temperature steeps down to freezing points, extending picture-perfect sceneries.

This land of fresh environs, lush green blankets, snow-cladded peaks and everything beautiful, a trip to this segment has each thing to arrest you in its charm. Wish to know more about the weather of Kaza? Have a look at the climate guide.

Here are the best seasons to visit Kaza:


Kaza in Winter

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Kaza in Winter

Looking for a region which spine-chilling weather and solitude all at once? Witness the surreal at Kaza in winters. Though the region is not accessible from Rohtang and Kunzum pass, as the routes remind closed due to heavy snowfall, but once you make it, the efforts will pay off. The temperature falls down below the freezing point and the landscape transforms, making it all snowy.


The months from November to April acquires winters in Kaza and this is indeed the well-suited for the travellers seeking for snow-clad mountains.

Why you should visit at this time?

If you are solace seekers and also wish to admire the artistry of nature, then this is the best time to visit Kaza, as it showcases alluring realm, which is just one-of-its-kind. Wherever you turn your eyes, all you will see the magical views of snow-covered peaks and lush green vegetation.

Places to Visit and Activities to do:

With a vast bucket of things to do in Kaza in winters, here one can tour the various monasteries like the Key monastery, Sakya Tangyud monstery and several others, where one can taste the true essence of Buddhist culture.

Something one must not dare to miss out is the attractive market streets of Kaza, which are packed with an abundance of handicrafts like woollens clothes, shawls, carpets, trinkets and a whole lot more, which are just amazing selection to be bought as the souvenir of the enticing trip.

Average temperature:

The temperatures range from a minimum of -4-degree Celsius to a maximum of 15-degree Celcius. One thing to keep in mind before you plan your visit to this region is that you have packed a substantial amount of warm clothes, as here the weather can get really worse.

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Kaza in Summer

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Kaza in Summer

The beauty of the imposing land is always at peak and hails out to an exceptional count of tourist in summers. Seated beautifully along the Spiti river, it often receives chilling sea breezes which give a tinge of rush in the nerves. With an elevation of 3,650 m, this cold desert is famed for its monasteries and beguiling routes.

From delving in the serene environs of the Tibetian monasteries to pumping up the adrenaline with arduous terrains, this place has everything for you!


The months from May to October receive summers in Kaza and this is indeed the best time to embrace the charm of this segment of Himachal Pradesh.

Why you should visit at this time?

Wondering about why to visit Kaza? The region holds a wide array of bizarre routes and serene monasteries, which can be admired fully in this season, as the weather is well-suited for sightseeing.

Places to Visit and Activities to do:

A place where you can roll your eyes and bikes is unquestionably Kaza. This slice of Spiti Valley is a treat for the bikers, as it owns an umpteen number of beguiling routes which not only exhibit eye-opening landscapes but has challenging terrains, which will never fail to amaze you. With places like the Key monastery, Sakya Tangyud monstery and various other places in its vicinity, it is a perfect vacation spot.

Due to the centralized location, it also serves as the base camp for various camping and trekking adventures. From here you can trace the Chandratal, Kunzum Pass and Pin Valley National Park, which will offer offbeat activities and lofty terrains.

Average temperature:

The temperatures range from a minimum of 8-degree Celsius to a maximum of 15-degree Celcius. Make sure you equip yourself with a sufficient amount of woollens as it can get quite cold out here.

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Kaza in Monsoon

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Kaza in Monsoon

Planning a visit to the largest township of Spiti Valley? If you love greenery and fresh environs, then this is the best time to visit Kaza. As the rain outbreaks, the suburbs get even greener and the town receives a noteworthy amount of sunlight.

Some travelers, take a step back in these months as there are chances of avalanches, but no one can stop a true explorer. At this place, you can take a deep look into the culture of inhabitants and spend quality time with your friends and family. This destination also has a good count of comfortable accommodations which are brimming with the ultra-tech amenities.


In the months from July to September, Kaza experiences monsoons which change the picture of this quarter. But, it is advised not to tour the region in these months as the place receives heavy rainfall and there are also chances of landslides.

Why you should visit at this time?

Talking about the reasons to visit this segment during monsoons, they are a little difficult to find, though if your a fanatical photographer and wish to capture the captivating beauty of nature, which absolutely unique, then this is your place to be. With the onset of monsoons, Kaza also calls out to landslides and it experiences drop in the tourist graph.

Places to Visit and Activities to do:

When the showers fall on the cold desert, it becomes even more glorified. If you visit the destination in August then you can savour the true essence of the culture of the region as the world-famous Ladarcha Fair, is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at this time. Apart from this, here one can also embrace the grandeur of hillocks and sparkling river, on the banks of Spiti River or can witness the heart thumping terrains.

Average temperature:

The average temperature of the region in monsoons ranges from a minimum of 27-degree Celsius to a maximum of 35-degree Celcius. When the outbreak of monsoons, Kaza breathes out a sigh of relief as the winters shut down and one can feel the warmth of the sun

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Explore All (13)

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18 July 2015
Beautiful, unexplored place and the best part away from all the cobwebs of city.This place is heaven on earth. It is hard to believe that such beauty even exists. But yes, beauty comes at a price. Its hard to reach. Weather is extreme. I went there via Kinnaur. And Kinnaur is not for the light hearted. Its a long, tiring and dangerous journey with a treasure at the end.
18 June 2019
I went to Spiti Valley with my family from Chandigarh and we booked our trip from Thrillophilia. The place is so beautiful, the view is so captivating. the trip was really wonderful we had a very nice ti me on the trip. Thanks, Thrillophilia for the great experience!!!
15 October 2019
We went to Spiti from Shimla. We booked the trip from Thrillophilia and must say they have arranged everything so nicely, the stays, meals everything was so nice. We had an amazing time on the entire trip.
27 September 2019
The Spiti Valley trip from Delhi was so amazing, The entire trip was so nicely planned, the meals and stays everything was so good. we had a great time on the trip. The place is so beautiful.
22 October 2019
we went to Spiti valley from Delhi and it was one of the best trips ever, The beautiful hills and mountains are so alluring, Key Monastery, Lhalung Monastery, Dhankar Lake, Pin Valley National Park, and Kunzum Pass all are so beautiful. We had an amazing time at the trip. Thanks Thrillophilia for the wonderful experience!!!
10 July 2019
Chapala Pothuvaal Spiti Valley Bike Trip 2020
Thrillophilia just arranged the best trip of my life! The guide was excellent, the bikes were in good condition and so were the other arrangements! The whole trip was so well arranged that we saw the best of Spiti.
18 May 2019
I opt for solo bike trips regularly, but this is the best experience- bike in perfect condition, itinerary well planned, and the best support team to help out whenever necessary!
18 May 2019
Aanandaswarup Pothuvaal Manali to Spiti Valley Bike Trip 2020
I opt for solo bike trips regularly, but this is the best experience- bike in perfect condition, itinerary well planned, and the best support team to help out whenever necessary!
03 July 2019
Vidur Namboothiri Spiti Valley Bike Trip 2020
It was a great trip for me. However, there were some pros and cons. Pros: • The bikes were in good condition, and there were regular breaks for riders. • The trip guide was excellent and very clear with instructions. • They selected excellent viewpoints and regular stops. All the pre-decided places were duly shown to us. Cons • The food could have been improved • The internet connectivity throughout was very poor.
06 August 2019
An unforgettable trip for my friends and me- Thrillophilia arranged it in the best way possible! The trip could not have been better executed! Our operator was the best- he gave us the whole itinerary minute by minute in Chandigarh on the first day and was there for every issue we had!

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People Also Ask About Spiti Valley

  1. What is the best time to visit Kaza to see snowfall?

    The best time to visit Kaza to see snowfall is between October and February. But, due to heavy snowfall, the route from Kunzum Pass and Rohtang is closed. You can experience the serenity and the magical snow-capped peaks if you can get in there before the onset of the snowfall.
  2. Is Kaza safe to visit?

    Yes, Kaza is relatively safe to visit. It is best to avoid the monsoon season due to the high risks of avalanches and landslides. And, if you are a solo traveler, it is advisable not to stray towards the remote places. Furthermore, it is best not to get tangled in local disputes.
  3. Is August a good time to visit Kaza?

    Yes, August is a good time to visit Kaza. This falls under the summer season in the region, and the temperature ranges between 5-18 degrees Celsius. The sheer diversification ranging from valleys to national parks to mountains to monasteries will simply leave you mesmerized. The surrounding panoramic beauty is simply unparalleled.
  4. What is the best time to visit Kaza for a honeymoon?

    The best time to visit Kaza for a honeymoon is the summer months. This extends from the months of May to October. The weather is not too harsh, and you can indulge in various adventurous activities like trekking, biking, etc. You also get to witness the magnificent glory of nature around.
  5. What is the best month to visit Kaza?

    The best month to visit kaza is the summer months. This extends from May to October. The weather remains pleasant and is enhanced by the ethereal beauty of nature all around. The place caters to both the adventure enthusiasts as well as the peace seekers with rugged terrains and monasteries.
  6. Which are the best places to visit in Kaza?

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Kaza:

    1. Key Monastery
    2. Komic Village
    Dhankar Lake
    7. Tabo Monastery
    8. Sakya Tangyud Monastery
    9. Langza Village
  7. What is the tempertaure of Kaza?

    Kaza temperature remains immensely low compared to the rest of the country. This Himalayan town is known widely as a vast chilly desert with temperatures going down even below 0 degree Celsius during the winter season. Owing to this extremely harsh weather in Kaza and heavy snowfall, the primary entry points of the town – Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass – both get closed from the end of October until the first or second week of the month of June. The month of January is considered to be the coldest in the entire year with spine-chilling temperature averaging around -37oC.