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COVID-19 : GOA is in Green Zone
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to GOA?
  • A negative COVID-19 test result is required to enter Goa, which must not be older than 72 hours. 
  • Further Goa is fully open for travel for all the tourists and leisure travellers. 
  • All public places in Goa are open for the tourists while maintaining basic COVID-19 guidelines. 
  • In case the tourist is carrying a COVID-19 negative certificate, they will be allowed to move to booked accommodations. 
  • In case a tourist is not carrying a valid COVID-19 negative certificate, he/she will be directed to undergo testing for COVID-19 at designated testing centers / hospitals. Thereafter, they will have to go into self isolation till the test results are received. 
  • The isolation facilities will be provided by the accommodation units themselves, where the tourist made a pre-booking. 
  • Once results are received, only and if found COVID-19 negative, the tourist shall be allowed to travel outside the isolation facility. 
  • In case any tourist is found COVID-19 positive, the accommodation unit will act as per the extant protocol issued by the State Health Department. 
  • All costs for COVID-19 tests including the stay at the isolation / quarantine facilities shall be borne by the tourist themselves.

Goa is well connected by airline services to most major cities in India. All flights, national and international, to and from Goa, operate from the Goa Airport at Dabolim near the port town of Vasco-da-Gama.


All major trains are functional to and from various parts of India.


Buses are running properly to and from the bus stations in Goa while maintaining all the COVID_19 guidelines.

Local Transport

Public transport like cab, taxi and bus services are operational.

Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all government guidelines to stay safe. We also recommend you practice good personal hygiene to stay safe as you travel.

COVID-19 Negative certificate required to enter Goa. Updated: 22 Feb 2021

In case the tourist is carrying a COVID-19 negative certificate, they will be allowed to move to booked accommodations.

All tourists will have to undergo a basic screening at the entry point. Updated: 22 Feb 2021

Any tourist exhibiting sickness or COVID-19 related symptoms upon arrival will be subjected to a COVID-19 test at designated testing centers or hospitals at the tourist's cost.

Pre-booking of accommodation has been made mandatory to vacate in Goa. Updated: 22 Feb 2021

Proof of pre-booking of accommodations (registered with the Department of Tourism) for the entire duration of the stay will be checked at the entry points.

Scuba Diving Packages in Goa

Scuba Diving in Malvan
Scuba Diving at Grande Island
Scuba Diving at Sao Gorge Island
High Seas Scuba Diving Trip In Goa
Scuba Diving Tour At Nagoa, Goa
Scuba Diving Open Water Course
Scuba Diving with Water Sports in Goa

Goa has always been a dream destination for all. For those of you who are looking for some packages for Scuba Diving in Goa then you are definitely on the right place. Scuba Diving is a favorite
adventure activity in Goa and a lot of people love to seek the underwater adventure. Nothing can be a better vacation spot for you to spend your summer than sea facing Goa resorts. This hot traveler spot in India is flanked with the Arabian Sea which is plenty of submerged life.

It houses fishes of a fluctuated shading bed, turtles, reef sharks, and amphibian plants which make the world underneath the ocean a dream arrive. The Third significant plunging goal in India, Scuba making a plunge Goa is even fun because of the nearness of various wrecks off its coastline including Portuguese Galleons and World War II war vessels. Scuba diving in Goa is a brilliant approach to witness the odyssey of this submerged dream.

Head out for that
perfect vacation to Goa and get tanned by the seaside. Explore the exotic underwater kingdom here and get a chance to swim with the colorful fish here. Dive deep into the ocean and witness the coral underwater. What’s more click some memorable pictures while you swim with the colorful fish.

Here are some of the best packages of Scuba Diving in Goa:   

Explore All (17)
Explore All (12)
774 Ratings
Superb 774 Ratings
774 Ratings Ratings
N6bnwjcxyj4zdyqrs1u17i3n0gf4 4
  • 8H
  • Malvan
  • 8H
₹1,775 ₹1,275

Malvan is a place full of breathtaking views that will bring out the soothing feeling of tranquillity amid its azure waters. Feel an immense level of adrenaline rush with the thrilling adventures and serenity of the clear blue water gushing towards the shore. It is a perfect destination to indulge in thrilling water activities and get lost in the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

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1961 Ratings
Superb 1961 Ratings
1961 Ratings Ratings
Kovuw3spjttiv9zmm07l9bk2uljs 1586157734 shutterstock 654264571 %281%29
  • 8H
  • Goa, India
  • 8H
₹2,050 ₹1,650

Grand Island is a place for adventure seekers and its shallow and clear water makes it an ideal location for scuba diving. Visualize yourself underwater with the view so breathtaking that it will satisfy your senses with tranquillity. Experience the exotic sensations of serenity and idolize the glimpses of underwater life and discover the true beauty of nature for this will be the experience you will cherish forever.

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77 Ratings
Excellent 77 Ratings
77 Ratings Ratings
Baina Beach Scuba Diving with Water Sports, Goa | Save 17%
  • 10H
  • North Goa
  • 10H
₹1,700 ₹1,400
Send Enquiry

Activity Location: Baina Beach, South Goa
Pick Up/ Drop off Points: North Goa - Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Arpora, and Panjim.

Activity Timings:  10 Hours (From 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM)

Located near Vasco Da Gama, Baina Beach offers the visitors with the scenic views of the wide-stretching Arabian sea. The beach also offers the delight of various exciting activities that are carried on the crystal clear blue water body.

Get picked up from your pickup point in an air-conditioned vehicle and experience the thrilling and exciting scuba diving activity on the Baina Beach. The activity would commence after a training session which is inclusive of the package and a briefing will be given to you so that you don't lose your calm in deep waters. Witness some of the most beautiful corals and marine life in azure waters of Malvan with Baina Beach Scuba Diving experience.

Dive into min 10 feet and max 25 to 30 feet underwater dive experience and go through an unforgettable experience. Post scuba diving, we'll move to the nearest beach, where other water sports like Parasailing, Speed Boat, Jetski, Banana and Bumper Ride, are performed under a trained local activity guide.

There is an activity briefing session before conducting any water sport which is about (8-10 minutes), followed by a wait time of about 5-7 minutes before the start of the next activity. 

Note: The activity package is allowed for the 12+ Yr age group only. Strictly not recommended for pregnant women and old citizens. 
          - Timing for each water-sport is about 2-5 minutes(except scuba diving), apart from the briefing time and the wait time

Packages offered:
With Transport- Scuba Diving / Scuba Diving With Watersports.
Without Transport- Scuba Diving / Scuba Diving With Watersports.

Suitable for: 
Children and adults who are physically healthy. Strictly not recommended for pregnant women and old citizens. 

How to reach
On choosing the package with the transfer you would be picked up from the above-mentioned pickup points. And thus you can reach without any hassle. Without the transfer option, you can reach the spot with the help of private and public transportation. Baina Beach is situated in South Goa, just 4.5 KM from Airport.
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Experiential Stays In Goa Explore All (9)
Explore All (9)
382 Ratings
Excellent 382 Ratings
382 Ratings Ratings
Scuba Diving Tour in Goa with Activities @1799 Only
  • 5H
  • 5H
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Try Scuba Dive
  • This recreational diving course is the stepping stone to understanding the underwater world. It aims at getting you acquainted with the art of breathing and swimming underwater in the controlled environment of our indoor pools first. And ready when you are, off you’ll go to witness the splendid marine life  lunch and  videos and photos- you know you are getting double the worth of the package! So, go ahead! Try
Pickup Point: Baga, Candolim, Calanguate in North Goa 

Scuba Location: Kudal 

Starting time: 7:30 AM
End time: 5:30 PM

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70 Ratings
Excellent 70 Ratings
70 Ratings Ratings
Scuba Diving In Goa - Flat 40% Off
  • 1H
  • 1H
₹10,834 ₹6,500

About the Activity:

  • Gear up from head to toe for a diving experience up to 12 meters and experience the beauty of deep undersea life.
  • Participate in a one hour training session with the professionals and learn the intricate skills of diving. 
  • In this session, you will be undergoing training for 45 minutes with your instructor.
  • You will be enjoying 2 dives in this trip.
  • Don't miss your chance to dive underwater with the colorful fish and discover the marine life.
  • Ensure that you bring a pen drive to collect your pictures at the end of the activity.
  • This tour is a customized tour and can be availed at your convenience in between the time from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
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354 Ratings
Excellent 354 Ratings
354 Ratings Ratings
Scuba Diving at Sao Gorge Island in Goa
  • 7H
  • North Goa
  • 7H

About the activity:

  • Experience an exciting scuba diving experience around Grande Island and Sao Gorge Island in Goa on your next holiday. 
  • These locations are located about 25 km from the main roads and can be reached within one and half hours by boat. 
  • The dives are all shallow 4-14 m (average).
  • The marine species are numerous with lots of hard corals and you can enjoy a very relaxing dive with lots of beautiful sights to see.
  • The visibility around the Island varies from 10 metres to few feet, at an average of around 4-5 metres. 
  • The dive sites have different names, but are all located around these two islands.

Please note that prepool training of 1-2 hours is required for a first timer a day before the actual dive.
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36 Ratings
Excellent 36 Ratings
36 Ratings Ratings
Grande Island Scuba Diving Package Goa
  • 5H
  • South Goa
  • 5H
₹5,500 ₹5,000

About the activity:

  • Invoke in this exciting scuba diving courses in Goa and experience the fun and thrill while diving deep into the clear waters.
  • This tour can be availed by both beginners and licensed scuba divers. Get certified by PADI from beginners to professional level in this thrilling diving course.
  • Start your tour at around 7:00 AM in the morning after taking a 10 minutes boat ride from Bogmalo beach and reach the dive site in Grande Island.
  • For beginners, learn the basics of scuba diving and get trained in a shallow pool or the sea itself before you get to go for a deep sea dive of 12-15 meters depending on the weather condition. 
  • For licensed holders, you have the option of single tank dive or double tank dive.
  • Swim with the colourful fish and discover the marine life for 45 to 50 minutes.
  • The minimum age for this thrilling activity should be 12 years. 
  • Finish your dive at around 12:00 AM just in time for a lazy day after the adrenaline rush.

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37 Ratings
Very Good 37 Ratings
37 Ratings Ratings
Advanced Diving Courses at Candolim in Goa
  • 2D
  • 2D

Experience the wonders of the sea with an exciting scuba diving course in Goa! These scuba diving experiences are customized to client requirements, from small groups of not more than 5 people, flexible schedules, and personalized attention. Goa offers the easiest access to diving in India. This experience offers a range of SSI and PADI certification courses, all run by international standards of expertise, equipment and safety. You can choose from a spectra of courses (PADI scuba diver, open water and advanced open water course) based on your requirements and availability.The warm, safe waters of the Arabian sea, and the easy dive sites make Goa an ideal destination for beginners to take scuba diving to another level and seasoned recreational divers enjoy the challenge and mystery of less than perfect visibility!

Operating Months:

• On Season – First week of October

• Off Season – Third week of May

• Non-Operational Months (if any) – June to September end.

Activities: Scuba Diving

Meals: Snacks, juice, and water bottle on the day of diving only. 

Difficulty Level: Moderate

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29 Ratings
Superb 29 Ratings
29 Ratings Ratings
Introductory Diving Course near Grande Island
  • 8H
  • Candolim
  • 8H
₹5,000 ₹4,800

About the Activity:

  • See the beautiful world of the undersea on an easy and fun session on scuba diving course.
  • The activity begins at 7;00 AM from Candolim in Goa
  •  For both swimmers and non-swimmers, this session could be your first introduction to the underwater world.
  • This fun activity starts with a one hour session which consists of a short theory briefing followed by a pool dive to get used to being underwater. 
  • You will learn some basic skills, get comfortable with the dive gear, and have fun cruising around underwater. 
  • You will then get a rare and beautiful experience of undersea life, on the entire course, you will be accompanied by qualified diving instructor. 
  • The dive lasts for about 40 minutes at a depth of 15 metres inside the water approximately
  • You are dropped back to Candolim at 3:00 PM post an awesome experien

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24 Ratings
Superb 24 Ratings
24 Ratings Ratings
Rescue Diver Course in Goa
  • 4D
  • 4D
₹22,000 ₹20,000

About the activity:

Are you ready to go diving? Gear up for an exciting rescue diver course in Goa this holiday season and get your friends along too! During this activity, you will engage in a class room training session, a pool training session, sea exercises and much more that are conducted over a course of four days. This is a high energy activity and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time here with your friends and family! Why wait? Book now for some of the best deals and offers.

Activity: Rescue diver course

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52 Ratings
Excellent 52 Ratings
52 Ratings Ratings
Scuba Diving Course in Goa @ Flat 30% off | Book Now!
  • 4D
  • South Goa
  • 4D
₹15,000 ₹10,500
Location: Bogmalo Beach, South Goa

Timings: 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM (every day, for 4 days)

Are you in Goa and looking forward to learning a new skill? Scuba diving course in Goa is ready to help you with the same. Take your scuba diving skills, this season, to another level by availing this thrilling open water diving course. This course will be conducted over a span of four days by professional trainers and instructors. In this course, the teaching include scuba diver course, open watercourse, and advanced courses. Get thrilled by the activity and dive deep in the waters of the beach.
PADI Advanced Diver consists of  5 training scuba dives conducted over 2 days, including deep and navigation dives, max depth 30 metres. PADI Open Water Diving Course is conducted over 4 days and takes you through the first principles of diving to a level of competence recognized worldwide. Participants must be able to swim. More advanced courses are available for those wishing to progress up to the level of PADI Divemaster. It will take you through the first principles of diving in comparison to worldwide standards. Learn a new skill during your Goa visit and boast your experience back home.

Suitable For: Adults & Swimmers

How to Reach for Scuba Diving Course in Goa:
The site is located at a distance of around 6 km from Goa International Airport. It is easily reachable by public or private modes of transportation.

Children under the age of 10 years are not allowed to book the activity.
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31 Ratings
Superb 31 Ratings
31 Ratings Ratings
PADI Advanced Diving Course in Goa
  • 2D
  • 2D
₹16,500 ₹15,000

About the activity:

Learn the fun and interesting skills associated with scuba diving like a professional on your next visit to the beach paradise of Goa! Participate in a fun and interesting PADI advanced diving course and get your friends along too! The course involves 5 scuba diving training classes conducted over 2 days and this includes deep navigation dives that are well known mostly to professionals. Book now and dive with the pros as they take you through the technical aspects of diving!

Activity: PADI advanced diving course
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587 Ratings
Superb 587 Ratings
587 Ratings Ratings
Grande Island Scuba Diving Adventure in Goa
  • 1D
  • 1D
₹4,500 ₹3,500
Gear up from head to toe for a diving experience up to 12 meters and experience the beauty of deep undersea life.

Participate in 10 min training session with the professionals and learn the intricate skills of diving. 

In this session, you will be undergoing training with your instructor. 

Don't miss your chance to dive underwater with the colourful fish and discover the marine life. Only 1 Dive per person will be permitted. 

Ensure that you bring a pen drive to collect your pictures at the end of the activity.

This tour starts at 8:00 AM from your Hotel and finishes at 4:00 PM.

This package includes light snacks, Dolphin Spotting (Depending on the weather conditions), Training, Underwater dive with PADI instructor, Under water photos and videos, Lunch, Equipment rent.

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39 Ratings
Superb 39 Ratings
39 Ratings Ratings
Advanced Diving Course at Grande Island in Goa
  • 2D
  • North Goa
  • 2D
₹17,000 ₹16,000

About the activity:

  • Grab your scuba gear and head to the open water diving course certified by PADI.
  • The course is spread over 4 days and enables you to experience the best and in depth knowledge of scuba diving and open sea diving. 
  • It includes swimming and diving in a confined pool as well as the vast  open sea.
  • After spending the first couple of days on theory, you will be spending the next two on exams and actual low sea diving.
  • Ensure that you know how to swim before you enrol for the course.

Meal Types: Snacks

Activities: PADI Open water diving course.

Duration: 4 Days 


Day 01: 8:30 AM to 1:00PM

Day 02: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Day 03: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Day 04: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

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281 Ratings
Superb 281 Ratings
281 Ratings Ratings
High Seas Scuba Diving Trip in Goa
  • 7H
  • 7H
₹8,000 ₹7,500

About the activity:

  • This vacation will help you make some new aquamarine friends with a mesmerizing dive underwater with a scuba diving experience in Goa.
  • Twirl around beautiful corals and be spellbound as you surround yourself with the finest and safest aquatic species.
  • Experience a pre dive training by the pool side.
  • You can cruise the next day to the dive point and sail out into the Arabian sea, past Bat island and around the Grande Island.
  • Experience the course with Padi certified instructors or fishing expedition experts.

 Transportation Types:  Available at additional cost

Activities: Scuba Diving

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24 Ratings
Very Good 24 Ratings
24 Ratings Ratings
Scuba Diving Tour at Nagoa, Goa
  • 1D
  • 1D
₹6,000 ₹5,500

About the Activity

  • A delightful Scuba trip designed keeping first timers in mind, begins at around 07:30 AM with a training dive in swimming pool/ shallow water.
  • You will then be diving in the open sea under the guidance of a trained instructor. Delight in the stunning aquatic life with this thrilling activity.
  • The activity is conducted to International safety standards laid down by PADI, the controlling agency.
  • The activity is open to all age groups above 10. Knowledge of swimming is desirable, however not necessary as long as one is not afraid of water.
  • Post this adventure, embark on the dive boat by 04:00 PM in the afternoon.
  • Conclude this tour and head back home with lots of memories.
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36 Ratings
Very Good 36 Ratings
36 Ratings Ratings
Scuba Diving Open Water Course
  • 2D
  • North Goa
  • 2D
About the Activity:
  • Join the scuba diver course to learn the basics of scuba diving and be an expert with the two day class.
  • The class happens at the dive center in Marina Bay Beach Resort and on the first day learn the basic principles and complete the first three sections.
  • Learn more about the Open Water Diving course by watching a course video shown at the center.
  • On the second day the class starts at 7:30 AM and you will get time to get accustomed to breathing and swimming on your first dive under the supervision of your instructor.
  • Finish the last two modules and participate in the second dive with which you will acquire the basic skills needed.

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30 Ratings
Superb 30 Ratings
30 Ratings Ratings
Scuba diving - Rescue diver course
  • 3D
  • South Goa
  • 3D

About the Activity:

  • Join the Scuba Diving rescue diver course that consists of 8 hours of classroom training and 12 modules of in- water training.
  • Get a proper hands on experience with expert instructors and powerful equipment for practice sessions.
  • Register and enjoy the course if you are a Padi Advanced Open Water Diver certified person.
  • Know the basics of rescuing and indulge in more detailed sessions of diving and be more confident about diving.

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Newly Added Goa Experience

Adventure in Goa

Explore All (97)
Explore All (97)

Attractions in Goa

Explore All (64)
Explore All (64)

Trekking in Goa

Explore All (25)
Explore All (25)

Water Sports in Goa

Explore All (82)
Explore All (82)

Cruises in Goa

Explore All (57)
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Goa Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Goa
Simply WOW!! Quite a thrillophilic journey with immensely warm hospitality, perfect planned schedules and of course amazing travel. As planned we were picked up @7 in the morning and were taken to the falls which happens to be around 100 kms. Bus they provide are very comfortable and AC will also be sufficient to beat the heat of sultry Goa. We also covered a landmark church of Goa enroute. They will give you around 15 20 mins to get that holy feel. Once we reached the venue we were given time to have breakfast, meanwhile the guide arranged tickets for the whole group and settled us up in the bolero which takes you from there further. It was again a Splendid journey of 45 mins through mahavir national park where you will cross several streams also. Pure off roading and adventurous experience. From the parking u have to walk for 5 mins to finally reach the destination which, you undoubtedly will feel deserving enough to have travelled for. Such a sublime scene and cool clear water with fishes around you will quench all the tiredness you might have had after traveelinh to several beaches. You get around 1.5 hours in total after final parking out of which for bathing you will get around 45 mins. Caution : please travel with good non slippery shoes as the rocks are too slippery and carelessness might get fatal. No worries though, you wont drown as they will provide you with life jackets so a good news for non swimmers. Post bath again you will be taken back and be served with complimentary lunch in goan style which is quite palatable. Then a short spice plantation tour followed by a return drop to the reapective pick up points. The trip will end in North Goa around 6 evening. ps : If you have time on your goa trip, do visit this place and thrillophilia is definitely a good option to consider coz it will wave off your trip organisational headache.
03 February 2020
Superb cycling experience, it was just the 3 of us including the guide and we were able to complete the trip real fast. The bird sanctuary is where we took most of the pics. We went off road through the forest area as well and we could find the railway lines located there. Couple of steep ups and downs which made cycling challenging. The total distance would be 30 kms. Best I've ever cycled
An unforgettable experience for me. For the first time got a chance to get into snorkeling and see the marine life. Thanks alot guys for an amazing experience.
12 December 2015
A well planned and executed sightseeing trip. Good for family tourists like us. We visited some of the famous beaches and churches of Goa. It was nice experience overall.
06 December 2019
Goa is famous for its beaches and its parties but amid all the chaos of Goa, this is one soul-soothing experience. This a must-do activity and should be part of any goa itinerary. A 01-hour long cruise journey will give you immense memories.
18 February 2021
Abeer Arsiwala Cycling at Chorao Island
Had an amazing morning with the best people! Rohan and his team are amazing hosts and if you are looking to cycle along scenic views and connect with some good folks- you should definitely try this!
"good trip....dudhsagar was good, lunch provided was too good, spice plantation was not that good as I come from kerala all are same spices what i see at home, so was not that great for me.... overall its a good experience.. "
"here's the review of scuba diving \n"
02 February 2021
Well worth the experience!
29 January 2021
It was a good experience overall. The photographer assigned was very friendly and knowledgeable. We have received few amazing pictures. It took us around 3 hours to complete the photo shoot and we enjoyed a lot. We travelled in the assigned vehicle which proved to be time saving. Definitely worth the money.

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People Also Ask About Goa

  1. What are some best scuba diving packages in Goa?

  2. How much does scuba diving cost in Goa?

    Scuba diving packages in Goa will start costing you from INR 1500. The price of the Scuba Diving package depends on the location of the dive as well as on the duration of dive. The most famous locations for trying out Scuba diving in Goa are Grande Island and Malvan beach.
  3. Is scuba diving in Goa easy?

    Yes, scuba diving in Goa is super easy because of its crystal clear waters and zillions of scuba diving institutes located close to the shore who offer crash courses on scuba diving as well as help you get this once in a lifetime experience in Goa.
  4. Which are the best beaches for scuba diving in Goa?

     Here are some of the best beaches for scuba diving in Goa:

    1. Calangute Beach:
    Calangute beach in Goa is widely popular for its scuba diving experience that allures all the visitors to try out this once in a lifetime experience. Diving into the waters, you will be able to witness the brilliant is Coral and other underwater animals.

    2. Baga Beach:
    Baga Beach happens to be one of the most happening beaches in Goa which is full of travelers and adventure seekers all through the year. There are a number of spots where you can try out scuba diving to get captivated by the underwater world. This is the best place to try this activity if you are a first-time diver.

    3. Anjuna Beach:
    Anjuna Beach is one of the best places to learn scuba diving as well as to try this sport. You will come across a number of scuba diving institutes on the coast of the beach. 
  5. Is scuba diving dangerous?

    No, scuba diving is not all dangerous if you possess good knowledge of how to attempt diving in shallow waters. There is absolutely nothing to get frightened about scuba diving. You can spend time learning all the basics of diving in Goa from the instructors.
  6. What equipment do I need before I take scuba lessons?

    You would need some basic equipment for scuba diving in Goa. Here is the list of all the things that you may need:

    - Diving mask and snorkel
    Wetsuit or drysuit
    Scuba gloves
    Scuba tank
    Depth gauge
    Submersible pressure gauge (SPG)
    Dive computer
  7. Can scuba diving be done by non-swimmers?

    Yes, Scuba diving can be done by non-swimmers as well. If you are well educated and connected with scuba diving then you can try this adventure activity up to a certain extent. You need to take basic lessons from the instructors and then get a license once you excel in all the skills of scuba diving.
  8. Who can not go for Scuba Diving In Goa?

    Children below the age of 10 can not go for scuba diving in Goa. Also, people having some medical problems related to heart, backbone, or legs should not consider trying this activity. Non-swimmers can also try this activity but their dive is limited to some part of water only.
  9. Will I get photos and videos of diving at Scuba Diving In Goa?

    If you take water-resistant cameras like GoPro and a mount with you, you can easily get pictures and videos of yourselves. However, many operators also provide pictures and videos to the guests at some additional costs.
  10. What should you wear while scuba diving in Goa?

    Proper gear for scuba diving will be provided at the location itself. However, you can also change your getup accordingly. The list of clothes to be worn includes:

    - Fully packed dress
    - Swimwear providing appropriate coverage
    - Avoid wearing ornaments or any dangling things
  11. Can I Scuba dive while wearing my contact lens?

    Since this activity does not allow the guests to wear their glasses, thus the only option left is a lens. You can wear a lens but keep in mind that you have to close your eyes if you remove the diving mask, or else, the lens can be lost easily.
  12. What is the best time for Scuba Diving In Goa?

    October to April are the peak months when most of the tourists visit here for adventurous as well as thrilling activities. Around this time, marine life flourishes and you may encounter many rare sea mammals and fishes. The weather around this time remains calm and pleasant and the skies are mostly clean.
  13. Is Scuba Diving In Goa safe?

    Goa is surely the safest place for scuba diving in India. Even after inviting so many people to try this adventurous activity, the place has witnessed no casualty. Also, the shores here are clean and many of them are used for activity purposes only.
  14. Why is Scuba Diving In Goa famous?

    The water in Goa is clean and shallow, thus helping people in admiring the marine life in a better way. Having around 48 huge beaches, each of them providing the best locations for trying extreme activities, Goa has become a hub for water sports.

    Having so many options, be it snorkeling, rafting, scuba diving, or swimming, the beaches of Goa are the favourite location for many people.

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